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After a breakup it can be really hard to move on to someone new. With all of the emotions and memories that come with a relationship, it’s not easy letting them go. When a relationship ends, it’s likely that you’ll stay single for a while, but after some time, you’ll find yourself wanting to hit up the dating scene again. Before you make your move, here are 15 signs that you’re ready to start dating again.



You’re confident in yourself again

When a relationship ends, some of your self-confidence and self-esteem can go down with it. If you’re feeling like your old self again — that woman who can conquer and do anything — you’re definitely ready to take the dating world by storm. Lacking confidence can make dating a lot harder and nerve-wracking than it really needs to be. Don’t date until your self-confidence is back to normal.


You no longer cry about your ex

Are you able to think about your ex without crying or getting extremely angry? When you reach this point, it’s likely that you’re well over your ex. You don’t want to move on to the next guy if you’re still emotionally hung up over your ex. Reaching that neutral point is ideal before moving on to someone new.


You have time to date

You should only start dating again when you have time. If you’ve taken up a bunch of new activities to keep yourself super busy during the single life, you may not want to add dating in just yet. You’ll want to have enough free time available to go on dates and chat with potential guys. Not having enough time will put you in a bind and it may cause guys to lose interest quickly.


You’ve gotten rid of ex-laden items

You no longer wear his favorite t-shirt to bed. The pictures that were once framed on your nightstand are gone. All of the teddy bears and other gifts he gave you are history. Make sure that before you start dating again, you’ve really gotten rid of items that serve as memories for a relationship that is over.


You feel hopeful again

We all know that there is someone out there for us, but after a relationship ends, we can lose sight and hope in that thought. Ending a relationship can leave you feeling bitter and completely helpless. You’re ready to date again when that glimmer of hope is back and is glowing brightly and you start believing that there is hope for you when finding someone new.


You’re not seeking a rebound

Before you get back into the dating world, you want to make sure that you’re not doing it simply because you’re lonely or because you want someone to fill the void. If you’re simply looking for a rebound, revenge, or something out, stay out of the dating pool! This will only lead to more problems and stress down the road, and in the end you’ll be back to square one: single.


You know what you want

Joining the dating world, you should know right off the top of your head the type of guy you’re looking for. You should know the qualities you want, the looks you want, the personality you want, and so on. Jumping back into the dating scene without having a clear picture of the man you want to date can be problematic. You’ll end up wasting a lot of time and effort on men you just don’t want.


Your ex is an ex-convo

Talking about your ex-boyfriend to your friends or family members shows that he is still on your mind at some point during the day. If you can’t help bringing him up in conversation, you aren’t ready to join the dating scene just yet. Work towards not thinking or talking about him, and you’ll be better off when it is time to date again.


You’ve learned from your past relationship

Even if your relationship ended in the worst way possible, you should be able to list some things that you’ve learned. Maybe you’ve decided on what qualities you really need in a guy. Or maybe you’ve learned to be more open to talking about your emotions. Whatever it is that you’ve taken in from your last relationship, the key is making sure that you’ve learned something valuable.


You’re okay with being alone

When in a relationship, a lot of women get safe and comfortable with having someone at their side. However, when a relationship ends, it can be hard to adjust to the single life again. When you hit the point that you’re at peace with being single but you’re open to dating, you’re ready to get back out there!


Your ex is completely out of your life

After a relationship ends, some ex-couples have the idea that staying friends and hanging out on the regular is a good thing. However, this shows that you two aren’t ready to seal the deal yet. If you’re not willing to end things and start new, now isn’t the time for a new beau. Remaining friendly with your ex isn’t a bad thing, but half-way stringing the relationship along isn’t ideal.


You know who you are again

Relationships can often cause you to lose your sense of self. A lot of times we get too busy and drawn into making our other half happy that we can forget who we are and how we used to be. Once a relationship ends, take time to regain your sense of self. Do the things you used to do and do them for you only. This way you can go into the dating world with your true self in mind.


A new guy has peaked your curiosity

So you’ve met a new guy who goes to the same coffee shop each morning that you go to. Or you’ve hung out with a mutual friend who just so happens to be a male and you find yourself thinking about him sometimes. Once a new guy has peaked your curiosity, you’re more than likely over your ex, which means you’re at a good stage in time to date someone new.


You aren’t in it for the jealousy factor

After a break-up you’re hurt and angry, and a lot of women would do anything to make their ex jealous and to feel like they’ve made a mistake. You’re ready to date when you’re past this phase. If you’re really interested in a guy, make sure you’re in it for him, and not to get back at your ex.


You don’t want a competition

We all do crazy things and once you’ve broken up with your ex, you may be inclined to keep tabs on him to see when he gets his new girlfriend. If you’re only going back into the dating scene to ensure that you’re dating someone new first, stay out of the dating game! You’re only in it for silly reasons that have no meaning or purpose. You’re ready when you don’t have a care in the world regarding your ex’s new interest.

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