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kept woman

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You’d be surprised how many men in this day and age not only want a woman who doesn’t work or have her own ambitions but just about require their partner to be a kept woman. Obviously, this is a free country and your partner cannot require you to do anything. If you know that you and your partner have conflicting needs then perhaps that isn’t the right relationship for you. Unfortunately, not all men will come out and tell you on a first date (or even the first year of a relationship), “I want a partner who will quit work, wait at home for me, and cater to my every need.” These misogynists tend to at least be smart enough to know that a lot of women won’t respond kindly to that. Some even get off on turning a strong, independent woman into a kept one, so they hatch their plan slowly. I had a man try to do it to me once, so I can share the warning signs. Here are signs he’s trying to turn you into a kept woman.


He tunes out when you discuss work

When you talk about your work, he tunes out. He doesn’t ask engaging questions or make comments that keep the conversation going. He says a dismissive, “That’s nice” and changes the subject. He is not your confidante or cheerleader when it comes to your work.

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