Messy Blogger Calls Faith Evans’ Son Gay, Faith Responds

June 2, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram

This past week should have simply been a time for celebration for Faith Evans and her family. But with the internet being what it is and keyboard thugs being what they are, a joyous occasion took a bit of a negative turn. This past week, Faith Evans shared a couple of pictures of her son Christopher Wallace Jr. (Biggie’s son) graduating from high school.  She included this image with the caption: “My first born son @cj_toa & I #proud.” 

You’ll notice that she tagged her son in this post. And bloggers did some investigating, looking through the images on Wallace’s profile. Sandra Rose and others found this image of Wallace and a classmate.

Source: Instagram

It’s no secret that Sandra Rose has been known to be a bit messy in her day. And while it’s generally understood that children should be off limits, those are not rules to which she adheres.

And instead of letting it be what it was or choosing not to comment, one way or another, not only did Sandra post the picture on her blog, she tweeted the link out with a the hashtag #GayPride and @ mentioned Faith.

Source: Twitter

Faith promptly responded:

Source: Twitter


I’m not mad at Faith at all. Whether Christopher is gay or not is really none of Sandra’s business and it’s not her place to put labels on him when we’ve yet to hear him speak about his sexuality. I don’t know what’s going on here in this picture but does this look like the classic Titanic scene with Rose and Jack to anyone else? 

Point is we don’t know what’s up. To be clear, being called gay shouldn’t be an insult but everybody’s not so evolved. And it’s no secret that in many circles, particularly with teenage boys, it can present a problem. For Sandra to do this and put it on the internet is foul, to say the least.

Judging by this speedy response, I’d say Sandra should be cool before Faith catches her in these streets. She really don’t want it.

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  • besurisis

    Now that CJ has proposed to his partner, not that there’s anything wrong with that, whatchall gots to say now?

  • Irenda Yamaris

    What I don’t understand is why you are reporting that her son is “plagued” by gay rumors. As if it were a disease. People need to get over it. They do not seize to be your children. Whether they are gay or not. Your love and support should be unconditional! #ProudMommaOfaGayDaughter

    • Jay

      Why is it okay for a child to choose their sexuality when they can’t even legally have sex yet? They’re children, and they have raging hormones. It’s not a sure decision, they’re obviously just influenced by the world and how this thing is being indoctrinated. To me, that’s equal to a child doing adult things, even pedophilia. Disgusting.

  • pam

    Faith handled that well I would have said why don’t you be concerned with your weight fat azz…

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  • ladyofthought

    congrats to him. What college will he be attending?

    • Sanad H

      How would they know?

  • Sandra may be messy but at least she is in your face messy,not thowing shade and hiding your umbrella,foh.

  • OldSchoolDJ

    First of all – There is a ton of pressure to be the offspring of people from greatness. Especially people like Biggie, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc.. He is the true seed of Biggie, so his every move is watched by somebody in mainstream media. Those pictures was leaked by his mother, so the blame starts there. News and social media’s are in the race for being the first to deliver sensational news. The picture is suspect and could be viewed as the sexual orientation of this young man. This can be a big deal because of who his dad was and we all know this would not have occurred if Biggie was alive. TRUST THAT! No, I’m not shunning people who are gay and those of you defending such here. To each their own as I live life because your judgement is with God and what he left for us to follow in the Bible, not Man with his interpretations and changes. Normally kids are off limits, but consider the controversial live of his mother and father that was shared in a movie!! Then we know kids of celebrities are no longer off limits because there is no such thing as private lifestyle when you are in the public view. It is what it is and sad in the same sentence. Faith should have been careful with what photos she share and we tripping one way or the other is useless. Why? If he is gay, it eventually was going to get out and mean absolutely nothing. I’ve yet to hear anybody say he can sing and/or rap like his parents? That’s the news that would get us excited first then get the wow about his sexual choices….

    • Stormy Alexandra Perez

      A lot of assumptions. Biggie isn’t alive so we wouldn’t know what he really thinks, now would we?

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  • coolyfett

    “To be clear, being called gay shouldn’t be an
    insult but everybody’s not so evolved. And it’s no secret that in many circles,
    particularly with teenage boys, it can present a problem”

    Id like to point out the huge mistake in this line of thinking. Calling a straight male a homosexual is a huge insult. No man that enjoys sex with women wants to be accused of enjoying sex with men. Then to say that any male who is bothered by such an insult is not evolved is a bad tactic of forcing people to be into homosexuality even when they are not. Thats definitely not cool.

    • Stormy Alexandra Perez

      There is no point to make. Speak for yourself. A secure man who loves women wouldn’t care for that remark in quotes. It ain’t forcing no one to do anything. People really need to be more secure with themselves, instead of getting all “hot and bothered.” at the site or idea of someone else sexual preference. #StopInsecurePeople

      • coolyfett

        Is it ok if I call you a B * T C H? Im just curious. Or how bout if a
        white man calls you N!99er? Are you secure enough to deal with that?

      • Sanad H

        You are not a man so stop speaking for men.

    • Jay

      I actually agree with you, a lot. Thanks for having common sense. For people who are about “tolerance” then they should really tolerate EVERYONE themselves including those who don’t agree with them and do believe that being called gay is an insult. If someone said gay people were “not as evolved” then there would be a freaking firestorm.

  • A.R.

    But wait, Sandra didn’t put it on the Internet. She found it on the Internet. Didn’t CJ put it on the Internet? WTF, it’s anyone’s game at that point. He knows he is Biggie’s son. It was bound to come out if he is posing like this so, why target Sandra as the evil villain?

  • Herm Cain

    I really hope she didn’t fug that kid up that’s biggies son if true this is a disgrace to hip hop and an embarrassment for Brooklyn with his fathers reputation and clout he probably has access to all type of resources and this is what you choose for your life

  • hi-liter

    When I saw the pic on Sandra’s site, it seemesd to me that Sandra and her readers thought the pic was real. The pic looked Photoshoped to me when I saw it.


  • guest

    Being gay is an insult.

  • TrillProphecies93

    OMG, its 2014 stop trying to use gay as an insult its not funny. Idc what this young man is, I’m happy he just graduated and he seems like a very smart and well behaved young man. His sexuality doesn’t define him as a person, his mother had every right to be upset too. As long as he does something good with his life and stays positive he will excel. I wish him all the best, I know his father is so proud of him and his older sister.

  • CAliQueen

    You call Sandra Rose out for implying the boy is gay then turn around and imply the same with the Titanic remark. Pot calling the kettle black!

  • Guest

    Here’s the deal. Sandra Rose and others found the picture….so I suppose that it was online somewhere. Moral of the story is to not take a picture that you would not want others to see.
    And who cares if Faith’s son is gay or not?

    I think Faith’s response was inappropriate. If her son is gay, he is now shamed. If he is not, she has overreacted.

    • maisen santiago

      its just kids having fun, thats why he posted it …she acting as a mother you dont come for the kids ..especially when this was on his personal ig page..this kid just graduated they where clowning around ..titanic everything aint gay smh

      • Guest

        Yes, they likely were clowning around. I actually think that the Titanic reference could be tied to the “I’m the king of the world” quote from the movie. Whatever they intended, I’m wondering if they are pleased that they posted it now.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Sandra annoying af

  • Doll Phace

    So true. Faith is a beast in the streets! !

  • Dee

    I’ll betcha she will think twice next time.. I don’t understand how folks thinks its okay to bash other folks children.. Leave the kids alone period!!!

  • tipper3

    His photo looks suspect, but it is nobody’s right to out him.

  • Madeline

    Uh. The picture looks gay. Most folks would have deduced this with or without Sandra’s input.

  • Sunshinegirl

    But has anyone see what Sandra Rose looks like? LMAO! She should NEVER EVA EVA EVA EVA (in my Chris Tucker voice) say anything bad about anybody!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    It just looks like two kids being silly & having fun…everything ain’t gay…she’s a jackazz for that

  • BabyBlue

    People really need to stop with all the back and forth nonsense. All this bickering is starting to be laughable anyways…… Has anyone brought back our girls yet? I haven’t seen any updates in a while?

    • coolyfett

      Word…talk about them real issues

  • SweetCheeks

    Nope. I REALLY don’t think that she wants it with Faith!

  • Myeisha R Moses

    I knew it was Sandra Rose’s mugly day somebody gonna stomp her..she blocked me on Twitter ’cause I said she is hideously hideous…why be mad at the TRUTH???

  • Jana

    Sandra Rose needs to STFU! Celebrities’ kids should be off limits and she doesn’t have no room to put labels on kids. Good for Faith for defending her son.

  • Simone Mackey

    Sandra Rose is ugly and disgusting. Faith will whoop that *** in a heartbeat so she betta chill.

  • Keinonya Metamorphasis

    Sandra is always being messy.You do not mess with people’s children.Somebody is whip that ***

  • iseeu

    “I don’t know what’s going on here in this picture but does this look like the classic Titanic scene with Rose and Jack to anyone else?” It looks like you were trying to throw some shade yourself. Don’t throw rocks and then hide your hand, at least Sandra Rose came right out with it. What are you implying when you compare this to a love scene from Titanic?

    • Faida Law Waring

      Very disrespectful madame noire, kids are off limits. what the above poster said is correct, don’t hide your hand.

      • KeepingItReal

        Kids are supposed to be “off limits” but people steady talking about Jaden and Willow Smith. Can’t have it both ways.
        FYI…Dude DOES look fay as fugg…lmbao

        • KeepingItReal

          *fay = gay

        • LAURA

          AND SOOO WHAT!!!

        • Adonis Full Throttlle Raggs-Cl

          in Faith defense Jada did step in but she is no Faith and if no one should say anything if Faith mop that woman in street I don’t care if he is an ax murderer that is still her child

          • KeepingItReal

            Faith had to deal with only ONE person suggesting her son is gay. Jada has been dealing with the white gay mafia/media for years now. But…dude DOES look suspect…just saying….

    • Diva

      It does look like they were mocking that scene from Titanic. I don’t think MN was throwing shade this time. It just looks like they were playing around but no one else gets the inside joke. This is why kids’ IG and FB accounts should be private.

    • itsjustfordecoration

      Ugh… No shade involved. They are saying their mimicking the scene. -__- Why would someone write an article about NOT attacking children and then attack the child.

    • hollyw

      Uhhh…I thought the writer was trying to say that Sandra Rose was dense in missing that this was a spoof from the famous scene from Titanic. Everybody knows the scene where Rose is standing at the helm and Jack is holding her up… that’s what it looks like. Doesn’t mean the boys gay, just has a sense of humor.

      • Doll Phace

        Exactly! ! And the fact that his in “Grad Gear” makes it more understandable. I’d be ” On top of the world” too if i just made it outta high school

    • Suchalady

      I don’t think it was shade, I think the writer was trying to say maybe they were mimicking the scene as a joke.

    • coolyfett


  • Meandmybish

    She don’t want it with Faith, I can see her cutting someone over her son. BTW no one cares if he is not straight. 2014 people 2014

    • TrillProphecies93

      You’d be surprised how many people still go out their way to care about people sexuality. But I agree with you, time for all this foolishness to stop.

  • Iwhipchan

    She is always starting some mess, and if u dont have a job u cant even post comments in her comment section. If you spill some tea about certain celebrities you get banned for life. She can talk about any and everyone, but dont you try it!

    • ATLShawty

      I have been trying to be a member of her blog for the last couple of years. At one time you couldn’t even register, now one can see the log in screen for members. I just think it’s plain weird.

      • SusieBartlettedo

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      • *Star*Bryte*

        i tried too years ago, but i wasn’t giving out my work email just to be a member of some gossip blog, that was pure bull & wasn’t worth it, so many others are better & w/o all the stupid requirements. Looking back, i am sorry i wasted my time for such a negative creature, she’s an ugly thing (inside & out),