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Let’s face it. Heartbreak sucks. No matter how young or how old you are, a bad breakup never gets easier. While the pain and hurt will feel never ending, and you’ll be convinced that life as you know it is over (temporarily), it won’t be, and eventually you’ll move on. But for those currently checked into their own Heartbreak Hotel, struggling to find a way to check out, here are 10 ways to get back to happy sooner. 

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Take the Time to Grieve

Just like we grieve the loss of a family member or dear friend, it’s perfectly ok to grieve the loss of someone you were romantically involved with who will no longer be a part of your life. The pain you feel is real, and grieving that loss is not only natural but healthy.


Delete the Memories

In this digitally obsessed world we live in, its almost impossible to completely detach yourself from an ex. Whether it be an unsolicited Facebook reminder or popular page mention from Instagram, we are in constant interaction with people on the daily. As difficult as it may be, it’s imperative you delete the memories as well as constant reminders of your ex for your own sanity. Seeing too much of them will only bring up past memories of you two, and can confuse you into thinking you made the wrong decision by removing them from your life. If you are no longer in a relationship with them, it’s important to train your mind to understand that as well.


Girls Night!

*cues Girlfriends theme song*

In times of sadness, confusion or pain, your closest girlfriends can always cheer you up. These are the girls that make you laugh, motivate you and cheer you on no matter what. After a breakup, call up the girls for a much needed night out. Whether you hit the town in your freakum dresses or binge watch the latest Netflix series together, being in the presence of your friends is sure to make you feel loved and appreciated.


Evaluate Where the Relationship Went Wrong

While our first reaction is probably loads of frustration due to the demise of a relationship we at one point really wanted, it’s important to evaluate just where the relationship went wrong in hopes of not perpetuating unhealthy behavior for future relationships. While this one may not have had a fairytale ending, what you learned from it can lead you to your knight in shining armor.


Enjoy a Workout

One way to make sure your ex regrets ever interfering with your heart is to glow up. Get in the gym, start eating right and live a healthier lifestyle. It will not only help you look good, but you’ll feel even better.


Take a Trip

Sometimes after a breakup all you need is some good ol’ rest and relaxation. Book a trip to that place you’ve been longing to go to and experience a different way of life for a little while. Take this time to reflect on all you’ve experienced and get your mind focused on what’s most important.


Get Your Money Up

As Queen Bey so eloquently stated, “always stay gracious best revenge is your paper.” When dealing with heartache, focus all that pain into pursuing your passions and chasing your dreams. This is the time to get focused and secure all the bags you might’ve missed out on. As the old saying goes, tomorrow the person you love can wake up and love someone else, but tomorrow a $100 dollar bill will still be a 100 dollar bill.


Focus on Me Time

Take the time out to pamper yourself. You deserve it! Often times in relationships, we get comfortable and forget to take the time out to focus just on ourselves. “Me” time, gets replaced with “us” time and we slowly lose ourselves in that process. Have some alone time at the spa, hair salon, or nail salon and enjoy your own company. 


Date Again

At first, dating again will be the furthest thing from your mind. Sometimes getting over someone consists of getting to know someone else who is the complete opposite of that person. Be open to dating again and finding someone new. Everyone isn’t the same and dating other people will allow you to understand just what you like and dislike in a potential partner.


Do You

Now that you’re single, take this time to enjoy singlehood and all the exciting things it has to offer. As a free woman, free to do as she pleases, now is the time to do just that and do you! You don’t have to answer to anyone, check in with anyone or be concerned with the feelings of your significant other. This is your time to be selfish, and you have every right to enjoy it!

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