MAFS’ Mia Bally Is Living Her Best Life Since Filing For Divorce From Tristan — And Clearing Her Name

October 17, 2018  |  
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The Decision Day episode of Married at First Sight aired on Tuesday evening, and everyone stayed together at the end of eight weeks filled with some interesting ups and downs. No one’s struggles were greater though than those of newlyweds Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson. Initially, the biggest issue they had was that Bally wasn’t comfortable enough kissing Thompson on their wedding day. But we found out very quickly that they were going to have some more serious issues. On their way to their honeymoon, Bally was detained over an arrest warrant based on accusations her ex made that she had been stalking him. When she was finally released, she lied about about her connection to her accuser, which she finally revealed off-camera to Thompson. He decided to move forward with her, despite not being sure if he could really trust her. And every issue they would have after that would go back, in some way, to the fact that he couldn’t trust her, and that he’d made a major sacrifice by “forgiving” her.

And things didn’t get better. We watched them argue a lot, him giving her ultimatums and putting her out, Bally walking out and asking for a divorce. Again, they decided to make it work on Decision Day, but we know that by September 4, she went through with her initial desires and filed for divorce.

But things have been looking up. She started posting more on social media. She hasn’t talked about Thompson (yet), but she is sharing positive messages, posting pictures of her loved ones and herself, and also, speaking out about one thing that’s really bothered her: the accusations against her of stalking.

The 30-year-old posted recently by sharing evidence of phone calls made, allegedly 10,000, by her ex Jared Evans, including calls made in 2018. She also spoke about her experience almost being put in jail jail over a lie.

“Here is the truth: It is hard being silent and thank you for believing in me. I’ve been struggling with what has happened since these vicious lies were widely spread about me and went against every fiber of my character of who I am the last 30 years,” she said. “At the time these false allegations came out, I was blindsided, confused and unprepared on how to respond to something that was completely fabricated and incredibly hurtful in a very public shaming way (which was why I was unfortunately dubbed a liar). I was shocked and scared that there are people that would do this, and I wondered, what was their motivation??? (But really, what IS their motivation?)”

“I have lost a lot in the short amount of time, but I am releasing a small amount of thousands of evidence obtained proving my innocence,” she continued. “The lengths and amount of time poured into this has been enormous, but I want to thank my attorney, counselor, friends, co-workers, family and strangers who have opened up their hearts and help to get me through this. There were days were I couldn’t get out of bed, didn’t see hope, felt despair, betrayed, taken advantage of and used, BUT in those hard times, I found my will to fight, my will to not live in fear, my will to not be silenced.”

Dealing with the accusations hasn’t been easy, but she’s maintained a positive outlook that has helped her move on from the situation, her time on Married at First Sight and her marriage, without being broken. Check out all the different ways she’s lived her best life following her split and struggles by hitting the flip:

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