10 Signs He Wants to Be More than Just Friends

October 17, 2011  |  
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Every week there is an article written about where to find and how to meet men; and, oftentimes, what we are looking for is already there disguised as a friend. He’s handsome, smart, fun…and overlooked. It may be that he’s not your typical type or you feel like he is too much of a player to ever be interested in simmering down for you.

And, you’re missing out.

Many of the greatest love stories begin with friendship. It is the universal foundation for happy, long-lasting relationships. If you have a guy bestie that puts you on a pedestal, he may be in the market for your love.

Here are 10 signs he wants to be more than plain ‘ole friends:

He calls you very regularly.

By very, I mean every day—often before bedtime. Flirty conversation because he just wants to hear your voice.

He wants you to know about his childhood, family, plans, hopes, dreams, etc.

Guys don’t willingly spill the beans to any old girl. They are usually careful about with whom they make themselves emotionally vulnerable. The level of trust speaks volumes and letting you in on his future plans could be because he wants you to be a part of them.

When you met his mom she had already heard “…so much about you!”
Most men don’t bring every woman home to meet their mother. Only the ladies that mean something.

Can you say sexual tension?
You have noticed him checking you out and experienced the awkwardness of him getting lost in your eyes mid-conversation. And, the tickling sessions turned play wrestling matches are really just alternative forms of dry-humping.

He would rather hang out at your place than kick it with his boys.
Bros before you knows but not girlfriend-material.

He tells you he feels grateful to have you in his life.
Translation: You have helped make me a better person. In his mind, you are near perfect for the long-haul. That’s why you all are such great “friends.”

If you don’t like his girlfriends, they don’t stay around for long.
This is usually because they are just female bodies taking up space until he is ready to pursue a long-term, committed relationship with you. Hence, why your opinion carries so much weight.

He holds your hand.
Public displays of affection scream “This is my girl.” It is a demonstration of both intimacy and ownership.

He remembers your birthday.
Most people barely remember their parents’ birthdays. This is an indicator that you’re a significant figure in his world and he looks forward to celebrating special occasions with you.

He calls you a pet name.
It could be something as unintentional and simple as “Hey, Baby” when he greets you or “See you later, Babe” when he’s leaving. Terms of endearment are an indication that things are more than friendly.

LaShaun Williams is a Madame Noire contributor and columnist whose work has appeared in the New York Times and across several popular sites, such as HuffPost Black Voices and the Grio. Visit her blog Politically Unapologetic for more on love, life and culture, or follow her on Twitter @itsmelashaun and Facebook.

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  • sada

    i have a guy friend whom i met on train.. we chat online.sometimes late night…recently he actually started talking to me in sensual manner with me but i said him to stop talking to me like that..he promised me that he will not talk again like that .but at the end of every conversation..he talks all that stuff again…and recently i asked him to say truth about what he actually feels about me then he said that he loves me and he ONLY ONLY want to SLEEP WITH ME….Here he says he loves me and then he says he ONLY want to sleep with me…i don’t understand where to find the so called LOVE if he says he only want to sleep with me….please help..

  • Osita

    I think something is not right with this guy who dances around a lady he supposedly admires but can’t tell. If a guy is thinking of upping your friendship, it usually enters the heavy compliment stage…then he tells you. Period.

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  • Me me me me

    My friend just told me he likes me and asked me out idk what to do hes my best guy friend and i dont want that to change, and the problem is that i dont know if i feel the same way….

  • Sarahbuck3384

    ok my Guy friend does almost all of these so I thought he was wanting to be more then friends but he just met this skank 2 weeks ago n is I guess just just slept with so what’s that… is it him just being a normal Guy and just getting it in cause I’m so confused please someone help cause I’m kinda feeling him too but don’t know what to do this skank he’s been kinda talking to is pissing me off lol

  • AustinMahomie

    But My Only problem is he is a really big flirt and everyone says he likes me and tht he is the boy version of me amd he is! But he flirts a lot but his friends say he got annoyed of waiting..was he waiting for me to ask him out?):

  • AustinMahomie

    This Helped A LOT! I was Wondering About A Guy and Now I Know What To Believe And How To Believe It…THANKS!!(:

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  • Woody

    And the top item is, your boyfriend is black. …wait.

  • Jey H.

    This article is somewhat valid. I mean….most men (if you respect and honor them..(your parents that is) would avoid a woman meeting their parents…especially if they were not serious about her! THAT IS TRUE!!!!!! Remembering your birthday mean he's very interested too…..

  • It is nice article and honestly I agree with most of them…

  • GoldenGoddess

    Thank you Amere! Its also age based. A younger guy may do these things, an older man will step right up. I always know when a man wants me, cause he's clear. I think most women do. It's only when he DOESN'T, but we want him to, that we start looking for "signs and interpretations". As for this is a 'woman's site' comment; I want to hear a man's opinion because as women, how would we really know?

  • Freedo

    if you can't tell if he wants to be more than just friends…by now..then you need to be JUST SINGLE..
    Apple Giving away iPad 2's in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. http://goo.gl/TgvqW i just went ahead & got 2..lmao

    • L-Boogie


  • BlipsterDoll

    I feel like this is geared toward a much younger audience, a grown man will just tell you he's feeling you and proceed to pursue you and a grown woman knows when someone's interested……

  • Quincy

    I hate when websites take 11 pages to write something that could be written on one. Stop abusing your readers.

  • Terri

    Most of these signs are true…you're not a woman so you wouldn't know..therefore you shouldn't even be talking since this IS a WOMAN"S SITE!

  • homie

    I think this article hit it on the head. Just wish my friend
    did all these things.

  • tree

    usually if he displayed these signs, he will ask u out eventually.

  • JustAshley

    This list is sooo true. LOL
    #12 If you notice other women noticing him, and he acts as if they are non-existent.
    #13 If he displays feelings of jealousy whenever any other man has noticed you…..or speaks to you……or is in the nearby vicinity. LOL

    • Delle Matba

      I agree! 🙂

  • womenar4

    The list was ok but I'm confused. I've read other articles that says calling a women around bedtime (depending on when a women actually goes to sleep) is wrong. Now I personally go to sleep like around midnight so everyone knows they can call until then. But if past articles say it's wrong for the guy I'm talking to, dating, whatever to do it, why would it be ok for my guy friend to call me before bedtime to flirt? Isn't that what the guy I'm talking to or dating is trying to do as well? It can't be ok for a guy friend and not the person I'm with to call before bedtime. Guy friends make booty calls too they just act as if they are your friends but if they call to flirt before bedtime they want the same things as any other guy. Just saying. ~www.womenaregamechangers.com