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What Happened To Those Resolutions? How To Get Back On Track

January 31st, 2014 - By Dee Rene
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Here we are at the end of January and maybe your resolutions started off with such fever and steam. Then, life happened. Kids, husbands, jobs, or school starts getting in the way and your will power starts feeling like someone is slowly letting the air out of your will-power balloon.

Some of us are left wondering, “What happened to those resolutions?” Now your goals may seem like just a magazine cut out on a sticky board or a fleeting goal that your friends have decided to stop asking about.

Whenever we don’t meet a goal or aren’t doing as well as we hope there is some shame that comes. You likely made the resolution because it’s something you really need to change. Yet, here you are, hiding and ashamed because already it’s starting to fall off.

Before you can get back on track, you’ll have to let go of that fear and shame. It is never too late to start again. You can’t go back and change the last week or two but you can start today (or Monday) with as much force and will as you started on January 1, 2014.

Once you’ve decided there’s not to be ashamed of your humanness, take a step back and ask yourself the tough questions. Why did you stop? What is preventing you from achieving the goal? Is this a circumstance or a mindset about your circumstance? For example, if your goal was to lose weight, did you give up thinking it would ever happen (mindset)? Or have you just not made room for it to happen like clearing your schedule for daily exercise (circumstance)? Identify the root cause of why you fell off in the first place before you push forward.

You are worth giving it one more try. Maybe the business isn’t coming together as quickly as you like but that doesn’t mean it never will. Maybe the weight is stubborn and it’s hard to get motivated, but that doesn’t mean you will never get there. You must believe in yourself. It has to matter more than anything and you have to work like it’s the only thing that matters. Change your mind and change your circumstances.

Now is the tough part. There are likely some circumstances that you didn’t anticipate or focus on that prevented you from. Here is what we call “doing the work.” Wishing and waiting isn’t going to make your resolutions come to life. There is a time to plant (work) and then a time of harvest (success). Don’t leave out the work part! Start breaking down your excuses, addressing your circumstances and push forward towards your success.

Ultimately, you can change at any time.  You have the power to live your best life and your success is worth every single sweat drop, tear, and late night. If it matters to you, show it to yourself. Impress yourself and blow your own mind.

You don’t have to wait until a certain calendar date to kick off a new life campaign. There’s a quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald that illustrates this concept perfectly for those of us who may have fallen off the wagon,

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over again.

How will you continue to improve? Comment below.

Dee Rene I the creator of Laugh.Cry.Cuss. . @laughcrycuss @deerene_

New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Probably Realized Are Overrated By Now

January 17th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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New Year's Resolutions


As we come to the half-way point in month one of 2014, you’ve probably given all of your New Year’s Resolutions a hearty try. And you’ve probably also realized that most of them cause more stress than good!


5 Tips To Stay Motivated When Trying To Lose Weight And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

January 9th, 2014 - By Cecily Michelle
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trying to lose weight


It’s a new year and as we all know, most people’s resolution is to get in shape. While that’s all fine and dandy, it takes a lot of discipline to drop those pounds and even more control to maintain your desired weight after you’ve shed that fat. Getting and staying fit, exercising and eating right can be difficult tasks to achieve when you’re not used to it, and while I’m no fitness expert, I’ve certainly been making great strides in altering my old lifestyle of laziness and bad eating habits. During my journey, I’ve discovered a few ways to keep me driven and on the right track, so why not share? Take a look at these five tricks that can help you get it right for the new year, and keep it tight for years to come.

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Don’t Deprive Yourself

Oftentimes, we get ourselves on diets that force out all those oh-so-good foods that are really bad. But we don’t need a quick, one-time fix that we’re going to ditch after we melt away the fat, we’re talking about changing our lifestyles here—think long-term. Our bodies need fat, so don’t think you’re not supposed to consume fatty foods, just know which ones are good for you, and indulge in moderation. (There’s good fat, and there’s bad fat, but as I said, I’m no fitness expert, therefore you can go ahead and Google the difference.)

For those junky, super-processed treats that we love so much (soda, chips, candy bars and well, you know the rest), while they really hold no nutritional value, it’s okay to chop ‘em down from time to time.  If you don’t allow yourself a day or two out of the week to enjoy those snacks you so desperately desire (remember, it’s all about moderation), when you finally get your hands on them after a long stretch of time, things won’t be pretty. So go ahead, get your Dunkin Donuts, Frito Lay and cookies and cream on every once in a while. It won’t hurt.

11 New Year’s Resolutions All Black Women Should Make

December 31st, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Need help getting your stuff  in order in 2014? You’re not alone. To help you get off on the good foot on January 1, here are 11 New Year’s resolutions for black women to commit to for the next 12 months. And trust us when we say we’re talking to ourselves with these resolutions too.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

1. Stop judging natural or relaxed hair

Look, it’s not your head; therefore it does not matter whether the sista next to you has been bantu knotting her natural tresses since the beginning of time or just got a touch up at the salon. Let it go and do what you do.

Be The Change You Want To See: Don’t Wait On Life To Change For You

December 15th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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I don’t know where you are in life, but believe me—life will change. How it changes will be determined by your thoughts and perspective. Great things are happening… so let’s position ourselves for success. Our New Year begins today! If you don’t want to miss it, start by:

1. Choosing Your Focus: We have to think on a higher level than our current experience if we want to see change. A famine mentality focuses on lack. If you focus on your hunger, your desperation will be your undoing.

2. Honoring Your Instincts: …Radical change requires radical action. All around me—even from complete strangers—the same message keeps coming… be ready! I can ignore it and stay the same. Or, I can heed it and believe for a difference. I choose to believe.

3. Walking in Integrity: When we compromise our integrity, we trade pieces of our soul for something temporal. We can’t even enjoy the trade, because what we lose is far more than what we gain. There are no short cuts to greatness—anyone who tells us differently is milking our pain for their own gain.

You’ve got to read the rest of Coach Felicia’s word over on  Her tips could be the exact boost you need to jumpstart  a new life!

Why Wait Until January? 15 Resolutions You Can Start Right Now

December 4th, 2013 - By Dee Rene
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Why wait until January to start your New Year’s resolutions? There are 15 things you can do right now to improve and prepare yourself for the coming year.

Write it down

It’s proven that writing out a vision or goals and positing them somewhere you can revisit them daily is a key factor in success. Try sticky notes on the mirror, a white board on the fridge, or a small journal by your bed.

New Year, New Mindset: 14 Ways You’re Going To Stop Being Down On Yourself In 2013

January 23rd, 2013 - By Julia Austin
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No good ever came from worrying, or being negative, or dwelling on the past. That is only a waste of time. And time is precious. So here are 14 ways you’re going to stop being down on yourself right now, and for the rest of the year. (And hopefully for the rest of your life!)

Double Saving Divas: Tips For Saving Money While Fulfilling Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 9th, 2013 - By Tai and Tarin Perry
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What if you could set your New Year’s resolution and save money while doing so? Before you go spending more than you need, here’s some money-saving help for five of the top resolutions for 2013: getting organized, establishing a budget, spending more quality time with family, quitting smoking, creating a health and wellness plan.

Getting Organized

For many people staying organized throughout the year can be a challenge; whether it be at home, work office, or even your vehicle. During the month of January, office and home decor stores have their organizational items and tools marked down the entire month of January. You can score planners, file cabinets, folders, calenders, and more for 30 percent to 40 percent off without you needing a coupon!  But, make the deal even sweeter by applying a coupon to your purchase. Typically, these coupons can be found on your favorite store’s website.

Creating a Health and Wellness Plan

Most workout facilities look to capitalize on your new year’s weight loss goals. This time of year, annual membership fees are usually reduced and some completely eliminated. Also, at some fitness centers, instead of a one-week free pass you can get a pass for a free month. If you’re focused on a diet, seek out weight loss programs that offer reduced introductory offers to help you begin your journey to healthier eating. Currently, Weight Watchers is waiving their registration fee if you join before March 16,2013. For those of you who can’t afford a fee-based diet program try a free meal plan guide such as

​Establishing A Budget

This resolution is usually at the very top of the list for most people. This is primarily due to overspending throughout the holiday season. You can use free online software to help get started with your budget. offers free online software to help you create a budget. This program allows you to allocate your money into separate spending categories. By doing this you set a limit of how much you will spend on your necessities and wants. You can update your information every time you spend money, allowing you to keep track of your spending. Also, there are many money challenges circulating this time of year. (We’ve talked about  The 52 Week Money Challenge previously.) This is where you can commit to saving a certain dollar amount periodically to obtain a money-saving goal at the end of the challenge. Take a peek at to help you get started.

Kicking The Smoking Habit

Not only can smoking be unhealthy for you, it can also drain your piggy bank. Someone with a smoking habit of a pack of cigarettes per day spends around $2,000 annually out of pocket. This is an average of $10,000 over five years. Can you imagine what you can do with $10,000? You could purchase a car, add to your savings, or apply the extra savings towards a new home! Here’s a free quit smoking kit by to help aid you in kicking the habit.

Spending More Quality Time With The Family

Quality time with family doesn’t have to cost you money. There are a lot of free things you can do with your family. For example, start a weekly movie night.You can rent free DVD’s from  your local library. To keep the fun going, check with your local park district. Typically, there are free events and fairs that your city puts on every month for you and your family to enjoy.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, we encourage you to finish what you start. Are you up for the challenge?

Tai and Tarin Perry, the Double Saving Divas,  are financially savvy identical twin sisters, and investment bankers turned money saving experts. You can also connect with them on their Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Channel.

And be sure to join us on the Madame Noire Business Facebook page for a live chat with the Double Saving Divas this Friday at 3pm. We’ll be answering your questions about saving money, setting a budget, and sticking to it.

A Tech-Free 2013? Resolving To Have A Weekly iPhone-Free Day

January 9th, 2013 - By Zahra
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black woman holding phone. pf

Whether you are the type to make resolutions or not, we can all agree that some restraint in life makes sense. For many, the voice that disagrees with making new-year resolutions comes from within. Our subconscious asks, “how much sacrifice we talking ‘bout?” or “can I really keep that up this year?”

This new year, I want to restrain from technology just a bit. My goal is to go without my iPhone for a day. This is my only resolution, and I am constructing it so that it’s not easy to disappoint myself. That is, instead of making a resolution that requires me to go without technology altogether for a day, I am choosing a singular device. This way I practice controlling how I use technology, but I do not completely take away its value.

After a year that ended tragically, I figure going a day without my smartphone may seem facile to some and unnecessary to others. Truly, there are more difficult and noble goals to embark on: gun control advocacy, helping sick children, donating to the homeless. There really is no way or reason to minimize this larger context of our conjoined lives. Or the smaller context of our disjoined lives: loving ourselves more, staying hopeful in humankind, getting healthy. There is no short supply of worthy goals.

Technology is big. More than advances in work and lifestyle, it has become a social mirror and mother: images for comparative analysis of ourselves are reflected and a voice for us to plead and argue with what is projected. So by setting aside one of its preeminent symbols, I hope that when I pick up my iPhone again I am a bit more me because I have taken a break from being “with” others.

I can find at least two smart reasons for escaping my smartphone once a week.

First, I can see myself feeling good for simply having the desire and passion to abstain. In society, there is plenty that we cannot abstain from. I would love to forgo all activities related to state and county facilities, the list is long: license, tickets, car registration and insurance, etc. There are incessant laws that we abide every day, year in and year out. Law-abiding is our job and other citizens are our customers. So it makes me feel good to want to do something for myself without anyone telling me what to do. For in my life I am the first and 100th customer and all them in between. Really, this is the built-in pleasure of any resolution.

Second, I can see myself more in tune with my state of grace. Words of wisdom that I encountered earlier this year keep coming back to me. I was passing by a desk and read “If technology is making us dumber, it’s not technology’s fault.” I was so impressed with the wise-A$$ delivery. I started to shake my head to agree like ok, I hear you. It impressed upon me a responsibility to keep patience for finding the dictionary in my book stacks and for flipping through its rough recycled pages. It impressed the import of keeping silence and stillness.

I can’t be quiet on the phone with a friend, letting our voices go still long enough to hear breathing, without feeling like I’ve committed the sin of wasting time. THOU SHALL NOT send text messages for all occasions.

I’ve read a few theories about technology’s impact on us, especially portable devices. Most experts admit that it’s too soon to exclusively conclude a dumbing down or wising up of the culture. What’s clear is that we are becoming more distracted by multi-tasking so often. This is true for me since getting an iPhone, and I have only had it for a year.

It’s usually when I see other people checking their phones and tablets at every still moment that I get sensory overload and a little pissed off. Watching addict-like behavior in such normal settings like restaurants and cars from people I love is maddening and humbling.

Sometimes I ride in my car without the radio on because why listen today? And without cable, I turn off the TV more often now than I ever did before. Not using my iPhone has the same appeal. I could say these choices are due to me getting older and surly, but that would be a surly outlook. The idiom older and wiser is more apt to fit my current behaviors and attitudes. I just hope that generations of tech-bred babies who sense that there is something greater will have their suspicions confirmed in books, digital OK.

So for my part, I’m taking a page from two culture critics Henry Thoreau and Neil Postman. Thoreau thought if you’ve read yesterday’s headlines, you’ve read today’s. He lived simply so not to burden himself with the burden of those who reveled in the mundane. Postman predicted that television would trivialize our culture because people would not realize its limitations. He believed we would forget what kinds of intelligent conversation and entertainment came before the shift to mediums of constant distraction and dissonance. Both men thought the solution was to be in control and to know the beast of modern society.

Morning, Noon, & Night: Take An Audit of Your Life and Career Before Making Changes

January 7th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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Yuri Arcurs/

Yuri Arcurs/

Every New Year many people make resolutions. But instead of focusing on the future, reflect on the past in order to make changes. According to Forbes, making a self audit of your life and career in the past year can give you a real clue as to the areas you need to change or develop.

The magazine takes a look at “career and life areas to focus on for the new year.” We have run through five of them.

 1)      Your morning routine. What didn’t you do last year in the morning that you wished you had? Was it exercise, planning your day, having a family breakfast, or quiet alone time? Make sure to do it this year.

2)      Your evening routine. Don’t repeat bad and stressful habits from 2012.If you normally come home from work frazzled, develop a new routine. You might stop at the gym, read or listen to a different genre during your commute, or spend a few minutes alone before checking mail, jumping into dinner preparation, or catching up with the family,” writes Forbes.

3)      Your information diet. What kind of information are you digesting daily? Just like your food intake, your information intake can affect your mood. “Be deliberate about what gets your attention, and unsubscribe/cancel the rest,” says Forbes of magazine and newsletter subscriptions and your daily media diet.

4)      Your online activity. How much time do you spend online? Have you become a member of every social network just to jump on the bandwagon? Forbes suggests keeping only the networks you use regularly and drop the others.

5)      Your network. Are you repeating the same social scene as least year? If it is a case of been there, done that, then branch out. “Prune your relationships,” suggests Forbes. “You can still be friendly with old connections, but you may want to build new connections or deepen other relationships.”

What are some of the habits you had in 2013 that you want to shed for the new year?