Exclusive: Meet The Youth Pastor Behind #BoycottBeyonce

February 19, 2016  |  

Meet Patrick D. Hampton.

He is a married father of four from Chattanooga, Tennessee who is none too pleased with Beyoncé’s new song “Formation.”

In fact, the youth pastor from Hawkinsville Missionary Baptist Church,  once ran for a seat on the Hamilton County School Board. Hampton was so incensed by her controversial Superbowl performance that he decided to start the official Boycott Beyoncé Facebook page.

Why does he want to Boycott Beyoncé?

Well, according to the page’s “about” section, Hampton writes that he is tired of the racial division in the country and that he was particularly upset at the multi-platinum singer ”for disrespecting Law Enforcement Officers in blue…”

As no surprise, the page is filled with pro-law enforcement and anti-Beyoncé memes and articles including this conservative blog post entitled, “After Beyoncé’s Performance 8 Police Deaths in 8 Days, Maryland Sheriff Delivers a Sobering Message to Obama.” In addition to his feelings on Beyoncé and his support for the boys in blue, Hampton also uses the page to call out the Black Lives Matter movement, which in one particular post he likens to “The New Klan With A Tan.”

Thus far the page has over 25,000 likes and counting. It has also been the subject of online harassment and even death threats. Yesterday, I got a chance to speak with Hampton about his motivation for starting the page, the reaction he is receiving and his alleged involvement with the failed anti-Beyoncé rally, which was supposed to happen earlier this week in New York City.

Read what he had to say below:

Charing Ball: So I take it you’re not a fan of Beyoncé, huh?

Patrick Hampton: “No, I’m not a fan of Beyoncé or pop culture. However I do go around explaining how toxic Hip Hop culture has become. And I do this mostly in churches, some schools, but mostly in churches. I talk about how Hip Hop culture is changing the culture of our youth.”

CB: You say that Beyoncé and Hip-Hop are “changing the culture” how so?

Hampton: From my perspective, it is changing how a lot of our young men treat women. How misogynist it has become. How all of the symbols and subliminal messages that are sent through the music is changing the ways they react to the police. And that is the reason why I started the Boycott Beyoncé page because as I am studying what she is releasing for this new album, I am also seeing a lot of the imagery that is being released in the video and then the connection with the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter. That is what prompted me. Because it seems like every time I get a lot of the young men I mentor five-steps forward, it seems like these artists push us ten-steps back. And so it is a constant struggle to explain to them that there is a certain way to approach the police without being angry or thinking the police have these ulterior motives.

CB: So can you speak in more detail about how you feel Beyoncé, and Hip Hop artists in general, are working to push the young men you mentor five steps backwards?

Hampton: Okay, so I also teach media literacy. And one of the main things I teach them is that all media messages are constructed by a team of people. So, I teach them to watch videos from the perspective of a producer. So, when I watch the “Formation” video, the very first image is of Beyoncé standing on top of a police car submerged in water. So when I see her standing on a police car, I think to myself, why a police car? Why not a box Chevy with 26′ inch rims? So towards the end of the video, I see the image of young men standing in front of a line of police officers dancing with hands up. And at the same time I hear the lyric says: “or you can be eliminated.” So when I hear that lyric and those images together, I am seeing the subliminal messages she is sending to her fans. Also, studying the Black Panthers and understanding why the FBI had to shut down the Panthers because they had become so violent, I’m hearing Beyoncé call a generation into formation against the police. This is what I got from it and this is what a lot of young people got from it.

CB: The rapper Kendrick Lamar recently had a similar style performance at the Grammys, do you see the same subliminal messaging in his music? What are your thoughts on that?

Hampton: Kendrick Lamar and Hip-Hop has always used their platform to promote the narrative Blacks are eternal victims. I expected a performance like that from Kendrick Lamar. Beyoncé has a more diverse fan base and has been successful with crossing over to pop culture. I didn’t expect her to be so divisive. Hip-Hip culture is inherently rebellious. It was founded as a rebellious response to capitalism and government. Kendrick Lamar would not be Hip-Hop if he didn’t convey such messages of eternal victimhood and rebellion.

CB: Okay, on your Boycott Beyoncé page, you talk about Black Lives Matter a lot and you consider them pretty divisive? And are you concerned about unarmed young Black people specifically being killed by the police?

Hampton: I am not denying that there are bad police officers out there that may target young Black men. I believe police brutality is a real thing, but I know because of data that those incidents are few and far in between. When you compare the contact that young Black men have with police, over 99 percent of them do not end in a Black man being killed. But the problem I am having with Black Lives Matter is the same problem I am have with the Black Panthers. I see a direct correlation. The Black Panthers started with a great plan to help inner-city Black America. But what happened, because of the anger, that radical element entered into the Party and they became very violent. And their response to the police was very wrong. And that is what I started seeing with the Black Lives Matter movement. Yes, it started to bring light to the issue of police brutality but now what I am seeing is a lot of hatred and vitriol directed at the police. I think the movement is wrong. Martin Luther King had a nonviolent approach that changed legislation. I see nothing of that in the Black Lives Matter movement. I don’t want to see the movement get to where the Black Panther movement got to. So now the new Black Panthers are so radical that they are calling for the death of all White people. And I don’t want for my children, for the children I mentor and for the African American community at all.

CB: So going back to the page, you say you have never been a Beyoncé fan but why start the boycott now?

Hampton: Well it goes back to the Superbowl. I decided to let my children watch the half-time show with the idea that we would have a discussion afterwards. After the performance, I asked them what did they think and my eldest son said, ‘well why didn’t she have on any pants?’ So I began to address that. So then my other son asked, ‘why they had their fist up like that?’ And I had to explain that. Then they asked who are the Black Panthers and of course, I had to address that. So this was not something I had intended to do while watching the Superbowl. It is a day where we are supposed to put all of the political stuff aside and just focus on the Superbowl. So when I went to bed that night, I was kind of upset. And that is what prompted me to start the page. And it just kind of blew up from there.

CB: There are reports, which you even shared on your page, linking you to the anti-Beyoncé protest in New York. Are you one of the organizers?

Hampton: No, I’m not affiliated at all. Yes, I did make a joke on the page because a BLM activist on Twitter was asking me where I was, so I told them that I was at work and they had been punked. But I had nothing to do with that. And I believe that Black Lives Matter started the rally just to create a standoff between anti-Beyoncé people and Black Lives Matter people.

CB: Tell me about the response to your page

Hampton: Oh yeah, I have a lot of detractors, especially locally. And especially the group that calls themselves the BeyHive or the Church of Bey. So I got a lot of people who come to the page to attack the message because they are Beyoncé fans. And they have their constitutional rights to do that. But the thing that is getting serious is the death threats that I get nationally and locally. I am having police officers ride by my house. And this is what I’m talking about that this Black Lives Matter movement is becoming so violent that they are willing to threaten someone who speaks against them.

CB: With all of the threats against you, have you thought about taking the page down?

Hampton: Yes, and actually the police suggested that I take the page down. And I thought about it but I decided that, no, I’m not going to do it because this is something that I really believe in. Beyoncé has the ability to unify or come up with actual solutions to our racial division. But instead she is polarizing us. So I’m not taking it down.

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  • Rosetta Stone

    Another clueless KNEEGROW.

  • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

    His words supporting the FBI’s illegal actions in suppressing the Black Panthers tells me all that I need to know about him. The FBI (whose head back then was a hypocrite like J. Edgar Hoover) and the CIA has done terrorism and done much more evil actions than Beyonce has ever done. The courageous Black Panther Fred Hampton was murdered by the Chicago police. For centuries, the police institution has murdered black people, suppressed labor rights activists, harmed peaceful protesters, and did other evil actions. This youth pastor won’t call out racism/white supremacy by name, he won’t go about to condemn the 1 percent for its economic exploitation, and he refuses to condemn unregulated capitalism as a vice and an evil. Racial divisions and tensions in America never originated by black people collectively. It originated by an oppressive system established by white racists who wanted to exploit the Americas on the backs of black Africans and Native Americans. He ignores white hate groups and far right people promoting racial tensions all of the time in the States. So, we know about his agenda. He wants reactionary values to be promoted in society, so we, as black people, can be conservatives on every issue. I will not be conservative on every issue.

    I believe in condemning white racism, I reject respectability politics, and I furthermore endorse an end to police terror in our communities. The lie shown by many conservatives and others is that black people don’t condemn intrarracial violence (or what the far right crowd calls “black on black crime”). The truth is that black people for years and decades have used programs, protests, vigils, interventions, and other actions in fighting gun violence and intrarracial violence in the black community. Anybody who denies the efforts of many black people fighting intraracial violence in the black community is a liar. The Black Panthers used free breakfast programs, ambulance services, and other community programs. They opposed the evil Vietnam War and help so many of our people. So, Patrick Hampton embraces historical revisionism, reactionary views, and I don’t agree with him. So, we need solutions not constant collective black scapegoating. One thing that I do respect is the total expression of Blackness without apology.

  • meandepiphany

    I’m more offended she’s a devil worshipper.

  • BlaqueUp

    This ni–a smh

  • Jenni Coils

    If he is tired of Racial Divide, why not take his message to the Law Enforcement Groups and/or Politicians as well as the media. I’m not a Beyonce fan or a member of the BeyHive, but she has every right to share her opinion of how she feels. If you don’t like it, change the channel.

  • He’s an opportunist… keep tap dancing for yt.

    MN keep deleting my comments and I will continue to repost them. Remember ya’ll let yt come on here and degrade us so I know you guys can handle the thoughts and opinions of a Black woman. Also remember your site isnt unique I can go to Clutch and comment on the same things.

    • LaurenFoxMN

      Please refrain from using degrading language in your comments. Your comments have not been deleted but are in pending

      • my original comment was deleted. no “degrading language huh? I sincerely hope that you will go through and delete all of the comments from white racists calling us the n word or worse. where is the heavy moderation then? obviously mn is in their feelings because I shared my opinion of this particular person. I see U.

  • Tammy GILBERT

    why he just sayimg something now what about all those other rappers saying and doing all kinds of stuff come on ,get them all don”t just cherry pick

  • kierah

    Let me get this straight. He’s mad because he had teachable moment in the middle of the Super Bowl?
    And why was he watching if he hates Beyonce?

  • Early Warner

    Wake the f ‘up.Almost 10,000 blacks murdered in 2014.Who murdered them??? Their brothers and sisters that’s who.over 90% that’s just the solved cases.Do Black lives matter to other blacks?

    • JackpotJoy

      Stfu and go fix your white communities where the majority of you are drinking yourselves to death! Foh white boy

  • Robert Robert

    good for you young man,well said

  • Do Black lives really matter

    Many people are deriding this pastor, but clearly he is frustrated as he is on the ground working with inner city youth and from his perspective he’s trying to keep them alive if they do encounter the police and Beyoncé ‘s formation song and video has set s him back in his efforts. I write about this on my blog propheticsignificance dot com. Please Stop by and take a look. The article is called Black Lives Do a They Really Matter?

  • Jean Smith

    You’re exactly why black people don’t trust most of what’s in the pulpit now. You sell out and wimp out every opportunity you get. You’re just a loser looking for an easy check. You don’t have any clout in politics or your church.

  • Tamie Miller

    Art is an expression, in this country we have that right, even if others maynot agree, some like traditional others modern, its the season, he shouldn’t get so worked up or fearful of change.

  • Rosa

    Here another clown looking for 15 minutes of fame. I saw the video and read the lyrics I don’t see the pro law enforcement. Lets get real the problem is not the so call pro police, but the fact that Beyonce dare pay tribute to the black panther party and Malcolm X on a white stage. They didn’t bow down to the masses.

  • Hoeish

    omg, what a s**thead. He must live in space

  • Eagle09

    I think he’s low-key angry that he’ll never have beyonce…lol..the end

  • louise_1

    I think he should let the entire matter drop. This woman has no idea what the meaning is. She is much too illiterate to understand any of this. I can promise you it was all someone else’s idea and she just the puppet. Its all an attention thing for her. When it cools down, she’ll be pregnant and divorcing again.

  • pilgrim

    more proof that some black people get it, and some white people don’t.

  • Hana18

    “I believe police brutality is a real thing, but I know because of data that those incidents are few and far in between”. Young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers in 2015, according to the findings of a Guardian study that recorded a final tally of 1,134 deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers this year. This so called preacher is out of touch with reality.

  • James Lee

    This boycott has ZERO chance of success. This gentleman has a right to his opinion, but it will not find much long term traction within the Black community. Too many people have experienced abuse over the past 150 years.

  • Guest

    This man has a right to say, think what he wants. He just need to understand the damage he is doing to the African American community by fighting progress. The BLM movement and the song formation is not attack on all police. It is a wake up call to say that AAs make up less than 15% of the nation’s population yet we are over 60% incarcerated, stopped by the police, last to be hired, first to be be fired. I feel this youth pastor has an ulterior motive in he is trying to make a name for himself. No one has heard of him prior and he loves the publicity. If he focused more on Christ’s teachings, and lived his life accordingly I think his message would stick to people’s souls not trying to be political. He is more focused on supporting cops than telling those kids he mentors about Jesus, what kind of ministry is he running?

  • Black Lex

    Literally this is a perfect example of why black people find it so difficult to to move forward. We can never be on the same page! In the sixties we all marched together. Today all we do is divide and tear each other down. Beyonce does something positive and here comes Patrick Hampton. Jada Pinkett Smith says something positive and here comes Janet Hubert. We need to weed out ignorant and divisive blacks folks so we can all get on the same page and move forward and if there is conflict we handle it in house not in public so we can look and be united at all times. Once we do that we can focus on the real problems of racial inequality in this system and win!

  • Masterpieced

    I do not like Bey at all. She does not use her fame to help Blacks yet Blacks LUB her!

  • lexdiamonz

    THIS dude a “PREACHER”… ahahhahahahahhhahahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahhahaa THE BLACK CHURCH .. HATES black women.. face it…

    • Masterpieced

      Hate? Really? That is pushing it…..

    • JackpotJoy

      Yep you’re absolutely right!

  • tiredofyouall

    another ” piggy backer” !!
    where were you, man , when all of the misogynist music that has been around for decades ?
    I find it rather telling that these kind of people NEVER go after the men – sliding credits down a chick’s behind, female on female scenarios and bath water thrown in to boot NEVER have anything to say – but let a woman express herself – hell and damnation !! please, minister : GTHOHWTBS !!!

  • dalayan

    Very rare, young black man making total sense.

    • must be a unicorn

      A young black attractive man that doesn’t like today’s music and believes in the institution of marriage! I’m in love!

  • Corey L

    He’ll be a regular on Fox news in a minute!!!! Bad mouthing anything Black!!!

  • IanMC

    LOL he’s trying to get his 15 minutes of fame using Beyoncé’s name.

  • Smh

    Lol Church of Bey.. Lmao … Wow it becomes violent when people try to defend themselves from years of brutal treatment. Um

    • Femmebott

      Right. I’ve heard of the beyhive but never this “church of bey” …..

  • heyheyno

    LMBO!!!! This guy is hilarious.

  • Truthbetold

    I`m so fed-up with Pastors standing in the pulpit only to give their OPINION about everything.I don`t need a pastor who waste precious time on Sunday or any other day telling me what he or she thinks.Jesus did not suffer for you to spew out negatives in his name.He said preach my word and tell them I love them.Remember the devil is also an accuser of the brothen/That`s exactly what you all are doing.Thank God for the pastors that get it right.You my dear should sit at Bill Winston`s feet.Learn something real/spiritual or be quiet.

  • Mrs.J

    Just another lost black person.

  • too_real

    Three words: PAID black BUFFOON

  • LiveMelove

    He’s so full of it. He’s better fall back before he get sent a million dollar gag order that he can’t afford.

  • Mr. 215

    Sad, Beyonce is your God! So what many people get behind all kinds of causes, he doesn’t need your permission to not like Beyonce. Stop being such followers and have your own opinions and view and quit co-signing with the masses, cowards! News flash, not everyone likes Beyonce, I know shocking isn’t it?

    • 1Val

      Just another brotha trying to keep a sista down!!!
      If Beyonce were a boy and black women wanted to boycott him. We would be accused of being race traitors, working with the man to take food out of his kids mouths , etc..
      But when black males publicly denounce black women attempt to sabotage their careers/wealth they are merely expressing their opinions.
      This neutered male is a prime example of misogynoir.

      • too_real

        No Val, he’s a punk. He’d rather attack Beyonce for what he sees as division but he doesn’t have the balls to confront the WHITE MEN that keep racism alive.

      • Mr. 215

        So by your logic, if you don’t like Beyonce you’re a “neutered male”. Okay, it is what it is.

        • JackpotJoy

          Go away pig! Why dont bm own up to the fact that they are the ones in the BC that have effed up. Its not up to bw to fix the problems within the bc, so many of you idiots would rather sit and b*t*h about how bad BW are but will never call out the wrong doings that Bm have been doing to bp for centuries. You bm make me sick!!!!! And i really dislike 80% of you, let me tell you this when the white infastructure is collapsed you bm are going to be in for a rude awakening! BM will never rise to power time and time again because you d**kh*ads are such powerless cowards and wimps! F off moron!!!

      • Mr. 215

        So, because he doesn’t like her he is trying keep her down. LMFAO!!! HE couldn’t keep her down if he wanted to, cause she has a legion of brainwashed women and men that are willing to do him harm, which is ridiculous, but I don’t see you commenting on their stupidity, shocking!

      • Guest

        I’m stealing your line: Men address men, Males address women. It is too true in every way. There’s a lot of males REFUSING to address the BM in our community effing up, but ready to speak loud and clear when it comes to BW–including some on MN. The silence is deafening when you tell them, fix the BM losers in your lot first before coming for BW. Now it makes perfect sense why they don’t/can’t.

        It is much easier for these “males” to come after black women, then to go after their own.

        • 1Val

          Only a black male would think it is okay to publicly denounce a black woman.
          Black men respect, protect and honor black women.
          Black males use black women as societal scapegoats to deflect their inadequacies.
          This clown should be addressing black fathers abandonment of their children, black domestic violence, black males contribution to generational poverty, school to prison pipeline of tracked black males, black male unemployment, black male incarceration and a slew of other black male pathology to boycott.

          • Guest

            “Black males use black women as societal scapegoats to deflect their inadequacies.”–THIS!!!!!!! This is everything that I’ve come to realize about the Sotomayer’s and misogynoir of BM on the internet. I’m just shocked that no one has figured out that this is the root of the pathology of the BM bashing of BW that has grown over the past couple of years. They can’t and are too scared to address white supremacy, too scared and too weak to address their own, so what’s left to dump all of the shortcomings and dysfunction in the BC on–Black Women.

            Your line–men address men and males address women–sums this up perfectly!!!!

            • 1Val

              What self respecting black man argues with a woman? lol.
              Now if you ask chauvinists what are the tenets of masculinity all you will get from them are crickets.
              Yet they can quote you verse and chapters on who and what women are supposed to be and do.
              While black males remain oblivious to their inability to function as men in society.

    • Transbutter

      I bet you watched straight outta of Compton a thousand times…

  • Mr. 215

    GOOD FOR YOU BROTHER! STAND FOR SOMETHING, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE HATE MONGERS THAT SCREAM BLM ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT ARE READY AND WILLING TO KILL YOU FOR SIMPLY HAVING AN OPINION. That’s why BLM is bulls*it and Will always be so. Stand on your convictions and the word of God and don’t let these idiots silence you, arm yourself, protect your family brother, peace!

    • Lex

      Lol. It’s not that deep for some of us. He’s entitled to his opinion and we’re entitled to speak our mind on his opinion. Where was he during the Straight Outta Compton premiere? Plenty of opportunity to publicize his “issue with misogyny.” Interesting out of ALL the instances of misogyny, he chose to address a woman. Lol….men address men. This seems attention seeking.

      • Guest

        Precisely! Men address men, males address women. I’m stealing that one from 1Val, because it is so true in every sense.

        • Mr. 215

          So if you’re a man, you can’t call a woman out on her bullsh*t no matter what it is, alrighty then! That’s why this country will stay exactly where it is a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

          • Guest

            Lol! Sweetheart you’re immature and ridiculous hyperbole (america “a laughing stock to the rest of the world” must explain why people are risking life and limb to get here) alone exemplifies 1Val’s comment. You are a prime example of her statement. It went straight over your head–like everything else–as expected. This is why you’re always here.

            I guarantee you do not go this hard in the paint when the subject is a black male, matter of fact you defend them. If Beyonce were male, your tone and view would be completely different. You are predictable in everyway and is the epitome of the black “males” that she speaks of.

  • Mommyhasaheadache

    Maaan I’ll tell ya, people must be bored as F to want to boycott “Sasha Fierce”!

  • Taz

    Never trust a man rocking a thin gotee. Actually any facial hair resembling that is a signal he’s off his rocker.

    • caligirl

      LOL !! yeah, that look is so serial killer to me. a HUGE turnoff!!!

  • Kim_Karsmashian

    This c–n…

  • sammi_lu

    So he states that he allowed his children to watch the Superbowl halftime show with the idea that they would have a discussion afterwards. A discussion ensued and a question was posed in which he found himself having to explain what the Black Panther Party represented. He later states that he went to bed upset because he had to have said discussion…so now Beyonce is to blame for questions his children asked due to a decision he made to allow them to watch the halftime show. Riiiiiiiiight (major eyeroll). I mean it’s Beyonce, at a very minimum for about 6 years now she performs scantily dressed and mostly raunchy dance moves..he was willing to expose the children to that and have a discussion about it but not willing to insert a brief history lesson about our history and politics?

    • IntrovertedSE

      Exactly. I also have to wonder how old his eldest son is to not be familiar enough with beyonce to know she always comes on stage wearing a leotard. Maybe he’s very young.

    • 1Val

      He should be more concerned about corporate America exploiting black male athletes bodies to enrich themselves. Many NFL players will be brain damaged and die young from injuries sustained during their careers. But he doesn’t have a problem exposing his sons to violent sports with athletes known for beating women and their organization protecting them.

      • sammi_lu

        Yes! So many issues could have been brought up for discussion aside from your great point and the halftime show…

        • 1Val

          Men address men but males address women.

      • Rochelle

        Lolololol. I have to laugh at this one. Can you tweet him this? If you dont I just might. Lolololol.

      • heyheyno


      • caligirl

        other than the part about athletes being more prone to beating their wives, i fully agree. as we all know, men in every profession are capable of (and have committed) acts of domestic violence — it truly runs the gamut, and no socioeconomic group is spared. it’s unfair that athletes get the media attention for it.

      • _________

        Most of these black male athletes don’t take advantage of that free education and stay in college long enough to get a meaningful degree for life after football. They know the risk of playing football but look at the financial benefits.

        • 1Val

          Again, the great issue is exploitation of black male athletes bodies to increase corporate wealth. The majority of college athletes do not go pro but universities and corporations benefit from their free labor to enrich themselves. And pocket change of tuition is paltry compensation for it.

    • Mommyhasaheadache

      Oh please, he watched the super bowl so he could see Partition Beyonce, but was taken aback when he got Formation Beyonce! #FIGHTTHEPOWER

      • Lex

        Lol right!!!!!

      • Transbutter

        Bwahaha I laughed out loud at this!

  • MocaPretty

    He is a clown and is far removed from current society! Does he not see that racial division is what this country was built on. And of all the racist and hate groups out there he decides to focus on a pop artist? Dude is delusional and is seeking attention I guess the congregation aint paying their tithes or giving offering so this is his attempt to either get new members or trick the old ones into his stupid azz venture. I am not a Beehive constituent (LOL) but come on now the confederate flag is still being waved down South he really should STFU!

    • IntrovertedSE

      Racial division apparently means black people continuing to speak up on mistreatment or inequalities now. It’s ridiculous. I hope more people speak up in 2016. I honestly hope it becomes the norm.

      • Nathandrake777

        What mistreatment and inequalities? There’s like 10 cases that we go on about. Mike Brown attacked a police officer and robbed a store before dying, why are we outraged about him? The reports showed he didn’t have his hands up and that he was charging the officer before being shot. Eric Garner resisted arrest and the police reacted. It was a misfortune situation but no one intended to kill him.

        Had Zimmerman not stopped Trayvon Martin from bashing his head into the cement , he probably would’ve died. Then no one would’ve known or cared about the situation as the media only talks about White on Black tragedies. Freddie Gray injured himself resisting arrest, plus he’s was drug dealer that was on record for selling to minors, why were we even outraged about him again? Sandra Bland was an unfortunate situation. I don’t doubt that she killed herself. I know people that have depression and they’ve been on the brink of suicide one day and they’ll act normal the next.

        We go on and on about these cases as if they’re the norm. These police cases make up 0.05 percent of Black deaths but it’s receiving majority attention from Blacks. How about we use this energy to get thugs and gang bangers out of our communities. Create a mob against the people making our neighborhoods dangerous the same way we are mobbing against police. If we did that, I’m sure our neighborhoods would thrive. Blaming Whites obviously isn’t working. We blame White Supremacy but that’s obviously not holding Mexicans, Indians, and Asians back. It’s time to lose the victim mindset.

        Be smart here, why do you think the media only talks about Blacks being killed. Are Blacks the only ones being killed? Why don’t they ever talk about White on Hispanic crime, Hispanic on White crime, Black on White crime? Why is it that every 5 minutes the media only talks about White on Black killings. It’s because most Blacks have a chip on our shoulder from slavery and the civil rights era. People that were born in the 80s are complaining about slavery and racism regardless of if they ever experienced it. Constantly digging at old wounds won’t allow us to heal. This causes division. Division causes distraction. All races should come together but the media won’t allow that because we’ll he aware of more important things. Stop letting the media play us for fools.

  • queen_melanin

    i died when i read “new klan with a tan”

  • sha

    Donkey of the day, week, month, year, decade, century! Just could not put all of that energy into fighting for his people instead of against. SMDH!

  • Dee

    he sure does give Beyoncé a lot of power…really?! Aaaallll of the divisiveness I. The country is because of beyonces halftime show? And when did the super bowl become the one day that all political issues get out to the side? When did that happen?

  • Lisa

    He does seem intelligent.

    • Music

      keyword being “seem”. He’s ignorant.

      • sha

        He speaks ignorant very intelligently…LOL!

    • Duhhhh

      intelligent to whom

  • Lex

    “…studying the Black Panthers and understanding why the FBI had to shut down the Panthers because they had become so violent…” go back and study again…

  • KB

    So this guys is using Bey’s name for attention, and he’s one less person I’ll have to compete with for tickets to the “Formation” tour? Oh, ok! Lol!!

    As my daughter says, “Silly goose!!”

  • hi-liter

    He’s tired of the racial division in this country……..LOL…….and all this falls on the hands of Bey? Not the police, not all the hate groups in this here country?……….Out of all those targets, he targets Bey? I’m no Bey stan or any stan for that matter but seriously? Just WoW.

    • IntrovertedSE

      Right. Like he heard the words be eliminated with a little black boy standing in front of cops yet his mind instantly goes to cops being killed instead of all the victims of police brutality who were “eliminated” .

      • GoldenGirl

        Exactly!!! I could not have said it better myself. This “man’s” nonsense and and many others like it make me want to quit the internet!!

    • 1Val

      Never had any respect for males who get on by using women.
      This so called preacher needs to stop using Beyonce to make a name for himself.
      And while he is at MEN address men so unless he is coming for males in Hip Hop he needs to stop riding Beyonce skirt tails.

      • Mr. 215

        He said something about hip-hop and the misogyny and how it affects young men and how they treat women, try reading!

        • 1Val

          Again, I have never had respect for males who get on by using women.
          Men address men males address women.
          If any hip hop artist deserves a boycott it is Koonye.
          You would think Koonye would be in this so called preacher’s wheelhouse with him being a black male minstrel mixing sacred with profane calling it art.
          But this neutered male preacher uses a woman/Beyonce for publicity like Koonye uses Taylor Swift to promote himself.

          • ProfessorMegan

            I didn’t think about it from this perspective. With that being sad, you made an excellent point…men address men males address women…even though I am no fan of today’s r&b/hip hip. I think of men did address men, there would be less crime in the black community.

            • Guest

              “I think of men did address men, there would be less crime in the black community.”–These males are too scared and too weak to do so, that’s why they keep blaming and coming for BW only.

              • ProfessorMegan


        • too_real

          He is tired of racial division but he isn’t attacking the source of it: white supremacy, yet he’ll try attacking a female black entertainer…..um yea….Val is right on this one.

          • Mr. 215

            Okay, I hear that, but the man is getting death threats from black people, the same people screaming BLM, so those people aren’t out threatening white supremacist all willy nilly are they? The hypocrisy is real. Instead of tearing up the police stations of these corrupt cops instead they’re threatening one pastors opinion about Beyonce, but no one is pointing that out; hmmmm, interesting.

            • heyheyno

              Anytime people speak out against and issue they will get death threats. People are just talking on the internet no one is going to harm this man. Police brutality however that will continue.

            • too_real

              What you’re doing is called deflection: He’s the one that is supposed to be being proactive by starting a movement so I’m calling HIM to the carpet, not the reactionaries. How asinine is his stance: If you are indeed against racial division, why wouldn’t you start a movement to publicly attack the architects of racism: WHITE MEN!

              I think you and I both know why. So until he does that, then he is nothing more than a black buffoon looking for attention.

              • Nathandrake777

                There’s no architects of racism. Anyone can be racist. The biggest aggressors in racial hate crimes today are Black people. Call me uncle Tom all you want, but it’s the truth. Look it up. The media will have you think it’s the opposite. We have to look at ourselves before pointing fingers. No one wants to deal with hypocrites.

                • sherri solomon

                  Until the Elite and Middle Class whites acknowlege they have continued the instiutional racist system that their ancestors started or at least greatly benefit highly from it via White privilege. Most blacks and whites will never 100% peace between us. But we as black people should concentrate more on strengthing our race instead of looking for their empathy or sympathy because it’s a waste of time. Plus they will never understand or care. Why the hell are you gonna tear up your neighborhood just because racist Po Po are evil?

                  • sherri solomon

                    Sorry for the period (.) between PRIVILEGE and MOST. lol!

                • “The biggest aggressors in racial hate crimes today are Black people.”

                  prove this.. and yes you are a tom

            • MsNisha929

              He never said he was receiving death threats exclusively from black people. He stated he was receiving death threats from the BeyHive. That can be anyone – cause my co-workers will slice your throat bout Beyonce and they are all young white women.

              • Trina Johnson

                He said #Blacklivesmattter were behind death threats. This dude is an opportunist and has a very bad case of narcissism. Noticed on his boycott page he never addresses Racist

          • Mr. 215

            Also, again instead of tearing up the police stations of these corrupt cops they instead tear up their own neighborhoods where they live, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy!

            • Guest

              Lol! You don’t even know the meaning of hypocrisy.

              • ProfessorMegan

                It looks like he applied the term properly to me.

                • Guest

                  Death threats over disparaging a celebrity come from fans. Justin Beeber fans have made death threats towards people who don’t like him.

                  • ProfessorMegan

                    Understood, but Mr. 215 was correct in using the term “hypocrisy” to describe the behavior of people who destroy their own or the property of others who share a skin tone with them (who are also oppressed) instead of dealing with the oppressor. I “think” he was referring to BLM members, but even if he was not, the people engaging in this behavior (destruction of property) are still hypocrites.

                    • Guest

                      “Understood, but Mr. 215 was correct in using the term “hypocrisy” to describe the behavior of people who destroy their own or the property of others who share a skin tone with them (who are also oppressed) instead of dealing with the oppressor.”–Most of the properties destroyed during the riots were not black owned. As well as the fact that I’ve read that businesses that were KNOWN to be black owned were not hit as hard. The ones that were not, face the same fate as the non-black owned ones.

                      “I “think” he was referring to BLM members, but even if he was not, the people engaging in this behavior (destruction of property) are still hypocrites.”–The majority of the people who looted & destroyed properties were opportunists, so black lives or any other life did not matter to them. Also, the BLM was not even a movement during that time frame, it was nothing but a trending hashtag.

                      He speaks in absolutes about a lot of things that he’s very ignorant to. It has been stated over and over again that, the majority of looting & destruction are done by opportunist who take full advantage of the chaos, and some, in their twisted logic think they are “sticking it to the man” by destroying and looting non-black owned businesses. You will find opportunist at any event where chaos ensues. The ’cause makes no bit of difference to them. That’s why I question his understanding of hypocrisy.

                    • ProfessorMegan

                      I understand, and thank you for explaining your comment. I read A LOT, though I haven’t read much on the riots, and even I was unaware of some of the things you mentioned. I will just say this: I still do believe that BLM is a hypocritical movement for other reasons.

            • ProfessorMegan

              This is one of the reasons why I am rather resentful of the BLM movement. This and the fact that when black women are murdered by police (or anyone really), their lives don’t seem to matter.

            • Nathandrake777

              Why tear up police stations anyway? Aren’t they the first people you call if there’s an emergency? Not denying there’s some crooked cops out there but don’t generalize. You’re basically saying it’s okay for others to generalize Blacks as criminals and rowdy. The funny thing is we live up to our stereotypes far more but are more vocal about about being gernalized. We have to stop being hypocrites.

            • Jean Smith

              Because that’s where they are.

          • Nathandrake777

            Please stop watching Farakan videos. White Supremacy seems to be something only Black people complain about. You don’t see Mexican, Indians, and Asians complaining. White Supremacy is just an excuse for us not getting our crap together as a race.

            • Guest

              “White Supremacy seems to be something only Black people complain about.”–White supremacy is global resource, financial, and weapon domination. It’s not the boogyman rhetoric (aka Farrakhan) that you’re thinking of, that’s why you think ONLY black people complain about it. The war on Iraq and the chaos in the middle east going on now is a good example of this. Do your research before dismissing it.

              ” You don’t see Mexican, Indians, and Asians complaining.”–That’s because the quote “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, has never been more appropos. Trust they complain, but they’re not as vocal because they work within the system, not against it.

              “White Supremacy is just an excuse for us not getting our crap together as a race.”–Mental slavery and self-hatred is the ’cause of that, not white supremacy.

              • J&J Security

                thank you for breaking it down and explaining how false these statements are. I’m so over seeing the same responses in response to what we mean when we say black lives matter, stop police brutality, and white privilege. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m tired of “educating” people who just want to have an opposing view for the sake of it. They are sooooooooo convinced that what they are saying is facts when its not, it’s an opinion. If someone presents facts that reject that opinion and you decide to not accept the facts that have been presented to you, google is free. If google is not enough for you the Library is also free. At this point you are just being willfully ignorant and I have no time for it.

        • Beyonce’s a hiphop artist?

          • Tammy GILBERT

            gay z is running things now.word is she is a big dranker like her dad they don”t tell u about in houston.her eyes is a dead fish idk but gay z is running things thanks to mattie and tina sold her a billon lol she is just a puppet she can”t read she just know what they tell her to do.

            • this is your opinion.. but thanks for sharing lol.

    • Rochelle

      Interesting. Here for comments!

    • therealdealishere

      There are a lot of hate groups including the new black panthers, hebrew israelites, and the noi.

      • Masterpieced

        None of those are hate groups.

        • therealdealishere

          Oh really? lol Are you a stand up comedian by any chance?

          • Masterpieced

            They point out the hate from white establishment. BIG difference.

            • therealdealishere

              You obviously don’t know much about them and they don’t just hate white people. They hate people from all other religions.

      • BabyBZ

        You really should think before you speak. If all Hebrew Israelites are a hate group, then all Catholic males are pedophiles.

        • therealdealishere

          You must be a clown. They hate everyone that is not a black hebrew israelite and they are one of the most racist groups in the US.

    • Rosa


    • Legacy

      Exactly. Seems like he is just crying out of attention.

    • roidaho

      The racial division is also caused by whites getting fucking tired of being raped and robbed by gangs of roaming blacks. How fucking hard is that to figure out?