Ja Rule And Irv Gotti Talk Popping E, Cheating On Their Wives And Ashanti Beef

September 26, 2013  |  

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Ja Rule and Irv Gotti stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club for a very interesting and candid interview this morning. During their chat, the native New Yorkers opened up about everything from their marital woes to drug addictions. Check out some highlights below.

On the longevity of their friendship:

Gotti: “We’re good guys!”

Ja: “That’s my brother. We been rocking and rolling for a long time. It’s deeper than just music and what we do business wise. It’s a real love. Our families are close. Our boys and everything… it’s just a family thing.”

On Gotti ruining his business relationship with J.Lo:

Gotta: “It was an ‘Elle’ Magazine interview, she was on the cover. I was high, I just got off the phone with Tommy Motolla. It was an argument, I was heated. I hang the phone up, the next cell was, ‘It’s ‘Elle’ we need some quotes for J.Lo.’ And this interview was crazy. I was like, ‘Yeah? You want some quotes? What’s up?!’ I was high on like three ecstasy pills so I’m floating and angry. So they were like, ‘We asked J.Lo and she said “I’m Real” ain’t about Puffy,’ and I was like ‘What? She lying.’ They asked me if “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny” was about Diddy and I was like, ‘Sure they are.'”

On popping ecstasy pills:

Gotti: “Ecstasy was good. We made all of those records you love and we was very high. Rule was a maniac. Everyday he would wake up with a bottle of Remy. Do you know what’s that’s doing to your liver? You wake up, no OJ, no water. You wake up with a liter of Remy Martin. Then when we was making a lot of paper, he would wake up with Cristal. I’m like, yo man, Nino Brown man, get my man a straw.”

Ja: “Those were the days.”

On dogging out their wives:

Ja: “I didn’t make it easy on her [my wife]. Y’all women have a unique skill of knowing that this is the man that you want, but maybe he’s not the man you want him to be right now. It is a unique skill that woman have, and you know, I wasn’t ready to be the man she was wanting me to be at that moment. I was being very selfish. You know, anything that you wanna do to the best of your abilities, you have to be somewhat selfish. Here I am starting a family and starting a marriage and this union that was supposed to be my number one priority to make it work. But then I kind of gotta be here to make this [rapping] work. To make it be what it is or what it was. It was a very hard time because I was doing what I needed to win and at the same time I was hurting her in a lot of ways.”

“I can’t say that I was 100% bad to my wife. I wasn’t there for a lot of things that I should’ve been there for. I wasn’t in her corner for a lot of the things that I should’ve been. So yeah, that was terrible. The rumors and things like that, terrible. As far as being a good man and a good father, that I was. I was there being that person as much as I could be. I wasn’t a great husband.”

On Superhead:

Ja: “Damn her! Damn those lies [laughs]. She recently came forward and kind of recanted her statement about some of the things she said in her book.”

Gotti: “I don’t wanna be anywhere near Superhead. All money ain’t good money. You know what flabbergasted me about Superhead? When she was on ‘Oprah.’ I’m good friends with Oprah and Gail. I’m really good friends with Gail and I said, ‘Gail, how y’all not having no rappers on, but you let the c**ksucker on there?’ And I said she’s lying to y’all man. You wanted to do all of this though.”

 On Ashanti:

Gotti: “Here’s the real. Me and Ashanti have a unique and special bond. We made great music together and everything like that. Here’s the problem, here’s the realness. We at Murder Inc. and it’s like a family. When I fell upon hard times and they raided my offices and my life got turned upside down, certain people bailed. She bailed, yo. I’m a cancer. we love hard just as much as we hate hard. So when someone bails and you like, yo, I’m probably the illest n***a in ya life next to your dad. It’s like your dad and then me. I don’t care what I’m going through, ride with me. Even if you don’t wanna be on Murder Inc. or whatever, still ride. There’s nothing I won’t do for the people I love. I’d die for Rule. I didn’t receive that love, not just from Ashanti, but from a lot of people.”

“She didn’t want to be a part of Murder Inc. no more. She thought she was this princess that I created and she has this image and the Murder wasn’t good for the image no more, but you can’t tell me that.”

“Yes, I could probably help her [career] right now, but does she wanna be helped? What does it mean to help her? Would she help me or is it business? I’m not no business guy. It don’t have nothing to do with business. So if I feel people are just coming around so they could use me, I don’t really move like that. Like, you don’t wanna stand next to me? Cool, don’t stand next to me, but don’t come around asking me for a record either then.”

Listen to part one of their interview below. Turn the page for part two.

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  • Teresa Loyal T Walker

    Wow, can’t we all just get along…None of know each other or thsese celebs….

  • mac

    lol Irv, you can’t even help your damn self right now, let alone Ashanti. Stahp.

  • LadiesNight

    Irv Gotti NEVER said whether or not him and Ashanti were having sex. Ashanti DOESN’T come off as a person who would have sex for tracks. I wonder what her mom and dad have to say about it if it’s true.

    • Sounds like you need a life. Worried about what Ashanti’s mom and dad think about who she’s sharing her kitty with. Now really.

      • LadiesNight

        Sounds like you need to take heed and take my advice. Worried about how Ja and Irv act and how they conduct themselves in interviews. Mind your business and stop worrying about if they sound “ignorant”,dumba** heaux.

        • sunny

          LMAO….. see how easy it is to get caught up in judgement and being nosy when you read GOSSIP.

          Thanks ladies… this was too funny!

          • She’s a hypocrite but its all good. Its funny, but I feel bad, kind of like you feel bad for laughing at someone who’s slow. . . .

        • LOL. You know you are too ignorant don’t you? Don’t you? LOL. Now go play with someone you can keep up with mentally. You too slow.

  • They both sound ignorant as h*ll two middle aged men stuck in 2000. Get over it and get your grown man on. Learn from Diddy ( can’t stand him) and Jay Z (overrated) and transition from ignorant ‘street’ hustler to polished educated grown mogul.

    • Yvette

      My comment has nothing to do with the above article but I just had to say that it is good to know I am not the only person who can’t stand Sean Combs (I refuse to call him diddy). He has always rubbed me the wrong way with all his arrogant antics.

    • LadiesNight

      Get a life and stop passing judgments on people you don’t know.

      • But you just ‘judged’ that I need to get a life. Pot. Kettle. LOL you’ll be alright boo these are just my opinions.

        • LadiesNight

          And these are my opinions now shut up,bird.

          • Are you going to make me shut up? Do you happen to own Madame Noire? I doubt you own anything that hasn’t come out of a two for one bin. . . .

            Now run along and get you some business. You ain’t the moral police.

            • LadiesNight

              Are you going to keep talking or shut up? Do you own Madame Noire?I didn’t think so and why do you care? You need a man,a life,some healthcare,and some business,now bye bird a– b–tch.

              • Hood roach please, I’m married, I have a CAREER and I have plenty of business. How old are you? You sound either young or your brain is underdeveloped.

                Tell the truth did you ride the short bus growing up?

    • Kaho’olawe

      Most men in the rap industry are children in adult bodies.

  • AnonyChick

    I watched both parts of the interview–enjoyed both. Murder Inc takes me back to high school. Man, Ja Rule and Ashanti used to be the ish back then.

  • Yvette

    Irv Gotti needs to go have a seat with that “she used me” foolishness. He saw a pretty face that could carry a tune (notice I said carry a tune and not sing) and got her to give up the va-jay jay and in return she got the tracks (beats) she wanted for her albums. They used each other. Point blank period.

    • louvres

      ahanti wasn’t worse than any other singer back then and she’s really good now..

      • SomethingYouForgot

        Ashanti sings better than Rihanna and that’s for sure,but people stay hyping Rihanna up like she has talent.