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What Happens When You Try To Steal Serena Williams’ Phone?

November 5th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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serena williams

Source: Facebook

Don’t let the ad campaigns, red carpet appearances and tennis titles fool you, not only is Serena Williams an athlete, she’s from Compton. In other words, she does not play. Apparently though, one man didn’t get the memo and attempted to steal her cell phone.

Needless to say, his plot didn’t go as planned.

Yesterday, Serena posted a picture of herself in a Superwoman costume and recounted the story.

serena williams

Source: Facebook

This dude messed with the wrong one. Homegirl was hoping over chairs and all! I’m actually surprised she handled it so well once she caught up to him. Some of us might have had a few more choice words. And on another note, Serena’s a pretty good storyteller. Have you ever known someone was up to no good and followed your instincts?

You can watch video of the incident below.

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Relax, Drake And Serena Williams Are Not Engaged

October 8th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Drake and Serena Williams


The Internet went crazy earlier today after rumors implied that Drake and Serena Williams will be tying the knot soon. According to an OK! Magazine source claiming to have the tea on said proposal, Drake flew Williams into his hometown and asked her to be his wife.

“Right now they’re happy with just being happy,” the source told the tabloid. “She said yes, but they want to keep it on the down-low for now.”

A spokesperson for Drake quickly dispelled the rumors Thursday afternoon in a statement to TMZ.

“The rumor is completely untrue,” said the rapper’s representative.

While we would love to see Drake and Serena get married and have a bunch of babies, we don’t want them to rush into anything prematurely. We all know how quickly those situations can go left.

Gym Baes: 10 Inspiring Women of Color Who Are Pretty Strong

October 5th, 2015 - By Anslem Samuel Rocque
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The cast of Oxygen's "Pretty. Strong." flex their stuff in the locker room (Source: Courtesy of Oxygen Network)

The cast of Oxygen’s “Pretty. Strong.” flex their stuff in the locker room (Source: Courtesy of Oxygen Network)

Whoever said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder must have forgot that when it comes to a woman’s body, hers is the only opinion that matters. Too bad most people didn’t get the memo.

Be it mainstream media, men in general or sometimes even other women, everyone seems to have a view on the female form that they just have to share. That scrutiny increases tenfold when talking about the bodies of black women. From the inhumane objectification of Saartjie Baartman (better known as Hottentot Venus) during the 19th century to Serena Williams recently being labeled too “masculine” by an opposing tennis coach, it seems as if women of color are constantly being picked apart for simply being in their own skin.

Thankfully, there are countless sisters who refuse to be judged or defined by the opinions of others and own who they are both inside and out. These are the women who prove that there is not one standard of beauty, but several that includes all shapes, sizes and colors. Check out our picks for physically fit and fiercely feminine queens who redefine what it means to be pretty strong.

Looking for more fitness muses? Tune in to Oxygen’s new reality series “Pretty. Strong.,” which premieres tomorrow, October 6th at 10/9c.

Who Really Cares What Candy Carson Is Wearing?

September 29th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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good morning! Man the Internet has no chill! lmaoo #goodmorning #directv #comcast #cable #obama #barackobama #bencarson

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While briefly perusing social media this past weekend, I ran across a meme with a side-by-side image of President Obama and Michelle at the China State Dinner at the White House on Friday. Next to them, there was a picture of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and his wife, Candy. The caption for the meme? A parody of the hilarious “Don’t be like ___ me” DirecTV commercials:

“Hi, I’m President Barack Obama, and I have DirecTV.”

And in contrast:

“Hi, I’m presidential candidate Ben Carson, and I have cable.”

To me, I thought the images were put together to show off how awesome (and fly) our president and the First Lady are in comparison to the controversial and swag-deprived Carson and his wife. But as I would find out this morning, the meme was created to poke fun at the looks of Carson’s wife. While Michelle looked radiant in one photo with her sickening side-swept hair and curve-hugging gown, Candy looked very tame, like she on the way to parent-teacher conferences. She waved to supporters in a photo from Ben’s presidential run announcement rally, hair pulled back, rocking a fluted polka-dot skirt with a large red belt, glasses, and a blazer. Despite the latter image being old (it’s from May), people on social media still had a field day over it this past weekend, cracking jokes about Candy’s style and overall appearance. Despite her husband’s decision to be in the spotlight and make controversial comments that have garnered the accomplished doctor many detractors, it was Candy who was receiving all the criticism this time around. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

In a piece for The Root, Demetria Lucas D’Oyley defended Candy from her critics, stating that Ben chose to be in the spotlight, not her. Therefore, the attacks on her appearance are uncalled for. However, Lucas D’Oyley also criticized Candy’s fashion sense in the same breath. She even stated that Candy’s Seventh-Day Adventist faith isn’t a good excuse for her style missteps. According to the author, “religion and modesty are not synonymous with ill-fitting and unflattering and out-of-date” clothing.

Are there sexist and, in this case, racist underpinnings that make appearance matter more in certain circumstances? Absolutely. But until those “isms” are dismantled, women absolutely need to look as if they at least tried, especially when they’re up for a role they really want.

I won’t drag Candy Carson. I’m sure she is a lovely woman, and she has endured her husband’s politics for 40-plus years. But I will say that I can’t help noticing that as a presidential candidate, Ben Carson always shows up looking like the position he wants to have. I want the Mrs. to look the same.

And I can somewhat get where Lucas D’Oyley is coming from. Appearance matters in most realms of life. When you interview for a job, you can’t walk into an office looking like a Love and Hip Hop hopeful. And when you’re going to be in front of the camera every day, you don’t want to have a look that distracts people. But when these type of issues arise in the news (or via social media), I’m often left thinking to myself, My goodness…we focus on the wrong things. 

We’re focused more on Candy’s looks than we are her husband’s politics. Just like we were way too focused on Gabby Douglas’s hair when she was flipping for gold at the 2012 Olympics in London. Just like people continue to focus too much on Serena Williams’s muscles, and when they’re not, they’re wondering when she’s going to move on to another hairstyle. And just like the time social media put Pam Oliver’s looks on front street. Leaving some to wonder if the controversy over her wigs was one of the reasons she was demoted from her position at Fox Sports and replaced with Erin Andrews. Despite the more important reasons why we were seeing these women on our TV screens, and their great accomplishments that we could have been celebrating, we were talking about surface beauty standards and what we “want,” as Lucas D’Oyley said, these ladies to look like.

I get it. We’ve all looked at someone’s ensemble or hair choice when they’re on the main stage and thought, yikes! But there’s a difference between thinking something and deciding to make a mockery of someone on social media. This is especially troubling considering that the same criticisms are never lobbed at the husbands of famous women. They’re not expected to look like more than any other guy in a simple suit. And yet, Candy, who is well into her 60s and hasn’t been in the spotlight very often, is expected to step out looking like a million bucks. What exactly was she supposed to put on in this stage of her life that would have pleased folks? Was it the ponytail that turned you off? The skirt? The glasses? Does her ensemble make you trust Ben any less?

Yeah. Get over yourself.

And, honestly, as amazing as Michelle Obama looks in this meme, that’s not how she appeared when President Obama announced his initial run for president. I’m from Chicago’s Southland, and I remember old-school Michelle. The days when President Obama was just running for Senate, and Michelle didn’t look nearly as polished as she does now. But with time, the right stylists, and some fabulous hair and makeup artists at her beck and call in the White House, Michelle has become a fashion icon. But like Candy, she didn’t start that way. It took a while for her to ditch the flip curl, sharp eyebrows, and bell-sleeve ensembles. But once she did, va-va voom!

Look, I’m not trying to say that people don’t need to look like they love themselves when they step out of the house, but I think we’re way too hard on way too many women, Black women especially, when it comes to how they choose to present themselves to the world, as the women they really are (not as if they’re stepping out on the red carpet). And considering that in the meme, Ben is holding Candy’s hand, looking happier than a kid in a candy store next to his wife of 40 years, does anything else really matter?

Runs In The Family: Celebrity Siblings Who Have The Same Job

September 17th, 2015 - By Danielle Young
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"Venus and Serena Williams pf"


It’s a beautiful thing to watch celebrity siblings who share in the same careers celebrate one another’s wins.

It took at least five minutes for the giant goosebumps on my arms to flatten after watching the superstar tennis sister duo, Venus and Serena Williams compete in the U.S. Open at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. And when the cameras caught the moment Venus embraced her little sister at the net and whispered, “So happy for you,” all the tears, all the feels.

“Obviously we are very, very tough competitors on the court,” Serena said later, “but once the match is over, the second it’s done, you know, we’re sisters, we’re roommates and we’re all that.”

Venus and Serena are not the only celebrity siblings who “compete” within the same field. Check out this list of our fave famous sisters and brothers who work in the same industry.

Das Bae: Serena And Drake Take Their Boo-ship Public

September 15th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: AP Images

Source: AP Images

Before we get started, look how Serena greased and glossed herself for bae! She looks absolutely amazing. And be sure to peep the booty in the video below.

People were so shocked and devastated by Serena’s US Open loss that they were looking for someone to blame.

And once again, Drake was the bad guy.

But his boo thang Serena, the only one who matters, certainly doesn’t see it that way.

Never one to be held down for long, she went right from the US Open to a show during New York Fashion Week. And her new rapper bae was right there to support her.

She was happy to have him there and showed love by playing his song “Back to Back” and even “Hotline Bling” as the models were walking down the runway.

All that’s well and good but the noteworthy moment came when the two reunited backstage.

See what happened in the video below.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m so here for these two. Make it last forever.

And then there was this video of their embrace which was beautiful.

#BAEWATCH #Drake showing his boo #SerenaWilliams support at her show! #PressPlay

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on


From Political Moves To Police Brutality: Summer Headlines That Had Us All Talking

September 11th, 2015 - By Alyssa Johnson
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This summer was filled with back to back mind-blowing headlines. From political moves to police brutality and sex scandals, check out the summer’s top headline-grabbing stories.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Serena Williams Bounces Back After U.S. Open Scare, Hits A Triumphant Split

September 5th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Yesterday (Sept. 4), Serena Williams shocked all at the U.S. Open when she dropped her first against Bethanie Mattek-Sands. That was Williams’ first dropped set to an American at the Open since 2005, but she fearlessly fought through. Although Sands took the second set, Williams charged up with a flawless win, rounding out a 3-6, 7-5, 6-0 victory. The recent New York Magazine cover star ended her dynamic win by showing skilled athletic showmanship, hitting a triumphant split.

Williams has her eyes on the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year, which would make her the fourth woman to complete the feat.

Congratulations, Serena!


Serena Williams Deemed “Greatest Athlete Of All Time,” But Endorsements Say Otherwise

September 4th, 2015 - By Nneka Samuel
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The U.S. Open is currently underway in Flushing Meadows, New York. If Serena Williams does her magic, she’ll earn her 22nd major title and become only the fourth woman to win all of her sport’s Grand Slam competitions in one calendar year.  As the world’s number one women’s tennis player, Williams is without a doubt the most prominent athlete on the courts. But USTA President Katrina Adams took things a step further and declared Williams the greatest athlete ever.  Period.  End of sentence. Drop the mic.

But even with that accolade and her ranking, Williams does not top a list befitting of a player of her stature.  Though she receives $13 million a year in endorsements, not too shabby at all, Forbes ranked Williams 47th on their list of highest-paid athletes. Surprisingly, she is last when it comes to other tennis players (six of whom made the list). Maria Sharapova, currently ranked third in the world among women’s tennis players, is considered by some to be Williams’s rival. This, despite the fact that Williams has a record of 18 to 2 in their meetings.  Not much of a rivalry, if you ask me.  Still, Sharapova happens to earn significantly more endorsement money than Williams.  In fact, she has been the highest-paid female athlete for the past 11 years.

If you’ve been following Williams’s career, there should be no question as to why that disparity exists.  Since she first turned pro in 1995, Williams (and sister Venus) has been called everything under the sun.  She has been body shamed for her prominent muscles and athletic build.  She has been booed by crowds, hit with racial slurs and every inch of her body from her hair to her butt to her legs has been mocked and disrespected by fellow players and sports announcers alike.  Her occasional outbursts due to bad calls, not at all unique to Williams and much less severe than those of outburst-prone retired players like Andy Roddick, John McEnroe or any other female player, are escalated and adjusted to fit the stereotype of the angry Black woman.  And how dare she celebrate a win.  How arrogant. How rude.  Williams has even been accused of fixing matches.  Clearly, because there’s no way she can be that good.  That on top.  That ordained.

All of the hate and negativity thrown Williams’s way, coded or not, are clear and obvious attacks based on her race.  The countless examples prove that Black women are still deemed less attractive, and are considered to be hypermasculine by the mainstream.  Sharapova, on the other hand, is White, blond, slim, and lives up to the so-called ideal standard of beauty that has long excluded, overlooked and belittled Black women for our physical features.  Her femininity and sexuality are welcomed and deemed acceptable and marketable in the corporate world at large.  Because of those things, she is instantly “likeable.” Williams was never afforded that same likeability factor.

Williams was asked about this disparity in a New York Times Magazine interview published last month.  Like the champ she is Williams stated that she’s happy for Sharapova because she has worked hard and that “There is enough at the table for everyone.”  Williams acknowledges that she’s opening doors in the tennis game. She went on to say, “We have to be thankful, and we also have to be positive about it so the next Black person can be No. 1 on that [Forbes] list.”

Williams’s love and mastery of the game is undeniable.  Companies like Pepsi, Nike, JPMorgan Chase, and most recently, Beats by Dre, have partnered with her.  In doing so, they not only acknowledge her excellence, but play a role in changing the aforementioned perceptions and stereotypes.  But the tennis star’s excellence is not about gaining endorsements.  Nor is it about combatting racism. That is a burden and a task too big for any one person to carry. Serena Williams has nothing to prove to anyone but herself.  For her, it’s about being the best she can be, and that means winning, time and time again.

Serena Taught Me: Unleash Your Inner Athlete With These U.S. Open-Inspired Outfits

September 1st, 2015 - By Angela Thomas
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The U.S. Open started yesterday, and we officially have tennis fever. While we’re rooting for Serena Williams to win it all, we’re also looking forward to seeing what she’s going to wear on the court. Williams has played in everything from a denim skirt to studded hot pants, and her daring style choices are an inspiration both on and off the court. So we’ve come up with three outfits of our own that we hope would make the No. 1 tennis player in the world proud and make you look like the ultimate fitness fashionista. Get inspired by the following ensembles:


Tennis Dress

Tennis Dress


The color blocking and mesh detail on this Monreal London dress help it stand apart from the typical tennis whites. Throw it on with a fresh pair of sneakers and some shades and top it all off with a sporty backpack.

Dress, Monreal London – $415 / Sneakers, Mango – $80 / Backpack, Herschel Supply – $55 / Rings, Kohl’s – $7.99 / Earrings, Kate Spade – $32 / Headphones, Beats by Dre – $300 / Sunglasses, Ray-Bans – $160