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We’ve talked about this before, y’all. And I would hope that we’re all on the same page. But it obviously bears repeating. When a man is cheating on his wife, girlfriend or whoever he’s in a committed relationship with–the fault lies with him.

Unless we’re talking about the rare instances when the other woman is a friend…or family member, there is nothing the wife or girlfriend needs to say to her. That’s not your partner. She didn’t commit to you. Your man did. Check him.

Apparently, Lisa Nicole Cloud is not about that life though. Because recent audio suggests that when she discovered her husband, Darren Naugles, was “entertaining” another woman, she let her have it, via a voice message, obtained by King of Reads.

It’s NSFW. Headphones in mixed company.

“You’re married with kids. Darren Naugles. Tell her right now. And tell the b*tch you’re not going to call her anymore. Tell the stupid a$$, slutty b*tch, you’re not going to call her again. Tell her. Tell the slut. Tell her. You better not talk to my husband again, whoever you are. Stop talking to my husband, stop calling my husband or it’s going to be a problem. Tell her now.”

It seems that Lisa and Darren’s children were in the vicinity and she attempted to bring them into the conversation.

“Kids, you see this? Your dad spent all day with us…Why? Because you walk out the door. You think they don’t know? Then be done. Be done.”

In the message, you can tell that there are two people talking. Lisa is drowning him out but Darren is in the background echoing some of her words and deferring to her with others. “You told her.” Someone might argue that this message doesn’t prove Naugles did anything wrong. But apparently, he was returning those calls. And the woman on the other end didn’t know or didn’t care about some very important details of his life.


This is not the first time Darren has stepped out on Lisa. In previous seasons, it was revealed that Darren had cheated. There was even a man in the mix. But who knows. The couple has also been trying to have another child, though Darren doesn’t seem to be fully on board. In fact, more than one person came back to Lisa to tell her that Darren didn’t want to have another child.

Lisa admitted that she was demoting herself to a friend of the show to focus on other businesses and focus on having that child. But I’m thinking if she has to force her husband to tell another woman that he’s married, with children, she might need to rethink more than a few things.

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