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In his stand-up comedy show, Bigger and Blacker, over-the-top comedian, Chris Rock declared ‘men are only as faithful as their options’. Basically, if he can cheat, he probably will cheat; and if he hasn’t cheated, it’s because he can’t.

While this stand-up premiered years ago, the question of men being as faithful as their options was relevant before Chris Rock’s statement and is just as relevant today. As we are bombarded with news (and gossip) of high profile men
who are caught cheating, it only leads many women to wonder. Is a man who attracts a lot of women more likely to cheat than a man who doesn’t?

As I watched Chris Rock’s stand-up again, I began to think of a conversation I had with my uncle, who always seeks to give me relationship advice from a man’s perspective. We were discussing the difference in dating men in the spotlight vs. men who aren’t, men who are financially well-off and those who are living paycheck to paycheck. My uncle, who has self- proclaimed knowledge in relationships, claimed that most men cheat but those who are in the spotlight or who have money are definitely going to cheat because of their plethora of options; and because of their fame or fortune many of their wives/girlfriends allow it.

While my uncle is certainly no relationship expert, there may be some truth to what he said. In an interview with, author and relationship coach, Anthony Rucker agreed with this notion, but only to some extent. Rucker stated, “If a man wants to be single or live the single lifestyle, he will only be as faithful as his options… and his woman’s limit. But the author added, ‘However, if he wants to be in a relationship, it doesn’t matter what his options are, he
will be faithful”.

It makes sense to assume that if a many wants to cheat or as Rucker states “live the single life”, he will cheat if he can; and the more options he has the less faithful he will be. But if a man is committed to his monogamous relationships, whether balling or broke, he will be faithful.

The bigger question is does this monogamous man exist?

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