15 White Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Raising Black Children

May 20, 2013  |  
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Race relations may be doing better than any of us think. We bet you’d be surprised to find out just how many of your favorite white celebrities are raising black babies. A few stars have made their adoptions part of their publicity. But some have been raising multicultural families on the down-low for years.
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Joely Fisher

The former Desperate Housewives and ‘Til Death seemed to be on a mission to find a black baby. First she went to Africa looking to adopt but told People that she found that people there needed more help sustaining their lives in their own country, not help from Americans taking their children away. So she went back to the United States and adopted an African-American daughter in 2008 named Olivia Luna.
Source: AP

Michelle Pfeiffer

Way back in 1993, Michelle adopted her daughter Claudia Rose. Claudia Rose has stayed out of the limelight since then. She’s now 20 and rarely shows up at red carpet events with her mother.
Image Source: Visual/WENN.com

Sandra Bullock

Sometimes life imitates fiction. Right after Sandra Bullock starred in The Blind Side, she went out and adopted her son Louis from Louisiana and became a single mother due to her split from the adulterous Jesse James.
Image Source: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Mariska Hargitay

When Mariska Hargitay set out to expand her family, she told people that she wanted to do it with black children:

“We talked a lot about mixed-race adoptions, and we are very excited that we are now a multi-racial family. We were considering both international and domestic adoption and we’re thrilled that this is the way our prayers were answered.”

In 2011, shortly before that interview, Mariska adopted two black children: Amaya Josephine and Andrew Nicolas Hargitay.

Image Source: Anthony Dixon/WENN.com

Mary Louise Parker & Billy Crudup

The former Weeds star and her boyfriend Billy Crudup adopted Caroline “Ash” Aberash, from Ethiopia in 2007. This was right in the middle of the African and Asian adoption trend that touched a lot of celebrities.
Image Source: Apega/WENN.com

Jane Fonda

Remember this icon from the exercise videos? Jane Fonda’s not only a great actress, she’s a political activist. In the ’70s, she adopted Mary Luana Williams the 14-year-old daughter of Black Panthers she knew from East Oakland.

Image Source: Jeff Daly / WENN.com

Tom Cruise

Back in the day, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted an African-American boy named Connor Cruise (they also adopted his older sister, Isabella Cruise). Connor is 17 years old now and an aspiring DJ. If you’re into Celebrity drama, Connor is definitely one to watch. Here’s what a friend of the family told In Touch Weekly about Connor:
“Connor has always had a difficult relationship with his parents, and it has definitely affected him. He has broken down crying about it…When he was young, Tom was always off doing his thing, working like a madman. He traveled all the time, and was totally focused on his career. When he came home, he didn’t always have much left to give.
“Tom is a very difficult man to get to know on a deep level. It’s almost like he treats Connor like a business associate rather than a son.”
“He’s starting to rebel against his father and the other components in their life, maybe even Scientology. He wants to be independent, but Tom doesn’t want to give up control over his son.”
Image Source: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

Kristin Davis

On Sex and the City, Kristin Davis played a woman who adopted an Asian girl when she found out she couldn’t have children. After her experience with that role, Kristin Davis decided to bring fiction into reality. In 2011, she adopted a black baby girl named Gemma.
Image Source: WENN.com

Charlize Theron

Charlize made it clear to the world that she was clueless about black folks’ struggle in the US when she tried to backdoor Viola Davis’ comment about struggling as a black actress with “You have to stop saying that, because you’re hot as sh-t.” So it was a surprise to learn that Charlize actually has a black child named Jackson. The South African native adopted him around the time of her statement.
Image Source: WENN.com

Jillian Michaels

The Biggest Loser fitness star has adopted two black children with her partner Heidi Rhoades. Here she is at the pool with her youngest daughter Lukensia while Pheonix is somewhere poolside staying out of the sun.

Image Source: WENN.com

Ty Burrell

The dad from Modern Family is also a father in real life. He and Holly, his wife of 15 years, have adopted two black children. They adopted their first daughter Frances back in 2010. Two years later, in March 2012, they adopted another little black girl to add to their growing family.

Image Source: Beiny/Fu/WENN.com

Hugh Jackman

When Wolverine isn’t cutting up the X-Men’s enemies, he’s adopting babies. When he discovered that his wife Deborra-Lee Furness was infertile, he looked for other ways to expand his family. Both his son Oscar Maximillian and Oscar’s sister Ava Eliot are half black. And adopting “mixed race” children was a conscious decision on Hugh and Ava’s part. When they found out that kids of mixed racial parentage are adopted the least, they wanted to be sure that they were the ones to help fill that gap.

Image Source: WENN.com


Madonna adopted Mercy James and David Banda from Malawi. That’s not news to most who follow Madonna’s career. What is surprising is the way she got the kids. Apparently, Mercy James’ biological family say that Madonna tricked them into thinking that they weren’t giving their daughter up permanently. Hopefully that’s not true.

Image Source: WENN.com

Steven Spielberg

The director of The Color Purple has two black children. His son, Theo Spielberg, is 20 and attending Yale University. His daughter, Mikaela, is 17. They may not show up on the red carpet much but they seem to be doing well.

Image Source: WENN.com

Angelina Jolie

It’s not news to anyone that Angelina and Brad adopted Zahara and Pax and Maddox. But she started this whole trend back in 2005 and no list would be complete without Angelina’s mixed brood. If you’re Jonesing for a family update, you can check all the kids out in Angelina’s new movie Maleficent.

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  • Ashcan

    In the 90s, it was the pot bellied pig, NOW whites adopt Black children as human pets, whites will make a FAD out of anything. I am sure that they are NOT molesting them though……….

    • renee

      What an ignorant thing to say.

      • Ashcan

        How so?

  • caligirl

    the best thing white women can do is concentrate on raising their own males properly. racism continues to this date in large part because of racist white women who are doing a very poor job of rearing white children. focus on your own. adopt a white child from the united states and leave other innocent children from other nations ALONE. all this ‘transracial adoption’ is is yet another expression of white privilege.

  • Sam300

    No American adult should be able to adopt a foreign child until every American child inside the USA who is up for adoption….is adopted. Problem solved.

  • Terrance

    What I don’t understand is why celebrities don’t adopt AMERICAN children of any race…why do they constantly adopt children from overseas????

  • CanadaGurl

    Angelina Jolie didn’t start this. If anybody did it was Mia Farrow.

  • Pamela

    Changing the subject a bit. Call me crazy, but I swear that Tom Cruise’s son Connor looks JUST like him. Look at his nose, jawline, cheeks. Ummm yeah, I think he just adopted his own love child to make cover his tracks.

  • Rose

    Mariska only has one black child, fyi. Her other son is white.

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  • YouDisappointMe

    All the black and chinese people should start adopting white kids. It’s not like there is a shortage of white kids that need to be adopted because there is not.
    Plus it is child abuse how most of them fail to care for those kids. It’s called lotion people.

  • kushal kumar

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  • Jj Neufmois

    I don’t see what the problem is here, and I don’t understand what all the hate and chaos is all about. If you want to have a family and you can afford and be able to maintain a stable family unit, then everyone should just let you be. The same goes if you’re a celebrity. I doubt many of them even feels comfortable with having to go through the process of actually conceiving a biological child together, so adoption just seems like the only option regardless of the kid’s race and the celebrity’s social class or financial background. Not all celebrities can stay young and self-indulgent forever; they want to live the American dream like everybody else. If people who adopt only see children as accessories for publicity or money rather than having any intention of raise them at all, then of course it’s a problem!

  • JMW

    My cousin and his wife adopted two girls….because they couldn’t have children due to medical issues. Due to a lack of “white” children up for adoption they ended up adopting two babies born to young “black” mothers addicted to drugs who both gave up their children before going to prison for various reasons…the babies had health issues that caused many potential parents to avoid adopting them and they still have health issues…but, they are amazing kids with amazing parents. My cousin and his wife didn’t go in search of adopting “black” children…it just happened….the babies were in need of parents and the parents were in need of two wonderful intelligent beautiful trouble makers that are absolutely adorable and are going to give daddy the fits when they start dating… 🙂

  • FuzzyFTW .

    what is their agenda whatever it is it’s failing

  • Gort

    They all drove Prius’s for a while too . I can’t wait until the inner chimp comes out.

  • Eddie Donahoo

    Species are different flowers people are one humanity is socially fencing yet for the finacial security culture tradition spiritual freedoms to be
    Free and their future progeny secure but genetic alterations and evolution brings skin and hair and eye Color under another context peace in God

  • titainiumman

    How many black celebrities have adopted white children??????????

  • Stevie

    I agree, I’m a single foster mom and I’ll be adopting my mixed race child. Is very easy to adopt when you foster. Also black grandparents are being overwhelmed with taking care of their kin, because of there dead beat children. But in general blacks do not adopt children, but even their kin.

  • Ifuaskme2

    Wonder how many black celebrities adopt white kids?

  • Shaynay Naynot

    These filthy race traitorous former human celebutards are mentally ill and have the same “look at me” mentality as the picaninnies they apedopt. Why would they apedopt a filthy animal, many of them being diseased imported pets, and bring it into their lives and homes especially when they endanger their human children by doing so? Apparently they do not have a plantation with cotton and tobacco fields that need to be picked. There are thousands of human children that need and would love a home of their own. If I have the desire to adopt a pet I would do what any human would and go to the pound and adopt a four legged animal and not a two legged beast.

    Not only should they have their human children taken away from them and the dangerous situation they are in, as these apedopted pets will chimpout and kill them, but since they love their pets so much they should be shipped to da muddaland of these animals where they can surround themselves with all the AIDS infested pets they want and love.

    Read more about race traitors and their apedopted picaninnies at Chimpmania.

  • Andrea

    Why would anyone want to adopt a pickaninny when there are plenty of human children who need homes? All these people are going to have to deal with their pet committing crimes and causing other problems.

  • thetruth2025

    race baiting pure and simple

  • ChicagoChick

    this is sickening to my stomach. how can a pale face recessive white raise the dark hue race. whites cant never teach nobody of color let alone kids how to be a BLACK or BROWN Man in their racist society.

  • Brambles

    I wonder how many black celebrities are raising white babies?

  • onetoo

    Millenium slavery?
    Why not name the article: Stars who have adopted children.

    I am sure that some of these people are doing this with only love in their hearts, but I just can’t shake the feeling of this being the “new” version of Slavery.
    Maybe this will break racisim in american.
    We are all equal no matter what color we are and every child deserves a better life.
    Does this really equal a better life or a confused one?
    Lots of gray area here.
    To all the best.

  • C

    Yall need to check that info. Jillian Michaels’ partner gave birth to Phoenix. He was not “adopted”, and at best, he is only half black.

  • Jihad Abdur-Rahman

    I have nothing but admiration for anyone regardless of color who adopts a child/ children and give them a better life and opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have. May God bless them and the children

  • kary

    I wonder when black celebs will be able to adopt white kids. White people don’t want black people adopting white kids.

  • Suke Madiq

    I’ll adopt a black kid if he is 7 feet tall with good hands and can run the court.

  • Ricochet

    The article doesn’t say “adopted” up front. what about celebrities who have black children NOT adopted, like Justin Chambers & Shadow Stevens? I’m sure there are many more.

  • goku49

    Adoption is expensive… the process that is!

  • Lila Beenthere

    remember it os less costly to adopt “brown” kids than white kids a 75% disount

  • Guest

    Trayvon is dead because he attack a man. Black on black crime kills.

  • Guest

    Not all owned slaves and slavery has been over for 143 years as*. You are a racist and no race is better than another race in GODS eyes.

  • james

    my wife and i adopted a black, special needs infant. he is now 32 and a wonderful man. doesn’t matter the ethnicity as long as you provide unconditional love. there will always be those who are afraid of anything different that challenges their comfort zone. we and our children experienced that at times, but it was a wonderful opportunity to teach unconditional love.

  • dirtydog1776

    Black children for guilty, white liberals……the latest très chic accessory to show off to your friends so they see how progressive you are.

  • JanuaryShytown

    Beautiful, WTF so beautiful about a White person taking away a child from their natural mother, parent, environment. One has to wonder why these white celebs are going to such length to adopt a black baby. What, are there no white or other ethnic children to adopt! Many of us wonder what their motive is for adopting these Black babies. Are they hoping to mold the next Michael Jordan, Lebron James or Beyoncé! Are they maybe hoping that by adopting a black baby, they will be spared God’s wrath. Not as silly as it may sound, as there are a growing number who have knowledge and understanding from research that Blacks in the U.S. and many other parts of the world are God’s first born Hebrews the Bible speaks of. The fact that they are White celebs looking to adopt Black babies is suspect within itself! Many of us say, why take away a child from his natural mother or parent, it seems in reality they are further exploiting the situation, at best, taking advantage of an already disadvantaged people. Have the Black people and their land in Africa not been Raped enough by White EuroAmerica! if these celebs and others who adopt Black babies, if they really want to do something good, then why not help these Black mothers or parents become self reliant so they’ll be able to keep and take care of their natural born child they birthed into this world! Its downright disgraceful that any celeb or otherwise would go to such lengths to take a child way from his/her biological family to satisfy their own selfish needs and desires! Help the family take care of their own! That would be the Selfless thing to do.

    • Guest

      Jesus was not black but a dark Hebrew no black blood. You sound kind of racist white being spared GODS wrath only if they are racist like you. And the Mothers could keep their baby’s but do not want them so if whites adopt them and give them love and a good family who cares?

      • kary

        Talk with some black social workers, they care.

    • Pimpcessa

      Bigot! Additionally, those babies would not be AVAILABLE for adoption, if the mother and father hadn’t given them up to begin with! And lastly, what you are suggesting the white people do is already going on, and it’s called welfare. It’s not “WHITEY’S” fault, the people chose not to get an education with the time they have on their hands….and the government funds that are available to minorities.

  • Gymo

    The problem with racists and racism is that
    they are a dying breed, you folks have been on the losing end of
    American racial healing and integration for a long time.
    Right now as you snipe and beat your keyboards in hate, there are now interracial
    couples coming together, new TV ads showing racial integration, new
    TV/Movies with racial integration, new biracial kids being born at an
    accelerated pace.

    Also, it’s the more you have to hide your racial hate if you want to
    keep your job/have a business or be in politics – That means we the good
    Americans have driven you underground to live like rats.
    Being a racist in times past used to be easy, but now you have to hide your little symbols and your little hate pamphlet and talk in whisper to your other dimwitted racist friends, you can’t even tell members of your family that you are a deal in racial hate, because you know they will call you by your true name “LOSER!”.

    • Guest

      Racist come in all races not jut white.

  • annonymous

    Jane Fonda does NOT deserve to be called a political activist. damning hundreds of US Soldiers to torture in Vientamese prisons should ABSOLUTELY NOT be rewarded. This horrible person who betrayed our troops doesnt deserve to be noticed in our society anymore much less called a political activist

    • Gymo

      Worry about what Jane Fonda did or didn’t do 60 years ago is such a waste, it shows an idle mind/or addled mind.

    • kary

      Forgive her and move on.

  • Betty Gordon

    Billy Crudup did NOT adopt a black child with Mary Louise Parker…what he did was leave MLP when she was pregnant with their child, Will. MLP adopted the girl well after Billy was gone.

    • Gymo

      That’s true.

  • Princess Pickle

    That’s quite offensive to say that racism is on the mend because white celebrities have adopted black children. As a mother to children who are of a different race than myself, I am very offended by this shallow treatment of adoption. This is the worst sort of reporting, not deserving of the word “journalism,” although I guess this site doesn’t even pretend to that. Thank goodness these sorts of sites come and go within a week, and are buried in the rubble of the internet in no time flat.

  • talicia

    So what? They’re not heroes because they have black kids. Some of them were to old to have kids of their own, and some just adopted a fill in baby until they got married and had their own biological kid. I don’t like that all the gays will be adopting the black kids now. Social experimenting on black kids, who have it rough already. I bet you won’t see a little white girl or boy get adopted by two gay black guys. Obama is a lowlife who’s done nothing for blacks. He’s coddled homosexuals and Hispanics. Amnesty is racist, blacks will lose out! Write an article about that, it’s more useful to the black community than this.

  • The Bobster

    Unfair that those pickaninnies have to be used as fashion accessories.

  • Sin-derella

    A few years back all the celebs had those little teacup dogs they carried everywhere. Could this be the new fad? Where when these celebs get together at dinners and events they say “yeah, I got one too.” Referring to the adoption of black children. If their reasons are noble fine. But if it’s being done like some Hollywood fad, that would be Fuc**ed up for real,
    chances are these children will never be able to relate to their own people because they probably won’t really be around any other blacks, other than the help. Yet blacks can’t adopt white children.

    • Gymo

      In later years there will be this massive transfer of wealth to these children, as inheritance.
      Many will be your average socialite, hopefully not a waste of skin like Paris Hilton, but more like a businessman/woman like Nicole Richie, or Tom Cruise son Connor.
      They will be the new America leaders. – Obama is just the forerunner.

    • Coraddo

      That’s not true, there are quite a few blacks that have adopted white children. And they are not all affluent. I saw a story on tv about a single black woman that adopted a white child. Learn the facts about things before you make ignorant statements.

      • Sin-derella

        That artlic

        Sent from my HTC smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!

        —– Reply message —–

  • David Dukes

    So say these white trash wannabe celebs are Americas fav? This rag is always making some dumb comment about Blacks and Whites! These dim witted biotches do it because they think its trendy, and besides the lil monkeys parents probably are crack heads and in prison!

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  • Paul Hue

    These children need parents, and sadly, the black population suffers from a lack of competent parents. I hope that these children grow up to be productive and honorable. But as we know, many celebrities turn out to be as negligent and incompetent as welfare parents, with the dysfunctional children to prove it.

  • TheAdoptionOption

    “…Very good question. I personally believe the reason has nothing to do with wanting to save Black children but it has everything to do with trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Hollywood is like that…”
    I can’t speak for all of Hollywood, but as far as Mariska Hargitay goes, I’ve known her for several years now. She’s a beautiful soul inside and out, and I cannot imagine her taking on the responsibility for 2 lives, regardless of their race, to run with the Joneses.

  • Leftist_Matyr

    monkey trainers

    • Gymo

      The problem with racists is that they are a dying breed, you folks have been on the losing end of American racial healing and integration for a long time.
      Right now as you snipe and beat your keyboards in hate, there are now interracial couples coming together, new TV ads showing racial integration, new TV/Movies with racial integration, new biracial kids being born at an accelerated pace.

      Also, it’s the more you have to hide your racial hate if you want to keep your job/have a business or be in politics – That means we the good Americans have driven you underground to live like rats.

  • rusyn

    it sounds like these ultra liberal white folks need to validate their hollywood credentials with black kids. they use themtoshow the world how great they are. this will last for a few years then it is onto some other trend for them to latch onto.

    • Froggage

      Black children have always been the last on the list to get adopted. You can sit there on your throne of snark and make nasty-ass comments about “Hollywood liberals” and trends but I’m frankly just glad to see these children in good homes where they’ll have access to the best of everything instead of entering the foster care system, which is where you’d apparently rather see them go.

      Also, FYI, Michelle Pfeiffer adopted Claudia Rose back in 1993 — maybe I missed the memo, but I don’t think it was trendy for white folks to adopt black babies back then. You’ll find some reason to crap on that, I’m sure, but that’s your burden and your testimony.

  • globeflyer

    In today’s society, this is rapidly becoming a “non-issue”. Good for them taking their time to raise and ,hopefully, educate these kids to become productive citizens and not prima donnas just because they won the adoption “lottery”.

  • Cynthia

    My husband and I are African American, and we adopted 2 African American/Latin children. They are a sibling group. We adopted 8 years, at which time my son was approx 20 months old, and my daughter was 3 years old. My husband and I also have a biological child, which we had after we adopted. We love each child unconditionally. My heart overflows with love for each child. So for those that say that you can’t truly love an adopted child as much as you love a biological child, I say that is so untrue.

  • Sin-derella

    If white people can adopt black children, why is it even very affluent, compassionate black people cannot adopt white children? Why is that?

  • Sin-derella

    If white people can adopt black children, why is it even very affluent, compassionate black people cannot adopt white children? Why is that?

  • hatemediaracism

    Another great example of the media pushing racism issues, it will never go away when they have to keep making things BLACK AND WHITE…

  • Phelony Jones

    Only a good liberal or democrat would care about color. But it seems that’s all today’s liberals care about, what a person is: gender, color, ethnicity. Its like they never heard of Dr. martin Luther King, never heard the speech. He talked about being judged by WHO we are, not the what. No wonder the Democrats remain(since the 1800’s) the home of racism and division. They continually divide everyone up by traits and characteristics. Disgusting.

    • kenlook123


  • germanicgod


  • Nickay

    Why is this even worthy of being a story?

  • curlydahl

    Charlize Theron, a South African, did not know about the struggles of Black Americans in America. Shame on her, that’s a lie and we know it!

  • James

    I don’t know why these white stars are adopting Black kids ,and it’s funny because of the topic of the matter is “CELEBRITIES THAT WE DID NOT KNOW ” why aren’t they on the Red Carpet with them, are they ashamed or something, I guess it maybe a conscious thing or something, I pray that it is for the good and NO OTHER underlying motive, hard to figure nowadays!!!

    • HBarry

      UHHH…they’re adopting them maybe because they are unwanted kids or have no parents? If you have not noticed, orphanages in developing nations are full of unwanted kids. Ashamed? If they paraded them on red carpet this rag would accuse them of exploiting them, the writer can barely contain her/his smugness in the captions. Good lord people they’re kids who found their way to parents that love them. That is a good thing.

    • Froggage

      Most celebrity parents don’t bring their kids on the red carpet with them, and actually make a point of keeping them away from the paparazzi, regardless of whether they’re adopted or not — they want their kids out of the spotlight. Clearly we have exceptions, like this generation who takes bids for baby pics, but most of the time you only see “normal” celebs’ minor children when some paparazzo snaps them walking on the street. They don’t intentionally expose their kids to publicity.

  • shag12

    We’re all God’s children, and we all originated on the continent of Africa. I’m happy about this, because so often EVERYONE was going to China and Russia. One-love baby.

    • Guest

      Israel is where the Garden of Eden was.

  • sara

    First there was only one person in this article that I didn’t know about. No scoops here so the title was very misleading. There’s nothing wrong with whites adopting black children as long as they can love and support them. It’s simply an easier process to adopt children outside of the white race, especially outside of the US. The important issue is the welfare of the children. Let’s not forget that.

  • google

    I will be interested to see how all of these children that are adopted by celebrities turn out. Different cultures etc. and adopted being in the spotlight with their famous parents. Some of them already sound like spoiled brats..bu,t I won’t rush to judgement..just curious about how it will turn out.

  • AbbysBiggestFan

    I knew all of this except for Ty Burrell.
    Kudos to anyone who wants to start a family PERIOD.

  • These adopted kids always keep getting forgotten.

  • Martin

    video adds don’t bother me, but, when you put sound on them and it cannot be turned off, that is so distracting and unwelcome, I will not watch this website any more. Please remove the sound.

  • guest

    Maybe some people should stop producing children that they are not willing or able to care for.

  • Denise Jones

    With Charlize being from South Africa (Apartheid)She should understand the black struggle instead of being clueless!!

  • Diana

    I want to know how come these people can adopt black babies and African Americans can not adopt white babies? Does not seem fair?

  • whitestone57

    ‘Sic Far Left Whites’ Who Cant Even Shine There Own Shoes.

  • Sally

    These are nothing more than accessories to these white people. Its like the little dog craze….just because one celebrity does it then they all have to do it for show. I think its pretty sad but whatever…Hollywood is sad period.


      BS.. These kids all look like they are well taken care of and shown love to…Something they obviously didn’t have before.. Quit being racist.


      BS.. These kids all look like they are well taken care of and shown love to…Something they obviously didn’t have before.. Quit being racist.

  • Somer

    “Staying out the sun”……really??? One thing I’ve always noticed about blacks and this is NO secret. When we adobt we prefer light skin children. Whites will adopt the darkest babies out there. The only time I see blacks adopt dark is when it’s their cracked out relatives kids. They don’t just go out & adopt dark

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Thanks for being honest love, you are a strong woman. I hope everything works out for the best 🙂

  • Jose

    What a waste of good genetics, have your own kids! AND KEEP they ones that you spawn!!

  • Christine

    Did the author of this article REALLY just refer to Africa as a country? What is wrong with Americans? Shameful and embarrassing.

  • KamJos

    Joely Fisher got it right on the money : “First she went to Africa looking to adopt but told People that she found that people there needed more help sustaining their lives in their own country, not help from Americans taking their children away”

    That’s what makes the Madonna story so incredibly problematic. She knew these children already had parents who were just poor and if she really wanted the best for them she would have helped the parents instead of trying to just take the kids.

  • word

    The “staying out of the sun” comment was very poor journalism with the Jillian Micheals slide, especially with this topic.

  • guest

    Who cares what color the parents are? At least those kids are now exposed to love and much better lives than they would have had otherwise….pointless article.

  • Jj2

    African Americans adopt unofficially and usually family members. As a former social service worker, it is a myth that our community does not take care of their own. Even when I transitioned to another career field, I often see cousins who are raising their family’s children. I applaud anyone that accepts a child in to their lives and homes; I just wish some of them with black girls can would learn how to do their hair.

    • chaka1

      I agree. I wish there was an article about black celebrities who adopt black children. It could start with Viola Davis who adopted a child and got little to no coverage.

  • What people don’t know about this subject is that around the time celebs began adopting black children, interracial adoption was being promoted through awareness groups and commercials and such. Because so many black children were being left behind and the majority of adoptive parents were white. So white parents adopting black children truly helped the black community. It may not be the perfect situation but it’s better than what statistics already proves to be the fate of black children stuck in the system. Black children rarely get adopted and when they do colorism plays a major part. Biracial Children get adopted first than last dark skinned children. If you really understood the facts, statistics, poverty, and crime that black children stuck in the system suffers you’d change your mind on your opinions about interracial adoption.

  • Your facts are wrong all black kids don’t go to relatives. As a foster parent and a foster sister to my mother’s foster kids your are definitely wrong. There are so many black children in foster care and most stay in the system their whole childhood. Black children stay in foster care 50% longer then any other race and almost never get adopted. Which unfortunately has it’s share to do with crime in the black community as 2/3 of inmates are black American foster children that were never adopted. So anytime ANYONE wants to adopt a black child it’s a beautiful and rare thing and should be acknowledged. If having wild hair is the worse of their problems they are blessed. In actuality more non black Americans go to relatives and/or get adopted. Not to attack your comment just wanting to raise awareness. This subject gets criticized but most aren’t knowledgeable to the situation.

    • guest

      Thank you for sharing! You said it better than I could & I have some work experience in child welfare.

  • MissRealuminatti

    White folks taking better care of our kids than BLACK MEN! smh

  • amirbey

    Unfortunately black people rarely take care their own children, born out of wedlock and into poverty so adoption definitely out the question for most!!!

  • amirbey

    Conner looks like Tom, just sayin!

    • KamJos

      Rumor is that’s his biological son from an affair.

  • I cannot help getting the impression that some of these people seem to be treating the adoption of a child as a shopping spree or a charity donation. If I wanted kids, I would have adopted, and I would have found a child that needed a home, regardless of background or age. I’ve seen too many lost children who stayed lost because their birth parents were not there, and I have seen children who might have been lost who were loved by adoptive parents – the most successful tend to have parents who were honest about the circumstances of how they became parents; they use the concept of a child being “chosen” and consistently treated that child naturally – no special treatment because they were not biological and no neglect or exclusion either. The key was always being upfront when the child asked questions like why he did not look like his mom or dad or siblings, where he comes from, etc and reaffirming the unconditional love of any good parent to his child.

  • I’m a. Adopted child and a person who hopes to give the gift of Adoption to another child . I feel Adoption is Just like birth when I looked at Dannica ( my daughter ) I knew she was mine I just felt it. So when my husband and I get ready to Start that process, I know, for me I just need to see my 2nd baby. What ever race they are. But I will say.. I would like it to be Easier for ppl in the US, to Adopt child from the US. Children here, Should have and deserve to have, Wonderful lives. I respect Angelina and Brad BUT it sucks that they didn’t go to New York, Detroit, DC, Philadelphia for a child. I know it’s Easier in other Countries but they have the money and the time . I’m a take care of home kinda girl .

  • Stacy B

    We would have preferred to adopt an African American child, however, to make it past some of the stringent rules. We had everything in order with the exception of our second home which we did not live in. We were going to let that house go into foreclosure and the agency we were working with said they felt that we wouldn’t meet the financial requirements. So the $3,750 I paid them went to waste. We are now doing foster to adopt and God willing BM’s rights will be terminated in a couple of months. We have had our son for 14 months now and BM who is a ward of the state has been in and out of jail. She hasn’t seen him in the past 4 months. I wish no harm to her and hope she gets her life together, but I think she needs to allow her son to live his life. She can’t even take care of herself. There are so many kids in foster care who need homes, however, the system gives these parents far too many chances to get their lives together, meanwhile….their kids are suffering.

  • Cedro

    Yes, I think we all knew this. Black people took care of white babies for centuries now white women are simply returning the favor. Every child rescued from Foster Care is a great thing.

  • lol

    maybe not bad if their intentions are good, madonna i dont like , she tricked the father of mercy in Africa i hear,, i dont like that, angelina;s daughter zahara seems happy with her pretty self.. the others like krisin needs to learn how to manage blk hair from a black person.. its just awful letting that lil girl go like she rolled out of bed.. kristin does her haor,, how would she feel not combing or doing something to her hair and saying shes going back to her roots(what are her roots)? anyway.. no moleststion and sexual things going on with those blk kids and its maybe all good!

  • monalisa15

    I don’t care what anybody says Connor looks like Tom Cruise’s biological son. If you see other pictures of Connor he looks like Tom Cruise.

    • 1CaliQueen

      Yes he does look like his dad. I’ve always thought that myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom and Nicole used a surrogate.

  • Que

    Famous people who started the adoption trend, Donna Mills of the show “knots Landing”, was way before Angelina Jolie.
    Donna Mills adopted a black baby girl in the 1970s
    Then another famous adoption was Kate Capshaw
    Then after a few others then Angelina Jolie.

    • guest

      Kate Capshaw is actually married to Steven Spielberg

      • AbbysBiggestFan

        She hasn’t always been married to him.

  • Que

    For more than a dozen years Charlize children charity has been helping black children, so she did know about the difficulties of black children.

  • Que

    The article about Tom Cruise and Connor is crap, writer is living in a fantasy world.

  • randomtandem

    was Madonna in there? She has TWO black kids!

  • K Boone

    On African-Americans adopting, when I was looking into adoption, I was happily surprised to learn that most African-American children who are adopted are adopted by African-American parents. Many more African-Americans adopt older children from foster care than does the general population as a whole. The challenge when it comes to African-American orphans is that between foster care and newborns that mothers voluntarily place, there are far too many children than adopting parents, period. I also learned that African-American natural mothers prefer African-American parents for their children and because of these statistics when qualified African-American parents do want to adopt an African-American baby, they do, on average, receive a new baby in 10 months. We (African-Americans do adopt across the board (from baby to teens) however when 39% of all African-American children born in the United States are impoverished and therefore a percentage often end up available for adoption because of all the ills that are common in impoverished lives, there is no way to logically expect those African-Americans who want to adopt to be able to absorb perhaps 10% of that 39%. But we do adopt. I have four African-American friends (3 couples, one single mom) who have adopted African-American or biracial babies, toddlers or children. I hope to add myself to that list in the future.

  • K Boone

    The premise of this list is nice but not well researched for the
    assertion of “stars you didn’t know were raising Black children”. Knew
    Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock was all over the news and gossip rags when
    she became a mother of her son, knew of course–at least you admitted it–both Madonna and Angelina, knew Spielberg although will admit that if
    you don’t watch Oprah where he said he made Amistad for his Black
    children, then one may not have known Spielberg, knew Mariska Hargitay in part because she did an entire magazine photo spread on her family–wish I could remember the magazine (it was Child or People or Home).

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    LOVE IS COLOR BLIND….when it come to children

  • Kenedy

    There is nothing wrong with adopting kids from outside the United States. Sure there’s a lot of needy children in the U.S. who need homes, but there’s a lot of needy children all over the world. This is a personal choice that the people adopting make, and they shouldn’t be criticized for their preferences….they are already doing a noble deed by adopting, aren’t they? Not that they are doing it to please you people, but I’m just saying

  • not to sound like a hater, but it makes me curious as to why they would say…”i specifically want to adopt a black baby”. why not just the next one in line to be adopted? maybe it is just me and my conspiracy theory tendencies, lol!

    • er5105

      A lot of people like being do gooders (I’m not showing shade on that at all btw). Also, some people know that black kids are least likely to get adopted, so that might also prompt them to do it.

    • scandalous7

      nope , im curious too.

    • K Boone

      When it comes to stars and their trends it is hard to trust their motives however I do trust more the motives of those who have kept their children out of the spotlight and think that like many non-stars they decide I want to love through parenting, let me do the greatest service to the human community and Black children especially those over age 2 are the ones who are adopted least often. I’m struggling with this choice right now. Like, yes there’s that child who needs a home but is 5X more likely to get one than this other child or even, yes there’s this child in the U.S. who will be stuck in foster care but foster care in the U.S. at least guarantees the essentials will be provided for him and he has a really good chance of living to adulthood whereas the orphans in XYZ country will be lucky if they live past the age of three….

    • j a sassy

      you have a real good point and it seems they all of a sudden jumped on that “adopt a black baby” bandwagon… there are lots of white babies who have been abused , moms on drugs,, born to drug addicted moms… but all of a sudden these white women want a black baby!

    • realadulttalk

      It’s not just you…seems like it’s a novelty instead of a good deed.

      • guest

        A novelty? Really? Now you know what’s in people’s hearts? Last I checked, only God knows that. Novelty or not, the kids benefit, so these adoptions should be celebrated. What about that part, don’t you get?

        • realadulttalk

          Have you ever known a child of another race who was adopted by a white couple?? Well honey, I do, a Korean brother and sister. The same family also adopted 2 other Asian children, while having one of their own in between. Those Asian children were put to work in the families restaurant from the time they were about 8 until they could escape. The bio son never worked a day in his life. While the family had mucho money, my friend had to take out student loans (and go home on weekends to work in the restaurant), and she was afraid to tell her “parents” that she had a black roommate b/c they hated black people. So now you tell me again how being a novelty benefits the child. My friend was adopted during the “Asian child novelty” that white people were going through during the 80’s and 90’s.

          • Guest


    • Sally

      Very good question. I personally believe the reason has nothing to do with wanting to save Black children but it has everything to do with trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Hollywood is like that. Besides adoption agencies will give you a Black child faster and easier than they would give you a white child. If you wanted to adopt a White child they make you jump through so many hoops. I know this because a white person I know has been trying to adopted this white kid and its been hell so she adopted a Black kid instead and she says the process was so much smoother and it seemed to her they didn’t care who they stick the Black kids with as long as they got rid of them.

      • kenlook123

        Just goes to show how racist whites are…

        • Guest


        • Guest


    • Proud Dad

      It is a fair question and one that maybe has an answer that people don’t want to hear. My wife and I made the decision to adopt and put on our paperwork exactly as you think, we would accept whatever child became available. The only stipulation is that we wanted an infant. We now are the proud parents of two beautiful, smart black children. Many couples will put that they will only accept a white baby and they end up on waiting lists for years and years because white adoptions, especially those involving newborns, are the ones highly sought after by the group of people adopting.

      If you are willing to accept any race for a child, and you want a newborn/infant the chances are very high you will receive a black child. It is a sad thing to think that there aren’t enough people willing to adopt any race and that that creates a large number of children of specific color that need homes. Not to reduce to discussion to something that seems academic, because I love my children with all my heart and could never imagine life without them, but it boils down to the number of available children for adoption and the number of families willing to adopt a child of any given race.

    • tm4justice

      This is old but … Hugh Jackman, for example, asked where the biggest need is, and he was told mixed kids never get adopted, so he adopted 2 mixed kids. His son is black, white, Hawaiian, and Native American – and his daughter is half Mexican and half German. The article got her ethnicity wrong. He also adopted his first kid before he was famous so it had nothing to do with a celebrity trend. He adopted his kids in the U.S. rather than Australia (where he is from) because Australia’s laws were such that they wouldn’t let him and his wife adopt there. Since then, he and his wife have fought hard for children’s rights and helped successfully improve the adoption laws to make adoption possible, less expensive, and safer in Australia.

  • Adopting black kids is not indicative of better race relations, and most adopt NON African American kids, so bye.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I plan on adopting all of my children in the future. I would rather save a child’s life and prevent them from being lost in the system. Also, the thought of carrying a child and giving birth just does not appeal to me lol. Sad I know. So I will be adopting. I’d probably be the next Josephine Baker with just a plethora of different raced children running around in my backyard lol

    • there is nothing sad or wrong about not wanting to give birth. i did it three times and each one was harder than the previous. i had my husband with me each time, and that made it a little better. but do what’s best for you! good luck!

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista


    • K Boone

      I wish I could “Like” on here — so use to facebook. but i second and third what Jessica Williams says. There is NOTHING saad about not wanting to be pregnant and give birth. We have to forge a new definition of womanhood that expands beyond our biological reproduction. If being a mother is a part of your life journey, you will fall in motherlove with a child no matter how they enter your life. I’ll say that if I could have adopted any of the children I’ve felt drawn to since I was 13 I would have loved them immediately with none of the anger or resentment I went through during post-partum with my biological child. Pregnancy and childbirth are so haaard,if we could describe it, the population would decrease by 70% immediately. LOL, but I’m serious. There’s a reason–survival of the species–that most women “forget” the pain within two years of giving birth. If we could remember it with all our senses we’d all be tube tied in relationships with vasectomied men or just celibate. Okay, done with my encouraging “rant”. Adopt and rejoice.

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        That MUST be the reason why some women have 6 or 7 kids. They must forget the pain because I couldn’t do it. More power to them tho. You said you felt anger and resentment? Why do you think that was? Ive heard of it before I just never understood why some women felt this way after giving birth?

    • Tawonda

      Sad but most woman are too lazy to have their own kids, worried about their career, figure and all else. You can love an adopted child but not as much as your biological one, it is human nature.

      • you are a sad excuse for a human being if you couldn’t love a child you chose to adopt as much as one that is biologically related to you purely due to lack of a biological connection. That said, you saying people can’t love their adopted child as much as one loves a biologically related one does not mean that you are factually correct in your assertion. The same could be said for your ridiculous claim that women who adopt are too lazy to have their own kids.

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        I have to disagree with you. A mother can definitely love an adopted child as much as a her biological one. Now of course there wont be that chemical balance between the adopted and the parent but its all in your heart honestly and whether you have that ability to love something that you would consider “second hand” or not directly from you if you understand what im trying to say

        • Gymo

          Apart from DNA there are no known chemical links between child and mother, in the early stages a baby in the womb depend on the mother chemicals to sustain him/her, to supply blood and to multiply the cells, but soon thereafter the baby’s body begins to produce it’s own chemicals and their DNA/cells begin their own independent growth and multiplication, then they begin producing their own blood supply, so pretty soon you end up with an alien entity within your body.

          That is why if that baby needs a bone marrow transplant you as mother might not be a DNA match for your own baby.

          • Gymo

            Let me add this the link between mother and baby is in the brain, that’s why adopted mothers are advised to lay in bed and allow the baby to lay on top with their ear pressed to the mother’s chest because the heartbeat will bond the baby to you, the baby will forever see you as mother. – It’s a thing that science is still trying to figure out, why human and animal babies bond that way.

      • Denise

        If I had the money I would love to adopt a child, no matter what their race was. I wouldn’t adopt a baby, that’s what most are looking for. I would adopt a foster child who needed a home most, no matter what their race or age. I would love them just as much as my biological son. Everyone is their own unique individual. Please don’t assume you speak for us all. Your comment that most are too lazy to have their own kids just proves your ignorance. I have a biological son but realize there are many kids who need a home.

      • Jessica

        That is an awful thing to say. I would one day like to adopt and I have no doubt in my mind that I will love that child as much as I love my biological son. Maybe you couldn’t love an adopted child as much as a biological child but a lot of people can. It’s not always about laziness either. I loved being pregnant. Some families aren’t capable of having biological children so they adopt and some want to give these poor children a decent life. They are capable of loving these children without being blood related. Family is family.

      • Gymo

        You are so totally wrong…it’s the reverse.
        Biological can be involuntary, or a mistake, or a lack of abortion services, or cause so much birth pain/illness that you resent the child.
        Adoption is a choice, a desire, a willful extension of love, a thought out decision and in many cases a fight to get that child, with all the paperwork and investigation into your life and finance, and proof of being a good person. – I am surprised when people put themselves through all that to get a child to love.
        If adopted from a baby, the difference between bio and adoption fades over time and when that child hurts your womb hurts for your child.

      • TheMsmother

        Lazy? Have you any idea how long and stressful the adoption process is?? It is much easier to open your legs.

  • Mellie Mel

    Gillian Michaels only has two children. The one her partner gave birth to and the little girl that she adopted. She did not adopt two African american kids.

    • sasha

      I think the one her partner gave birth to is half-black, though.

      • Laide Lawal

        No, he’s not half-Black. She said on the view just yesterday that he’s half Latin

        • PerryWinkleBrainFarts

          You can be half latin and half black because latinos come in all colors.

          • truthwilltell

            So do African Americans (Duh)–Lena Horn, Viola Davis, Halle Berry (she said she is Black), Jada P. Smith, Hattie McDaniel (look her up) and so many more. Black comes in all colors, but reality is this–If you look “black” that is how you will be treated!

            • ChicagoChick

              TRUE TRUE. You know black or Melanin people come in 32 shades. whites 7. lol It ain’t a matter of WHO got WHITE in them. But WHO GOT BLACK IN THEM! We are the dominating genes. they stem cells come form the dead black people they EXPERIMENT with.

              • Gucci

                Not true! See this is what your liar black power leaders want you to believe. ….we laugh….you people make this up to make yourself feel better. ….but sorry, you are not dominant or anything special like your black power books and people lie and tell you you are….you people make up your own history!

              • Gucci

                P.S. You are the real liar and racist!

    • sara

      The child Gillian Michaels adopted is Haitian, not African American.

      • MIa

        Black has different ethnicities.

      • ehomer

        Haiti is American. All of the Americas are American. Only people from the USA think American refers only to them. Jillian’s daughter is Haitian & of African descent, therefore she is both Haitian & African-American.

    • kenlook123

      If you choose to be gay, you shouldn’t be able to adopt.

      • Jessica

        If you choose to be an ignorant douche then you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce or adopt. Stop with the hate and get over yourself. It’s people like you that make this world a horrible place.

        • The Bobster

          ST FU, you sanctimonious d ouche.

        • youisajoke

          He is right. Kids deserve a mom and dad.

      • PerryWinkleBrainFarts

        People don’t choose to be gay and there are many kids that are pray someone gives them a home and love. You are mentally evil!

        • EL

          What about people who ‘experiment’ with homosexuality only to revert to heterosexuality ? For many, not all, it is a choice.

          • JustSaying_IMFO

            They aren’t gay. They’re experimenting, finding themselves, confused. Plenty of people know exactly who they are. And they are gay.

        • youisajoke

          Yes and they should go to a loving mother and father because children need a mom and a dad.

      • ChicagoChick

        “Ken look” lol stfu. acting like you GOD!! YOU GOD?!?!?!?!?!?!?

        • Ginny Wykoff

          Here you go again, ChicagoChick, I guess that’s what you are, a ChicagoChick, with little education, geez, I’m sorry if you are offended, I should have realized that when I read the last message you wrote.

        • Ginny Wykoff

          Here you go again, ChicagoChick, I guess that’s what you are, a ChicagoChick, with little education, geez, I’m sorry if you are offended, I should have realized that when I read the last message you wrote.

        • Porsha

          Chicago manly weirdo, please write in proper sentences. ….wow, you are just full of poop!

      • Morgan

        Why would you say that? What does being gay have to do with adoption? Why on earth wouldn’t a gay person be a good parent? You need to educate yourself. ASAP. Karma comes back around.

    • TheMsmother

      Did you see that child in that pool? Or are you referring to someone else?

      • The Bobster

        I thought someone had fished out a turd.

  • HollyG

    Such a beautiful thing but sadly all I know is 2 black people that have adopted kids. Black people should adopt more especially the middle class and up. I promise i will be adopting after I finished grad school. And yeah yeah I’ve heard the horror stories of children with major mental issues. Never seen these stories but I’ve seen two sweet little girls that were adopted and they are quiet and both are straight A students. I have also heard what if your husband want his own son? And its nothing like giving birth. Just say you don’t want to adopt, and let someone else save a child. Don’t be ignorant.

    • randomtandem

      a lot of black people can’t AFFORD to adopt. half of em cant even afford their own kids lol

      • chaka1

        This is not true. Black people tend to adopt family members. This goes widely unreported.

        • randomtandem

          Adopting family members is different. I mean going to an adoption agency and going through the adoption process. that can be pricey and time consuming.

          Adopting a family member is a whole different story.

          • Karen V Cratch


            • randomtandem

              really? that’s awesome! CONGRATS! How old was your child when you adopted? If you dont mind me asking.

            • I know lots of black families that adopted, and lots of black families that adopted foster children here in DC. It’s not easy to be honest, we tried to adopt ours and she didn’t want to be, and her mother wouldn’t allow if even though she couldn’t have custody of her kids.

          • Alexander

            Caucasian dont adopt their own race cos they think adopting a brown child makes them look cool and patronising.their are many Caucasian children begging to be adopt in children home in Europe and America but those Caucasian prefer to travel thousands of miles to Africa to adopt a child for publicity stunts.

      • sara

        So you know all the black people in the world? Wow! How did you accomplish that?!

        • randomtandem

          Did I say “all black people in the world”? NO I did NOT, I said “a lot of black people.” Dont change my wording for your convenience!

          It’s never too late to learn reading comprehension. Start today.

          • ChicagoChick

            So what and a lot of WHITE PEOPLE believe and are EDUCATED Meaning BROUGHT UP that slavery is a direct rightful inherited since we were godless savages and there was NOTHING WRONG with what their people did and the benefits they continue to have to day. A lot of “black people” 90% of the world population are MELANIN/BLACK PEOPLE. You just know a lot of them too!?!?!?!??! stfu ho

            • randomtandem

              so you can’t hold an intelligent conversation without calling someone a ho? Yes I do know a lot of black people. And I see black people every day struggling in the inner city trying to provide for their kids. I stand behind my comment!

              • Ifuaskme2

                Why are so many getting mad at you? I see your point and it has truth to it. I would however suggest you stop the war of words with others who do not share your point of view. It only serves to weaken your credibility. Which is exactly what they want.
                I don’t even understand what CChick is talking about. It doesn’t seem relevant to the topic. Stay strong sista. And keep your tongue in check

            • titainiumman

              it’s been studied and proven that blacks have a much lower IQ level
              check out the 12 year study by a liberal college (Harvard) in a liberal state done by liberals that show that blacks have an IQ level 20 points lower than whites.
              You only need to observe them to see that they are a most inferior race in the world.
              90 percent? is that because they breed like flies or is it because you just picked number out of thin air?

              • erin

                To thw idiot that says blacks have a low iq..then I guess you included the trailer parks in that equation with us because the blacks I know are smarter then the teachers that teach them. Statistics are made by …WHITE PEOPLE WHO FEEL INFERIOR..you guys are a weak race by design which is why they wnt to africa and picked us off stole history and white washed it. And to the chick saying black women cant afford they’re kids..your either a white females who only sees and knows nothing or a blcqk girl who cant identify with her race. If people want to adopt a black or green kid mind ya business its not your money nor do they care what we think. Its not that serious ti debate because Fyi…you have your own life to struggle threw grow up.

              • Natischa-ann

                TRY getting your racist facts straight, a**hole. Studies show that when African-American children and Caucasian children are given the same access to the same academics, the IQ’s are no different. Then again, darling, I’m going to bet most people on here, regardless of race, have a much higher IQ than someone as ignorant as you are. Btw, regardless of skin colour, we ALL originated in Africa. Something tells me you just didn’t evolve as quickly as most.

                • slashandburn

                  This is why i am totally troubled by whites adopting black children, with those people there is this horrible,complex past history..As a matter of fact i am in the process of adopting black twin girls, i am doing my part.

                  Sadly alot more of us need to do the same…

                • Elle Rewdaine

                  Actually there is no proof we all originated in Africa. There are arguments in favour of ancient humans arising from different places in the world including the Mungo peoples of Australia. No one knows for certain. As for IQs. your facts are incorrect as are the argument you are stating a case against. But who knows, blacks constantly insist on having ‘forgiving privileges’ pushing up their acceptance to higher education and jobs. I am white and had a very poor education, but i pulled myself up by my boots straps and worked and paid for my college education while I watched blacks get undeserved scholarships and grants. I hate any form of racism including government and society racism like affirmative action, etc. I have been denied jobs and harnessed on jobs because I am a white woman. Life is hard for us all. STOP WITH THE EXCUSES OF FAILURE AND GET TO WORK. ITS HARD. Stop taking claim for having the hardest existence. Black don’t. We all have it hard.

              • Alexander

                Their have been studies that Caucasian tend to be prolific child sex abusers and cannibal and serial killers.Check the names of those that carry our that your IQ test ,you will find out to you surprise they are all Caucasians.

                • Elle Rewdaine

                  Actually the rate of child sex abuse by black is very high. Ask Oprah.

            • Gucci

              @ Chicago I d I o t, you need to Stfu! You are so dumb and uneducated!

          • Ginny Wykoff

            Hay, sarah – I’ll bet you’re one of those black babes, who think you have it all together, don’t you? You probably do, but just by the tone of your response, you take offense, probably at the slightest eye twitch, too. I don’t remember randomtandem, saying ALL? It’s too bad you can’t mingle with dialogue. You’ll find a way to get into an argument to prove to yourself that YOU ARE RIGHT. Good Luck

            • randomtandem

              Mmmhmm! probably has 3 kids by 3 different fathers and fighting with all of them for child support because her WIC check isn’t enough. LOL

      • yomomma

        Shut the fuc up plz thank u

        • randomtandem

          Truth hurts huh

      • faith

        That was a ignorant comment. Being able to afford to raise and love a child has nothing to do with ones color. It’ a shame how you can be stupid enough to state that. Smh !

        • randomtandem

          I never said being able to afford and raise a child has anything to do with color! But the question here was why are all these white celebrities adopting black kids! More black people should adopt black kids.
          And I believe people should be happy that SOMEBODY is adopting black kids no matter what their nationality. These kids are being cared for, loved and provided for.
          And yes I did say a lot of black people probably cant afford to adopt kids and can barely afford the kids they have! Go to the inner city and see if any of the black women there spend all day at the adoption agency trying to get a child! No, because a lot of them can’t afford to be in an adoption agency and they have their own kids that they need to provide for.
          yes there are black people with money who can afford to adopt and who do! yes there are black people who have money and can afford their own kids and then some.
          there are also white people who cant afford to adopt! there are exceptions to every rule! everything is not so black and white.

          • LynnD

            Funny how when you clarified who “most black people” are you talked about the inner city. Believing that “most black people” are in the inner city is huge issue in our country. It’s terrible to have white people and black children believing that most black people are in the inner city. Do we have disproportionate amount of people living below the poverty line yes. Does that equal most? No. Not sure why we keep perpetuating this idea that most white people are extremely wealthy. Not that I have a problem with people adopting a child of any race but yes more black people could adopt. In fact the original comment specifically said middle class black people. This is not about there being exceptions to the rule- poor white people and middle to upper class black people are NOT exceptions to the rule. There are plenty of black people that could afford to adopt and plenty of white people that couldn’t.

      • Ginny Wykoff

        Then, if that is the truth. Let me ask, why are women spreading their legs? For the thrill of it? How about the woman I saw last week? 5 children; 5 different men? It’s called taking responsibility. I don’t want to hear about not having the money for protection; I don’t want to hear no money to see a doctor, because, there are places you can get this for FREE. I feel sorry for the poor children, who have a mother (no father), who will beat them, even as little tots, as I witnessed on a main street in downtown, and I didn’t dare interrupt because, frankly, with her anger toward this baby, I didn’t know if she was carrying a weapon, and that is the problem today. I could go on, but I think you have the gest of this whole matter. Not everyone is stupid. This is real.

        • randomtandem

          WTF are you talking about and what does this have to do with what I just said?
          How about you get off the internet and think about the fact that you saw a woman abusing a child and you didn’t step in because you were scared she had a weapon. you could have called a cop or something.
          Not everyone is stupid..but you sound like you’re damn close!

          • Ginny Wykoff

            No, dummy. Then write like your intelligent. You think you’re so smart. Wrong. You’re not even worth an answer. Drop dead.

            • randomtandem

              “Then write like YOU’RE intelligent”, DUMMY!
              hahahhaha I’m not worth the answer but you answered! You’re very mature! *I’m still living* *snicker*

            • randomtandem

              You’re just mad because you’re a cowardly loser who stood by and watched an innocent child get abused and you didn’t step in because you were scared. But you can get on the internet and hide behind the screen and buck up and call people names! I bet you wouldn’t say any of that to my face because you wouldn’t know if I was “carrying a weapon”.

              Scared @S$ bytch! LMAO@YOU

          • Ginny Wykoff

            No, dummy. Then write like your intelligent. You think you’re so smart. Wrong. You’re not even worth an answer. Drop dead.

      • lulu jay

        PLEASE rephrase, a lot of black people in america… this ish dont apply to the rest of the world

      • Ang shermanazi

        Oh and I’m sure all the teen mom’s that didn’t make the cut onto Mtv’s Teen Moms can. Your conception is an example of a random tandem good choice sir!!

    • Sally

      I never see Black people purposely adopting White kids. I wonder if they would even give a Black person a white kid?

      • Kimberly Sparkle

        I have a friend that adopted her foster child and he is white

      • sara

        Maybe the reason you don’t see it is because not everyone who adopts is a high profile celebrity.

      • Tammi

        Football player DeMarcus Ware and his wife adopted a white baby girl

        • PerryWinkleBrainFarts

          That child is Latina. She looks white, but keep looking she even looks mixed with black.

        • talicia

          cool, I didn’t know that

          • Porsha

            NOT TRUE. …THE KID IS Latino and mixed with black!

      • George Lorenz

        Sally my best friend in the world is black, and she is the designated guardian of my white children if something happens to me and the spouse. Family is family, regardless of color.

        • Porsha

          Not the same thing! Sorry!

      • Billiamo

        A work friend’s brother adopted a white boy they’d been fostering.

      • PerryWinkleBrainFarts

        Normally white kids get adopted first. The ones left are usually foster kids or they have some problem. Also if they are older they get left behind. There are so many black kids waiting for homes. SO it is easier to get black kids. Especially if you go to Africa where that continent has over 8 million orphans, and there is less red tape compared to adopting in the US.

        I know someone who had a white child from foster care and she adopted her. When you love children, it has nothing to do with race.

      • ChicagoChick

        black people dont need to adopt white kids. bad enough our BLACK mommas with their own kids were raising whites then. The system rather feed into the sickness of giving whites non color people, colored kids. why the obsession? we’ll never know…

        • Porsha

          Maybe this proves Black people are more racist and cannot get over BS crap that has never happened to them!

      • Ginny Wykoff

        The reason is is that whites take responsibility for their kid having a kid, wherein, many blacks don’t have the education, the means or the ability to raise their own, so they throw the poor little babies into the orphanage or leave it in a bag, or on a doorstep, whatever. But you will NEVER see a black, adopting a white child. Frankly, mixing the races, i.e., black/white, does not work. Different cultures, doesn’t work. So be it.

    • Lila Beenthere

      you are so right “brown people” do not adopt they foster for the bucks rom welfare to foster care no education needed!

      • ChicagoChick

        stfu. if pale faces didn’t come and try to exterminate OUR BROWN RACE we wouldn’t need to be in your system with a whole bunch of crackers still taking our kids TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

        • Ginny Wykoff

          Tell you what, black ChicagoChick, if it wasn’t for the whites, you would be swimming across the pond back to Africa. We didn’t ask you here, oh by the way, my ancestors came from the fields of Germany, they had nothing to do with slavery, so millions of us, don’t want to hear your crap anymore. Find a new excuse, like blame yourselves.

        • Eric

          got ignorance? I would say yes. Learn to express yourself without anger and racism (yes you too can be one) and you might make better arguments my sistah

          • Bee Gee

            You were ignorant! Why were you on her just because of a comment and were you being Emotional!?