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Ed Hartwell: Keshia Knight Pulliam “Should Be Ashamed Of Herself” For Falsely Claiming He’s Abusive

August 18th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Ed Hartwell denies ever being abusive toward soon-to-be ex-wife Keshia Knight Pulliam after she filed court documents to the contrary.

Earlier this month, Pulliam alleged Hartwell had been attempting to “obstruct [her] pregnancy,” by engaging in “certain underhanded and unusual conduct that [Pulliam] believes to be designed to cause [Pulliam] to miscarry her unborn child.”

Beyond those ambiguous accusations, Pulliam also claimed in court documents that Hartwell was “mentally and emotionally abusive.” She also accused him of being connected to “threatening text messages” she received from an unknown phone number in Las Vegas, which is the former pro ball player’s hometown.

Hartwell, on the other hand, said Pulliam “should be ashamed of herself for ever making such false and offensive allegations,” in court documents filed in response to her claim August 17. Adding, “If either party has been mentally and emotionally abusive toward the other, it is [Pulliam],” in response to her charge her husband should “be immediately ordered to submit to a psychological evaluation … [for his] deep-seated rage and uncontrollable anger.”

The 38-year-old also declares he’s not here for the media spectacle that has become their relationship — an ironic charge given the accusation from the athlete’s ex-wife, Lisa Wu Hartwell, that Pulliam is the one who has been shopping a reality show idea for years.

“The Plaintiff [Hartwell] emphatically denies that he has exhibited despicable character and egregious demeanor by giving interviews to the media for financial gain,” the document reads. “The Plaintiff would like to remind the Defendant [Pulliam] that she is the person who sat for an interview which was aired over a two (2) day period following the filing of her Answer to this Complaint.”

Hartwell also denies accusations of infidelity, saying “he is not involved in a relationship with anyone.”

Looks like we can throw out any hope of an amicable co-parenting situation at this time. Hopefully these two get to a better place before the birth of their daughter.

Lisa Wu Clears The Air: She Never Lost A Baby, Doesn’t Have A Daughter And Has Nothing To Do With Ed & Keshia’s Split

July 30th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Lisa Wu


If you’ve been keeping up with the drama that is Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell’s split, you know that the name of his ex-wife, Lisa Wu, has entered the conversation. And while Pulliam has spoken out about Wu, clearing the air about whether or not she violated any friendship they may have had by being involved with Hartwell, we incorrectly brought Wu’s name into the conversation after confusing her for an ex Hartwell told Page Six TV he still cared for and consoled after she lost a baby. That woman also has a daughter. Hartwell claims he was instructed not to speak to both individuals after telling Pulliam about that situation.

But that woman isn’t Wu, and we wanted to ensure after the slip-up that you obtained the correct information: She didn’t lose a baby, doesn’t have a daughter, and wants no parts of her ex-husband’s drama. A rep for the Hollywood Divas star helped us get our facts straight. They stated that out of respect for their co-parenting relationship, Wu doesn’t have anything to say about the couple’s split.

“Lisa has remained silent throughout this whole ordeal because A) it has nothing to do with her B) she is still co-parenting her 9-year-old son EJ with Ed and doesn’t want to say anything negative about his father C) this is a PRIVATE matter that Ed & Keisha need to work through amicably and privately and not on national TV and blogs,” her rep stated. “Lisa was never pregnant a few months ago so she never had a miscarriage or ‘lost a baby.’ Lisa does not have a 13 year old daughter or a daughter period!”

Wu does have three sons: two with ex-husband Keith Sweat, and the aforementioned EJ with Hartwell. As Wu shared in an interview with HipHollywood, as long as their son was happy with his dad and Pulliam’s relationship, she was happy for her ex, saying, “my son is happy. He likes her. That’s all that matters. She’s great to my son, then I’m great to her. If she wasn’t, then there would be a problem.”

Hartwell is focusing on motherhood and Season 3 of Hollywood Divas. Again, we apologize to Wu and anyone who ended up confused by our blunder. Ain’t no babies and drama (aside from good old-fashioned reality TV drama) going on in the star’s life.

Did Y’all See? Keshia Knight Pulliam & Nia Green, Broken Marriages & Broken Homes

July 29th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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This week we stumbled across some pretty shocking and even terribly disturbing news. One, we learned that after just 7 months of marriage, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell are over and done with. And then, in a more disturbing piece of news, we watched a Facebook video of Nia Green’s mother beat her 16-year-old daughter for apparently taking a picture in her mother’s house after having sex with her boyfriend. While the video was trending on Facebook, with many supporting the mother’s actions, the MadameNoire editors saw things a bit differently. See what we had to say on this and other topics in this week’s episode of “Did Y’all See?”


[Update]: Ed Hartwell Claims Keshia’s Desire For “A Baby Really Fast” Tanked Marriage

July 28th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Update: There was an error in reporting in reference to Lisa Wu’s role, or lack thereof, in issues Ed Hartwell and Keshia Knight Pulliam had during their marriage. She is not the ex in question that Hartwell still cares for, an ex he brought up during his Page Six interview. Therefore, that information has been removed from this article. The author apologizes for the misprint and any confusion it may have caused. 

Fresh off the heels of Keshia Knight Pulliam’s first interview since Ed Hartwell filed for divorce this week, the former NFL player is speaking out to explain why he claims their relationship didn’t work, and why he still wants that paternity test.

In an interview with Page Six TV via Skype, Hartwell, 38, said something that put a major dent in their relationship was her desire to have a child soon after they married. As in immediately. With their dating relationship not lasting much time, he wanted to wait and get to know Pulliam better (wrong order to do things). This was especially important because he would realize that he wasn’t so sure he was in love with her after saying “I do.”

“She wanted a baby really fast, and what I was trying to explain to her was that — from my beliefs, from seeing other successful people — that when you first get married, especially since we didn’t have a long courtship, that we should actually focus on each other and not just have a baby. That’s something she really did want to do.”

According to him, there were conversations where Pulliam, 37, allegedly took issue with his lack of readiness to bring another child into the world. Eventually, he said he came to the conclusion that she wanted a child more than she wanted to be married.

“She was asking, If you don’t want a baby can I adopt?” he told Page Six TV. “If you don’t want a baby can I do in vitro? If you don’t want a baby, can I freeze my eggs and you freeze your sperm so I can make sure? She was adamant…that’s one of the reasons why we stopped having sex.”

After ceasing sexual intimacy, things went to hell in a handbasket. Hartwell allegedly found out that a woman he dated for four years “lost a baby.” It’s unclear if the baby was his, but when he tried to provide support to the woman, he realized that he still had feelings for her. When Pulliam found out, they fell out big time. But not for the reasons you think.

“[Knight Pulliam] wasn’t mad that I still cared about her,” Hartwell said. “All she was a mad about was, ‘You don’t want to have a baby, but you’re mad about her baby. You can’t talk to her 13-year-old daughter.’ And there was a big fall-out.”

According to him, that’s when things really changed in their relationship. Pulliam reportedly started spending more time away from home with friends, and sometimes wouldn’t return for days. So when Pulliam eventually told him that she was pregnant, he claims that he tried to be supportive but ended up being skeptical.

“I can’t say she’s been unfaithful. I can say she’s stayed out, she’s not came home, she’s went out-of-town … for three days, I don’t know what’s going on. I can say that,” he said. “I can’t say she was unfaithful. I can say she wanted to get in vitro, I can say she wanted to do some things to make sure she got pregnant. I just want to make sure it is mine.”

He continued, “So for me it’s not me saying she’s a bad person. She wants what she wants, I want what I want: she wants a baby, I want to find love and happiness. But at the end of the day, I think if things don’t add up, I think it’s fair for me, if things don’t add up, to want a test.”

As for her Entertainment Tonight interview, Hartwell said she didn’t tell the whole story.

“I think she stretched,” he said. “She would tell a half-truth to make it seem like she was, I don’t want to say a victim, but like she was the one that’s right.”

And while he admits that he made mistakes during their marriage, he’s only speaking out in this way now to ensure that the truth is presented. “That’s what prevails.”


“I Love Who He Pretended To Be” Keshia Knight Pulliam Opens Up About Split From Ed Hartwell

July 28th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Entertainment Tonight

Source: Entertainment Tonight

We were shocked to hear the news that after just seven months, Keshia Knight Pulliam’s husband, Ed Hartwell, not only filed for divorce but also asked for a paternity test for the baby Pulliam is carrying. While Ed was releasing statements, Keshia’s social media presence seemed to suggest nothing but happiness and positivity surrounding the expectation of her daughter.

But last night, in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight’s” Nischelle Turner, Pulliam finally opened up about the situation and her feelings concerning Ed and his claims that she cheated on him.

She said she decided to do the interview as a way to address the claims Hartwell has made about her.

“…I knew I couldn’t be silent, because this isn’t about money. This isn’t about fame. This isn’t about social media likes or follows. This is about my character — my integrity as a woman being attacked — and that’s not OK.”

Turner: Did you cheat on him during your marriage?

Pulliam: I have never cheated on him during my marriage. That’s not who I am.

Turner: You said you will have a paternity test.

Pulliam: That’s not an issue. There’s no problem. I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband. This is his daughter. It’s one thing when you choose to be in the spotlight. It’s another thing when you have a baby. And it’s not about me, she doesn’t deserve it.

While is asking her for a paternity test to prove that the child is indeed his, Pulliam says that it was Hartwell who was unfaithful, early in their months-long marriage.

“So when, early in my marriage, I was faced with this, I was ready to leave. I had divorce papers ready. I presented them to him. He begged for another chance. He said, ‘Please, I want my family.’ He said all of the right things and once I was pregnant, I did decide to give him that one last chance.”

But apparently Hartwell didn’t want the second chance as much as he said he did. Because it wasn’t long before he bounced. Pulliam described the day he told her about the divorce.

“He left like it was any other day. He said goodbye. I was still sleep in bed. He text me saying hey can I talk to you for a moment, which wasn’t weird. I was like ‘Ok babe.’ He was like ‘You know, this isn’t working.’ All I heard was ‘I filed for divorce this morning and I’m coming to get my stuff.’

Keshia, 37, said that she has never and will never be a side chick and says she plans to sell her current house before her daughter is born.

When Turner asked her if she still loved her husband, she said this.

“I love who he pretended to be. I love who he portrayed himself as, and the one mistake I made was, when he showed me who he really was, not believing him. Not believing him the first time. When he said he wanted our marriage, he wanted our family — I believed him. That’s why I gave him this one last chance, only for him to pull the rug from under me and blindside me.”

She told ET that she has not been in touch with Hartwell.

“There’s nothing to say at this point,” she explains. “They can discuss that through attorneys. I have to move forward. I have to do what I need to to release the hurt, to release this, and to be happy for me and my baby girl, because the stress isn’t good. The stress isn’t healthy. And my only priority is her.”

And then to make the fate of their relationship crystal clear, she said,I have no desire to continue to be married to him. That’s why I’m doing this one interview and I’m done. I’m not going to continue to revisit, regurgitate. But I’m also not going to continue to allow people to tell blatant lies about me.”

Still, despite all of this madness, Keshia said she is grateful for her blessing and that’s her little girl.

You can watch Pulliam’s full interview in the video below.



Should Ed Hartwell Have Told Lisa Wu He Was Marrying Keshia Knight Pulliam?

July 20th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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For two people who have a child together, and used to have a pretty serious relationship, it can be tough to get back to a friendship for the sake of the kids involved. According to Lisa Wu, she was working on her friendship with her ex-husband Ed Hartwell after the pair split in 2011. Things were going well.

And then he got married to Keshia Knight Pulliam and all hell broke loose.

Of course, we’ve heard about the engagement and marriage, the baby girl on the way, and we even heard from Big Tigger on Pulliam and Hartwell’s whirlwind romance. But the one voice you really didn’t hear much from was Wu’s. With that being said, she had a lot to get off her chest, which she shed on the first episode of Season 3 of Hollywood Divas

In a conversation with friend and blogger Tami Reed, Wu admitted she felt “blindsided” by news of her ex-husband marrying Pulliam. Wu claimed she even introduced the two. And hearing this major information for the first time from the former couple’s 8-year-old son, EJ, made it all the more “heartbreaking.”

“I feel some kind of way that I had to find out about the situation, first being engaged to Keisha, then I had to find out about him getting married from EJ.”

After revealing that she and Pulliam weren’t close, but rather, just “industry cool,” Wu went from throwing slight shade (“It happened quick, but he and I did get married quick. He moves fast. Obviously she does, too.”), to breaking down in tears.

“It was disrespectful because we were best friends…You couldn’t tell me or trust me to say, ‘Hey, I’m about to get married’? We’re better than that! And we’re co-parenting, so that’s a problem for me, dude,” Wu said. “When you marry someone else, it changes the dynamics of how you deal with each other.”

Wu said that she would be fine because “As long as my son is happy, I’m happy.” All this as her friend exclaimed that Wu was a better woman than her, because she wouldn’t have been too happy with Pulliam: “I would have beat her a–!”

But is it really that deep?

In a way, I could understand where Wu was coming from. I often say that communication is the cornerstone of a good romantic relationship, but really, such is the case for any relationship. And when you’re attempting to co-parent with someone, good communication is vital.

Sure, you don’t have to tell every bit of your business, but anything that could impact the future of your child is something that should be shared with the other party. A person who is around sometimes becomes a stepmom or stepdad when a marriage happens, and it would be nice if every individual involved directly in a child’s life was on the same page.

But, at the same time, I thought Wu felt entitled to this information. If I’m being honest, I think her feelings had less to do with EJ, and more to do with her disappointment in Hartwell moving on fast — or at least faster than her. It’s clear in the tears that fall from her face when she said, “We’re better than that!” She had the right to feel some type of way, but in reality, it’s not like he hid an ugly secret from her. The lack of communication is problematic, but really, how much does a person owe their ex?

The good news is, Wu and Hartwell were able to sort things out, and they’ve done so just in time as Pulliam is expecting. As Wu told HipHollywood, “We are actually great. After I got it out and addressed it, it’s fine. EJ’s happy, that’s all I care about. I was disappointed, but life moves on.”

She continued, “We will probably end up being like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore and their situation, you know how you blend?”

And as HipHollywood pointed out, Pulliam loves little EJ. She reinforces that he only gets one mom, and Wu is that.

“I personally don’t like the term stepmom,” Pulliam told the Huffington Post. “I love EJ and let him know that he only has one mom and he receives double the love. We spend lots of quality time together and have nicknames for each other which works well for us.”

With all that being said, I’m glad to know that these three have been able to keep the peace and be happy co-parents for the sake of the child involved. But the situation as a whole begs the question, just to set the record straight: How important is it to let your ex/co-parent know you’re getting married sooner rather than later?

Keshia Knight Pulliam Announces Pregnancy!

July 18th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Surprise!!! We have a new addition coming soon… Tune into #KandidlyKeshia this week for the details!!

A photo posted by keshiaknightpulliam (@keshiaknightpulliam) on

Keshia Knight Pulliam is on the move y’all. At the top of this year we learned that she was engaged and then married to Ed Hartwell.

And over the weekend, the former Cosby kid alluded to another announcement. Holding a cupcake with pink frosting, Pulliam said that she had a new addition coming soon.

Sure enough, later with a group of friends, she announced that she and her husband are expecting a baby girl. In another Instagram post, the former child star stood with a group of friends, gripping her belly.

Congratulations to Ed and Keshia!

“There’s Been A Lot Of Confusion”: Big Tigger On Split From Keshia Knight Pulliam And Her Engagement

January 5th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Big Tigger said it best: “There’s been a lot of confusion going around America since New Year’s Eve.”

Sitting at his post at V-103 as host of The Big Tigger Show, the on-air personality ran down all the latest news in love and marriage in Hollywood. When it was time to announce and celebrate the engagement of a one Keshia Knight Pulliam, Tigger decided to clear the air since so many people were wondering why she was marrying a man people didn’t even know she was dating, considering Pulliam and Tigger dated for years–more than three in fact. And last time we all checked, they were still together and in love.

In case you missed it, the 36-year-old actress got engaged to Ed Hartwell, the 37-year-old former NFL player, who is also the former husband of reality star Lisa Wu. Pulliam announced her engagement on New Year’s day.

The pair presumably became an item earlier this year after Pulliam split from Tigger–a breakup no one knew had occurred. The last time Big Tigger and Pulliam were spotted together on social media was about nine months ago. So everyone was wondering how it went from this:

To this:

Only Keshia and Big Tigger know how she went from #BlessedBeyondMeasure with him to being #BlessedBeyondMeasure with Ed, but the radio personality is not spilling the beans on the end of that long-term relationship. On his radio show, Tigger said that the engagement confusion followed him all weekend long.

“Even my friends! Lots of tweets congratulating me on my new engagement. For clarity, people, I am not, nor have I ever been engaged. Ever!”

He blamed Us Weekly for making that special moment for Pulliam and Hartwell such a complicated one, as they announced the engagement but used a photo of her and the on-air personality. Despite all that, Tigger said he’s happy for his former flame. But that didn’t stop him from spilling some tea to listeners, claiming the new couple may have already tied the knot!

“The Us Weekly report had the correct news with the wrong photo. That being said, a lot of speculation going on in an epic manner, running rampant. Her and I are both two grownups, so the details about our breakup, the who, what, when, where, why, etcetera, is our business exclusively, and will remain so! Mind your own business! You know how epic it got? I saw an astrological breakdown of compatibility amongst the three parties mentioned in this particular story! Why one was more compatible than the other! I was like, ‘Ya’ll spent a lot of time on this.’ I got calls from news outlets for comments. I’m quite amazed that anybody even cared! [laughs] But this story ain’t about me, it’s about them. So with that being said, I want to wish the happy couple well. And I’ll leave with this little caveat: Apparently, rumor has it that they got married over the weekend…”

It’s a little sad that these two weren’t able to make it official because they seemed like a really cute pair. But when you snooze you lose…

Kidding! We’re just happy to see that Pulliam found love again and is thrilled to be spending her life with Hartwell. Congratulations again to the happy couple!

Keshia Knight Pulliam Engaged To Ed Hartwell

January 1st, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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From the looks of it, Keshia Knight Pulliam thoroughly enjoyed the holidays. Early this morning, the 36-year-old actress announced her engagement to Ed Hartwell, former NFL star and ex-husband of RHOA’s Lisa Wu.

“Happy to spend not only my new year but my life with this guy!!! #BlessedBeyondMeasure,” she gushed in the caption of a photograph that shows off her sparkly new ring.

We certainly did not see this coming, but congrats to bride and groom-to-be!

Malcolm Jamal-Warner Breaks His Silence Concerning Bill Cosby Allegations

October 10th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played the role as Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show, has finally spoken out on the sexual allegations against Bill Cosby.

For almost two decades, Cosby has at the helm of several sexual assault allegations, claiming that he raped, facilitated drugs, and committed sexual battery and misconduct to nearly 54 different women, including Beverly Johnson and a Cosby Show actress.

To date, Mr. Cosby has been stripped of numerous honorary degrees from prestigious colleges and has five lawsuits pending against him regarding the aforementioned claims.

In a recent interview with The Associate Press, The Cosby Show alum said the legacy of the cherished series is “tarnished” by the sexual assault allegations made against Bill Cosby.

“My biggest concern is when it comes to images of people of color on television and film, no matter what … negative stereotypes of people of color, we’ve always had ‘The Cosby Show’ to hold up against that. And the fact that we no longer have that, that’s the thing that saddens me the most because in a few generations the Huxtables will have been just a fairy tale,” said Warner.

While he did confirm that he’s been in contact with Cosby, he did not comment on their conversations.

“I think the things that we discussed really have to stay private between us. But it’s just a bad situation all around – for him, for his family, the women, their families, the legacy of the show,” he added.

Warner isn’t the only Cosby Show alum to speak on Cosby’s allegations. Both Phylicia Rashad (who played Claire Huxtable) and Keshia Knight Pulliam (who played Rudy Huxtable) weighed in on the tough topic. Rashad’s sentiments were the same as Warner, voicing concern of the show’s legacy and how important it is for the culture. Pulliam simply offered that the allegations were “just allegations.”

While Cosby’s stage family isn’t too happy about how his actions lessen the legacy of The Cosby Show, they have certainly banded together and are standing behind him.