UPDATED: Jan. 4, 2021 —

Every song seems to be a love song, doesn’t it? You can’t even walk around the grocery store without hearing a song over the loudspeaker that pulls at your heartstrings. No artist ever seems to like singing about trees or bottles of water or fingernails, or just anything other than love… and for good reason. Love, when healthy and true, rules the universe. Even presidents, who manage wars and economies, need love.

But before you think about leaving your lover, your husband, or your sugar pie, sink your soul into these heartfelt hits. Some are classic, others are new. But the common denominator is that they’ll leave you with a sentimental feeling.

Join us in jamin’ to these songs that can save a rocky relationship:


1. “Take You Back”

Artist: Russ ft. Kehlani

Love-Saving Lyric: “Take you back, who am I if I can’t take the heat? Take you back, let’s be real, ’cause you’ve takin’ back me. This is hard, but I love you, we fuck up, that’s just life. Take me back, I take you back”


2. “Stupid Love”

Artist: Lady Gaga

Love-Saving Lyric: “Now it’s time to free me from the shame I gotta find that peace, is it too late? Or could this love protect me from the pain? I would battle for you (Even if I break in two)”


3. “Sweet Baby”

Artist: Macy Gray

Love-Saving Lyric: “Many times I’ve been told that I should go, but they don’t know, what we have baby…They may not see the love in you, but love I do, and I’ll stay right here…Sweet baby… Suga, wishes don’t change what is real or how it feels in the bad times: but whatever he is, he is mine all the time…and we’ll get by with our true love.”


4. “What You Know Bout Love”

Artists: Pop Smoke

Love-Saving Lyric: “Look, baby, I said I ain’t gon’ front, you got my heart beating so fast to words I can’t pronounce. And I be getting the chills every time I feel your touch I be looking at the top and girl, it’s only us”


5. “Forgive Me”

Artist: Chloe x Halle

Love-Saving Lyric: “I’ve been sittin’ here, watchin’ you go insane I’ve been sittin’ here, watchin’ us fade away Baby, don’t you see what you done threw away? No one’s hittin’ you on the loop, on replay”


6. “Ordinary People”

Artist: John Legend

Love-Saving Lyric: “I know I misbehaved, and you’ve made your mistakes, and we both still got room left to grow. And though love sometimes hurts, I still put you first, and we’ll make this thing work…”


7. “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”

Artist: The Script

Love-Saving Lyric: “Cause if one day you wake up and find that you’re missing me, and your heart starts to wonder where on earth could I be…and you see me waiting for you on the corner of the street: I’m not moving!”


8. “Ex-Factor”

Artist: Lauryn Hill

Love-Saving Lyric: “I keep letting you back in. How can I explain myself? As painful as this thing has been, I just can’t be with no one else…”


9. “Lovin’ Me”

Artist: Kid Cudi ft. Phoebe Bridgers

Love-Saving Lyric: “At times I really didn’t show What was wrong with me, wrong with me I told myself I cannot grow Without lovin’ me, lovin’ me This is just the hell that lives inside (hmm) Tell me now, where to? Please be my guide.”


10. “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing”

Artist: Marvin Gaye feat. Tammi Terrell

Love-Saving Lyric: “I need the shelter of your arms to comfort me. No other sound is quite the same as your name. No touch can do half as much to make me feel better. So let’s stay together…”


11. “Hit Different”

Artist: SZA ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Love-Saving Lyric: “I was into you from the beginnin’ even if you wasn’t mine, Scared to admit my shortcomin’s led to overdraft in this affair, declinin’ Quicker than we started, evidence we misaligned. Man, I get more in love (more in love) with you each argument Somethin’ wrong with me, I like the way you screw your face up.”


12. “Un-Break My Heart”

Artist: Toni Braxton

Love-Saving Lyric: “Don’t leave me in all this pain. Dont leave me out in the rain. Come back and bring back my smile. Come and take these tears away. I need your arms to hold me now…unbreak my heart. Say you’ll love me again.”


13. “Eleven”

Artist: Khalid ft. Summer Walker

Love-Saving Lyric: “Lately I’ve been watchin’ your movements, If I’m the only one that you’re choosin’. Am I your favorite drug you’ve been usin’?”


14. “Holy”

Artist: Justin Bieber ft. Chance The Rapper

Love-Saving Lyric: “I don’t believe in nirvana, but the way that we love in the night gave me life. Baby, I can’t explain?”


15. “Comfortable”

Artist: H.E.R.

Love-Saving Lyric: “Set the tone, when it’s just me And you alone, never lonely In the room, breathin’ slowly”


16. “To Die For”

Artist: Sam Smith

Love-Saving Lyric: “I long for you, Just a touch (does that scare you?) Of your hand, You don’t leave my mind. Lonely days I’m feeling Like a fool for dreaming”


17. “I Love Me”

Artist: Demi Lovato

Love-Saving Lyric: “‘Cause I’m a black belt when I’m beating up on myself But I’m an expert at giving love to somebody else.”


18. “Circles”

Artist: Mac Miller

Love-Saving Lyric: “And I can keep you safe, I can keep you safe. Do not be afraid, do not be afraid. You’re feelin’ sorry, I’m feelin’ fine. Don’t you put any more stress on yourself It’s one day at a time.”


19. “Borderline”

Artist: Brandy

Love-Saving Lyric: “Wanna be with me deep down (deep down). You can feel it, you can’t help it, baby I’ll give you this heart of mine.”


20. “Not You Too”

Artist: Drake f. Chris Brown

Love-Saving Lyric: “Just tell me it can’t be that crazy. And even if it is that crazy, baby I’ll take it I want you, I know you’re not an angel.”

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