Artists Who Got Called Out For Not Having Black Women In Their Videos

February 26, 2014  |  
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Last night Pharrell’s new album “Girl” streamed on iTunes radio, much to fans’ delight. By morning, though, any excitement for the producer’s new project was dimmed by concerns over his album cover and its lack of color — and by color we mean Black women. No matter how you feel about this particular situation, Pharrell is far from the first Black man to be called out on this issue. Check out this list of artists who offended plenty of fans by not featuring black women in their videos.


Pharrell hasn’t even gotten to the music video portion for his new project and there’s already drama. There may be color by way of Latina women, but the omission of black or dark-skinned women from the album cover for “Girl” has pissed off many today. Most notable is author Dream Hampton who said this on Twitter:

Couldn’t be more disappointed by @Pharrell’s album cover. I was so looking forward to it too. Just, wow.

When I wrote the BETHonors tribute to Carrie Mae Weems I fought to have the line abt her fighting for Black visibility, against erasure.

But I’m not spending this morning of what is true mourning for me wishing 40 yr old Black men/rappers considered Black women.

I’m absolutely not fighting some whitegirl telling me how I should handle perpetual erasure of Blk women. Nah. Not today.

I’m sure Pharrell’s album is great, he’s been making the best music of his life. Cover was disappointing. Google Chokwe Lumumba.


Jay Z and Kanye

Remember when “Otis” dropped and everyone was enthusiastic about “Watch the Throne” and then the accompanying music video debuted and everyone was like, wait, what? Something about watching four white girls in open button-down shirts and short shorts being spun around in a burning Maybach to the tune of Otis Redding just didn’t sit well with many.


Black Ty’s music video for “I Gotta Chick” wasn’t very Black at all and when people called him out on it he offered this explanation on Twitter:

“I had a 2 day audition. I welcomed ALL women and went with the BEST. I don’t do favors… Doesn’t matter the race!! I’m Black as sh!t!!! Love my sisters!! You do auditions and go for the BEST! Not race! Love u!” Mmmhmmm.

A$AP Rocky

A lot of people say they could’ve done without this ratchet white girl, who happened to be the only girl period, in A$AP Rocky’ “Purple Swag” music video.

A$AP Ferg

Like his A$AP mob counterpart, Ferg opted to surround himself with nothing but white women in the video for “Shabba” and they get more than their necessary share of air time.

Source: WENN


Just this past November a few models called out Akon for discriminating against them during a casting call. According to the ladies, the Konvict Muzik record label owner was only interested in “half-cast,” a.k.a. mixed women being in his videos. He denied the claim whole-heartedly claiming “that doesn’t even make sense.” Which part Akon?


Davido is a Nigerian recording artist, but looking at his video for his song “Skelewu” it’s a little hard to tell because he’s surrounded by nothing white people dancing in the street with him.


I’ll just let the first YouTube comment on Timaya’s video for his song “Ukwu” explain people’s issue with him:

F**k this video, F***k Timaya, F**k the damn producer, F**k everyone who gave this video a thumbs up. When will our artists stop making videos abroad? Making videos abroad means exporting our modeling, costume designing, acting and dancing jobs. I thought i was going to see some “black” Ukwus in the video, if i wanted to see “white” people’s Ukwu i know where to look goddamnit! Once again F**k Timaya and his gaddamn producer.


If you thought the slander Timaya got was bad, check out the comments section on Bracket’s video for his song ironically titled “Beautiful Baby,” which features a tall, white brunette.

“Stop using white women as beautiful…you let white people use their women, u use your African women-the original woman! stop propagating the slave mentality! free yourself of “massa” and what he dictates to you as a standard of beauty. you will think as artists you will know this.”

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  • Alias Darker

    good question

  • lok

    a lot of you are saying that you’d rather not see black girls in music videos….but the thing is, black girls should be given an option to be in them if they want to be…
    it is an objectifying job, but they should be given a fair chance if they need to make money that way

  • BubzLife Starlight

    Good. I’m a black woman and I don’t care. At least they’re no longer degrading and defiling BW. People are saying : but equality is equality. BS , if white people were going to go get their heads cut off tomorrow, would you go do it?

  • What

    When you sell your soul you must do as you are told!!! Right Pharell

  • skoot

    i don’t blame black guys for not having black girls in there videos,,all u black women are good for is running behind those white male scumbags anyway,,u will step over a black guy to get with a cracker,,and yet u cannot stand to see black men and white women together,but yet u love that scandal mess,u black women are just jealous,,it is a known fact that white males and and black women do not like seeing black men and white women couples,,now that is the bottom line,,the truth must be told..i will not read anymore of your articles because your form is one sided,,it is for black women..

    • Alias Darker

      it’s called “madame noire” you idiot… it means ” black lady” in french .

  • TrillProphecies93

    Look like I say all the time I have nothing against IR relationships! But you don’t have to put down your race just to date outside of it! Seems like most black men are dating IR for the wrong reasons. Just for status or to be accepted. You don’t see white singers going out of their way to put black women in their videos. Same with Asian, Spanish, and any other race. These men worship and love their women! Back in the day hell even the 90’s it wasn’t this bad. What has happened? How can you continue to uplift these women and disregard your own? Your mother, sister, grandmother! I’ve read stories of white women calling black men n*qqers and them still staying. But your telling me you can’t give a sister a chance? But you can walk around with a Momma June looking white woman! Smfh

  • pc

    I don’t find black women attractive

  • TheJrockfreak .

    I dont see the problem here. If they want white girls in the video let them be in the video.

  • Andre L. Williams

    But a few articles ago they were telling black women to date “other” men bc of all our flaws….now you all are pissed about this? #girlgone

  • Just wow

    I’m getting so tired of these black men getting on here and dragging us black women for filth. We are not all the same,if you are constantly attracting and/or being surrounded by loud mouth ratchets, then you may need to take a step back and re-evaluate yourself.

    • Gina

      That’s why Black women NEED to date outside their race!!!!!!

      • Toni Osinubi

        Yup. Date outside your race. Sorry to be blunt but they are usually better at treating you the way you deserve. Black men swear everyone is checking for them nope. I never have.

  • Calvinincali

    What a surprise, black women nagging and complaining again about how nobody wants them around. Wonder why. Seriously tho! black women nag nonstop and look jacked up most of the time and then act surprised when nyggas laugh at them. then they will forget about that and in 10 minutes be talkin about how everyone wants them lmao. yall are just dumb.

    • Gina

      Nobody wants Black men around ask the White female jury who let George Zimmerman walk free! It’s open season on killing Black boys/men. #GladKendrickLOST #TeamMacklemore

  • justaguy

    Who cares if its a bunch of Klingon women in the videos ……just make GOOD music. All the rest is just window dressings.

  • Ms BB

    I could care less because I have better things to do than police who
    black men put in their videos or projects. MY music choices do not
    include their genre of music so I could care less. BUT For Black women
    who feel strongly about this, a great
    way to get someones attention is to hit them in the pocketbook. a
    better way to deal with the problem IMHO is stop supporting the artists
    that do this. Black women are some of the biggest supporters
    financially of these artists and if black women in the millions would
    stop all support of their projects they would definitley feel it. It
    would not shut them down, as others support their projects too but if
    the loss is significant enough it would make them stand up and take

    Alabama Bus boycott was effective not because of all the speeches and
    complaining but because blacks stopped ridding the buses for over a year
    and it brought the Montgomery Bus Company to its knees financially
    because black riders made up over 70% of their revenue.

    Complaining, Rolling your eyes, or even blogging about it will change
    NOTHING. Many of these artists rely on the fact that part of their fan
    base (black women) are loyal by default so they know that despite their
    blatant disregard of her presence in their projects, they know black
    women will still buy their music, go to their concerts, movies, and so
    on. So it it your choice ladies, either rally together and make your
    voices heard via your wallets or shut up and keep downloading the
    itunes, going to the concerts and watching the movies because without a
    darn good reason, things are not going to change, they MIGHT toss in a
    token black girl in upcoming projects to shut you up if the complaints
    get loud enough, but their original agenda will stay in place.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Lol @ black women as video models being passé…

  • News Junkie

    WHO CARES….I ve been dating outside of my race long time ago. Black Women stop being so closed minded. You do have options…exercise them. Then we won’t have to listen to these non informative articles. #FliptheStrip.

    • Toni Osinubi

      Exaaaaaaactly. Who has time to complain. Trash. I pick men outside my race because they have the same morals and values as me not because they are white and have white skin. I will make sure I keep my mixed daughters far away from these color obsessed black man.

  • chanela

    I think we should just put a fork in it. we’re DONE. Just recently that t rex looking black dude who made those crappy vine singing videos just wrote a status about how he doesn’t like black women. i guess they just want all of us black women to jump off the face of the earth or something. sadly, we aren’t wanted anywhere. smh

    • ColdTruth

      You really arent. black women have shown that they arent worth being around. You have no value and nothing to offer. black women are ugly and rude, insecure and violent, and they hide behind a big ego and being too confident. You are bad mothers and bad lovers. You antagonize and nag. You want men to be forced to be attracted to your features but even you cover them up because even you know how much better other women are and think that by having their hair or skin, youll be more like them. black women are done and you are not wanted any more. If black men could exist without black women, we wouldn’t have you on this earth any more thats how worthless you are. At least you know you have no value.

      • Gina

        Black men aren’t wanted anymore, didn’t you watch the GRAMMY AWARDS? Who WON best rap album of the year? A WHITE man! Black men marriages with White women are TWICE as likely to end in divorce and Black men are terrible fathers, ABSENT fathers in fact.

  • Don’t

    And white women still listen to white bands. This is not working. Also white women typically don’t like black music also white men don’t want to see their women with black men. U explain to me how this is gonna work. The devil is working while the black man is sleeping. Don’t let the white man pick up those disparate black women who want someone to vote for them. Then wonder where the Grammys go. Yup.

  • Eee-bee-phu-row!!

    Surprised Davido made the cut. He has coloured girls in his video too..

  • ok

    i wish black women would start putting themselves first and stop looking to their men (or any other man) for validation…if you consistently see the same things from black men… not valuing you disrespecting you even in public and uplifting other women in your place..its up to you to cut the cord!!! Stop waiting on them to at right..your loyalty needs to be to YOU first, because you better believe that the black mans loyalty is to HIMSELF first, they’ve made that clear yet some women insist on holding on..know when to let go…Its been time to let go. If black women put as much effort into marching and fighting and protesting and defending for themselves the way they do for their men..nothing could would stop us..

  • Natives Mom

    these comments break my heart, my sisters

  • LW

    Why don’t Rihanna and some of these artists start kissing white dudes in their videos. Black women have to stop being so loyal to black men all the time they are not loyal to us. Black women are missing out on love due to reluctance to date outside our race waiting and debating for THE BLACK MAN of our dreams.

  • marsha

    Its always the ugly and extremely dark skinned black dudes doing this but no worries. I don’t support black men who don’t support, recognize and love me.

    Ugly az tyrese, kanye, asap rocky, and the rest of these dudes who love and worship dog lickers will never get my money. Let the white ppl support em.

    • Trendsetter

      You would never meet or talk to the men you just listed anyway. Stop being delusional.


      And thats why nobody wants yall. You want respect as a blk woman but you hide behind being racist towards white women just because MEN rejected you. You will lie and call a man beautiful if he sleeps with a blk woman, and call him ugly if he sleeps with a WW. Nobody wants to be with a delusional hateful bytch of a woman. Youre less than a dog.

  • Filtered_Hollywood

    Doesn’t matter it’s all fake perfection

  • Kendra Hill

    Im sorry i don’t see the point of black women degrading themselves by being in the video..they are doing the same as the white women are and thats acting and modeling..doing their job.

  • provokethought

    Makes you ask yourself, how many white artists are rushing to put black women in their videos. What a blatant form of self hate. What a powerful statement black artists would make if they demanded that beautiful Chocolate women be in their videos. ….hmmmm.

    • Gina

      Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and Macklemore have Black women in their videos.

  • Fair and Balanced

    Stop the madness, I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. The artist or so called artist are earning money and they are doing it off the backs of the many Blacks who support them. Our community has so much self hate in it, Black women are attacked relentlessly by many of our Black men so why would any Black woman want to be in their videos. Regardless of who they have in their videos there will still be many Blacks supporting them, we are called all kinds of degrading names yet we run out to continue our support.

    These people could care less about what we think or do, all they are concerned with it making money and if having a Caucasian woman in their videos sells their music well guess who is going to be in it. Why should they care, so many in our communities have already proven they will support them regardless of how much disrespect is thrown at the Black community. Many in our communities believe in backing a person right down to the end, so stop complaining or being angry about it; you should know by now it is not going to make a difference.

  • Gina

    Who’s has the BEST RAP ALBUM OF THE YEAR? MACKLEMORE! Black men tried to replace Black women are got replaced and their STILL bitching about the Grammy Awards. LOL

    • Indigo

      That’s the juxtaposition of the whole thing!

      • Gina

        Macklemore puts Black women in all of his videos and he doesn’t call them b*tches and hoes either. #RESPECT

  • Tonyoardee

    The 2nd chick look black to me.. almost like Paula Patton or Zoe Saldana

  • Matt

    It’s just a cover

  • 9Boots

    I stopped listening to these secular misogynists 12 years ago. I only give my eyes, my ears, my mind, my money to men that support and uplift BW. This is why I mainly only listen to Christian hip hop . If you want to get off the garbage check out the following artists:
    High Society Collective
    Sho Baraka
    Da T.R.U.T.H.
    Trip Lee
    Andy Mineo
    Canton Jones
    B Reith
    Mali Music

  • April Stewart

    You forgot Ryan Leslie, he does it too.

    • Jay Lane

      I love his music but you’re absolutely right about him.

  • Nefi

    The black women have spoken. As a result of antics of men of African descent, we have chosen to not buy your products and share our disapproval through word of mouth. The proof of our power is shown in the recently released Billboard article entitled “Notice to Black America: Your Services are no longer needed…” [paraphrase]. There were no black artists topping Billboard 100 for the year, 2013! The status quo can punish us in many ways but it won’t get us to spend our money on likes of self-hating men.

    • Trendsetter

      Pharrell is asian and black… being multiracial he is obligated to support all races. Educate yourself. And black women only represent 7% of the population…your buying power is not as strong as you think.

      • StansR4Reals

        Then why is it that the minute the black woman fails to support black males in music movies or politics etc hes pretty much done?? Apparently that 7% matters when it comes to a black male…

        • coolyfett

          What black male entertainer did the 7% Shut down? Who did black women STOP supporting that was DONE because of it?

          • Nefi

            coolyfett, read my post again. there were no black artists topping Billboard !00 in 2013. appearantly, the 7% of our 12% of the nation counts for the majority of our 1 trillion dollar spending power. check the stats. also, the majority black women are caramel and dark skinned but not represented in a positive way much less in any way by our men who get these opportunities.

            • SMH

              So in other words you have no answer. You cant name a black male entertainer that the 7% shut down.. “There were no black artists topping Billboard 100 in 2013” has nothin to do with the 7%.

            • coolyfett

              1 trillion dollars you say? Oprah seems pretty positive. What about the black women who get opportunities in corporate america? How many brothas have they put on? You want black entertainers to represent caramel & pitch black women in their videos? Well how many black guys have you got hired at your job in cubicle nation? Not being a wise azz Nefi, Im honestly curious how many dudes you helped get on at your job. Also Nefi I appreciate you joining the conversation without any insults. I knew there were some classy women on this site, so that thanks for being mature.

          • Gina

            Wesley Snipes, he made rude comments about Black women and they stop supporting him his movies and etc. and later he went to jail for tax evasion.

        • Gina

          Prime example: Wesley Snipes

  • Yansa M.Toussaint

    That’s life. If these artists don’t want to feature black women in their videos that’s their business. The only thing Black women can do is not support artists who do this end of story. Put your money where your mouth is or you ain’t nothing.

  • coolyfett

    Most of these pop-rap videos try to feature FUN women. They try to give off the perception that the women in the video want to have FUN or are having FUN. Maybe THEY feel Black women are not FUN to be around or there is no FUN to be had when in a black woman’s presence. Never know what is going on with these entertainment folks. I know if I was an entertainer the girls I would want in my video are happy-fun women no matter what race. It would be based on personality and not skin tone. Many black women have a reputation for not being happy or fun, but again never know what factors in these discussions. Peace

    • 9Boots

      Many BM have a reputation for not being fun and happy. That is why they commit the most murders at the hands of each other, murder BW, sexually abuse BW at the highest level in society, do not get married, do not raise their children, do not get an education, and do not work.

      • coolyfett

        True, but BM not complaining about it.

        • Shawndrea Rachelle

          You seriously didn’t notice that that was pure sarcasm?

          • coolyfett

            It wasnt sarcasm, 9boots is serious with her hatred for us dudes. I aint mad at her though. Peace

          • coolyfett

            what sarcasm? That 9boots was Dead Serious lol

  • simiyalala

    You may say that these roles are downgrade but the kids are looking at these videos models as beauty ideals unfortunately.

    • weeks

      The sad part is by erasing black women they are erasing themselves…..macklemore, robin thick, justin Timberlake.

  • coolyfett

    Pharrell did produce Awkward Black Girl on youtube….Dope show.

    • Indigo

      no he didn’t. Issa Raye is the writer and producer. Pharrell just has a YouTube station like she does and admires her work :-/

      • coolyfett

        Her show is on HIS youtube channel I AM OTHER…..he has done more than just admire sweetie.

        • Clarissa

          Issa Raye also has her own Youtube channel so while having it on his channel brings more eyes to it, she is the one who writes and produces it and deserves most of the credit for its success.

          • coolyfett

            Not taking anything away from Issa Raye, but Pharrell gave her the Co Sign. Thats a good look for both parties. PLUS Pharrell had many black womengirls in the Happy video, so where is the beef?

            • Indigo

              he should have had her in one of his videos. But I guess she wasn’t good enough. she was well into the first season if not during the second season when he plugged her. I saw her interview on comedy central. that black guy with the show had her on and I’ve been watching ABG ever since. Shouldn’t he get the credit now that she’s doing a show for HBO?

              • coolyfett


  • Anna Monteiro

    I actually care because this is another proof that in our society dark = ugly.Forget about whether these girls are ”degrading” themselves; when little girls, who are easily influenced, see that beautiful girl = blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and they don’t have those features that is gonna hurt and so people should care and worry about the damage it does to them and their self-esteem. I agree with patricia and empress123, people should be responsible for this. Again, forget about whether you think it’s a good thing black women aren’t ”video girls” or think ”it’s ok, they’re entitled to prefer white girls”. We need to start promoting the beauty and hotness of dark features. PERIOD.

    • Joanne1979

      Thanks for getting it.

    • 9Boots

      ” …when little girls, who are easily influenced….” Little girls should not be watching nor listening to these womanizers. Neither should grown women.

    • Trisha_B

      If said little girls have a positive mother influence in the home that is brown like them, no amount of blonde haired blue eyed ladies on tv going to break their self-esteem. Parents should be responsible for their children’s self-esteem. They should be the ones telling their babies they are beautiful. Shouldn’t take some outsider to say it.

      • Val

        I get what you are saying but by the time a child reaches 18 they’ve consumed thousands of hours of media. So the images they see have an impact.

        Remember those doll experiments when Black girls are given a choice between White and Black dolls and the majority choose White dolls? That’s media influence.

        Short of banning all media from your child it’s hard to fight those images alone. That’s why critiquing and fighting against biased media is important.

        • Trisha_B

          & that’s why I’m saying if the parents install enough self esteem in their children from young, nothing the media puts out there will break them. Sometimes you have parents passing on their insecurities to their children, which makes it’s easy for the child to be influenced by television. You got parents choosing to buy their daughters white dolls over black. If your mother walking around w/ a weave all the time & you never seen her natural hair, that of course is gonna have the child be insecure w/ her own looks. It starts in the home, the media just reinforces it

          • Val

            I agree. Parents have to fight against it.

          • sycamore

            You obviously need a psychology class… Self esteem in the home isn’t going to help when EVERYONE ELSE is against you. It’s like when you get 100 comments and then 1 person says something negative, it can ruin your entire day.

            • Trisha_B

              If you allow one comment from some anonymous to ruin your day, then you need not to be on the computer lol

              • sycamore

                Because it’s not like this ish doesn’t happen in real life, right? Lol next.

            • Trendsetter

              Everyone is not against black women. This is a made up war.

              • Anna Monteiro

                Here’s the thing: some of you fail to realize that your view is very simplistic. It’s not that easy to brush it off. We live in a society, we are programmed to actually care about other people and their opinions and that comes from millions of years ago when the first humans came along. Nobody lives independently from everybody else and therefore to have that ability to ignore or deny takes all of our strength and energy, it’s not that simple. Just because maybe you are the kind of person who has a strong confidence and self-esteem doesn’t make you the rule, so you need to accept that other people are different and WILL NOT react the same (as good) as you. But saying it’s their fault, their problem because they’re offended, thinking that just because people have freedom of speech you can say whatever you want to people and that won’t hurt them and you’re not responsible from saying dumb, ignorant things

                • People Believe ANYTHING

                  I am a Black man, in the position to release music..on a wide scale…and I am writing a song about the fact that we have completely abandoned our women. When I see a White artist with two Black women and Latina woman, I will agree with all of those who say ‘it is no big deal’. We have done a tragic thing to you, and it must cease. We brush everything under the rug, make excuses for EVERYTHING. What he did was a blatant sign of disrespect, and not only disrespect, part of an agenda to further tear us apart.

                • Trendsetter

                  But how many people have actually EXPERIENCED this type of treatment. I think a lot of people are on the bandwagon. People have to muster their own self-esteem and go where they are appreciated. Black women have been the defining face of beauty in music videos for years and you should not assume that you are being wiped out because they want to incorporate different women. The same women you are trying to defend exalt Beyonce, perhaps you should be upset at the WOMEN. Music is for EVERYBODY and was one of the forces that helped shape segregation. These artists should be able to switch things up every now and again without such unwarranted scrutiny.

      • Ben Hodonu

        I like this point!

    • ytd

      So TRUE! Truth is, almost all black celebrities are half or some white. Very few black celebrities who are considered beautiful or successful come from 2 black parents (including our President). Black folks claim them and call them “black” and prefer them to real black men and women. I hope newer generations will change. Actresses like Lupita Nyong’o, and educated, REAL black woman, are changing the perception.

    • Trendsetter

      Are over weight people discouraged by this image…what about women that have blonde hair? With that logic you are using anybody can be offended. You can’t dictate what Pharrell likes and what he doesn’t. Become a photographer and ire your own models and celebrate them your self. People have PREFERENCES just like you do.

      • Anna Monteiro

        Please, don’t bring reverse racism up ’cause there’s no such thing. For decades I’ve heard ”Gentleman prefer blondes”, ”Blondes have more fun”, they don’t get to be offended.

        • Trendsetter

          I didn’t. I proved a point and you have no REBUTTAL to prove otherwise. ANYBODY who is not light skinned, red hair, black hair, in shape, mixed/ hispanic or Asian can take issue with this album cover. Take your pic. Black women have to stop making it about THEM all the time.

    • URNOthing

      black women think that has something to do with rap videos but most children dont even watch rap videos and if they do thats because of some black woman being a bad mother.
      as long as black women gluing on other womens hair to their heads, you have no rights to complain about white features being considered beautiful.
      It is okay if men prefer white girls, especially since black women prefer white womens features too. You can promote black beauty on yourself, you a black woman so you are a walking advertisement. Most of yall are so overweight and weaved up and mean to your kids to boot and you wonder why your black daughters get a complex/ Then on top of it black women are the most delusionally confident women on earth and have shown in scientific study that they think the highest of themselves. black women trying to have it both ways again. nobody wants you confused bytches.

  • to0ber

    The guys are just utilizing the women their fans want to see in the videos, marketing.

    • coolyfett

      There you go To0ber, you have to ask America, who does America WANT to see? What type of women needs to be featured to get the better response from the viewers? These are questions the back ground production team has already researched and answered. Certain things sell and others dont.

      • Clarissa

        America WANTS to see a lot of things and you seem to be okay with that as long as it sells, even if it does a disservice to particular communities.
        That is a damn shame, and even sad.

        • coolyfett

          Simiyalala you are jumping to conclusions and your message reads as if you are yelling at me.

          • Clarissa

            I’m not yelling I uppercased the WANT just as you did.
            I did not jump tp any conclusions. You said: “…you have to ask America, who does America WANT to see?…Certain things sell and others don’t.”
            America is a majority white country so if they prefer to see white women in the media so be it, if they prefer to see negative portrayals of black men in the media then so be it. Give the people what they want. That is essentially what you said. Now if once analyzing what you said you realize that way of thinking will do nothing to improve the lives of blacks that is on you.

            • coolyfett

              We need music videos to improve the lives of blacks?? Thats news to me Clarissa but if you say so.

      • to0ber

        There you go coolyfett. Hey, marketers only markerts what sells.

    • empress123

      Actually most of their fans have been black but it looks like they WA nt fans of other races for more money

      • ytd

        It don’t have nothin to do with what fans they want. Even black folks like to look at white and mixed women better.

    • ytd

      Truth is, most all black celebrities (including Obama) people think is beautiful is half white. Even Beyonce mom is mixed so she aint full black.

  • Patricia

    My advice is to hit their pockets……………not buy any of their music until they speak with the video director on putting black women in positive music videos. These directors and artists have some kind of say so in this.

    • 9Boots

      The problem is the odds of these rappers having postive videos requires postive music and these trolls don’t make positive music.

    • skymathew


      • kelly

        Shymatthew that is not the point. white people have always been the majority at the concerts by black rappers. ask Public Enemy. yet, you don’t see them pandering to other races, smdh.

    • calvinincali

      black women have no purchasing power. you dont have to support artists you dont like of course. but if you do like them, theres no point in stopping yourself from buying music because your dollars wont hurt them. if you have a problem with white / latina women in videos maybe you should ask yourself if thats a racist way to think. and what does black women being in the videos get you? confidence comes from within.

  • empress123

    @those who say who cares they are degrading themselves…NOPE. This means that our Black artists ONLY have women in videos who degrade themselves and that is not true. The point is that we are part of an era where music is accompanied by visuals many times in the form of a music video. When we support an artist all we ask is that he support us back ESPECIALLY if said artist is already Black. I am not a big Pharrell fan but for those Black females who are, I can understand why they would be disappointed that he didn’t think of putting a female representative of them in his video. This is not an issue about one or two artist…this happens ALOT. It is time we stop acting like self hate doesn’t affect our community in many different ways….AND ADDRESS IT. Thank you Madamenoire for doing that!

    • 9Boots

      It’s time to stop seeking validation from misogynists.

      • empress123

        So when americans push american corporations to stop makin products overseas and bring jobs back I guess they are seeking validation too right? Think about it.

        • 9Boots

          You are mixing apples and oranges. Why do BW continuously ask BM that hate them to validate and uplift them? These BM don’t care. Actions speak louder then words. They are not being forced to behave in this manner. This is a toxic abusive relationship. Abusers never stop abusing their victims. This is why the number one rule is that women must sever the ties with their abusers or else you keep going around in circles for life and never receive the love that you want.

    • Me

      Thank you. I think people are missing the point. If these men are picking women they deem attractive and none of them are black, what does that say about black women?

      • Jay Lane

        Nothing. It does, however, speak VOLUMES about those black men.

        • Me

          I agree. If you don’t have women who look like you in your videos, something is definitely wrong with you.

      • skymathew


        • Celia

          Motown attracted a diverse audience even during segregation, as well as Ray Charles, and many others. If the talent is there the people will come without having to market specifically to certain groups.

      • calvinincali

        that they arent attractive. thats not a mans fault tho. black women need to address that since they are the ones who control their body.

        • Me

          No. It simply means that black men are promoting black women’s beauty. There are plenty of beautiful black women.

          • calvinincali

            Yes. Black men aren’t promoting black womens “beauty” – thats what the whole article is even about, how black men dont have black women in the videos. If black men are promoting black womens “beauty” why are you complaining? Men dont exclude women from things for no reason… we will even put up with a little of a sour attitude if the woman is beautiful enough. … black women arent beautiful and that is shown when the majority of men dont include you. You can call yourselves beautiful but it is only words at the end of the day and reality is telling otherwise. Instead of complaining or lying to yourselves you could actually just change the things that make you so unattractive.

            • Me

              You’re an idiot. I meant to say they are not promoting black women’s beauty. I’m not going to go back and forth with your troll arse.

              • calvinincali

                im an idiot because you typed the wrong thing. typical black woman, cant talk without getting aggressive, blaming someone else for her faults and hiding from the rest of the truth. this is why nobody wants you.

                • TrillProphecies93

                  Typical c00n and misogynist always trolling and crying like the undercover b-tches your fruit pies really are!

    • Theodore Pendergrass


  • Sagittarius81

    Who cares?! Better the white women degrading themselves in their videos than us sistas.

  • KayaElle

    I have no idea who half of those artists are.

  • Chelsea M

    Am I the only person that could care less about these men having white women in their videos?? All of these men are unattractive in some way lol. In regards to the Otis video, everybody knows no black women would enjoy being in an open top car that is spinning fast! That’s just gone mess up my hair. And as pharrel, he married a black woman so can we move on?

    • skymathew


      • Chelsea M

        1. Chill with them capital letters Kanye and 2. I am an educated black woman with a degree and a fulltime job in the industry that I studied for. I don’t need to sit in the back of a car that I can’t afford during the shooting of a music video. No amount of money will make me give up my beliefs. Thanks. If I’m driving along the cali coast with my man or with my best girlfriends in a convertible living and loving life, that is a different story. But if I’m running errands, ain’t nobody got time for that blowing air.

    • calvinincali

      So if u were attracted to the men, it would be a problem right? black woman ignorance on display here. You women dont know how to use logic. Either its right or its wrong, and thats not based on who you are attracted to. And then you go on to say black women are too miserable and worried about their fake hair to even have fun in a convertible. Pharrel is married to a black woman but if he werent then what? It wouldnt be okay?

      • Chelsea M

        If I was attracted to these men, I still wouldn’t care because I don’t know them, they don’t know me, and I’ll never meet them. My point is, these are recording artist (male and just so happen to be black) who decided to cast a white woman in 1 or 2 of their videos because at that time they believe this person completed their vision. I just want to know why black people read so much into it. And if you’re insinuating that I might be “miserable” because I don’t want to mess up my “fake hair”, you are incorrect. Weather I’m rocking some yaki or my natural kinky hair, for MY standard of beauty for MYSELF, the windows are up in my car because I’m not gone let the wind mess it up. Thank you. If I was riding down route 66 in a drop top Mustang without a care in the world, that would be a different story. I’m a black women and I got a black mom, black cousins, aunts, nieces and friends. I know my people! You don’t know me, I’m far from ignorant.

  • Rasharne

    Rather not see my black sisters downgrading themselves to video girl status

    • Jeanetta

      THANK YOU! I do not get why black women WANT to be shown in such a degrading matter. Let the white/mixed women do that crap!

      • frederigoxcz305

        my Aunty Julia got silver Volkswagen Beetle
        Convertible by working parttime off of a home computer… Look At This

    • Tiff

      Exactly what I was going to say. Are we never happy?? We get angry when we’re in music videos
      and angry when we’re not. In my opinion, we shouldn’t want to be casst (pun intended lol) as video vixens. And also, this is that musical artist’s video. They can choose to have whoever they want in their videos even if we don’t agree with the choice. Just because he’s black doesn’t mean he HAS to have a black woman in there. Maybe he doesn’t like black women. Yeah, that sucks, but that doesn’t make him a bad person. I’m a black woman who prefers black men. If I liked white men would that mean I need to seek therapy and a website should write an article about me?? To each their own man.

      • Trisha_B

        Girl, around these parts you are celebrated if you date/like white men lol. No way they will tell you to seek therapy, they gonna write articles about how to get the white guy & how to keep him lmao. They already got dumb articles like that. But there is a double standard.

        But I agree w/ your whole comment. Let people like whoever they want

      • MEH

        Is there no way to have any sense of balance?

        In many respects objectification is a bad thing, but it also represents that which is desired and considered beautiful in this society. White women will appear in music videos as the romantic interest or the “main girl” or in publications like Sports Illustrated in skimpy bikinis because it VALIDATES them and their standard of beauty. Why can’t BW want the same? Why can’t black artists produce videos that don’t objectify but also celebrate BW’s beauty in a non-degrading way?

        Black women who co-sign their lack of inclusion also co-sign their eventual social erasure.

        • 9Boots

          There already are artists that support and uplift BW but they are not mainstream because the consumers keep worshiping garbage. These Christian rappers are:
          High Society Collective
          Sho Baraka
          Da T.R.U.T.H.
          Trip Lee
          Andy Mineo
          Canton Jones
          B Reith
          Mali Music

        • Cam

          it used to be like that in the 80s what changed?

          • skymathew


        • skymathew


          • MEH

            LOL, its black women who made ALL of these men’s careers! It was a black woman who produced all of them! You would NEVER see a white male artist completely erase the woman who looks most like him from his music and art but black men will willingly and happily do so.

            • Celia

              Every other race celebrates and protects their women except ours. Personal preference is one thing, but when you systematically exclude black women from your image that’s perpetuating the same ideology that black is not as good as white. Love who you love, but don’t forget who you are. Believe me the IRS doesn’t forget.

              • TrillProphecies93

                Tell the truth! Our men have to be the ones to leave us in the dust. But let a black woman talk to another race and she gets trashed! Our community is f-cked up!

            • TrillProphecies93

              You will never see a white man do this! It’s cause we were taught to hate ourselves and they knew by nature black women weren’t gonna easily turn on our men. So they focused on getting our men to worship their women! It’s detrimental . The same white women they are dating their fathers and brothers are slaying them in the streets! You hear a story about it every day!

              • skoot

                and black men are slaying there white fathers and brothers all the time,,look up black on white murder

            • Ben Hodonu

              You do know some black artists have white mothers?? Drake

        • BubzLife Starlight

          I rather not be included if I need to be objectified and degraded. I’m a BW and I can careless. We can find other ways of being included. Just not that way.

      • The real

        You can say what you want but, that black man is lost. He’s not for us at all. Why? Cause he’s a puppet for the public, which means he’ll do anything to please the white man, and white man I mean directors, producer, executives, promoters, and etc. I’m just saying watch the video very carefully and look at the message it’s sending. You can see that on the video other then them showing only the beauty of the white women and also the lifestyle of the Caucasians , you can easily spot on how the first black man shown on the video besides Timaya is be arrested. But Why? Couldnt he just be happy and enjoying himself just like those Caucasians in the video. I’m just saying.. What black person will sit and not pay attention to what message the director or producer is puting out on his or her music video? I mean what black person will sit there and will let other race stereotypically disrespect his or her people? Oh I know the ones that ain’t for us! #BunchOfSuckas..

        • romeo

          This in its entirety is a ploy. The white man is purposely crating a vacuum by which is his propagating the old myth that all black men like white females. It is false. Im a black man I don’t prefer white women. Its been taught and in drilled in us so that our natural instinct and love for each other is being eradicated to serve they’re status quo of achieving the free sexual desire to do whatever they so please to our women. Hence why the double standards isn’t really on bw but bm. However without a doubt I do believe the black woman black men are best together.

    • GemB

      I couldn’t agree more. If the message in the music isn’t uplifting Black women and putting us in a positive light does it really matter if we are in the video?

      • Equality is equality no matter the forum. Are they being prevented from participating or simply not making the choice? That’s the question at hand here. Unfortunately race isn’t leaving us for some time, maybe we’ll get over it in 50 years.

    • Joanne1979

      It depends on the video.

    • S Jo

      In my early 20’s when I
      was serious about acting & modeling, my
      talent agency asked me if I was interested
      in music videos too, so I did a couple of them!
      Video girls make the video!
      Who wants to see a bunch of dudes dancing
      around! Black women are the originators of
      music videos & look so good in them!
      All of these guys up above look dumb &
      out of place with all of those other girls
      dancing with them!
      They look like racist coons!
      I would put every race in my video,
      it looks more realistic!

      • ytd

        “Black women are the originators of music videos”??? Really? New Wave and Rock artists were the first ever to make music videos in the early 80’s. Rap and Hip Hop came much later.

        “Racist coons”???? Really?

        • S Jo

          I’m talking about in hip hop videos
          U dumb fuc!

          • URNothing

            And now you sound extra stupid and come across as a bitter and ignorant black woman. this what i was talking about yall. Black women are delusional, think they created everything and yet still dont get why nobody wants them around. nobody wants to be around flawed people who think they perfect.

            • S Jo

              But u logged off to talk sh!t to
              me tho! I must be a special b!!tch
              for u to jump thru hoops to
              leave me a message!
              Haha! Bye duck!

      • Trendsetter

        Its called marketing. They add other races to gain another audience.

    • Indigo

      not just video model/stripper/prostitutes which it is now but it wasn’t like that before the mid 90s. it is significant that the main platform that promotes us are these videos that represent BM standard of beauty. I’ve heard Jamie Fox, Tyson beckford, Michael Strahan and others get on tv and make comments that dark skin women are ugly. Boycott!

    • anonymouse

      that’s not the point

    • thehoneyeffect

      The reason why Black women aren’t included because they didn’t want to downgrade Black women, the reason why they don’t include black women is because they do not find Black women as attractive as they do white and racially ambiguous women. simple.

      Furthermore they do not think that men in general and the general public will find Black women as attractive as white and racially ambiguous women.

      #misogynoir and Black male internalised racism personified.

    • Ms.On The Rise


    • BubzLife Starlight

      EXACTLY!. I’m happy we’re not in these music videos being the “hoes” “sluts” etc.