Funny Moments Insanely Busy Couples Experience

July 2, 2018  |  
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My boyfriend and I are too busy. I don’t like it. I don’t even know when this happened. When we started dating five years ago, it seemed like we had time to have a leisurely cocktail at one of our apartments before walking to an even more leisurely dinner several times a week. Not now. Nope—now, we’re lucky to have a night like that once every six weeks. Honestly, we’re just grateful if we are both home and awake for 90 minutes at the same time at night. An hour and a half to focus on each other feels like a gift from God. But, then again, we might be so exhausted that we can barely speak—so we just watch TV, cuddle, and look at each other with the understanding that we’d like to catch up but, we just don’t have the energy. I guess I’d rather have it this way than be a couple who has nothing to do and is always together. But still, it can be pretty crazy. Here are funny moments that insanely busy couples experience.


Saying, “We have sex scheduled for that time”

I’ve openly told people who asked if I could have coffee or drinks at such and such time that, “Oh. Nope can’t do it. My boyfriend and I have sex scheduled during that 45-minute period.” If we don’t schedule sex, we don’t have sex at this point.


Hanging while you’re in the bathroom

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought whatever I was doing—trimming my bangs or addressing envelopes—into the bathroom where my boyfriend was showering, just so we could chat for eight minutes.


Planning a double date three months out

If another couple wants to plan a double date with us, they need to ask us three months in advance. I’m totally serious. That’s the type of schedule we’re working with.



Having someone cancel, and wanting to kill them

If someone cancels on us at the last minute, they go on our bad list. We moved mountains to make that hangout happen. There were literally 100 other things we could have been doing during that chunk of time, and now it’s too late to do those.


Catching up on the phone when you just saw each other

My boyfriend and I often catch up on the phone, while driving, when we just saw each other in the apartment five minutes prior. But in the apartment, we were both dashing in and out to change, grab something, and go. So we couldn’t talk then.


Running errands together, just to be together

My boyfriend and I have accompanied one another to mail a package at the post office, pick up a prescription, or return a sweater, just to spend time together.


Saying, “Okay, see you in five days” when you live together

Sometimes our schedules are so conflicting, and our sleep schedules are even more conflicting, that we look at our calendars and say, “Alright well, I guess I’ll see you next week.” But we live together.


Being surprised to find each other at home

There are those rare instances when we just didn’t realize we’d both be home for 30 to 60 minutes, at the same time, with nothing to do. Those feel like total gifts. We get so excited, as if we’ve won the lottery. A whole hour to hang out?!


Having no idea what the other one is doing

I can barely keep track of my own schedule let alone my boyfriend’s. So there have been times when I call him up and I cannot for the life of me remember what he was supposed to be doing at that moment. He might tell me that he’s…swinging from a trapeze…and that appointment won’t ring a bell for me.


Being way behind on each other’s updates

My boyfriend may have a very important meeting one morning, but because we’re so busy, by the time we get on the phone, eight other interesting things have happened to him. So he forgets to tell me about a major event, and I forget it happened.


Receiving an experience gift card aka homework

When friends give us gift cards to whale watching trips, yoga classes, concerts etc…what we see is homework. We don’t have time for these things and if we do have that time, we’d rather spend it at home since we’re barely every home together.


Realizing you haven’t been to the movies in two years

My boyfriend and I have truly not gone to the movie theaters in two years. Okay, two and a half. Look, when we do get time together, we are lucky to get three hours. We aren’t going to spend all of them driving to a theater, finding parking, and sitting quietly in a movie. We want to catch up.


Having an alarm clock battle

Between the two of us, there may be 12 to 20 alarms going off each day. We have so many reminders on our phones to put this in the mail, call that person, make that appointment etc. We’re always running one another’s phone to each other saying, “Turn this off!”


Getting mad the other one’s texting, then texting

When we sit down to dinner, my boyfriend might get a text that he has to answer. Then I scold him and tell him not to text because we’re hanging out. But then I get a text that I have to answer. Then he scolds me. And the saga continues.


Driving while the other one runs an office

If we have a long drive to make together, neither person wants to drive—each person has tons of tasks they could be doing on their laptops or phones on that drive. So we take turns so one person can drive and the other can run a mini office from the passenger seat.

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