Woman Finds Mother Alive in the Morgue

September 28, 2011  |  
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The authorities have told you that your mother has passed and you have to identify her body at the morgue.

This was Rosangela Celestrino’s story. But her story didn’t end like most people in the morgue. She actually left with her mother. Celestrino, the young Brazilian woman, said she went to kiss her mother and noticed she as breathing.

It’s a generally happy story aside from the fact that Celestrino’s mother laid in a cold morgue for two hours.

The doctor who pronounced Celestrino’s mother dead was fired. Source

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  • wth!!! where did that doctor get his medical degree he should be fired as i see he was , he also should find another profession!!!  my lord that woman is lucky her daughter kissed her instead of taking his word for it like some people they see their loved one and cry and leave cause they cant bare to see them like that

  • was her mom jesus?

  • Apples

    Jeeze! When I die, they  better make darn sure I am dead. Can you imagine if that mother had woke up in that room all by herself?

    • Ex-Wren

      Or worse yet ….. IN HER COFFIN?

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  • Mary Lalonde

    God Have Mercy..Where Is The Respect For The Dead..And The Living?? Thank God She Is Alive Anyway.

  • Reggin/ Runnin

    That's for Real Run Forest Run !! Black Zombie's are touching down !!

  • lynn

    Jesus came back after 3 days? So apparently people come back from the dead. Infants sometimes do as well.

  • E Frost

    T his Beautiful weather makes everyone want to get out and relax and enjoy extra time on hand .

  • MaryMRevis

    OMG!!! the doctor who pronounced the lady dead was fired? YA THINK??? They need to take away his medical license too! If the freaking jerk can't tell a live body from a dead one WOW!. God bless he mother and her daughter and I hope they have happy lives, until the lady's REAL time to depart comes.

  • Howard Pierson

    "Celestrino's mother laid in a cold morgue for two hours" is what you wrote. You confuse forms of "lie," meaning "to be in a resting position," and "lay," meaning "to place or to put something down." "Laid," the past tense of "lay," means "placed or put down." Confusedly, "laid" is the past tense of "lay," so that, when you wrote "mother laid in a cold morgue," you unintentionally wrote that C.'s mother placed or put something down in the morgue. The past tense of "lie" is not "laid" but "lay." Please write: "C.'s mother LAY in a cold morgue." I'm glad she's alive.

    • Tim Roberts

      Actually, the word “laid” would be correct because it wasn’t permanent and it implies she got up. If she “lay” there it would mean death and not moving again. Maybe you should go take some remedial English courses or a semester or two in an adult education class.



    • Cathie Keller

      Sorry, yahoo has a monoply on stupid sories.

  • Lily

    All the Haitians I've met are pretty awesome people….

  • Robin Yarborough

    Jason, Have you ever heard the phrase FYI ? For your information.

  • Angel

    I believe her story. My mother told me that the same thing happened to me at birth. I was pronounced dead by a doctor after several attempts to revive me. My mom whose now a retired nurse, saw me laying in bed pulseless and starting to turn blue. She said that the nurses cleaned me up and then took my body to the morgue. A friend of my mother whom was a nurse on duty that day was walking by the morgue when she heard a baby crying, she immediately called the doctor and nurses and by God’s miracle I was fine. Every test came back normal. They couldnt explain…..long story short, I’m 36 now with three beautyful girls and a wife I love more each day…..and I work as a medic saving lives.

    • cal

      It happened to a friend of mine ; also a grown man now. His mother wanted to see the dead baby and it revived in her arms. He has an unusual body structure though. Everything we have on the right side is on his left , and the other way around; otherwise he is in perfect health.

  • JustSaying

    lucky they didn't cut her up yet…ouch! lucky her daughter was there.

  • wayne

    Ever notice that stories like this always take place in some far off place, where the story can't be verified!

  • Richard

    wtf? that doctor is a dumbass.

  • james

    sitting here reading this, and i think my room mate just died pewwww.

  • dmjk

    what a real "winner" you r- bless your heart- southerners know what i'm really saying,

  • Carrie

    This article has more information for those of you who had questions: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/27/woman-mo

  • Shane


  • Christielove1468

    That young lady is blessed to still have her mother alive,I miss my mother so much!

  • surprised


  • Jason

    Another idoit trying to make the news. So what no one really cares.

    • dmjk

      boooooooo- then y did u comment

  • Kat

    She is blessed I hope the daughter will take this time to spend as much time she can with her mom. We are not garnteed tomorrow or even the next minutes in our life. PLEASE EVERY ONE DON’T PUT OFF TODAY PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL THAT PERSON THAT’S ON YOUR HEART AND MIND YOU JUST MIGHT NOT GET ANOTHER CHANCE IT’LL MEAN A LOT. I’m speaking from exspernts. I have so much to say now that one person is goin from my life. My sweet little Amie.

  • Kaie

    Well it doesn't say. Does anyone know where she was taken to the morgue from-a hospital, laying in the street, her home? And what did they say she supposedly died from (yes I know obviously an autopsy wasn't performed yet, but what did the Dr. that pronounced say that "killed her?) A lot missing from this story.

  • LaTasha

    Please don’t act like in the U.S. we are not negligent. You see the commercials everyday about the side effects of all these drugs that were supposed to be safe.

  • melissa franko

    That must have been that doctor that passed what was his name kavorcian or doctor kilgore lol

  • proudhaitian

    Nah Dont talk Bout haitians like tht

  • Raysfcali

    So the doctor gets fired for one mistake? I thought Obama would be a good president, should I be deported??

    • bapowell

      He is a good president!

    • dmjk

      yes u should

  • R

    Palestine asks UN now, not all these past years, to become a State
    Comet heading this way, “Elenin”
    Doctor makes mistake or dead person rises?
    Earthquakes floods…even now Canary Islands
    World focused on man in Iran proclaiming Iran can kill him but he will not renounce Christ…….

  • tbone ra

    My doctor murdered me in 1991 and 21 yrs later I am back from the dead….it cost me $50,000 (’91 dollars). . . for The Treatment/Torture. Look for the book ‘Kamp UCLA and the German Body Mechanics’…..available soon on the web and in hard copy ~so that it never happens again. . . . 777

  • kristi

    stomach…….. yowchhhhh. goody bags trick or treating :DD

  • Omg….That's crazy. My heart would have shattered to a million peaces to hear my mother is dead….but then to find out that it's not even true…I'd probably be crying alll week. No joke

  • Dev

    she shoulda been given his job. interviewer: "is this person dead or alive?" Rosangela: "well they're breathing…"

  • Candy

    That doctor better lose his license too! Pronouncing someone dead when they're breathing.

    • JDP

      People can breath very shallowly and appear to be dead (even to trained professions – aka doctors) thus that by itself is an honest mistake. This lady may have been breathing more heavily when the daughter was there. However, the doctor should have known better then to trust the appearance of no breath as a means to determine someone is dead.

  • Greetings –

    A resurrection – mama rose again. Hallelujah!

  • Jennie

    They would have to lay me out next to my momma because I'd die from heart failure! You think the person is dead and they start to stir. Lawd!

    • girliusmaximus

      Lol AMEN.


    That fugged up

  • Anjiemaree

    Where the hell was this at??

    • meltedwords

      i think its in brazil, that is crazy