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Family Ruining Relationship 1

Mature daughter embracing senior mother after outdoor family dinner party. (via Getty)

Maintaining a successful relationship is tough enough to achieve on your own, so when you have outside sources (in this case family) doing everything they can to sabotage your union, the odds are stacked against you, to say the least.

If your man is a mama’s boy, it’s likely he’ll put her needs above everyone else’s — including yours. If your dad is convinced no one is good enough for his baby girl, him dropping that little note in your ear from time to time could eventually have you questioning whether your partner is the one. And we haven’t even gotten into sibling drama, nosy aunties, and cousins who start problems every family gathering. Need a little more proof that your family is doing more harm than good to your relationship? Check out these signs and see if anything on this list rings true.

Family Ruining Relationship 2

African couple arriving with Christmas gifts. (via Getty)

They’re Very Intrusive

We understand that sometimes it’s hard for family members to give you the respect you deserve because they are so used to seeing you as a child. However, there comes a time when you have to put your foot down and demand things change.

This is especially true when you have family who are repeatedly intrusive in your relationship. Whether they continuously pop up to your home unannounced, insert themselves into the inner-workings of your relationship without being asked, or find ways to make a moment about you and your partner somehow about them, constant intrusion is a relationship killer.

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