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Werk What Ya Mama Gave Ya: Our Favorite Curvy Girls Of All Sizes

July 18th, 2016 - By M A
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A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

When it comes to curves, there are plenty of Hollywood stunners that proudly wave their body-loving flags. Here we celebrate these lovely, voluptious ladies who prove one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to embracing their figures.


Queen Bey has always been proud of her curves and has certainly encouraged legions of female fans to do the same. In fact, when she caught wind that her photos with H&M had been heavily photoshopped, she was quick to go on the defensive. She even demanded that the un-retouched photos be used for the campaign instead.

Serena Williams Reminds Us That The Wage Gap Knows No Bounds

July 13th, 2016 - By Charing Ball
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Serena Williams Reminds Us That The Wage Gap Knows No Bounds


I am extremely glad that Serena Williams has spoken out about the wage gap.

In a recent interview with Melissa Harris Perry for Glamour magazine, the 22-time grand slam tennis champion (damn!) said this:

Harris-Perry: The U.S. women’s soccer team has been challenging inequity in women’s sports, fighting for equal pay. It’s an issue facing NCAA women in multiple fields [including tennis, where women make 80 cents for each dollar men earn]. Want to weigh in on this?

Williams: These sports have a lot of work to do. And I really hope that I can be helpful in that journey because I do believe that women deserve the same pay. We work just as hard as men do. I’ve been working, playing tennis, since I was three years old. And to be paid less just because of my sex—it doesn’t seem fair. Will I have to explain to my daughter that her brother is gonna make more money doing the exact same job because he’s a man? If they both played sports since they were three years old, they both worked just as hard, but because he’s a boy, they’re gonna give him more money? Like, how am I gonna explain that to her? In tennis we’ve had great pioneers that paved the way—including Venus, who fought so hard for Wimbledon to pay women the same prize money they pay men, and Billie Jean King, who is one of the main reasons Title IX exists.”

By the way the New York Times recently ran a report pointing out that female players earn considerably less than their male counterparts. In fact:

“The Western & Southern Open in Mason, Ohio, the biggest event in the weeks before the United States Open, attracts dazzling constellations of top men’s and women’s stars each year to the fourth-largest tennis tournament in the country.

The tournament, in which the United States Tennis Association owns a majority stake, pays the women only 63 cents on the dollar as compared with the men. Last year, Roger Federer received $731,000 for defending his title at the tournament, while Serena Williams received $495,000 for defending hers hours later.”

I know what you’re thinking: who the heck is Federer?

Anyway, the wage gap issue is not just a concern for well-paid athletes. Nor is it concern equally distributed among all women.

According to new data released last week by the Pew Research Center, Black and Hispanic women continue to earn less in equal wages than our White counterparts as well as men of all races and ethnic groups.

As a whole both full and part time, Black workers in the U.S continue to only earn 73 percent of every dollar pulled in by White men. However Black and Hispanic woman earned considerably less – $13 and $12, respectively – than White and Asian women who earn $17 and $18 dollars respectively. They also earn two-dollars less an hour on average than Black and Hispanic men and a whopping $8 to $11 dollars less than White and Asian men.

The study also notes:

“White and Asian women have narrowed the wage gap with white men to a much greater degree than black and Hispanic women. For example, white women narrowed the wage gap in median hourly earnings by 22 cents from 1980 (when they earned, on average, 60 cents for every dollar earned by a white man) to 2015 (when they earned 82 cents). By comparison, black women only narrowed that gap by 9 cents, from earning 56 cents for every dollar earned by a white man in 1980 to 65 cents today. Asian women followed roughly the trajectory of white women (but earned a slightly higher 87 cents per dollar earned by a white man in 2015), whereas Hispanic women fared even worse than black women, narrowing the gap by just 5 cents (earning 58 cents on the dollar in 2015).”

By the way, Maria Sharapova last year out-earned Serena Williams by $10 million, proving that we get it from being Black and for being a woman.

With median wealth for single Black women at just $5, the eviction rates for low-income Black women are on par with incarceration rates for Black men and Black mothers continuing to be heads of households, this issue should be tops on both the mainstream political and Black agenda, along with police brutality.

But is anybody marching for that?

Want To Work Out With Serena Williams And Kevin Hart? Now You Can

July 13th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you’re always looking for a good workout but often find yourself struggling to put together the right combination of moves to work the areas you’re hoping to target, you need to download the Nike Training Club app. And now you have yet another reason to do so: You can work out with Serena Williams — and Kevin Hart, too.

Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to get those abs, those arms and that overall strength? Um, I’m talking about Williams, here — no offense to Hart, as he’s gotten pretty stacked in the last few years as well. Nike teamed up with the Wimbledon champ and the fit box-office champ for a new workout on the NTC app. Put together by trainer Ben Monk, they call it The Hart Serena. This is Williams’s second workout for the app, Hart’s first. 

The 15-minute workout is a high intensity level offering, but works for intermediate exercisers, classsified as those who do two to three workouts a week. It especially targets your back and arms, helping you develop upper-body strength and get a quick burn going. No equipment necessary, as moves include body weight squats, heel kicks, partner hand rows and push-up high fives, side planks, forward lunges, metabolic training in the form of split jumps, burpees, and more.

When taking a moment away from making each other laugh in the promotional videos for the app, both Williams and Hart spoke on the importance of partnering up for workouts like The Hart Serena.

“It’s hard to kind of push yourself,” Williams said, “but it’s easier when you have someone to push you.”

Hart added, “You’re making each other better.”

Fact. Plus, working out with a friend is always awesome — if they can keep up, of course. Get together with a good friend, download the Nike Training Club app and push one another by trying The Hart Serena for yourself.


Serena Williams Makes History With 22nd Grand Slam Win

July 9th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Amid the craziness going on in the country currently, #BlackGirlMagic continues to prevail.

Today (July 9), Serena Williams beat her opponent Angelique Kerber at Wimbledon 7-5, 6-3. According to ESPN, this win is major for Williams with her 22 Grand Slam matching Steffi Graf for second-most among women all-time behind Margaret Court (24). Not to mention, the tennis star has won nine Grand Slam titles since turning 30, the most by any woman in the open era.

Earlier in the year, Williams had lost her previous two Grand Slam finals to Kerber at the Australian Open and Garbine Mugurusa at the French Open. However, USA Today Sports reported that “the slow starts she had in those matches were nowhere to be found,” describing her playing with a “newfound purpose and power.”

“It makes the victory even sweeter to know how hard I worked for it,” Williams said.

Serena Williams Serves #BodyGoals On The Cover Of ‘WSJ’

June 22nd, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Serena Williams is no stranger to slaying. So when the Wall Street Journal revealed she was their latest cover story, we knew it would nothing short of fabulous. And, now that it’s here, our predictions were right.

Dubbed as “the incomparable,” Williams stands strong with her hands on her hips in a robe stitched with her initials. Not to mention, while flourishing in her melanin, 21-time Grand Slam winner serves #bodygoals once again.

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Inside the magazine, the tennis superstar reveals what she would be doing if she wasn’t who she was. “Ordinary things,” she answered. “I think I would be in California. Maybe I would be married? Maybe I would have kids? I would like to believe I would.”

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

She also divulges that she’d probably be a veterinarian. Apparently, her love for animals run deep. Remember when she tried out her dog’s food at the hotel she was staying at during the Italian Open? Alright, maybe we don’t want to remember that, but you get the point.

And just like any woman, she loves to get her shop on. “I’d go to the mall. I never go to the mall,” she gushed. Read the full story here, and check out the rest of her photo shoot below.

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Photo Credit: Maciek Kobielski/WSJ

Serious Question: Why Do We Give Fit Women Grief For Having “Too Many Muscles”?

June 21st, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Women just can’t win.

If you’re a heavier-set woman, you’re told that you’re too big and need to lose weight to live longer and healthier.

If you’re an average-sized woman, there’s always someone saying you could have bigger breasts or that you should squat for your life to obtain a bigger bottom.

And as I’ve noticed more and more lately, if you’re a very strong, physically fit woman, you’re deemed too “manly.”

And yet, a man can walk out here with a beer belly and a booty (and some hips) bigger than yours and no one has anything to say. I can’t deal.

But seriously, I always knew that being a muscular woman is something people seem to frown upon. For instance, when I interviewed fitness enthusiast Lita Lewis in 2014, a woman who has since become a health and fitness inspiration to me, there were quite a few comments, including “Too many muscles for my liking.” And quite a few popular fitness enthusiasts have publicly responded to people who’ve said that they are packing too much muscle. That includes Massy Arias, who told Cosmopolitan, “This is my body, my decision, my prerogative. If I want to work out and be a beast, let me work out and be a beast.”

Still, it wasn’t until I started on my own quest to actually gain more muscle that I fully realized just how harsh people can be about women who are on the brolic side. Those people include my fiancé.

One of my biggest goals right now is to be stronger. I like the way I look and feel with more muscle on my body these days. As I was walking down the street with my fiancé a week ago, I told him that I wanted to really define my ab muscles. I was quite serious about this as the excitement in my eyes and tone would make one think I was speaking on something much more thrilling. When I finished sharing my goals with him, he responded with, “I don’t know. That’s not really cute.”

Exsqueeze me?

When I inquired about the statement he was trying to make, he said what a lot of people say, which is that trying to build more muscles is a look better suited for a guy. I couldn’t receive it. I told him that I didn’t appreciate his comment, seeing as I was talking about doing something positive and feeling good about myself, and his response was to tell me that in his eye, it wasn’t attractive. “I’m not trying to look ‘cute,'” I said. “I’m trying to be strong and healthy.”  He would eventually apologize and we would go about our walk in peace and positivity, but I couldn’t help but be stuck on “That’s not cute.”

Why are we so quick to say that women who train their bodies extensively aren’t cute, aren’t feminine, and are trying to be like men? Why do we skirt the whole point that these individuals are attempting to build strength, endurance, tone up, be powerful, and most importantly, live a healthier lifestyle, to instead focus on whether or not all that adds up to being attractive to someone else? Granted, these women likely aren’t pressed about whether or not anyone thinks them to be the finest thing this side of the Mississippi, but I thought it important to reiterate the fact that there isn’t one way to be feminine. The femininity people say these women lack isn’t just embodied in the woman with the soft curves, or the dainty models with the long limbs and striking features. Femininity can still be found in the women who have more muscle on them than they do makeup. Just as we don’t want people to define womanliness by whether or not we’re playing certain roles in society, we shouldn’t define it by one sort of look.

Still, I do think things are changing when it comes to our outlook for the long term. Look at Serena Williams. Just a few years ago, how many men and women were saying that she came off too muscular and mannish after years of building muscle on the tennis court and in the gym? But nowadays, we watch her use that strength to balance in a split inside mainstream magazines and to dominate on the court. (Not to mention, to snag the men some of us pine over — i.e., Common and Drake.) She has become our “#goals” more now than ever thanks to her hard work and hard body, reminding us that she is “a full woman, and I’m strong and I’m powerful and I’m beautiful at the same time. And there’s nothing wrong with that.” I’m hoping that as we can embrace her beauty and strength as a sinewy woman, we will also do so for everyday women who choose to be both powerful and pretty.

Serena Williams Talks Babies, Black Girl Magic, And Playing Her Best Tennis In Her 30s In Glamour

June 8th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Serena Williams on the cover of a magazine probably isn’t big news to you, as she has been on the cover of just about everything over the last few years. But this is her first time covering Glamour‘s inaugural “Women Are Strong As Hell” issue. And not only does she look fabulous, but she also has a pretty good interview with Melissa Harris-Perry inside the new issue. Williams talks about loathing losing, the personal stake Black women have in her success, if Drake had anything to do with her U.S. Open loss as folks on Twitter tried to say, her plans for kids, and why she’s only getting better in her 30s on the tennis court. Check out the highlights from that chat:

On Being “The Original Black-Girl Magic” And Having So Many People Counting On Her To Win

That’s something. I meet people who say, “Girl, I watch every match, and I pray for you.” I feel that energy and those prayers. Sometimes when I’m down on the court, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “They want me to win. Is there anything else I can give?” It encourages me to do better, to fight harder.

How She Deals With Loss

No one takes a loss harder than I do. In any sport. I hate losing more than I like winning…I work harder. I study to see where I went wrong. But I carry the loss. My coach has said to me, “When you win a match or a tournament, you don’t even think about it—the very next minute you’re like, ‘Now I’ve got to focus on Wimbledon.’ You should take the losses the same way.” I need to look at those losses as learning experiences.

On Twitter Blaming Her Then-Relationship With Drake For Her U.S. Open Loss

I don’t think that was fair. I’m the one who’s playing, who’s making mistakes or making winners. I’m not one to blame anyone else for anything. And I don’t think anyone else should either. I played a really good opponent that day. And I wasn’t at my best.

Where She Stands On Motherhood

I definitely want to have kids one day. That’s something I’ve always wanted since as long as I could remember. And the older I get, the more I’m like, “I’m too young!” [Laughs.]

I was just joking with Venus about this yesterday and saying, “I’m far too young!” Hopefully I’ll be able to mature one of these days, get serious, and at least have them pretty fast.

Debunking The Idea That Athletes In Their 30s Should Rap It Up

Who says that your thirties is when you’re supposed to be done? I would like to know who made that rule! I was talking to my mom one time, like, “Gosh, I’m 30.” And she’s like, “In your thirties you’re even stronger than in your twenties.” I didn’t believe her, but I have played better in my thirties. And I played pretty well in my twenties, don’t get me wrong! But my consistency is better, my momentum is better, my wins are quicker.

The Legacy She Wants To Leave Behind In Her Hometown Of Compton

I never left my roots. You can identify me as someone that didn’t become high and mighty. Humility is a defining [trait] all of us can forever learn, and I try to be as humble as anyone can be.

Check out the interview in its entirety, here, and share your thoughts.

“I Just Ran To The Toilet”: Serena Williams Decides To Try Her Dog’s Gourmet Food–Immediately Regrets It

May 16th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you don’t have a canine, the idea of eating dog food probably never crossed your mind. In fact, doing so probably sounds disgusting (Those Beggin’ Strips commercials are cute, but no thanks). However, when boredom (and hunger) strikes, even the rich and famous are likely to try some questionable things.

As the story goes, according to Serena Williams’s Snapchat, while staying in a fancy hotel in Europe recently, Williams ordered food for her dog, Chip, after leaving his snacks and food at home. But we’re not talking about any ol’ Kibbles ‘n Bits.

“I promise you, it looked so good. ” Williams said in several Snapchat clips. “It was like, fresh greens and boiled chicken and beef, and it was seared tenderly and it was just perfection. I was like, ‘That looks better than my food!'”

But Williams contained herself, letting Chip have his pricey 15 euro meal. But after ordering her pooch some salmon and rice the next evening, Williams couldn’t resist. She tried just a spoonful of the large container of dog food sent (after pouring some into Chip’s bowl, of course), just to see if the food tasted as good as it looked. As you would probably guess–it didn’t. And not only that, the tennis star’s famed body couldn’t handle whatever was in that meal–leaving her running to the toilet for hours.

“I just ran to the toilet like I was going to pass out,” she said. “It did taste weird…it tasted a little bit like a housecleaner kind of thing. I don’t know what they put in this dog food.”

Williams was left “on the struggle bus,” sick after her small spoonful, regretting that she ever tried it as she taped herself, face covered in sweat looking quite uncomfortable. Still, she managed to find humor in the situation saying, “I really do need to get my life.”

The funny thing is, though, when I relayed this story to a colleague who has a small dog, while she said she would never eat the meals, she did admit that her dog’s food “has bacon and does smell really good sometimes…”

But just because it smells good, or in the case of Chip’s gourmet dishes, look good, there is a reason it has its own menu and section in the grocery store. And why it’s called “dog” food. Don’t try it, human.


Serena Williams Talks Twerking It Out In Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Visual Album

May 8th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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@beyonce 🍋🍋🍋🍋

A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

One of the many surprise celebrity cameos in Beyonce’s new visual album Lemonade, was surely tennis pro Serena Williams who did the d*mn thing and then some!

While we all know Williams is no stranger to shaking her thing to the sweet tune of Beyonce’s voice (see her rendition of Bey’s “7/11” video that went viral), we certainly didn’t expect the two to collab so soon, but we’re glad that moment of sisterhood happened! In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Williams dished on the experience, expressing how fun it was working with the entertainer and how dancing is a hobby of hers.

“Well, um, it was fun. It was a great experience,” she said. “I love to dance (little known fact) but, I actually really love dancing. It’s just makes me really relaxed and it’s also a good way to work out without like, being on the treadmill. But yeah, it was great. I love her and she’s a great person. Her visual album was an amazing thing and I just felt really honored just to be a part of it.”

Now, if Serena could get Beyonce to serve up some fierceness on the tennis court, that would be yet another surprising sight to see.

Green Ombre Hair — Would You Rock It?

March 25th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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For Genie and Chrissie. U asked for it. Lol

A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

When the sun comes out so do the bright beauty trends and Serena Williams is starting us off early with this green ombre hair look in the first days of spring.

The tennis champ posted the pic above “for Genie and Chrissie,” two women we’ll assume told Serena she’d look amazing switching her hair up like this before the athlete finally gave in and proved them right.

Though few of us have jobs where we can get away with green ombre hair — heck half of us are still struggling with afros and braids — there’s nothing stopping you from rocking a wig in this print on the weekends for a fun night out, or even on vacation. Note: We do not recommend you dyeing your natural hair to get this effect; the damage from the bleach won’t be worth the 5 minutes you actually get to enjoy the fresh color. But we most definitely are here for green lace fronts and weaves if you so dare. Do you?