Nicci Gilbert Leaves R&B Divas Because “It Wasn’t A Good Look” For Her Anymore

November 19, 2013  |  

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We told you yesterday that the casts were announced for season two of R&B Divas LA, and season three of R&B Divas in Atlanta. While the gang is all back for Los Angeles, the big news was that for Atlanta, both Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert were leaving the show, and LaTocha Scott of Xscape fame also wouldn’t be returning. But before you jump to conclusions about why certain ladies are hitting the road, we spoke to Nicci Gilbert today and she explained why she wouldn’t be making an appearance the third time around, and whether or not we’ll ever see that R&B Divas tour.

The former Brownstone singer, in her upbeat and straightforward way of saying things, explained that she realized the show was not a good look for her brand, and that her businesses even started to take a hit from the bad reputation she was getting on the show. “I just realized that it really wasn’t a good look for me as a 43-year-old woman with a daughter that I’m trying to raise.” Gilbert said she wanted to set a good example and felt that bickering back and forth with the women she started the whole series as friends with was just not for her. She even spilled that she originally wanted to leave the show after season one, but had a change of heart.

“I actually wasn’t going to come back for season two because there were things that occurred that I wasn’t happy about.” That includes the one-dimensional way she says that she was portrayed on the show. Though she had a lot of creative say during season one when the series was just getting off the ground, things changed to the point that the show she helped put together as a producer was more damaging than anything.

But Gilbert says, “I’m still getting a check as a producer, so please, tune into R&B Divas!” However, she will get to give people a better look at her life, as she’s working on her own reality show, coming out in 2014. Gilbert says it will paint her in more than just the one-dimensional way folks saw her on R&B Divas. She also says that people can expect to see that R&B Divas tour after all, just not on Thanksgiving as the ladies initially planned.

“It’s not because, oh, ‘nobody wanted to see it.’ There was just a really busy touring schedule in Atlanta. We do have a market, so the tour will happen, it will just be happening in March.” Who will take part in the “Diary of a Diva” tour? Gilbert says she’ll have more of a hosting responsibility, but Faith Evans will be there, Keke Wyatt will take part, as will Kelly Price–but the other ladies aren’t on board. Of course, that includes Syleena Johnson, who tried to coordinate a totally different tour that couldn’t come together during season two.

“We already had promoters and a tour on the table. So when I went to Syleena’s house in season two and she started talking about a tour, I was like, ‘Wait, what!?’ This is real life?”

But despite that confusion and the falling out Gilbert has had with most of her cast members (and says everything she said on the show she meant–except for some mean words to Angie Stone), she would love if they could be cordial enough to work together come March. “I hope that before then we can come together and do what the show was originally intended to be about.”

Now that she’s leaving the reality show behind, Gilbert was open about the effects the negativity of everything, including haters online, had on her at one time. “There were times where I would wake up so stressed, I thought I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.” And she does want to share a message with her detractors, for herself and women like Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson, who have become something of the “bad girls” of the franchise.  She says that people need to understand that there’s more to “the truth” and their stories than people get to see. “Try to have an open mind…at the end of the day, reality stars are just doing what they can to feed their families.”

So there you have it. After talking to the producer, singer, designer and all-around businesswoman, I can attest to the fact that she actually comes off like a very sweet person, but you know, reality TV is about showing people in a certain light so that a show can get the ratings it’s looking for. R&B Divas did just that, but it will have to continue to do so without Gilbert.

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  • Dana GoodGood Reed

    Thank u jesus.. I couldn’t take her… and if kelly price doesn’t tighten up I will lose alllll respect for her too! The Braxton family values seem to be the only all woman reality series with real life issues that don’t began with ignorance and end with ignorance

  • shawn_b

    Media wants people to be “rude & manipulative” they do these things on purpose for ratings! Anyone with common sense knows that! She left because she is REAL and RnB Divas will not be the same without her.

  • shayhill

    Stop trying to hate on Nicci! Nicci Gilbert is so much more than you all see on TV. Maybe you should follow her on her social media and see the great person she is.

  • lisajo

    For those of you who think RnB Divas was Nicci’s only platform, your sadly wrong! She has her own clothing line “Curvato” and will be doing the “Diary of A Diva Tour” she also is a great mentor to many young girls and women. So please omit these pety, incorrect, dumb comments.

  • ksmith

    Nicci was one of the realest people on the show! Those of you who try and throw dirt on people’s name don’t know the REALITY of “reality tv”. She made the right decision

  • jwill

    Just for the record.. the show wouldn’t run without Nicci, so for yall trying to throw shade is ignorant! Nicci is the Executive Producer so for those of you saying shes a “fail” is FALSE

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  • hidaya

    Nicci was mean and hateful. I couldn’t bare to watch her on the show. TV could not have misrepresented her… she did that all by herself.

  • JJune

    After the ATL finale, I was done with the show. The exchanges between Nicci and Syleena were shameful. Syleena was not blameless. She was too loose with calling people horrible names (b**ch this/that/etc). Just wrong. KeKe has a beautiful voice, but she tore her draws with me when she came at Angie Stone, calling her old and then had the nerve to say she didn’t need to go on a old folks tour. Really? I can’t name one KeKe Wyatt solo effort. Nicci’s personality is best suited for behind the camera. She’s too arrogant and loved to throw in their faces the fact that she created the show. Faith made it clear in Season 2 that she was not coming back, so no surprise there. The only ATL Diva I actually liked was Angie Stone. Even in the face of straight ignorance, she always kept her composure. I’m surprised she’s back. As for the tour, they picked the wrong people. The tour should primarily include women with an established/solid base of support. Nicci and Dawn absolutely do not have that. They were part of a group. People liked the group, not them individually. KeKe does not have it either….unless Avant is in the line up. It should have been Faith Evans, Angie Stone, Chante Moore and as much as I loathe her now – Kelly Price. Maybe sprinkle in KeKe and Lil Mo here and there.

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  • ComeLetsTalk

    LOL. Lies you tell. They didn’t want you back sweetie. Please stop it. Two seasons of you and it got tired.

  • Hannibal


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  • MonicaT

    Interesting how she talks about this tour their doing and already a show in CA has been postponed could that be because there is NO MARKET or should I say a fan base that would want to see this tour. Faith Evans is carrying this tour and a bad look for her BRAND!!!! Why would people pay to see Nicci and she was in a group what is she going to do sing all the songs by herself. From what we saw and heard in one of the episodes she sounded a HOT MESS!!!! Oh I forgot she is hosting this tour, but their marketing it as if she is singing. Maybe she will be Faith Evans backup singer!!!! This tour should have been Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone, and Chante Moore and maybe Keke these ladies have a fan base, and a catalog of music they would bring and people would pay money to see them. Nothing against some of the other ladies like Mo, La Tocha, Monifa and Dawn Robinson. It’s about business and building a brand and moving on from this reality tv.

    • Boom

      It’s coming to the A and seeing the line up, I passed on tickets. As a Faith Fan from the beginning it was difficult, BUT I cannot with the lineup. You’re right the real singers should have been a part of the tour. Nicci seemed jealous of Syleena thus the tour she was doing didn’t take flight.

  • Nya Jacobsen

    As a business woman, that’s a good move. to leave She was gaining notoriety for all the wrong reasons on the show.

  • 4RGSpot

    I never knew who Nicci Gilbert was even when she was in Brownstone. A little drama on the reality shows is not always bad because it keeps it from being boring however, the kind of drama that Nicci and Kelly brings which is mean, malicious, hateful, jealous and arrogant is a turn off.
    They are both quick to state that others are jealous of them when there is absolutely and unequivocally no need to be, I use to love Kelly and would not miss buying her cd’s but after seeing that she and Nicci both pretty much have the same disposition, I no longer care for her as an entertainer. Will not miss Nicci at all and have no desire to follow her in her new endeavors.

  • provokethought

    No Nicci….you were not a good look for YOU any more on the show. Nothing more, nothing less….it was just you boo.

  • Atlbossman

    Lies. Complete and total lies. I wish bloggers and media stop talking to Slicky Gilbert about why she isn’t returning. We don’t care JUST GO! The tea on the street is the Network (TVOne) asked her not to come back following an incident caused by her husband that led to police being called and guns being pulled by Latocha Scott’s husband. Network has a zero tolerance for violence. Faith bowed out and never intended to be there, no surprise there. Faith is a talented snooze. Didn’t add much to the show other than her name which clearly they don’t need. She was given far more clout than she was worth 2 season. Think I’m lying ? Every Policr dept keeps records of 911 calls…I’m saying. To easy to prove.

    • Rissie75


  • Losh

    Yes, Nicci, it was the SHOW that was a bad look. The show. Could not possibly have been you, now could it? Also, it’s my jeans that make me look big, not the Popeye’s I enjoy so much.

    • Rissie75


  • VampyRed

    Boo hoo, Nicci. Good riddance! You are just an overly aggressive, angry, jealous person. I believe that she is jealous of Syleena and has some self-esteem/confidence issues.

  • newgirl

    Great now take Kelly Price with you.

  • KamJos

    Plenty of people feed their families without a reality tv show.

  • Katarzyna

    She’s right: sitting at home not causing drama is a better look for her. Toodles, Nic!

    • VampyRed

      LMBO. True, girl.

  • currvalicious

    Glad LaTocha scott is gone,. she was boring. Rumor has it that lead singer Meelah Williams from girl group 702 will be one of the new cast mates in ATL so that should be good. Loves her!@

    • Resina

      Oh Musiq Soulchild’s BM, Meelah? I wonder will she be chill or try to air Musiq’s dirty laundry?

  • tellinitlikeitis

    Nobody wants to see Nicci- I am glad she is gone- would not watch the show anymore if she were on it. Her reality show will Fail. Nicci has no fans. What a heifer

    • ScriptTease

      … in other words, she wasn’t ratchet enough for most of everyone?!?

      • DRJ

        No she was rachet…and mean, and a s*&# starter…and a liar, and overdramatic

        • Rissie75

          All of that you just said and then some…

        • ScriptTease

          Dang, why must we make fools of ourselves, and I am guilty of watching ratchet shows like this.

    • @TeamNicci

      speak for yourself! you don’t speak for me chick. I DO want to see Nicci. Realest reality star out there. I’m a fan. Now who sounds like a fool?

      • Lou