8 Ways Jay-Z And Beyoncé Have Turned Their Relationship Into Big Bucks

July 3, 2018  |  
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beyoncé and jay-z release intimate photos for otr II


Jay Z and Beyoncé have once again stopped the world with their love and the buzz that it creates. By now they’re seasoned professionals in spinning their personal lives into big news and leveraging that to make major bank.

Between the two of them, Queen B and Hov have racked up over $1 billion. That’s due in part to their savvy balancing act of keeping the public at bay and letting it in at very strategic times.

For years, Bey and Jay were notoriously private about their relationship (as is their right). We didn’t even get confirmation that they had gotten married until months (if not years) after they actually tied the knot. These days, they’re a bit more open about their lives, but the public  still only knows what The Carters want them to know.

They’re not sharing too much of their private business for no reason. Never forget: The access we’re granted often has a purpose. When Beyoncé and her husband start opening up a little more, just keep your eyes on their social media and Tidal because there is surely big news coming. The couple’s new album, Everything is Love, is just the latest example of getting personal for profit, but, honestly, they’ve been doing this from the start. Check out these receipts.

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The Beginning

Before Beyoncé and Jay ever officially confirmed their relationship, they released a single together. Their song, “03 Bonnie & Clyde” hit the airwaves in October 2002, and it would be the first of many collaborations.

Months later, in 2003, they teamed up again as Beyoncé released her debut solo album, Dangerously In Love. According to Billboard, that EP sold 317,000 in the first week. Jay supplied the rap break for the lead single Crazy In Love and he would go on to add verses to three tracks for her next album, B’Day (2006), which sold 541,000 copies in the first week!

Blue Ivy dancing

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Blue Ivy Has Arrived

Bey took a long break after I Am…Sasha Fierce. A year to be precise. When she did come back, she came with an album and a baby.

As a matter of fact, she announced her pregnancy on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards as she performed Love On Top from 4 and rubbed her obvious baby bump with a satisfied smile.

The Beyhive wanted whatever information about the pregnancy and motherhood that it could get its hands on. In 2013, Beyonce served up a personal documentary titled Life Is But A Dream that took HBO viewers inside her life directly after her yearlong break as she promoted 4. That included exclusive footage of her daughter with Jay, Blue Ivy.

And if you didn’t catch it on the first airing, one of HBO’s spin-off channels ran it back-to-back for a solid 24 hours.

celebrity moms snapback



I’m convinced that Beyonce cannot rest at night until she’s come up with a way to come for our collective wigs. In December 2013, she pulled her biggest stunt ever by just casually dropping a surprise album. Of course, there had been production rumors leading up to the release, but there was no promotion leading up to it, so Beyonce was a game changer.

Jay hadn’t really been present on Beyonce’s albums I Am…Sasha Fierce and 4, but he made a triumphant return on her self-titled album. Their duet, Drunk In Love, was a fast favorite that allowed Bey and her hubby Hov to open the Grammys in January 2014. The songs Rocket, Partition, and Blow were pretty suggestive about what goes on in their bedroom, but Drunk In Love sounded like their version of foreplay.

The song was a lengthy sexting session between the music icons, and the public could not get enough.

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 20: Beyonce and Jay-Z attend the New Jersey Nets vs New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on February 20, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/WireImage)

Taking Their Show On The Road

The continued buzz surrounding Beyonce rolled them right along into 2014, when Beyonce and Jay Z announced their first joint tour. Bey and Jay were bringing their love on the road and fans did not know what to do with themselves.

News of the tour was accidentally leaked on Jay Z’s Facebook just hours before the official announcement was made. No more needed to be done to ensure sold-out crowds at every venue, but then something happened at the 2014 Met Gala that sent the news cycle into a tizzy: Solange went all the way off on Jay in an elevator. She was doing her best to lay hands on Jay Z, but Julius was using all of his might to hold her back. We still don’t know what made her snap!

Solange’s elevator smackdown was all anyone could talk about for weeks. In an odd way, it was really morbid tour promo that blindsided The Carters. The three of them released a joint statement later to let it be known that they had worked out whatever issues prompted the incident. There were some rumors that Solange had been upset by some rumors that Jay was cheating on her sisters, but nothing has been confirmed. Just a month later, fans were even more frenzied to see Beyonce and Jay.

Beyonce Jay Z SoulCycle


Lemonade & 4:44

In April 2016, Beyonce once again had us all tuned into HBO as she exhaled and got real about the issues in her marriage with Lemonade. The visual album was filled with quotable lines that we still have in our back pocket to this day. Months of cheating rumors were confirmed in tracks.

Not only was it Beyonce’s Blackest album to date, it was her most honest work. She shared how Jay had cheated on her a number of times, how she caught him, how she found it within herself to forgive him, and the first steps to rebuilding their relationship. She bared it all. With 2.5 million album sales (physical and digital copies), it became the highest-selling album of 2016.

Jay did not come out looking great after Lemonade’s release. In June 2017, he delivered his side of the story with 4:44. Many people consider this his apology album to Beyonce and her fans. He paired it with introspective content that allowed different men to speak on how they view relationships. While it didn’t bring in Lemonade numbers, it still did really well as it XXL Magazine reports that went Platinum in the first week.

He heralded the release with Family Feud, where he apologized to Beyonce in a church as their oldest daughter, Blue Ivy, looked on. These projects weren’t the joint album that fans had been expecting (that would come later), but it was definitely a balanced narrative.



Beyonce shut it down at Coachella back in May. It was truly a moment for the culture as she brought an HBCU homecoming to what may be one of the Whitest spaces in the United States. Her solo performance was legendary, but she graciously shared the stage with her nearest and dearest–including Jay! This was one of the first stage performances they had had together since the release of 4:44. The public might not have been ready to forgive Hov for cheating on Beyonce, but she was leading by example.


On The Run II

Beyonce and Jay joined forces yet again for another joint outing with On The Run II. Fans flocked to snatch up tickets as quickly as they could. It wasn’t clear what attendees should have expected for the Summer 2018 tour as neither of the Carters had released new material leading up to the outing as had been expected.

The tour began in June with the usual amount of fanfare. There were also those interesting intimate pics they dropped.

And then…

beyonce and jay-z release intimate photos for otr II


Everything Is Love & The Introduction of The Carters

You’ll probably never forget where you were when Beyonce and Jay Z decided to ruin all your weekend plans by releasing Everything Is Love.

I remember where I was: On my couch, taking a nap. When I dozed off after a busy day, the world had settled into a cozy sunset. When I woke up not an hour later, everything was Everything Is Love. The things I miss when I get some shut eye!

All over my timeline, my friends rightfully freaking out. Since I don’t have Tidal, I had resolved that I just wouldn’t be getting the album and contented myself with looking up the video for Apesh*t. On Monday, however, there it was on Google Play for purchase. Naturally, I immediately bought it. My purchase is probably counted among the 123,000 units it reportedly sold last week.

While it’s not unusual for Beyonce and Jay Z to appear on songs together, they are always billed separately. This time, they presented a unified front as The Carters, and I’m looking forward to more of their collaborations.


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