How to Break Up…via Text Message

February 4, 2011  |  

Usually you like to be a woman about yours; but some people you just have to cut off with a quickness. If you’ve been dealing with a smooth talking, pipe-laying man Slore, why even set yourself up for failure? You’re not strong enough so send that Dear John letter in a 160 characters. A text message. A quick SMS will get your message across, but for optimum success you have to follow these rules.

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  • The Dude

    Sad. There is no excuse to “text” a rejection to anyone. Can you not imagine being on the receiving end? Spread love, and respect. It doesn’t have to be face-to-face, but at least converse vocally over the phone, short quick, but allow for closure, don’t be abrupt. That’s not evil like what you propose.

  • Halo

    I honestly think that it depends. Make sure that if you’re doing it that it’s not a shock to the person at least. Like what if their phone is dead or they don’t have it when you send that text, then they have to find that message possibly days later and have a heart full of sadness AND shock. That would be even worse. But there are exceptions for why you can send a text for break ups like you have a tablet with a texting app or you live far away or they’re abusive towards you. I have been dumped over text and it was someone I really liked and it was not that bad. It was better than having to look them in the face. So yes breaking up over text is OK depending on the circumstances and the people.

  • Dumped Via Text

    Breaking up by text is cold and heartless. I speak from experience. It made the process for me MUCH more difficult and uncertain because my ex chose to be a coward and hide behind her smartphone. If youre considering breaking up over text back off the relationship for a week and see how you feel…if you break up over text you aren’t mature enough to be in a relationship in the first place. Man, or Woman up and look your ex in the face, you don’t need to hurt them any more than they will be hurt.

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  • erin

    You know this whole article is exactly the reason I'm not dating. I'm so disappointed that I live in a society where dumping someone via text needs tips. Its cowardly. As far as I'm concerned if your too much of a punk to break up with someone in person or at the very least via actual phone conversation you don't deserve real love anyway. Grow some cajones and BREAK UP with someone like an adult.

  • nursedred

    Sometimes that cold $hit is the only way to get a toxic person out of your life. No its not ‘right’ but sometimes you gotta hurt em to get rid of them

    • yoo

      some ppl are like a lump of steel…….

  • stephani

    Where the hell was this poSt when I wanted to break up wit ol”boy 15 times….took me forever to gEt rid of him

  • Karis

    no one should be breaking up via text/email/twitter/facebook. a phone call is even pushing it. unless you can depend on a yellow school bus to take you somewhere for 8 hours a day. break ups [and the start of relationships] should be done in person…i'm only 19 and i hate the way this communication ish is going smh. i guess i'm just old-fashioned.

    • brea

      I agree with you and I'm 12 yrs older than you!