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Mama Evelyn Talks Toni Braxton & Birdman’s Rumored Relationship: “I Hope So, He Is A Nice Man”

June 23rd, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Some may not be putting “respeck” on Birdman’s name, but Mama Evelyn, the mother of the five Braxton sisters is.

As of late, the rumor mill has been flooded with stories of Toni Braxton cuddling up and even hooking up with the Cash Money Records CEO. It all stemmed from Birdman’s appearance at Braxton’s Grammy Park performance in Brooklyn, New York. According to TMZ reports, the two were indeed together and have even hooked up in the past. Most recently, the pair were spotted taking in New Orleans together, holding hands.

Well, in a new sit-down interview with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, a few of the Braxton sisters and Mama Evelyn, Toni’s rumored relationship came up, to which Evelyn described Birdman as someone she could definitely see her daughter with.

“I hope so! I think he is a nice man,” she said. “I don’t care what others say about him. He is a nice man. He is full of respek. Put some respek on it!” “I met him years ago. Toni been knowing him… 15 years ago something like that… Ever since I’ve been knowing that man he’s been phenomenal so let me say, I hope so,” she concluded.

Interesting. What are your thoughts on Braxton and Birdman’s budding romance?

The Failed Alchemy Of Birdman’s Quest For “Respeck”

April 26th, 2016 - By Charing Ball
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Black people are always conjuring up something out of nothing.

This time around, we cast our spell and made something out of a meltdown.

More specifically, the non-infamous Birdman interview with The Breakfast Club. If you haven’t seen the interview, you’re late. So go catch up here.

But in short, the interview consists mainly of Birdman adamantly demanding his “respeck” from all “tree” co-hosts before giving the morning show crew a no-win ultimatum, which is reminiscent of the flight/stairs option in the movie I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

Anyway, Birdman’s public gaffe is now the stuff of Internet memes.

There’s a dance for it.

There’s a bootleg jib-jab video for it.

There’s a Baltimore house mix for it.

There’s a cover song from Anthony Hamilton’s backup singers for it.

There is even a Caribbean parody version of it.

And I’m certain there is a youth pastor somewhere in this glorious nation trying to figure out how to put Jesus’ name in this for a gospel version of it. (Singing: “Put some respeck on His name…*dabs*…Jesus!”)

In short, what we have witnessed was the birth of a colloquialism. One born out of struggle, pain and habitual mispronunciations of the word “respect.” It doesn’t happen very often – okay, let me stop lying. Black folks have creativity dripping out of our melanated pores. We make up art all of the damn time.

Therefore, Birdman’s faux pas is definitely Black girl/boy magic.

But while his moment has enchanted us with copious hours of laughter and amusement, what remains to be seen is if the man who flies in any weather will actually get the “respeck” he so desperately wanted to invoke for himself.

Yesterday, I listened to an audio version of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book entitled The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom on his YouTube page. Okay, I should say that I started listening to a portion of it. It’s kind of deep, so I need time to digest things.

Anyway, the book (and now audio file) is about the “self-limiting beliefs” that hold most people back from fulfilling their destinies as well as the four agreements that we can make with ourselves to ensure that those self-limiting beliefs no longer hold us back.

Yeah, I know: this sounds a lot like some incense-reeking, new age babble. And it is that. But it is also useful here, so bear with me.

So, as I was saying, the first agreement is to be impeccable with your word. Why? Well, as Ruiz said:

“The word is a powerful tool you have as a human. It is the tool of magic. But like a sword with two edges, your word can create the most beautiful dream or your word can destroy everything around you. One edge is the misuse of the word that can create a living hell. The other is the impeccability of the word, which will only create beauty, love and heaven on earth. Depending upon how it is used, the word can set you free or it can enslave you more than you know. All the magic you posses is based on your word. Your word is pure magic. And misuse of your word is Black magic.”

Told you this was deep.

As Ruiz notes, this black magic manifests itself in several ways, but mainly through gossiping about others as well as the negative talk that we say about and to ourselves.

According to Ruiz, when we misuse our words, we are not only committing mortal sin (anything that goes against or rejects ourselves is against God, said Ruiz), but also opening ourselves up to being harmed by other black magicians who will, often times, thoughtlessly put spells on us with their opinions.

As he notes, each time we accept the spells of others, we make an agreement that can change our minds – and belief systems – for better or for worse.

And as Ruiz adds, “These type of spells are difficult to break. The only way to break a spell is to make a new agreement based on truth. The truth is the most important part of being impeccable with your words.”

Very insightful. But what does any of this have to do with Birdman?

Glad you asked.

Well, it was The Breakfast Club and their consistent gossiping, which cast a spell on Birdman. Granted, Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee might not have done it with malice. But they are in the media/entertainment industry, and in many respects, dabbling in black magic is what we do.

Birdman, who too is in the media/entertainment industry, should have known this. However, he likely believed enough of the gossip said about him that he accepted their opinion as valid, or one that carries weight. Of course, he could have easily broken the spell by stating the truth about how their black magic was affecting him. Together, they could have talked it out and reached an agreement, which left everyone feeling magical.

But instead, he made a very bad agreement with himself. And he ultimately made a fool of himself – virally. And that bad agreement pretty much ensured that he would leave the interview more disrespected and mocked than he thought he was before coming into the studio that day.

It’s hard to say for sure how Birdman will recover from this. For as long as he is alive, folks will be bringing up this movement even at times when he would much rather forget it ever happened. There are a lot of people getting paid and receiving fame off of his public gaffe – and none of them (as far as I know) are Birdman himself.

But as a highly successful person in the entertainment industry, I’m certain he can buy himself a spell or two to make things better. So I’m sure he will be all right. Plus, it just isn’t all that serious.

Still, for the rest of the broke wizards here at Hogwarts on scholarship, let Birdman’s bad magic trick be an example to us all: If you want “respeck” on your name, always remember to be impeccable with your words.

FYI: for those wanting to unlock their inner conjure woman, check out the entire audiobook below.

Birdman Breaks Silence On Indictment That Ties Him To Lil Wayne Assasination Attempt

July 29th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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The legal war between Dwyane “Lil Wayne” Carter and Brian “Birdman” Williams took an appalling turn earlier this month when a 30-count indictment named Williams and artist Jeffery “Young Thug” Williams in a conspiracy to assassinate the “How To Love” rapper.

The indictment alleges that Jimmy Winfrey, who is facing charges for allegedly opening fire at Carter’s tour bus in Atlanta last April, is an associate of both Williams and the “Lifestyle” rapper. The indictment goes on to alleged that the controversial rapper and the music mogul were collectively involved in a plot to kill Carter. As previously reported, neither man has been charged in this alleged conspiracy.

In an exclusive interview with veteran radio personality Angie Martinez, the Cash Money Records founder broke his silence regarding the allegations and spoke on his deteriorating relationship with Carter, who he still refers to as his “son.” According to Williams, the claims are absurd.

“It’s like the craziest shit I ever heard in my life,” he told Martinez. “I’m passionate about my family, my kids and my life. Nothing means more to me. I was born without parents in a boarding house. My children mean the world to me. Ain’t no way in the world—you crazy if you think that. I ain’t tripping you tripping. Y’all tripping … I love him. That’s my son. I ain’t with none of that. I don’t play them games.”

The sit-down interview, which went on for hours, consisted of Williams mostly blaming the media for supposedly blowing up said drama between himself and Carter. He went on to boldly deny even the most obvious of facts relating to the $51 million lawsuit Wayne lodged against Cash Money Records earlier this year. According to Williams, the “Lollipop” rapper never expressed that he wanted to leave the company because had he done so, Williams would have allowed him to walk.

“What’s going on now, I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. But I do know that that’s my son and I’m going to support whatever he do,” Williams told Martinez. “It ain’t going to take nothing away from how I live my life. I’m going to still support his life and I’m prepared to give anything for that. That’s my son. Whatever he gon’ do, I’m with it.”

When asked if he would be willing to let Carter go, the music mogul responded:

“I ain’t going to let him go, but if he wants to go, I’m going to respect it.”

Of course, you’re probably a little confused at this point, just as Martinez was, considering that a major component of the lawsuit is Carter wanting to leave Cash Money.

“Can he go? Because contractually he can’t go. Isn’t that what the lawsuit and everything is about?” Martinez questions.

“If he say he wants to go, I’m not going to stand in his way,” said Williams. “That’s my son. I can fight it if I choose to. But if he tells me, ‘Pops, it’s time to move on.’ … I haven’t heard it from his mouth.”

He remains hopeful that he and Carter will be able to reach some sort of settlement behind the scenes. As for Carter’s Young Money Cash Money artists Nicki Minaj and Drake, who are also under contract with Cash Money Records, Williams had this to say:

“Nicki and Drake ain’t going nowhere, regardless.”

Stay tuned.

Birdman Sues Tidal For $50 Million Over Lil Wayne’s Music

July 16th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Birdman Sues Tidal For $50 Million Over Lil Wayne's Music

Splash News

Bryan “Birdman” Williams has made another power move in his legal feud with ex-friend and business partner Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter.

According to TMZ, the Cash Money Records founder filed a lawsuit against Tidal for streaming music from Carter’s new album, FWA.

In the suit, the record executive argues that Cash Money Records has exclusive rights to Carter’s music and that Tidal’s decision to stream the project is “a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service.”

Tidal, however, has claimed that Cash Money does not have exclusive rights to Carter, adding that he specifically gave them the right to stream the music in exchange for partial ownership of the music service.

Interestingly, Cash Money has countered that argument by stating that Carter doesn’t legally have the right to license his music to anyone without the record company’s approval.

In other Birdman news, according to WSBTV, a recent indictment alleges that Williams and Cash Money recording artist Jeffrey “Young Thug” played a role in a conspiracy to kill Carter. In April, shots were fired at Carter’s tour bus and suspect Jimmy Winfrey, who is said to be an associate of the “Lifestyle” rapper, was arrested in connection to the crime. The indictment claims that Williams’ new protege threatened to take Carter’s life, and Winfrey attempted to carry out that threat.


What Did Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Think About Keyshia Cole’s Relationship With Birdman?

February 26th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We told you earlier this week that at the premiere of Keyshia Cole’s new reality show, “Keyshia Cole: All In,” Daniel Gibson came through to show his support to his estranged wife. Lately, it seems as though the pair are reconnecting, and it looks like there might be a chance for reconciliation down the line. In a new chat with Sister2Sister, Gibson was asked about being seen “out with your wifey” for the first time in a very long time, and while he wouldn’t say that they’re working things out, he does say that they are on better terms and are getting “kind of close” again.

“It was more of a thing where…at the end of the day, she’s my friend. She’s somebody who, although we’ve been through a lot, she’s somebody who I consider a friend. Last night was a big night for her. It was the premiere of her show. I think the premiere of her show is tonight. Last night was major for her. So she asked if I wanted to come and I was like ‘Sure, I’ll be there to support you.’ We’re getting kind of close. We haven’t fell back into anything else, but definitely, the feelings are a little different these days.”

But before they could get on better terms, they were on very shaky ground. And not only that, but Cole was low-key dating Birdman of all people (and not to mention fighting and grinding on grand pianos for him) after their separation. So what are Gibson’s thoughts on that very crazy, and seemingly short-lived relationship?

“You know, with what happened between us, we’ve been separated. I can’t have any control over who or what she does outside of me, because we both had our own thing going on. We were separated. Sometimes that’s how it goes. But at the end of the day, I always want what’s best for her and my son. That’s pretty much it when it comes to that. I didn’t feel any type of way about it. It’s life. I’ve spoken about our situation before. I take full responsibility for a lot of the stuff that went on. It’s only right and natural that she would move forward with something else. She wouldn’t just sit and wait on me. I would never feel any type of way about it, as long as she’s happy because I feel that she deserves that.”

Talk about maturity!

You can check out Gibson’s interview with Sister2Sister in full here. In it, he also talks about life after playing professional basketball, and what’s next for him.

“I Might Give Y’all 3 New Kids From 4 Different Women” Lil Wayne Talks Drama With Cash Money And Future Plans

February 19th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Lil Wayne Talks Drama With Cash Money And More


Lil Wayne is finally opening up about all the drama between himself and Cash Money Records, in a recent interview with Rollling Stone. 

You may remember late last year, Wayne tweeted that things weren’t peaches and cream with Cash Money Records and his longtime friend and father figure, Bryan “Baby/Birdman” Williams. In case you forgot, he tweeted:

“To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it.”

“This is not my fault. I am truly and deeply sorry to all my fans but most of all to myself and my family for putting us in this situation.”

“I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy.”

“I am a prisoner and so is my creativity Again, I am truly sorry and I don’t blame ya if ya fed up with waiting 4 me & this album. But thk u.”

Weeks later, he filed a $51 million lawsuit citing several financial misdeeds and alleging that Cash Money withheld pertinent accounting documents from him.

Naturally, Rolling Stone asked him about this and the affect it’s had on his relationship with Birdman.

Though he was a bit laconic, he revealed, perhaps unsurprisingly, that he and Birdman aren’t speaking.

“I have no words. I’m super-numb to it, to tell you the truth.”

Understandably, Wayne didn’t get into too many specifics about the lawsuit, telling Rolling Stone: “That’s a legal matter, homeboy.”

He did address that ‘prisoner’ tweet…sort of.

“I love being a prisoner in some pussy. That’s what I meant.”

In case you hadn’t gathered, Lil Wayne loves vagina, dearly.

After a few minutes of convo, he did admit that the whole situation has weighed heavily on him.

“I’m human. But it’s nothing that a good blunt can’t cure.”

And though Tha Carter V has been done and ready for release for ages, fans haven’t seen it because Cash Money won’t allow it. But in the meantime, he’s working on a mixtape, similar to the one Drake recently released, called The Free Weezy Album. Unlike Drake’s though, his is set to be free to the public.

While he’s spoken about it in the past, Wayne says he has no intention to retire from music any time soon.

“I’ve thought about it. But for a person like me that bleeds, eats, sleeps and shits music, it’s hard to do.”

As for relaxation?

“When I go home, I want my actual house to be a vacation. And I might give y’all three new kids from four different women. You know how I do it.”

Toya Talks New Book “How To Lose A Husband” On Wendy Williams

February 18th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Wendy Williams YouTube

Source: Wendy Williams YouTube

Ooo wee. If we thought Toya was going to take the high road during this separation between she and her husband Memphitz, we might have been mistaken. In promotion for Reginae’s episode of “Super Sweet Sixteen,” she stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show.” And since her personal life is really juicy these days, she also talked about her marriage and how she’s handling things.

And child, she kept her cool for most of it but there was some drama. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

Do you think the party was too extravagant?

Reginae is a great child and it’s her sixteenth birthday. Everybody do it big for their kids’ sixteenth birthday party…if they can. If you can go all out, go all out.

What do you think about Wayne and Christina Milian?

I don’t think about that.

Then Wendy got right into the state of her relationship with Memphitz.

Why are you separated?

My husband started to feel like he was living in my shadow. When I met him he was a big music executive. He discovered talent like T Pain, K Michelle, all different types of artists. And to go from begin a music executive to being known as Lil Wayne’s ex wife’s husband…it just started to take a toll on him.

What happened to his career?

He started mixing business with pleasure. He got into a relationship with his artist, K Michelle and it was a lot of allegations that he beat her and stuff like that. The person that you see right now, that’s a person who’s dealing with a lot of hurt and pain and that’s just how he’s choosing to deal with it.

Have her allegations affected your marriage?

I wouldn’t say she affected my marriage. This is how I feel about the whole situation, there’s three sides to every story: her side, his side and the truth. And to be honest with you, no one knows the truth only the people in that room. And you know, we’re all going off the information that we believe to be the truth. So we all are entitled to our own opinion.

How is he mentally right now?

You see he’s acting out on Instagram. How he chooses to deal with his stuff is how he chooses to. How I choose to deal with mine is different. I’m hurt too. I decided to write a book called “How To Lose A Husband.”

Would you like to reconcile?

I would love to work things out with my husband because here’s the thing Wendy, a lot of people get married and when things go wrong they give up on their marriage. You make a vow, it’s for better or for worse.

Did his appearing on Tiny and Toya affect his position at Sony?

Absolutely. I just feel like they didn’t accept him in a tv world. They were looking at him like, you’re more of a behind the scenes type of guy now you’re “mister tv man.” In that world, the tv industry, reality that is, is not really respected.

Memphitz asking Toya to join “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” 

Mona Scott Young asked Memphitz and I to join the show. And to me, that’s not something that I want to be a part of. And I didn’t feel that was the right thing to do for my marriage. We were newlyweds. To go on a show to go back and forth with your ex…I was like ‘No. You go on the show. I’m not going on the show.’

After Wendy and Toya had time to talk all of their grown women talk, she called Reginae out to chat about her recent birthday party, the drama between Birdman and Wayne and her future plans.

The best part was getting my car because I love driving. My security…he’s been teaching me how to drive since I was 14 years old.

I home-school now. This is my first year of homeschooling, so up to ninth grade.

Wayne and Birdman

With me, I love them both and that’s business. My loyalty belongs to my father, anything that he goes through. I love my father and I love my godfather. When my father was in jail, my godfather, he took care of me. So I love them both and I’m praying that they get through whatever they have…

Why Memphitz wasn’t in the show

Toya: He was at her Super Sweet Sixteen. They cut him out of the special, I guess because of what is going on. But he plays a very important role in her life.

Are you going to college or are you going into the industry?

I’m going to, of course, go to college still. But I am going to sing and rap. But right now, with the label goring through what they’re going through I’m on hold as well as my father.

Why did you leave the OMGirlz?

It was business . With the different labels and who to sign with…it was just a business thing.


You Have No Power Here: Birdman Denied Entry To Nicki Minaj’s Pre-Grammy Party

February 8th, 2015 - By Toya Sharee
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birdman denied entry to nicki minaj party


Well if we didn’t know which side Nicki Minaj was on of the Birdman vs. Weezy battle, now we do.

According to TMZ, Birdman and his huge entourage were turned away from Nicki Minaj’s Pre-Grammy party in West Hollywood early Sunday morning. Apparently, Birdman and his crew showed up to the party at 1:45 am to be turned away with an explanation that the club was about to close.  It could be as simple as that, but you would think that Nicki would make a way for the CEO of Cash Money Records, the parent company of her mentor Lil’ Wayne’s label, Young Money. Maybe Birdman was just too tardy for the party, or maybe Nicki is making it known who she is siding with in the beef Birdman is currently experiencing with Lil’ Wayne who wants to cut all ties with him and is rumored to be suing him for the advance of the delayed Carter V album.

In other news, Grammy weekend is shaping up to be pretty crazy. TMZ also reports that someone was shot to death outside of Hollywood’s Supper Club where Snoop Dogg, Schoolboy Q and Wiz Khalifa were partying inside. The rappers had nothing to do with the shooting, but police report two men were involved in an altercation which resulted in one man being shot in the head and rushed to the hospital where he died. Cops have a suspect in custody and say it looks like the men may have been gang-affiliated.

We hope these Grammy festivities can turn down just a tad so these celebs can win some awards, party safely and go home.

“Abstinence Is What I Decided”: After “Booby” And Birdman, Keyshia Cole Is Keeping Her Cookies In The Cookie Jar

February 3rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Even though they don’t act like it anymore, Keyshia Cole and Daniel “Booby” Gibson are still married. But since they’ve made it clear that they aren’t ready to work on whatever is keeping them apart, Cole has managed to find herself in an even worse situationship with Bryan “Birdman” Williams since her marriage started falling apart. She went from fighting other women for him, to grinding on pianos on Instagram for the 45-year-old record producer and entrepreneur.

In both cases, I think Cole thought she had found individuals who actually understood her and would treat her right, but alas, people aren’t always what they seem.

So now that she’s had time to process some of her decisions when it comes to her relationships, she’s making some changes. She’s allowed her mother, Frankie, and her siblings, including sisters Neffeteria and Elite, back in her life after not being on the best of terms. She’s also going about dating in a different way. According to Cole, she’s going to abstain from sex. It’s unclear for how long, but she seems ready and willing to wait after all her heart has been through:



Can you relate to Cole’s decision? Have you made a similar choice after heartbreak in order to find clarity?

“I Want Off This Label!” Lil Wayne Sues Cash Money For $51M

January 29th, 2015 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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lil wayne sues birdman


Lil Wayne is at his wits end! The Got Money rapper is suing his record label, Cash Money Records, for $51 million in damages, Billboard reports.

Cash Money Records, co-founded by Birdman, reportedly breached a contract with Weezy — the label promised an $8 million advance in December (when Wayne allegedly started working on the “oft-delayed” Tha Carta V album) and an additional $2 million when the album was completed.

And well — Weezy reportedly got nada.

The financial dispute between Wayne and Cash Money bubbled to surface when, in December of last year, Weezy released a few revealing tweets detailing his rift with the label, according to Rap Up:

“To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it.”

“This is not my fault. I am truly and deeply sorry to all my fans but most of all to myself and my family for putting us in this situation.”

“I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy.”

“I am a prisoner and so is my creativity Again, I am truly sorry and I don’t blame ya if ya fed up with waiting 4 me & this album. But thk u.”

The ironically-named Cash Money label has been the subject of bankruptcy rumors since last November. According to Design&Trend, Birdman’s record label has the IRS breathing down its neck, and if they can’t fix the mess, Cash Money may be forced to file for bankruptcy protection and liquidate their biggest assets, who happen to be Drake and Nicki Minaj

Unfortunately for Cash Money, with Lil Wayne threatening to walk away, Weezy says he’s also planning on taking Drake and Nicki Minaj with him, too, according to the Daily Mail.

“Cash Money has jeopardized the ability of the Young Money label [Wayne’s label] to properly and successfully conduct business and has improperly committed waste to the assets of the Young Money label,” the lawsuit stated, according to CourtHouseNews.

The Lollipop rapper isn’t the only one who has expressed his frustrations with his label lately. Back in October, Tyga — signed to Cash Money and Young Money — tweeted: “Gold album been done. My label holding me hostage so I can’t release nothing. Might just leak it for my fans then let them make $ off it.”

Lil Twist, a Young Money signee, tweeted:  “I swear I gotta have the worst management team in the history of management teams.. Like wow this [expletive] crazy.. All I wanna do is drop music.”