Azealia Banks Shares She Was Abused By Coldplay Manager In Detailed Instagram Post

December 2, 2017  |  

azealia banks details abusive relationship


Rapper Azealia Banks is no stranger to beef and is known for picking social media fights with everyone  from T.I. and Tiny to Jim Jones. Well it appears that Banks may just be suffering from a case of “hurt people, hurt people”. Earlier this week the “Aquababe” artist took to Instagram to share a lengthy post that included details about the abuse she experienced at the hand of Coldplay manager, Dave Holmes.

In the post, also highlighted by PAPER magazine, Banks talks in third person and shares that at just 18-years-old she entered a romantic relationship with 43-year-old Dave Holmes (not be mistaken with the popular MTV VJ) who at the time managed artists including Coldplay, Santigold and My Chemical Romance. She describes Holmes as “fatherly” sharing that despite him being married at the time, Holmes rented an apartment for her that she was abruptly kicked out off once she was dropped by record label, XL Recordings. She goes on to mention the couple reunited shortly after Banks experienced success from the single “212” until things went south again over $2000 that she had borrowed:

“On the night before the 1991 video, the couple get into a heated argument about $2,000 she’d borrowed from him two weeks earlier. She grabs hold of his fancy espresso machine and pushes it on the floor, which prompts him to put her in a choking headlock. The fight gets nasty, with her throwing rocks through glass windows and him dragging her by her hair and throwing her into a freezing cold shower. During the headlock she cuts the inside of her lip on her teeth and begins to spit blood. Her friend comes to pick her up and take her home where she cries for hours and doesn’t sleep a wink. Her world was shattered.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Banks has referenced the abusive relationship. BET reports in 2012 on Christmas Day, Banks went on a tweeting and deleting spree about the domestic violence that occurred between her and Holmes:

“Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes is a piece of s—. Second time he has put his f—-ing hands on me.”

“You know how someone lets you down once…And you give them another chance, and they let you down again? And you feel stupid…Because you knew better? A jealous Man is a Dangerous man.”

In additional posts, Banks mentioned the abusive relationship as well as her humble beginnings and the highs and lows of pursuing her dreams:

Here's the girl again.. she finally got her hair done! My first real check from music was a $21,000 check from BMI and I spent about $3,000 of it on this 30" weave from @iloveindique I had been dying to have for years. With the last 18k I bought two flights, hired a driver named Paul and a rusty, rickety splinter van that only had two seats in it , which cost about £6,000 . Paul was a really funny older guy from north London who doubled as my personal assistant and security guard. I brought along my DJ And went on tour in the U.K. with @metronomy and @twodoorcinemaclub @nme making something like $700 a night which immediately went to room and board and perdiems. @topshop invited me to the store in London and gave me a heap of clothes I literally wore ALL WINTER. Lol!! She tour managed herself, she did her own hair and makeup. This girl ate dinner at the venue, and took a plate to her room for breakfast. She drank at the venue, showered at the venue (I still shower and drink at the venue no shade LOL) yet here Again, she was broke LOL .. soon she gets a call from Karl Lagerfeld to perform at his home in Paris the night after when the tour stopped there. She has no clue who Karl Lagerfeld is but they were paying her €20,000 and she had never been paid in euros!!! she was surprised that so many of those rich french people at the party knew who she was… they were treating her like a queen! if only they knew she had only just enough money to catch the train back to London #brokewithexpensivetaste

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When she was sixteen she had a job at the Starbucks on the corner of spring and varick streets in NYC. Everyday after work this girl walked down spring street in her Starbucks uniform and window shopped on her way to catch the D at Broadway Lafayette. One day sixteen year old her sets an eye on a baby blue "angela" bag with rose gold studs in the alexander wang store, and picks up extra shifts to come together with the $775 to get it. Since she's only 16 and isn't allowed to work more than four hours on a school night It takes her a month and a half of four hour shifts at $8.10, to save up for the bag. She gets the bag and actually never wears it because she's afraid to mess it up. It eventually ends up on a shelf in her mothers closet, who keeps it clean. Years go by and she's coming back to NYC from from Montreal and makes a stop at her mothers house to grab the bag and give to a friend who says she's good at selling things on eBay. This was her one piece of designer clothing and she was dreading having to part with it. The bag gets sold for $250 which she uses to buy a metrocard and pay a phone bill. She watches as the metrocard machine in the busy 125th street ABCD station eats the last of her money and she begins to cry. She felt herself falling apart .. all of her clothes were dingy, she had no money, no job, no record deal, no where to live , and was at odds with her family for running away in the first place. Once she started making money from music she was afraid to spend any of it on clothes and purses because of the trauma of having to give her one designer handbag she had in general , the beloved Angela bag , away. Somehow she manifests herself one better… She is invited by the designer @alexanderwangny himself to be his date to the annual Met Gala. He designs a custom dress, shoes and bag for her and proudly shows her off at one of Fashions most prestigious events. She's come a long way from staring in the window on spring street. #brokewithexpensivetaste

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Oh my gosh lol… this is the way I used to dress when I lived in Montreal.This girl used to sit in a room and daydream about getting another shot after being dropped from XL. This girl ran away from NYC after being dropped by xl, heartbroken and dumped by her much older boyfriend, and being denied re-entry to her moms house after dropping out of high school to pursue a rap career. I remember her telling me that I wasn't going to make any money in music and that I should go back to my job at Starbucks and take some college courses. She left with $28, a duffel bag full of clothes, a plastic box with toiletries and a blowdryer that was taped together with ducttape. This girl got five dollars a day from a friend for snacks and would skip days at the intermerche to save up $30 to get her nails done. This girl lived off apples, packs of cheese, bags of chips and boxes of cheap wine. This girl wore this weave the Entire summer before 212 popped off and was so embarrassed when the attention came so quickly because She didn't have money to get her hair done. This girl hadn't had a real meal in MONTHS when her song blew up, but she took every single meeting because she knew it guaranteed a hot meal and break from her usual apples and chips. This girl got used to the sounds of door closing , she got used to rejection… but she believed in herself and she fought……. and won. This bitch really fucking won.

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Banks’ post comes at a time where assault and harassment allegations are running rampant within the music and film industries and if I am reminded of anything it’s that the entertainment industry is not the safest space for young women who unfortunately just want to follow their dreams, do what they love and make a career out of it. I can appreciate her transparency and being an example that the road to fame and fortune isn’t always easy. We hope that Holmes is a part of Banks’ past and stay there. It takes courage and strength to survive unhealthy relationships and we look forward to see her continue to grow in her career.


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