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Does Kelly Rowland Have Her Eye On A Donna Summer Role?

September 28th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Kelly Rowland has the rumor mill spinning this morning. After posting a picture of herself channeling Donna Summer’s signature look, multiple outlets are claiming that Rowland is campaigning for a role as Donna Summer.

The reports could be true thanks to a new Spike Lee movie were Donna is a character. The biopic, Spinning Gold is about Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart. Bogart helped launch a number of musical acts including Kiss, Joan Jett and of course, Donna Summer.

Justin Timberlake is already signed on to play Bogart. What do you think? Could Kelly play Donna Summer?

Celebrities Who Don’t Even Watch Their Own Shows

September 18th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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We’re all watching, but did you know that there are celebrities who don’t even watch their own shows? Game of Thrones, 24 and American Horror Story are just a few of the shows with stars who aren’t tuning in.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer show has been on for over 20 years, but Jerry hasn’t watched a single episode. Jerry has said, “I enjoy doing it… but it’s not aimed at 66-year-old men.”

15 Hot Directors Behind Your Favorite Movies

August 29th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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We like to know who’s behind the scenes on some of our favorite movies. So we took a look at the faces behind films we love and now we can’t decided what we like more: what’s in front of the camera or what’s behind it. From “Brown Sugar” to “The Wood,” these are the faces and talent behind some of our favorite movies.

Tim Story

Tim Story is the highest grossing black director in Hollywood. Not only did he bring us great comedic hits like “Barbershop,” “Think Like A Man,” and “Ride Along” but he also directed the major super hero hit “Fantastic Four.”

Brian Banks, Football Player Falsely Accused Of Rape, Working On A Documentary

August 8th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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AP Photo/Long Beach Press-Telegram, Brittany Murray

AP Photo/Long Beach Press-Telegram, Brittany Murray

Most of us remember Brian Banks, the football player who was falsely accused of rape at 16 and spent five years in prison. And even when he was released, he had to register as a sex offender and had trouble finding work.

After his exoneration, at 26, Banks decided to release a documentary describing what his life had been like for the past ten years. And he started a Kickstarter to help raise funds for the project. He ended up earning $47,000.

After two years the film is not complete because it grew far beyond Banks’ own expectations. He shared that initially he thought it would be a small project but as more and more people learned about his story, they wanted to help him. First he was trying out for NFL teams, eventually joining the Atlanta Falcons for training camp. He would go on to play in four games during last year’s NFL season.

And in the meantime, Banks has been touring the country speaking at schools, organizations and events across the country and meeting with politicians and lawmakers bringing awareness to wrongful convictions.

Most recently Banks’ documentary attracted the attention of Michele Farinola, the producer behind the Oscare winning documentary Undefeated. 

And then on top of all that good news, Lee Daniels, director of The Butler and Precious has signed on to direct a scripted feature film based on Banks’ story.

The project is currently looking for screenwriters.

It’ll be interesting to see what Daniels does with the feature film but personally I’m more interested in the documentary.

Check out the video Brian used to solicit funds for his Kickstarter.

Classic Movies That Should Be Reality Series

July 31st, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Have you seen Lifetime’s new reality show “BAPs“? If we’re making movies into reality shows now, we’ve got a few more great ideas. Would you tune in?

Classic Movies That Should Be Reality Series

Image Source: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Barber Shop

Honestly, we can’t believe there’s not a Barber Shop reality TV show on right now. Cutting hair, talking mess with a celebrity guest every episode? Count us already tuned in.

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye: Movie And TV Characters We Hated To See Die

July 28th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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TV Characters We Hated To See Die

Source: Columbia

Comic book writers have killed Spider Man, Thor and now Archie is on the chopping block. We wouldn’t call ourselves comic book stans, but we all know what it’s like to lose a character we’re close to — and that’s why we’ll never forget these movie moments.

Ricky from “Boyz In The Hood”

We can still hear Cuba Gooding Jr. screaming “Ricky!” If you’re going to watch this clip you might want to have a tissue handy.

What Is That On Your Head? When Terrible Wigs Ruin Good Movies

July 15th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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when terriible wigs ruin good movies feat

Source: Lions Gate

Bad hair can ruin a good movie. Well maybe that’s an overstatement but bad hair…or bad wigs, rather, can be so distracting that the sound of your laughter makes it impossible to hear the lines coming out of the actor’s mouths. And in some cases the hair looks so bad in the previews, it just might deter you from seeing the movie altogether. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

Hated It! Actors Who Slammed Their Own Movies

July 10th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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If you’re a creative type, there’s no way in the world you’re going to be madly in love with everything you’ve done. There are just some projects that you just won’t be proud of. This is certainly true for actors in Hollywood. Whether they hated their particular role in the film or some of the behind the scenes stuff, they just didn’t rock with it. And in these cases, made sure to express their distaste. See  who and which movies I’m talking about on the following pages.

And We’re Done: 15 Of The Greatest Breakup Scenes From The Greatest Breakup Movies

June 27th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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When you’re going through a breakup, sometimes you want to be sympathized with, sometimes you want some tough love, sometimes you want to be coddled, sometimes you want to be reminded there is so much more to come. These amazing breakup scenes from 15 of the greatest breakup movies do all of these things.

Music That Made The Film: 10 Of The Greatest Movie Soundtracks

June 20th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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Source: Rainforest Films

Source: Rainforest Films

Think Like a Man Too is a sequel that has the potential to bring in some serious dollars considering the first one did so well. It also has a soundtrack generating a ton of buzz when you consider Mary J. Blige did all of the songs. It should be good which is one of the main reasons why studio execs work hard to create something moviegoers want to hear. Take a look at 10 of the greatest movie soundtracks. There plenty to choose from. Do you have a favorite?