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Yesterday, Lil Kim was awarded a proclamation from the city of New York for her accomplishments as an artist, one of the few female rappers who’s left a legacy in the industry.

Sadly, the moment that was supposed to be hers was overshadowed by the antics of fellow Brooklyn rapper and former friend Maino. Just as officials were about to present Kim with her award, Maino rushes the stage to offer his two cents.

Not only was his interruption rude, he didn’t say anything different than what had already been said. Later, as she was accepting the award, snatching it from Maino’s hands, Lil Kim told the audience that the two of them weren’t speaking and laughingly called Maino crazy. And since he was well aware of the fact that the two have unresolved issues, his presence there was disrespectful. True friends don’t seek to make your moment about them, period.

But what was even more disturbing were his actions as the two stood together taking a photo.

Again, he should not have been present front and center. But the way he insists on grabbing her after she removed his hands is scary. No means no is applicable, even outside of sexual situations. There are even moments when it seems that he’s pinching her with one or both of his hands. For the life of me, I can’t understand why her security wasn’t present in that moment to ask him or force him to step the f*ck off.

There were some who found the interaction funny. Who joked that they’ll have great makeup sex afterward, that he was wylin. But the look of frustration and discomfort on Lil Kim’s face as she repeatedly tried to remove his hand from her shoulder was all the evidence I needed to know that she didn’t find him amusing.

Lil Kim has a history of abusive relationships, including one with Biggie, so I don’t understand why Maino, as her friend, would coerce her into standing and appearing like they’re buddy buddy in front of the cameras. It’s a violation. And God only knows what he kept whispering in her ear.  All of it rubbed me the wrong way. And seemed to be the actions of someone who was there to intimidate rather than celebrate her. What’s truly sad is if she had reacted to him in the way she likely wanted to, I could be writing a different story today. It’s sad that on a day that was meant to honor her, Lil Kim was subjected to some entitled, misogynistic bullsh*t at the literal hands of a man who is masquerading as her friend. 

If Lil Kim, a famous artist with an entire security team at her disposal, can be harassed in public like this, it begs the terrifying question of what’s going on behind closed doors for so many other women around the world?

I wasn’t the only one who took issue with Maino’s actions. See what other folks had to say on the following pages.


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