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Tiffany Haddish dating


Tiffany Haddish is looking for love.

But the 38-year-old comedian and Girls Trip star told PEOPLE that the men she’s encountered haven’t been stepping up to the plate. That’s right. Folks are out here wasting celebrities’ time, too.

When asked by the magazine if men were knocking down her door for the chance to take her out, Haddish said the exact opposite is happening.


“Um, not at all!” she said. “The man gonna come. One day, he’ll be there. But he sure ain’t now!”

In the meantime, the star said she’s been dealing with guys who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

“You know what’s crazy? On the social media aspect, all these guys are like, ‘I want to marry Tiffany Haddish. In my head, Tiffany Haddish is my wife.’ But none of them are making any moves,” she said.

“I feel like guys, they hit on me but they don’t ask me out. They don’t ask for my number. And then the ones that do? Those are trolls. I call them boogawolfs,” she continued. “You can see a boogawolf a mile away and you know it’s going to be a problem right there. He’s going to be sticky and all up in your grill and just howling about everything and you can’t get rid of him — like when you trying to flick a booger away but it’s just stuck to you? Boogawolf. I’m not messing with that.”

She’s also not messing with the men of her past who’ve been sending those “Hey, Stranger” texts her way.

“And then there are these series of ex-boyfriends that come up out the woodwork that try to get with me, that I’m just not having,” she said. “I’m not feeling none of that.”

But when it comes to the type of men Haddish is indeed looking for, she has her sights set on a good man who likes to laugh and is hasn’t let his credit score go to hell in a hand basket.

“I’m looking for confidence, a good sense of humor, and responsible,” she said. “Like, he’s got to have a good credit score. That’s super important because that’s you’re [sic] grown up report card, your credit score.”

And while he doesn’t have to be raking in the dough (like her), he needs to be making professional strides so that what she’s doing doesn’t become the be-all, end-all of the relationship.

“He’s got to have his own career going,” she said. “I cannot be the center of his universe. I can be a major part of the universe but I cannot be the center of the universe.”

As for a man with kids, Haddish would rather not go down that road again. But for the right man and the right children, she could possibly make it work.

“I did that before. I don’t want to do that again,” she said. “It’s all situational, it depends on the situation. But that’s not really something I’m looking for. I’m not really open to that.”

“Now if somebody comes along and he’s amazing, the kids are amazing, then maybe,” she added. “But from my experience, it’s usually the kids are really amazing and then I end up liking the kid more than I like them. I’m like, ‘I’m here for the kid! I want the kid to be a great human because they still have a chance and you’re still an a——.’ And I just end up protecting the kid.”

Haddish’s thoughts on her dating life come after fellow funny lady Leslie Jones revealed that she deals with her own dating struggles here and there. Here’s to hoping they encounter some good men sooner than later, or at least, a lot less of the “boogawolfs.”

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