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So A Tyler Perry Comic Book Is Happening

April 2nd, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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Tyler Perry Comic Book


From The Grio

Hollywood titan Tyler Perry is taking on a brand-new medium as a comic book character.

Bluewater Productions is bringing Perry’s inspiring story to life as part of their popular FAME series.

“There are some celebrities we have done that are just media sensations, then you have someone like Tyler Perry who is a major inspiration to so many people. I have such respect for him and his story after working on this comic book,” said Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis.

Although the comic book is all about the Madea director, Perry is not directly involved in the project.

Bluewater Productions’ FAME series focuses on the real lives of celebrities in a comic-like setting, and in the past has included the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé.

Read more about this Tyler Perry comic book at 

Did Y’all See? Tye Tribbett, Tyler Perry, And Erica Campbell Spill Tea

March 23rd, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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This week proved to be quite an interesting one in the Christian realm. Early in the week Gospel artist Tye Tribbett made a rather unpopular statement when he claimed homosexuality is natural and pointed out that what’s natural doesn’t necessarily mean it’s God’s best. At 44, Tyler Perry also revealed he found out the man he believed to be his dad all these years actually is not his biological father and his mother lied to him about it. And Gospel singer Erica Campbell hinted that her sister Tina isn’t the only Mary Mary sister whose been cheated on in her marriage. Whew! That’s a lot to digest but we’re talking about it all in “Did Y’all See?” Weigh in in the comments section.

“She Lied To Me”: Tyler Perry Searching For Biological Father After Finding Out Mom Lied To Him All These Years

March 18th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Tyler Perry father


According to director Tyler Perry, he found out recently that the man his mother claimed was his father is not truly his biological dad, and his mother knowingly kept the truth from him all these years. According to the International Business Times, Perry revealed all of this while speaking at the Women’s Empowerment event in Raleigh, North Carolina. Perry, 44, shared his disappointment about being misled for most of his life, and used it as an opportunity to encourage other mothers to be honest with their children about what’s going on.

“I love my mother to death, but she lied to me.”

The story that Perry shared in the past when speaking on his family was that the late Emmitt Perry Sr., a construction worker with a short fuse and a penchant for physical abuse against Tyler, was his father. Emmitt was married to Perry’s mother, so it only made sense. According to the director, Emmitt would physically abuse Tyler so much as a young man, that he would black out. One specific time, Perry said that Emmitt took a vacuum cleaner cord and whipped him on his back until skin came off. He spoke about the man he believed to be his father when helping to promote the Academy Award-nominated film, Precious a few years back.  

“‘You … jackass! You got book sense but you ain’t got no … common sense.’

I heard this every day of my childhood.”

But now Perry is back at stage one it seems, seeking out the man who really is his father, and sharing with other parents the importance of letting their children know what’s really going on. He found out through a DNA test he decided to take with his brother recently that he had been lied to, but he’s ready to find his father and make peace with everything:

“Some of you have secrets that your kids need to know. Let the chips fall where they may. For the peace of that person, let them know.”

Both Emmitt Perry Sr., and Tyler’s mother, Willie Maxine Perry, have passed on. We wish Perry luck on his search, because I can’t imagine how hard all this must be for him.

What do you think about what Perry had to say?

‘Single Moms Club’ Opens At Number 5, Tyler Perry’s Lowest Debut As Director

March 17th, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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single moms clubThe weekend box office tallies are in and Tyler Perry might not be having such a great morning.

Single Mom’s Club opened in the number five spot this weekend with $8.3 million in box office receipts. That’s his lowest opening weekend as a director, and it’s his second lowest opening as a producer. The lowest was for last year’s Tyler Perry Presents Peeples starring Kerry Washington, which opened at $4.6 million. According to Variety, Single Mom’s Club actually had good reviews from CinemaScore with an A- rating.

Previously, the lowest box office opening for a movie Perry directed was 2007′s Daddy’s Little Girls with $11.2 million.

It seems as though Perry might be losing a bit of his luster at the box office. Aside from Peeples, Box Office Mojo notes that A Madea Christmas had a rough go at the box office, “barely [surpassing] $50 million.” But Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box-office tracker Rentrak, isn’t counting him out just yet.

“This is one of Tyler Perry’s lowest debuts ever, but he cranks out hits every year for almost decade,” he told the AP. “He’s allowed a couple of missteps every once in a while.”

In the top spot for the weekend was the animated film Mr. Peabody and Sherman with $21.2 million. That movie is actually based on a cartoon that aired in the 1950s and 60s during the Rocky & Bullwinkle show. In second place was the 3D movie 300: Rise of an Empire with $19.1 million (it was last week’s top movie). And number three was Need for Speed, the car racing movie that was expected to take the number one spot. And Non-Stop the airplane thriller starring Liam Neeson (with a small part for Lupita Nyong’o) was at number four with $10.6 million. It has already earned $68.8 million.

On a final note, the religious movie Son of God is worth mentioning. It  made $5.4 million in its third week, continuing its quick slide from the number two spot in its opening week ($26.5 million to start). The Associated Press questions the appeal of these movies but we have another, Noah starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connolly and Emma Watson coming on the 28th. That’s based on the story of Noah’s Ark and comes in advance of the Easter holiday. Christian Bale will also be starring as Moses in the upcoming film Exodus. With big-time movie stars headlining those movies, we might see better box office returns.

“Why Hate On Single Moms?” Tyler Perry Says Single Mothers Should Be Celebrated Not Ostracized

March 14th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Tyler Perry’s new film, Single Moms Club, comes out today, and the director has been doing promo for it, chatting with different media about the purpose of the film and what inspired him to do it. At some point, Perry did an interview with someone who asked him why he was “glorifying” single mothers with his new film, and that was something that rubbed Perry the wrong way. He took to his website,, to share his thoughts on why we need to stop attacking single mothers who handle their business in a post called, This Ticked Me Off:

I was doing an interview recently and the interviewer asked me why was I glorifying single moms. I explained to him that single moms needed to be celebrated, not ostracized. Most single moms are not that way by choice. Circumstance caused them to be in that situation and just like my Aunt Jerry, who raised four boys by herself, she never complained and never asked for handouts. She did what she had to do. Why hate on single moms? Are you kidding me? I know so many people who were raised by single moms and I know a lot of single moms. It’s the hardest job in the world when you do it right.

So this movie is dedicated to the single moms that are doing it right and a wake up call to the ones who aren’t. You never know who you’re raising.

Let’s be clear: this is not a male-bashing, woe-is-me, I’m-a-single-mother movie. This is a movie about the strength of the single mom. I did this movie to show the world what a lot of you go through. It’s funny, it’s heartfelt, it’s full of hope, but most of all it’s about how coming together can change your life. I want you to go see it, single mom or not.

This movie is important for so many reasons. It celebrates one of the most overlooked people in our country. I just want to say that I see you single moms, I hear you, and to everybody out there that knows one or was raised by one, bring them to the movies tomorrow. Lets show them that we are thankful.

This one’s for you, single moms, HAPPY SINGLE MOTHERS DAY!

Enjoy The Single Moms Club, in theaters tomorrow.

I can appreciate his sentiment. I think often people assume the worst of single mothers these days (if you watch the political news shows, they would like to make you think all single moms are looking for a handout), but as the sister of a single mother who has been working her butt off for years to keep a roof over her children’s head and provide them with as much love as possible after the death of their father, a celebration is in order for those who get a bad rap. Kudos to all the strong single mothers out there.

Do you think you’ll check out The Single Moms Club? And what do you think of what Perry had to say?

The ‘New’ Single Moms Club: Should We Rethink The Criteria For Membership?

March 11th, 2014 - By Karen Taylor Bass
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Welcome to our new column, Reset. Written by Karen Taylor Bass, this column, published each Tuesday, is about life lessons learned and mastered mentally, spiritually, and physically and how they contribute to a successful life and career.

single moms club

Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club opens in theaters this Friday and it is the perfect time to converse about whom exactly is in this so called “single moms club”? I would say all moms.

I know that traditionally a single mom is defined as a woman unmarried and caring for her child(ren) on her own. However, I’m married and my work schedule is more accommodating and, therefore, I feel like a single mom most days. I am the chief as it relates to planning, implementing, and nurturing our children, ages 6 and 14. I’m not saying my hubby is a deadbeat. Simply I’m the go-to parent in my household, which is not uncommon among married women.

Second, being in the “single moms club” is more than just financial status. Motherhood can be super challenging and lonely, even if your personal status is “married.”

Third, you also have the mom holding it down in a commuter family. A commuter family is when a parent lives and works in different towns or states. Children might live at home with one parent, while the other comes home between work periods.

I feel the definition of a single mom should be remixed with families working hard to survive. We can all be categorized as single moms at some point.

What does the ‘new’ single mom want? Real talk — We all want different things but share a common desire for adult time and the occasional date night; a chance to simply be free and unleash our feminine magic. Kweli Wright, Associate Editor at our sister site MommyNoire says, “Dating can be complicated but necessary. When a single mom goes out on a date it’s more than having an appetizer and an entrée. I’m thinking about how my suitor will interact with my daughter, his credit score, and, if he’s worth a second date. Dating for a single mom is trial and error. It takes patience, excellent listening skills and keen foresight to predict the possibility of a future [together].”

Astrid Pinto has a commuter family and she loves date night when her hubby is in town and they get a chance to reconnect, chat and enjoy a grown-up meal. “We take advantage of celebrating our marriage when my husband is home and that means staying in the moment when we are together once a month and not letting little things take over our time together,” says Pinto.

Let’s agree that although we love our children, it is necessary to carve out adult time. No one understands the importance of grown up companionship more than a mom when she has young children. My hubby and I went for drinks last weekend at a popular bar, laughed, danced, and had fun for a carefree, child-free moment. Priceless.

And when “single mom” really does mean no husband or boyfriend, no one understands you like another mom. Every now and again, gather round and toast, just like the stars of Tyler Perry’s latest.

RESET: Motherhood is a sisterhood. Connect with mothers and set up a community with great moms who have your back regardless of one’s marital status.

Nia Long Says As A Single Mom, It’s Important To Introduce Your Kids To A Guy You Date “Kinda Early”

March 7th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Nia Long single mom

We told you yesterday that Nia Long nabbed the cover of the new issue of Essence as the stunning star promotes her new film, The Single Moms Club, which is the new Tyler Perry project. To talk about the realities of being a single mom, Long has been chatting with Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah on Oprah’s Lifeclass and they’ve discussed a little bit of everything. On Part II of their sit-down, which airs tonight on OWN, they talk about single mothers navigating the dating world. Long had a very interesting story to tell about a first date she went on, and talks about the awkward moment at the beginning of that date that helped her realize it’s not a bad idea to introduce your child to a prospective partner early.

“I actually do have a funny story. My son was a bout two. I had just broken up with his dad and I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to go out and I am going to reclaim my sexy!’ This gentleman came and I said, let’s do a group date. I didn’t want to do a one-on-one thing. Let’s do a group date. So I called my sister and I said, ‘You’re going on my first date with me.’ I was living in New York at the time. We walk out of the apartment, he’s in this big truck like a Suburban, but it was a driver and a car. And I was like, ‘Oh he’s fancy.’ We get in the car and my 2-year-old goes, ‘My daddy has a big ol’ blue truck and it’s faster than this one!’ I just went ‘Oh my goodness.’ So they know. They know. Even when you try to hide it, when you try to pretend like, ‘This is just mommy’s friend’ they know. That guy didn’t last so him and his truck went bye bye, but what it did teach me was to introduce kind of early.”

Of course, Long will go in depth about why she thinks this is necessary on tonight’s episode of Life Class (airing at 9/8c). But check out the clip of her talking about this date and let us know what approach you would take when it comes to dating as a single mother, and when you think it’s best to introduce your children to the men you are getting to know on a romantic level.

Tune in Friday night at 9/8c.

Naomi Campbell Shows Off Fly New ‘Fro; Gabrielle Union Shows Off Natural Hair At Oscar Party

March 3rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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natural hair

Brian To/

Some fabulous celeb women are rocking very chic new ‘dos this week, and we’re loving it!

Gabrielle Union, like many big stars, hit up the post-Oscar festivities last night looking fabulous. She hit the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party and did so with her own natural hair, which she showed off on Instagram yesterday.



“I took my weave out and got creative with my natural hair… @larryjarahsims is a master magician#theprocess”

The beauty showed off quite a bit of length, which was was flipped, curled and tied into a knot at the back of her head, and also included an ornate bump at the crown of her head. While at the Vanity Far party in her sparkling Nicholas Oakwell gown, she snapped pics with new Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, and had nothing but love for the Kenyan beauty:



“Best part of my night… @lupitanyongo is everythang! Quite simply, this woman gives me LIFE! Humble, smart, sincere, drop dead stunning and talent to spare… SOOOO PROUD!!! #lupitalove”

And Union also took pictures with Tyler Perry, Serena Williams, Regina King and more. Clearly she had a fabulous night!

Brian To/

Brian To/

Brian To/

Brian To/

Away from the Academy Awards madness, supermodel Naomi Campbell also showed off a new ‘do, but this time it was a full and fabulous ‘fro.

Ivan Nikolov/

Ivan Nikolov/

Campbell is known for her long wigs and extensions, the latter of which having been blamed for the hair loss the beauty has dealt with over the years. She decided to give all that a rest for a light brown afro wig that looked great on her, as she did media rounds with The View, The Graham Norton Show, and while shooting an appearance on 106 & Park. Campbell was hitting the talk show couches to promote a new season of her reality show/modeling competition, The Face.

Ivan Nikolov/

Ivan Nikolov/

What do you think of both looks on these beauties? We can’t get enough of them! Share your thoughts below.

“You Said No”: Tika Sumpter Almost Turned Down Tyler Perry And “The Haves And The Have Nots”

February 28th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Tika Sumpter Haves and Have Nots

When The Haves and The Have Nots first came on TV in 2013, I had an inkling that it would do well, what with Tyler Perry’s large fan base and what not. But who knew it would be the ratings juggernaut that it has been for OWN? It’s the channel’s most successful show, and one of the reasons that the channel was able to morph from the ball of confusion to success so fast. But one person who wasn’t so sure about the show initially is Tika Sumpter, the actual star of The Haves and The Have Nots.

In an interview with Tyler Perry for his new talk show (which will actually just be a 3-week special), he recounts the time he called her up and had her in mind for the role of Candace Young, only to be told ‘no.’ But according to Sumpter, she actually told him she needed to think about it for a while because she wanted to make the best decision for her career:

Perry: When I called you to do this show you were like, uh…let me think about it. You said no.

Sumpter: I didn’t say no, I said ‘Let me think about it.’

Perry: Well when you tell Tyler Perry “Let me think about it,” that’s no.

Sumpter: No! I think as a performer, as an artist, as a businesswoman, you gotta figure out what’s best for you. I think you would do the same thing. You would say, “I’m not sure…yet.”

Perry: Let me ask you this, are you sure now?

Sumpter: I’m very sure now…

Perry: Let’s go back to what I was just asking you about, with you saying no, and me having to get Oprah to call you.

Sumpter: Oprah did call me, she called me twice actually.

Perry: Let’s talk about that conversation.

Sumpter: Well you called me with her first. When you get a call from Oprah, the first time, it’s just kind of–you go blank. It’s noise in your ear. Like, what is happening right now? And I’m like, “I can’t hear you.” I was at an awards show, people were loud. I wanted to say, “Oprah’s on the phone, shut up!” She was like, “I’ll call you back.”  And then she called me and I was in the car and she just said, make sure that when I do make a decision,  it’s not the white noise trying to tell me what to do. I’m really the captain of my own ship.

Perry: Yeah, let’s be clear, she wasn’t trying to talk you into it, she just wanted you to really think about it. As did I.

Sumpter: She said “Honey, I don’t talk anybody into doing anything they don’t want to do. But I feel special about this one.”

Perry: And she was right.

Sumpter: She was right.

She definitely was right, because folks are flocking to OWN to get their weekly dose of drama with this show. And Sumpter clearly made a good decision for her career.

But what do you think? Was she right to not immediately jump at the chance to work with Perry on the show? Check out their conversation below and share your thoughts.

Oprah’s OWN Celebrates Its Most-Watched Month; Fastest Growing Cable Network For Women Ages 25-To-54

February 27th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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After years of struggling to lure viewers, Oprah’s OWN pulled off the most-watched month in network history in primetime for February, reports EURWeb. It attracted 538,000 total viewers. And Winfrey has her deal with Tyler Perry to thank in part.

February marked a six-month high for OWN’s viewership in the women aged 25-54 demo, with an increase of 11 percent in comparison to January. And it was a boost of an incredible 86 percent from the previous year. All this makes OWN the fastest-growing cable network for this viewer group.

It was Perry’s programs that pumped up the ratings. His OWN drama The Haves and the Have Nots is cable’s most-watched show on Tuesday nights. And it is also the No. 1 original cable series that African-Americans tune in to watch. The Haves and the Have Nots is also one of the top 10 original primetime series overall on ad-supported cable networks among this female group. This makes OWN Tuesday nights the No. 2 cable network for that demo, almost tying with TBS.

Perry’s comedy series Love Thy Neighbor was Wednesday night’s No. 1 original cable series for African-American women ages 25-to-54 and for total viewers, also helping OWN win the ratings war.

Perry’s OWN programs got some help from the second season of Kym Whitley’s reality series Raising Whitley and the new reality show Mom’s Got Game, featuring  former WNBA player Pamela McGee and her son, Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee. They are Saturday night’s top two original series for African-American women ages 25-to-54.

Have you been tuning in?

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