Many Outraged After Picture Of Chicago Bishop In Bathtub With Granddaughter Surfaces

January 17, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Bishop Larry Trotter, high profiled senior pastor of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church, an 8,000-member, mega-church located in the south side of Chicago, had to do some testifying this morning after a picture has surfaced on the Internet of him having what some are suggesting is inappropriate interactions with a minor.

In the picture, which appears to have been uploaded from the pastor’s own Instagram account, a smiling Trotter can be seen seated in a bubble bath with young girl, who looks between the ages of three to five years old. While there is no evidence of anything felonious happening, both Trotter and the unidentified girl are seen topless in the photo. According to the blog Obnoxious TV, the child in the picture is Trotter’s own granddaughter.

Appearing on the John Hannah Morning Show, Bishop Trotter defended himself from charges of inappropriateness and said that the last couple of days has been a very dark and hurtful times for his family. He also offered explaining for how his granddaughter appeared in the tub with him. According to Trotter, his four-year-old granddaughter, along with her parents, were visiting for the weekend. While taking a bubble bath, the girl came in the bathroom and asked Trotter if she could get in the tub. He then says that both he and his granddaughter had on swim trunks and the mother of the child, who took the picture, was present for five minutes that the child was actually in the tub with him. He then attributes another family member, with access to his Instagram account, with uploading it to the Internet.

The picture, which has been removed from Trotter’s Instagram, had resurfaced yesterday evening on the Facebook fan page for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Teachings Testimonial Page, with the caption: “NO SIR BISHOP TROTTER!!! No man should ever ever ever take a bath with a female in his family or friends. That’s only for a man and his WIFE! This is totally inappropriate behavior!”

The picture has been shared more than five hundred times, with people leaving comments like “Disgusting!!!! People are really sick in the head. What grown man would want to bathe with a child? Smh.”

The Bishop is not fairing any better with the public on his personal Facebook fan page, with some comments suggesting that authorities be involved: “#jail #prison #throwawaythekey.”

This is not the first time that mega-church pastor’s appropriateness has been called into question. Last September, Trotter drew ire for staging a mock crucifixion using his granddaughter (I’m not quite sure if that is the same child as in the picture) to protest the Chicago Teacher Strike, which he claimed was crucifying the 400,000 public school students of an education. Up until this morning, Bishop Trotter had yet to publicly address this outrage over the picture via his social networking, other than a tweet he sent to Obnoxious TV blogger William G. McCray, admitting that the picture was “not wise.” And on his fan page, there were a few folks, who were willing to wait for more information before passing judgment. “Times are tough…maybe they are conserving water! My 3 sisters had to bathe together!!,” writes one of his supporters.

In the interview, Bishop Trotter said that “coming up” it was not uncommon to share bathwater and that he had even bathed with his own children.  He says that he takes the blame for the misconceptions around the pictures but also said that it is awful to think that people believe he can’t be trusted with children.  “I’m not ashamed of what I did. I am ashamed and hurt that it is going out all over the world and people have called me everything from a child molestor to a pedoph*le to a narsty old man and how I should get out of the ministry – the vulgarity has been terrible.”

When asked if he had anything to do over, what would he do differently, Bishop Trotter told the Hannah Show that he would never do “it” again. What is not clear was if “it” is the picture or the bubble bathing?  The pastor also pledged that if he ever were to use social networking again, he would not let someone “do his page.”


At the very least, this is not a very well reasoned picture. Like Trotter said, back in the day it was not uncommon for family members to share baths. And in some cultures, bath-sharing is still practiced. I also wonder if the genders had been reversed, would the reaction and charges of appropriateness would have been the same. However, culturally we are different. And child abuse and molestation is a very serious concern. And we should all have watched enough “Dateline NBC To Catch a Predator” to know that even if this is just an innocent moment between a grandfather and child, certain things you just don’t upload; and of all places, Instagram? This just goes to show you that this social networking has the potential to ruin a lot of stupid people’s lives.

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  • Rchelle

    Wrong every single way that you look at it…WRONG!

  • The Catholic Church has paid out $1 billion in the USA alone for covering up child abuse and moving priests from one place to another to abuse. They are still fighting other claims all over the planet where because of the power of the church the pedophiles will never face justice. Unfortunately pedophilia is something that goes hand in hand with Catholicism or simply having a life in the church. I wouldn’t let a religious person near me children. Now should anyone.

    • oouch

      hey pastor u should know better acting all innocent and stuff yr gran again man quandmeme u have blood running in u

      • oouch

        if i were to meet anyman in the bath tub wif my innocent little one i would immidiately scream hellllllllllllllllll nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not right not right ,even if the man is a punk, trust no man at all at all at all the person taking the pic is just as sick as the pastor as he calls himself IN THE TUB WITH ALL TIME SEX OFFENDER OR A PASTER THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO

    • Rchelle

      Be wary of people period, religious or not, keep your children safe. It’s close family members and friends, school teachers and other staff members, along with the church folk….

  • rumorasit

    But none of you would have any problem with him in a pool with the granddaughter. I think there’s a bit of over reacting going on here.

    • Rchelle

      Really?? I am sure she would not be sitting on his lap in the pool….I guess you don’t have any children, and if you do, I would advise you to NOT take something like this as being innocent. I am not saying he did anything, but no way should he even put himself in that type of situation. The baby girl should not be put in that position, and she should not be led to believe that she can be THAT comfortable with granddad.

  • Lana Li

    religion and pedophilia seem to always happen, i have no idea how this is even news anymore…

  • bella

    I used to shower with my mom and was never molested or touched in anyway. my brother who is 13 years older than me used to take me out of the bathroom to my room when I was a kid and nothing ever happened. my cousins used to bathe me in the sink as a baby and nothing happenedwhy must people go about things the wrong way and twist them around… what a world.

  • So he was already taking a bubble bath in swim trunks?! Anyone buying that?! Was she pounding on the door yelling “Grampa! I WANT TO BATHE WITH YOU!”? I don’t get this.

  • Charles

    I took a bath with my brother and father, naked when I was five. Nothing happened, hell we have a picture of it.

  • Are you freaking kidding me? People are in a uproar over this? It’s inappropriate? Tell that to the Japanese or any other culture where bathing with family members is an accepted reality of life. Why do my fellow Americans have a stick so far up their collective arses? Oh yeah, that’s right…the whole “Christian nation” bullcrap. :/

    • Maggie1865

      Sorry my friend, but we’re not talking about the Japanese culture, or, any other culture here. This is America (The United States of America). And yes, “it’s inappropriate” behaviour in America. You are correct, the whole “Christian nation” (I’ll say ‘thing’) is the reason for it. Think about it: Larry D. Trotter is a Christian Minister, he is the pastor of a Christian church. He supposedly teaches and preaches the “Word” according to his Christian Bible. And also, what is an “accepted reality of life” to some, does not mean it is so for others. By the way, does Bishop Trotter and his granddaughter look like a Japanese family to you?

    • Rchelle

      We are not Japanese. And it’s not just Christians molesting children….take it from someone who knows…try working with children and youth, and their families….and try talking to others who have gone through this. It’s far more prevalent than you have obviously been blessed not to have experienced.

  • LeTronique

    I don’t know where you all came from but where I’m from, Dads can wash their kids. The idea of two people naked in a tub, isn’t sexual by default. But I suppose everything is perverted in America. Sorry, the way I see it, it isn’t perverted unless one can prove he did perverted things.

    • Maggie1865

      The question is not where we all came from, the question is; Where are we all now?

  • honestly? Grow the f___ up. whats next? Banning public water parks because there is too little cloth between my junk and the air?

  • srcoop44

    I’m baffled by the fact that Mr. Trotter thinks the “world” and “people” are “EVIL” simply because they are looking out for the welfare and the best interest of a child. Regardless to weather it’s his granddaughter or not, the photo of him and her in a bathtub together was very inappropriate. I guess Bishop Eddie Long’s recent stent with the law regarding child molestation wasn’t an eye-opener for him. It’s one thing to share or be in a swimming pool with your grandchild(ren), but a bathtub is a whole different matter. With that being said, child molestation cases usually start out in the same scenario or manner of this case, where as an innocent child is placed in a very venerable position with a trusted adult. And how he expected the photo to be embraced and appropriated by the general public is beyond me. Who in their right state of mind would rejoice over the fact that a 4 year old little girl is sitting in a bathtub with a grown man? He actually had the nerve to say that he’s very “disappointed in the vulgarity” of the many hate messages (1,200) he received on Facebook. What did he expect….a new suit? This just goes to show you that NO one is exempt from having faults or failures, including our so-called religious leaders. We just have to be more vigilant regarding the people we trust the most with our children, because they too are very capable of deceiving us! I’m sorry Mr. Trotter, but I beg to differ…..we are NOT the ones off the grid.

  • cypher

    really? we’re gonna crucify this guy for being in a tub with his grandkid?? Get over yourselves

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  • Taj

    I see nothing wrong with the pic, its his granddaughter with trunks, not some random kid. We can critize a preacher for spending time with his family, but think its cute when young parents post pics on Twitter and facebook of their kids in more then compromising positions. This child is obviously happy and enjoying the bubbles, let her have fun with her grandfather, stop posting bad childrenand people claiming to be parents, and for goodness sakes, NO MORE BLACK CELEBS SMOKING OR LOVE TRIANGLES *Chris, Ri and Krispy*.

  • William

    I feel that Bishop Trotter has brought this chaos on himself because as innocent as it may be, there are pictures that should be placed in the family album as such and not shared on instagram. Secondly, bishop trotter should know that he is known nationwide and therefore, anything of this nature as innocent as it may be, will be taken out of character. One can blame prior bishops and priest for their act of conduct. As bishop trotter, you have be very careful of what you send out and who you send things such as pictures and emails as well. If you were just a common man in society, this picture would probably be rated as “ahhhhh…how cute”, but because it bishop trotter and he is a bishop with a large church and a man of the cloth, this is judged as degrading, obscurb and mentally disturbed. So leave the family pictures for the family photo album. What your family does inside your home is yours and their business alone.

  • Candacey Doris

    If the mother was there and they had on trunks, then what is the issue. Sometimes it is just as it seems. He shouldn’t have uploaded this pic though, people have such dirty minds

  • Dena

    Child molestation has ALWAYS existed, however many speak up now compared to back in the day. People should be less inclined to jump to the worst. Everything isn’t what most think it is. This would have never been an issue had it not been posted on IG for people to put their two cents in.

    • Maggie1865

      Correct. I’m sorry Dena, the public did not post this picture. People are going to react to what they see and read. Also, if adults bathing with their children, grandchildren, and other young relatives was such a common practice, why is it that we haven’t seen more pictures on Social Media? This is the first time I’ve ever seen a picture posted such as Mr. Trotter’s on SM. And I’m happy to say that I have not seen another one. Why not?

  • Christina

    The devil is a liar. Pray for this pastor, his family, and his ministry. People need to stop believing everything they read and use their hearts.

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  • Nene Cass

    I personally don’t see nothing wrong with this, it’s her granddad for god sake next thing you’ll will say is she can’t kiss him too. But some of you don’t think about how you’ll words will affect that child. When my mom was pregnant with me my biological dad never claimed me but my step dad did i was his little and he loved me as his own but as i was growing up people started making as out as if he was not suppose to love me or be protective me as if that was wrong. people starting talking but no one stop to think of how that talking would affect my dad and most of all me. Here’s a man taking on someone else’s responsibility and this is what he gets. As soon as i got old enough i started standing up to those gossipers and you bet i put them right in their narrow-minded, backward and perverted thinking place for trying to destroy my family.

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  • lets forget the fact he has a little girl with him….. NAKED+PASTOR+INSTAGRAM= DUMB AS SNAPCRACKLEPOP

  • corn_man

    I attended Bishop Trotter’s church and if you have ever seen him interact with his granddaughter, you would see that he loves her and would never hurt her. If anyone ever hurt her, he would give his last to make sure that they did not hurt her again. Now the perception of the picture is horrible and even Trotter has admitted it, but I believe we can’t pass judgement on this because there was obviously another adult in the room snapping the picture.

  • MBA2013

    How do you know he has on swimming trucks? He could be saying that he had on swimming trucks to cover his wrongdoings. Why would any mother let their child get in the tub naked with any male and take a picture of it. Why wasn’t the door locked anyway? She is just as sick as him. I know as a mother I would not stand there and take a picture of my kids in the tub like that. And how do we know it was the mother who took the picture. It could be another sicko family member or friend of his. Or he could have set the camera to snap the picture automatic. I just can’t believe a mother would allow her child to take a picture like that. Who takes a bath in swimming trucks? Oh, and was the child mother his daughter or daughter-in-law. Is she use to seeing her father or father-in-law in the tub? The story of the swimming trucks just don’t add up?

  • what a BS explanation,he always takes a bath wearing his swim trunks?? riiiight!

  • FromUR2UB

    Strange story, and his explanation even more strange.

  • Cakester

    Something just ain’t clean in the water… literally!

  • Cakester

    I’m confused…. she asked if she could get in the tub with you…then the both of you had on swim trunks… so were the swim trunks already in the bathroom prior to her coming in?? Did you get out of the tub and go get trunks? You were in the tub first (taking a bubble bath) then she came in and asked if she could get in… doesn’t make sense… the swim trunks part seems to like damage control..the mother of the child was in the bathroom too?? Suggestion: Get a pool!!!! Ya’ll basking in the tub, like its a pool or hot tub!!! And I still need to know how he went from bathing by himself to having on swim trunks!!! The whole thing is inappropriate, period. Wait, and why didn’t she have on a bathing suit?? She just swim’s in trunks??? Somebody is lying!

  • Meyaka

    I don’t think he was abusing her,but then again I don’t know them.

  • Um no no annnnd No. First of all the thought of grandad nekkid in the bath period makes me wanna gag. Second. Whoever took this picture needs caned right along with papaw because they obviously are losing their marbles if they thought this was a good idea. And the whole swimtrunks thing not buying it. Hot Mess

  • Donna

    I really don’t think that he had on trunks. He said that she came in to get in the bath with him and he put her in the tub, so where did the trunks come from all of a sudden?

  • Donna

    I really don’t think that I would want my two year old taking a bath with her father while his piece is floating around. Kids are very curious and are going to want to know what it is if not grab it.

  • Miyako


  • Nini

    I take showers with my daughter and she is five and she has gotten in the tub with me. Because, I’m a woman it’s okay??? I also, know women who do the same with their sons. When my daughter was an infant and I’d put her in the shower with her father as well….if this was his wife no one would be talking about it!

    • Angel

      No one ever said that if it was a woman it would be okay. It would be just as strange imo.

  • I think it’s innocent. It’s too bad that instead of viewing the picture as a wonderful family photo- the perverse or paranoid mind sees it as dirty and sexual. There are bigger fish to fry- leave this man and that poor little girl alone.

  • maybe he should have kept this picture private. People do blow things out of proportion. I honestly dont see anything wrong knowing he had on swimming trunks and the child’s mother was in the bathroom. People see what they want

  • GeekMommaRants

    I thought ministers understood the meaning of being circumspect. The appearance of wrong is wrong. Guess my dictionary is out of date. WOW!

  • Dreama41

    Not a good look.

  • Sagittarius81

    Sad that I go to his church! Going back to my grandmother’s church this Sunday! This pic is creepy as heck (hey my opinion!), I wouldn’t allow this with my daughter and any man, including her stepfather!

  • I don’t understand the mentality of ANYONE who thinks this is okay. The baby don’t know any better, but that grown a** ninja in the tub with her is all kinds of shades of WRONG!!!

  • Stacy L

    why is he smiling like that tho????

  • gentlemen

    I see nothing inappropriate here…yes there are the rear cases of incest but there are also the cases of pure innocence and family play. The problem is we live in a hyper sexual world..where what should come to mind when you see this pic…aawwww granpa and kiddie playing in the tub is overshadowed by..”hhhmmm what’s going on here?”….I doubt they were naked and if something fishy is going here would a pic be taken and then posted. Men a not wild sex beasts that jump on any available female, unfortunate the media prefers that image.

    • Did you say rare cases? I don’t know what’s up here (kinda creepy in general). But incest and molestation is not rare. This is coming from a social worker and advocate…it’s not rare. I’m just saying in general.

  • Wait…why does a pastor have Instagram??

    • TRUTH IS

      Same thang am wondering…..aint pastor supposed to be praying and having service for folks on IG, twitter and fb?!? Lol

    • Miyako

      ‘Jesus’ said it was okay.

    • Why does ANYONE have Instagram? It’s for photo sharing. What a stupid question.

  • It doesn’t “look” right because of the society we live in, my gut instincts tell me that this was an innocent photo but I can understand why people raise their eyebrows, especially considering the amount of inappropriate behaviors publicized nowadays…

  • MLS2698

    I don’t get this. Are they saying this man was already in the tub wearing trunks, and his granddaughter asked to join him? Or, she asked to join, and he put trunks on to accommodate her?

    • bri20135

      That’s what I read! If you’re taking a bath fully expecting to spend the duration of the bath ALONE why would you bathe in your swim trunks? Can somebody explain wearing swim trunks to bathe in? Defeats the purpose of washing your body right?

      • MLS2698

        Yeah. Basically, I can’t wash my a** crack with other people in the tub.

  • adanie12

    I’m sorry, I’m not feeling that. With mommy or granny, yes, but GRANDDAD?! Heeeeck naw! I ain’t see my granddaddy naked before. And that girl looks 3 or 4! Thats pretty much too big to take a bath with anyone besides a sibling or mom or dad anyway.

    • Ammier

      soo men are all pedos then?.. ok

  • Ona2684

    Ridiculous!! People take baths w their kids and grands all the time. I have a ton of bath pics from when I was little, all innocent. I feel for this pastor, really. People are so foolish to blow this out of proportion. Considering the times we live in I would not have posted it and would have left it for private family albums but come on ppl, get a grip!

    • MLS2698

      You might want to re-think your childhood. Tons of bath pics with who? Siblings? Grandpa? Now which one seems normal?

    • It is not foolish to think that there is something wrong with this. He is supposed to be a man of God,and you can’t tell me that he felt no conviction before he got in the tub with that baby.

    • GAPeach71

      I agree. I have a 17 month old son, and he and I still take baths together. I dont think the Bishop is thay sick, also, someone else was in the room. He did not take the picture himself.

    • realadulttalk

      So you have pics of you and your dad/grandfather/uncle in the tub together? Mine are of me and my older sibling–which is normal. If my dad was also in the tub–that becomes abnormal.

    • No1sname

      Sorry but photos like these are not picture taking material….it does’t matter if it was innocent….no matter how you cut it, dice or slice it….its still an inappropiate photo!!

    • Miyako

      “People take baths w their kids and grands all the time. ”


      • JaneDoe

        Right who? I took a bath with my baby who was prob two months but that in itself was too much work so I never thought to do it again. I understand kids taking baths together but not an adult and kid

    • teeth

      A family member posted pic he stated.

  • He (a grown man) should not be in a bath with ANY under-aged girl naked … relative or not!!! This bath was probably all very innocent, no ill-will intended , BUT he has to use “common sense”, better judgment or whatever you want to call it, in situations like this!!! #getoutthetubman 🙁

  • E.

    So he take bubble baths in trunks?! Lord bless the children.

  • Trisha_B

    I think if the little girls swim suit & his was visible, there wouldn’t be big fuss. I could see grandpa & me playing w/ bubbles fun for the little girl. But it shouldnt have been documented. back in the day, nothing weird or sick was thought when people took pics of their kid in the bath tub. I even found pics of myself at like 4 in the tub making funny faces w/bubbles mom took. But times have changed & everything is seen in different light now

  • York

    Is there really some commenter up on here lamenting because they can’t take a bath with their little girl??!! Seriously??

    As close as I am to my Daddy, he had enough sense not to jump in the tub nekkid with me as a child! Hell, my MOMMA didn’t even do all of that!

    • realadulttalk

      Right? Something wrong with the dude below as well as above.

    • according to the pastor, they both had on swim trunks. i agree with you that once kids hit a certain age it’s inappropriate tho even if they are close.

  • 971G

    i guess i cannot give my daughter a bath either……………. This is crazy….

    • SMHgurl24

      Welcome to 2013!! Soon enough fathers will be forbidden to dress their young daughters without being called a sicko.

      • teeth

        Heaven to betsies if they change the pampers! Momma has to do everything.

    • Kitsy

      A grown man naked in a tub with a little child is far and beyond all concepts of appropriateness. There are so many children who are sexually abused in our communities and people know that there was inappropriate/questionable activities going on but they look the other way. There is no excuse for this. It is unacceptable. Period!!!

    • realadulttalk

      Your comment so didn’t make sense in response to a pic of a grown arse man (who appears naked) in the tub with a little girl (who also appears naked). This is disgusting!!

    • You can give your daughter a bath, just don’t get naked in the tub with her!

  • jumelle12

    In all honesty, it probably was innocent, but we live in such a fragile world- children as young as 5 years of age are being suspended from schools for making gun gestures with their hands or giving each other kisses on the cheeks– everything is magnified- The Pastor should’ve used better discretion- I hope this can be resolved…

  • 971G

    Please somebody please tell me that I cannot take a bath with my little girl…………..

    • MLS2698

      Are you a guy? If so, then HELL NO! What you need is a hot-tub where everybody stays dressed! You know what, just like YORK said, even a mother doesn’t do all that!

  • jumelle12

    OH HELL NO!!! WHAT IN THE HOOTIN’ NANNIE! Just go ahead and register yourself on the Illinois Sex Offender Registry!

    • heya’ll

      hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahah@ hootin nannie *dead!


    Pastor Bathe shouldnt pose and take pic and then post it on IG….what a fool!! Am sure it’s innocent tho!! Who took the pic?

    • RJA

      According to the article you commented on, it says that girls mother

      • TRUTH IS

        The question was meant to say who will encourage this by taking a pic (rhetorical question kinda) You really think I deeply care who took it?!?

  • JaneDoe

    O_O That doesn’t look right.. No ma’am