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Nothing compares to the wrath of a crazy ex. That’s why you should do your due diligence before getting seriously involved with anybody. Everybody is on their best behavior in the first few months of dating. It’s easy to lock away our demons and hide our dirty laundry under the bed for a little while. That’s why I always worry when someone starts calling a new person they’re dating their “serious boyfriend” only a few months in of knowing one another—that should still be the casual dating phase. Because once you slap the “relationship” label on that thing, people begin to feel entitled to things—like losing it and going all Kathy Bates in “Misery” on you if you try to leave them. Maybe it’s not too late for you to get out if you see these symptoms. Here are signs someone will be a crazy ex if you dump him.

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He refuses to talk about exes

When you ask about his past relationships, his eyes glaze over and he begins to clench his jaw. He starts to grab his beer so tightly that he crushes it. And then he says, “I don’t want to talk about that” and like a psychopath, immediately lets a grin wash over his face as if nothing strange just happened.


He’s made you hide from somebody

You’ve been out together and he’s made you, or both of you, hide. He claims you’re hiding from his crazy ex or ex-friend, but it’s very possible that he doesn’t want you seeing that person’s reaction if they saw him (because he’s the one who is unstable).

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He writes off friends quickly

You’ve seen him rapidly cut friends out of his life—friends who, just recently, he called his best friends and closest companions. If they slighted him in the least, he was done with them.

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He’s banned from a few places

Maybe he hasn’t said as much, but he has hinted that he can’t go to this restaurant. Or that one. Or that other one. Actually, this whole block of trendy places. (Because he probably caused a scene there).


He’s vindictive

Unlike a stable adult, who understands that when someone is a little mean to you, it usually isn’t personal, he takes it very personally if someone is rude to him. In fact, he seeks revenge. Yes—like some villain in a Marvel film.

He obsesses over people who rejected him

If someone won’t give him a job, turns him down as a friend, or rejects him in any way, he obsesses over it. For days, he’ll go on and on about how terrible they actually are and how he didn’t actually want anything to do with them.

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He says things like, “I’ll show them” a lot

He seems very intent on showing something to someone. Whether it’s a colleague who thought he wasn’t capable of something or friends who thought he couldn’t accomplish something, he often says, “I’ll show them.” But, it’s not really healthy to pursue something, just to prove someone wrong.


He gets too angry for you

If someone cuts you off in traffic or gets your coffee order wrong, he gets really upset—and you’re not even upset. In fact, he gets uncomfortably combative about small issues.


He picked a fight on one of your first dates

If this guy picked a fight with you on one of your first few dates—when you really didn’t owe him anything—and then, out of nowhere, bounced back and said, “Sorry about that. Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen” he’s going to be a crazy ex.

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He gets into it with people on the street

If someone accidentally bumps into him or doesn’t pick up after their dog, he stops them, gives them a speech, and even semi threatens to hit them if they don’t respond the way he wants them to.

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He doesn’t have many friends

Always be wary of someone who doesn’t have many friends. It may sound harsh but, you have to wonder: how does a fully grown man not have friends? What did he do to push everyone away?


He jumps to conclusions

He jumps to major conclusions, a lot. If someone does one little thing he finds odd, he’ll accuse them of stealing, cheating, lying, and other major crimes.


He’s rushing things

If a man is rushing you to get serious—to travel with him, meet his family, move in with him, commit to him exclusively—he will likely be a crazy ex. He’s just hoping you get in too deep so it’s too late once you realize how nuts he is.

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He has a negative outlook

He generally has a negative outlook on life and people. He says things like, “People suck” and “People are the worst” a lot. Aka he doesn’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt, and he won’t if you break up with him.

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He’s litigious

He has been involved in several lawsuits. Unless he is a lawyer, that’s just not normal. And when he tells you about the times he has sued people, deep down, you felt he overreacted.

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