Is There Such A Thing As “Bad” Sex? 10 Types of Sex That May Be Unhealthy For You

June 23, 2013  |  

My new favorite show on ABC is called Mistresses. I know…sounds scandalous – and it is – and like most guilty pleasures, it involves sex. Lots of it. You have women who get too much of it, not enough of it or who get it from the wrong person, ie: NOT their husbands or someone else’s husband. While it may seem to some that sex is sex and getting it can never be a bad thing, there can be a such thing as the wrong kind of sex. Think you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy sex? See if you’ve ever participated in any of the following…and if it was good or bad for you.

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  • original*ijs

    well, rebound sex hasnt steered me wrong. the one time i did do it, it help me realize that i was single again. it was after my first long term relationship and i did not nor do i now regret it. it was a fun night that got me back on my a game. and drunk sex….only happy stories there lmao

  • Nope

    I have a question for the ladies, what makes sex with you so good?


    • hollyw

      You first…

      …(this is a women’s site)…


      • Nope

        lol, nice sidestep of the question.

        We always hear from men about their personal bedroom skills, fact or fiction. But this is a question that most women won’t, or can’t answer about themselves. Not even attempt to. The very few women that might have differential sex skills usually want to save face (even online, smh). But most women don’t even have an answer to offer they just have the mentality of “because I have a vag*na”, which every other also woman has.

        • hollyw

          Question: If most women haven’t answered b/c they can’t or won’t, least of all to you, which speaks for itself…how would you even know that their mentality is “because I have a v@g*na”…

          …I’ll wait =|

  • JamaicanBeauty

    This is a pretty good list, but I think you forgot “REVENGE SEX.” Finding out that your significant other cheated so u decide to get back at him/her by having sex with someone else, not good.

    • original*ijs

      ooh thats a good one!

  • Bored With Your Mediocrity…

    Yep, guess that just about sums it up, ladies, i mean, seriously, what other
    type of “sex” is there, other than what’s listed above?? LoL… i kid, i kid

    • hollyw

      “In a loving relationship” sex..?

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Welp. Insiteful. This slideshow just makes me view sex from another angle



  • Coco black

    There sure is!!…….one of the main reasons I dumped my ex was because of bad sex! It was ALL ABOUT HIM!!!! Even after numerous conversations…he had to go! He even had the nerve to tell me to just lie back and enjoy lol. My response was “enjoy what exactly?!?”. It makes me laugh just thinking about it

    • Trisha_B

      “Lie back & enjoy…” LMAOOOOOOOOO im sorry, but I read that in a Stevie J voice & made the face at the end hahaha. It just sounds like something he would say to Mimi lol