Products You’ll Need At A Younger Age Than You Think

May 16, 2018  |  
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Over Mother’s Day weekend, I took a selfie of my mom and I and when I looked at it, the facts were undeniable: we are merging into the same person. We were both wearing beige straw sunhats. We have almost the same haircut. We both sport classic brown sunglasses, slightly angled up on the sides like a 1960 movie star’s. For most of my life, I’ve always felt so different from my mother. In fact, I’ve teased her for being a nervous, particular person, who needs things a certain way, must eat at set times, and is only comfortable visiting a short list of establishments. But, honestly, that selfie we took made me begin to reflect on the many ways we are similar, other than our looks. And, I gotta tell you, what I came up with was rather shocking. I’ve taken up a lot of her habits that I didn’t think I would for another two to three decades. I buy the same things she buys! If you’re a woman in her thirties-ish, you’re probably experiencing the same things. Here are products you’ll need at a much younger age than you thought. getting ready to party.


They aren’t just for the elderly. Your bad habits (extra tall stilettos and letting your workout sneakers wear down too much before replacing them) will catch up with you sooner than you thought. woman laying on bed

Husband pillows

Those long pillows that you can hug and wrap your legs around—you may not need them for the companionship, but you will so that you don’t wake up with sore hips and arms. sitting in new car

Car pillows

Whether you sit on it for a little height or lean against it to support your lumbar, you may need a pillow for your driver’s seat about 30 years earlier than you thought you would. breakfast

Fiber supplements

Your body may begin to punish you for the fried foods and lack of vegetables earlier than you anticipated. You may find yourself in the supplements aisle, purchasing fiber to mix into your smoothie. Shoes

Special shoes

I never thought I’d step into a store whose entire business model revolves around making shoes that are approved by chiropractors and podiatrists. But um…have you felt those shoes? They feel amazing… a fresh-faced beauty takes work

Anti-wrinkle cream

There are these little lines creeping up around my eyes. And mouth. And eyebrows. I don’t like them. I DON’T LIKE THEM. And they are here about 20 years earlier than I thought they would be, so I’ve invested in some products to handle that.

A visor

I once thought visors were ridiculous but after recently borrowing my mom’s, I must say—it’s pretty nice to keep the sun out of your eyes while not causing your head to overheat under a full hat. Having Cocktails

Better alcohol

I would love to think I could forever be one of those quirky individuals who ask for the cheapest vodka on the menu. But I’ve learned that that order earns me a headache that is not worth the $4 I saved. relaxing with a drink in airplane

Credit cards that offer priority airplane seating

Unless they were a baby, had a baby, or were elderly, I used to think people who got priority seating on airplanes were just difficult and uppity. But now that I really need my naps and my carry-on nearby (not at the back of the plane) I get it. And I, too, look for credit cards that earn me priority seating on airplanes. Above Shot Of Red Wine With Bottle On Table

A wine aerator

I never used to need a wine aerator because I didn’t know about wine, nor did I care what wine I drank. I bought the cheapest bottle, and drank the whole thing in one night. But now I’ve come to appreciate good wine, which means I don’t guzzle it all at once, and I need to preserve it. view serene woman sleeping in bed

A sleep tracker

The desire to track one’s sleep was something I always thought only came with the neurosis of middle age and beyond. But, I’ve personally already started to struggle to snooze and wouldn’t mind knowing exactly how many REM cycles I’m clocking. cleaner with pink cleaning equipment

A cleaning service

  1. A) I used to believe that hiring someone else to clean your home was very expensive and B) I thought only uptight people who felt cleaning was beneath them did this. But, I’ve since learned that having someone clean my place can actually be affordable and that doing so has nothing to do with feelings of superiority. I’m just busy! woman smiling

Teeth whitening products

It turns out that, no matter how great I am at brushing my teeth and flossing, teeth just become a bit yellow over time. It’s part of normal wear and tear. I don’t like the way it looks though so, I plan on buying something to address it. showering

Hair loss preventative shampoos

It turns out that hair growth can slow down as early as one’s mid thirties. And having lack luster hair just doesn’t make anyone feel great. I used to just choose shampoos that smell great but, now I need some that promote growth. belt bag

A fanny pack

Look, they’re just practical, okay. It’s much easier to get something from the front of my waist than it is to dig into some oversized designer purse on my side. And, a fanny pack leaves my hands free.

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