A Day In The Life of Tichina Arnold | Moms on The Move

February 1, 2016  |  

How do celebrity moms manage their careers and personal lives? During this episode of Moms on The Move, we explore a day in the life of Tichina Arnold. From gifting suites to glam squads and Golden Globe parties, we’re able to see how she handles being a full-time actress and making time for her 11 year old daughter Alijah. Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  • Deborah Tamu Atwater

    Tichina has cultivated a loving relationship with her daughter! Alijah got skills, great personality and voice!!!

  • Precious Morrison

    Her daughter has a beautiful voice like her. She seems well balanced. Anyone who has a love for children and animals is tops with me.

  • Roni Sloss

    Wheres the damn video i came here to see?

  • Masterpieced

    Love the hair! But why do stars feel they have to use poor grammar to be seen as ‘real’ to their fans?

  • Kay b

    This was a good video, love the idea and Love Tichina!

  • Wanda White

    Glad she’s still working and looking real good. Sister-girl been taking care of her self and her beautiful talented daughter. Keep it up, look good doing it. Congrats!!!!!

  • Terietta M. Ingram

    adorable!!! She is an amazing actress and very very funny.

    • Masterpieced

      Amazing? All she does is ghetto faces and loud voices.

      • Terietta M. Ingram

        Her acting pedigree is longer than most. Shebhas excellent comedic timing. You sound like a hating as hater.

        • Masterpieced

          I said I love her hair and that she looks good. I am also saying that she is always type cast. Get a larger vocabulary and stop seeking to come for me. I can have an opinion without being a ‘hater’.

          • Terietta M. Ingram

            You comment on my post and you are upset i have a response? If you didnt want me to respond you shouldnt of commented. Quite sad you cant handle comments from a random person on the internet.

            Also yes i do calling anyone who chose to describe a black woman who has achieved long standing success in her career a hater. You call her ghetto bc she is loud? Wow! So black women are only acceptable if we are quite? She has managed to find work on several sitcoms as major characters and reoccurring guest roles. Which is amazing when black women are constantly excluded. You chose not to stand for black women. I do. Not my problem.

            • LisaRoxanne Walters

              “All she does is ghetto faces and loud voices” is not the equivalent of “[she’s] ghetto bc she is loud”. In the former sentence, what is being referred to is Ms. Arnold’s acting style/roles – referring to either how she works her acting craft and/or how she is cast, while the latter seems to incorrectly attribute the characteristics to her personally.

          • Warning…….if you don’t always carry the popular narratives ” all women are great all men are trifling, all women can do no wrong, women never lie, all women look good, women are perfect in every way, it’s never her fault, women can do everything perfect, women never makes mistakes, men always cause women misfortune, a man cause he to do it, bad man good women etc.” if you don’t always carry those popular narrative they will come for you with both barrels blazing. LOL………..

  • Carla J.

    The fruit don’t fall far…her daughter sounds even better than she did back in the day. Love them both.

  • Jay

    Loved this! Tichina’s so down to earth, funny and real that I had to keep reminding myself that she’s also a celebrity and not just an everyday mom (or my mom lol)! Looking forward to that album. I hope her daughter has a duet or some sorta guest appearance on it cause she can sang…

  • It it 5:00 o’clock yet?

    I see her daughter inherited her beautiful singing voice!

  • Angie Brooks

    I love her! She is a natural beauty too, looking that pretty with no makeup on at 6 am.

    • Jay


    • Masterpieced

      YES! And NO weave!!!!

  • Paradise_Breeze

    So glad to see you are still on the move Ms. Tichina! Looking fabulous as usual. Your daughter has a beautiful voice. Many continued blessings to you both!