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K. Michelle Paris Phillips


What do you define as thievery?

That seems to be the big question after last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. During the episode, K. Michelle and former friend and assistant Paris Phillips clashed, to a level that turned physical, over charges the latter woman made on a card that belonged to the singer.

The story was originally, according to Paris, that she only “took” per se $50 from K for an Uber ride, charging the star’s credit card, which she allegedly had for whatever expenses necessary for the singer. She came into this season of the show, somewhat as a victim, claiming that the mistake was amplified to look like she’d actually stolen something bigger from K and tried to hide it, when that allegedly wasn’t the case. She and K actually met up to discuss the effect that the story had on Paris and her family, and both women agreed to put things behind them, with K saying that she never intended to try and ruin her old friend.

But as the season continued, Paris told other people how K had allegedly exaggerated the circumstances surrounding what really happened, and even broke down in tears in London during the girls’ trip while talking about it. When word got back to K, she had had enough of looking like the bad guy when it was her money that was spent.

The two met met up again, and this time, K brought actual proof from her credit card records that showed the charges Paris allegedly made that were concluded to be fraudulent ones. It wasn’t just one Uber expense, it was allegedly almost $300 worth. The two went back and forth, with K telling Paris that she had to stop making excuses for her behavior. Paris didn’t want to hear it though, attempting to pull out a stack of money to pay K back. The singer wanted her to know that it was about the principle of things. When it wasn’t getting through to Paris, K decided to leave, and on the way out, called a spade a spade: “I don’t want a thief!”

In response, Paris threw a drink (it’s unclear if it was alcohol) in K’s face and a cup at her, and the two had to be separated by security. K wasn’t hurt, and was even able to joke about the incident as Paris left, saying, “She almost messed up my new nose!”

Even if some would say it’s an overreaction coming from a millionaire, Paris clearly used K’s credit card without asking. She got too comfortable in their relationship. You don’t have to call it thievery, but the action is still what it is. And instead of being apologetic about what she simply calls a misunderstanding, Paris continues to paint herself as the victim of someone’s exaggeration. Exaggeration or not, it happened. The fact that there was proof it happened more than once, and that she resorted to drink-throwing when that proof was brought to the table (literally), shows that Paris is indeed guilty of the accusations lodged against her.

Twitter, of course, had a lot to say about last night’s quarrel between the two former friends. See what viewers posted about who was wrong in this situation:

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