Black And Brilliant: 10 of Our Favorite YouTube Vloggers

December 5, 2012  |  
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Everyone knows that YouTube is the one place you can find it all – puppy videos, makeup tutorials, educational information – but one of the best parts about is all the comedy you can find. After a tough day at work a foolish video may be exactly what you need to cheer up. Here are some of our YouTube favorites that keep us rolling with laughter.


Franchesca Ramsey is the comedienne and YouTube queen who brought us “Shyte White Girls Say To Black Girls.” Her pitch-perfect capture of the “micro-aggressions” people of color often face forced many people to take notice of this behavior. Before that breakout video she was well known in natural hair circles for her awesome styling tutorials for lovely locs. She’s definitely a loc-star!

Phill Wade

Something about Phill Wade’s “Love Faces” are hysterical, especially since his Trey Songz impressions are spot-on. When his friends caught him in the throes of belting out Trigga’s ballads while making his signature struggle singing faces, all you could do was laugh.

Funky Dineva

Yes Gawd, Nessa! Funky Dineva’s unique voice and absolutely hilarious way of breaking down “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Scandal” make him must see after must-see TV. Honestly, his television wrap ups and hair laid like Life are better than the shows themselves. Go in and let have!

Billy Sorrells

His “Shyte Black Girls Say” made us spit out our Hot Cheetos with laughter. Between the yards-long yaki weave, ‘bae,’ and ‘delete, delete, delete!’ Sorrells managed to get the hilarious habits and mishaps of black girls down cold.

Affion Crockett

This guy has the uncanny ability to channel Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West and other hip-hop heads, and we saw as much in his parody videos for “Run This Town” and “Headlines.” He’s so good (and so funny) that you’ll do a double-take.

Issa Rae

The creator of “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” made black geek chic something to pay attention to. She garnered critical success for ABG and other projects including “Fly Guys Present The F Word.” She became such a hit that Shonda Rhimes signed Rae to create her own comedy series for the ABC network.

Kid Fury

Cultural Commentator and shade connoisseur, Kid Fury offers up his honest take of the goings on of those in the entertainment world. He usually says the things that you’re thinking but are probably too scared to say. Get into his furiously frank and funny videos.

Turquoise Jeep

Would you like your eggs fried or fertilized? Do you “Smang It?” The self-importance and be-weaved comedy of the Turquoise Jeep clique has us rolling with every video they put out. It’s no wonder they were able to tour based off of the popularity of their music.

Patti LaHelle

Got 2 Be Real is equal parts homage to Patti LaBelle, shade, and musical showcase. Behind the barbed banter of the divas of the variety show is the show’s creator, Patti LaHelle, who clearly has a mastery of both comedic writing and music as the both are superb on the show.

Emmanuel and Philip Johnson

These brothers burst into national consciousness with their smash hit video “Ratchet Girl Anthem,” which explored the habits of hoodrats the world over with blistering clarity. At over 36 million views they must have done something right.

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  • Phoenix Starr

    Where’s Tre Melvin? Kingsley???

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    funky dineva is annoying as fuh

  • adrienne michelle

    What about Kingsley???? he should definitely be on this list

  • ANON


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  • scandalous7


  • don’t know any of these people but will check them out. also y’all forgot williemoorejr!! he and his family are awesome!!

  • bits

    ya’ll left out Taren Guy (Taren916), The bronze goddess, GLOZELL, LatoyaForever and Borderhammer!!! wtf!! get it together MN!

  • Janee

    What about Dormtainment? Their videos are hilarious! Especially “Old School Jam”

  • Jaiah Jaxon

    Patti LaHelle!! Please do yourself a favor and YouTube “Crispy Business”!

  • Zettai

    WHERE ARE THE HODGE TWINS?! How could you leave them off this list?!

  • BAP

    Check out BrianBee/Coochiness his videos make me die laughin!!!

    • I can never listen to “There Goes My Baby” again without saying “Wouldn’t trade my bangs in fa nuthiiiiiinn!”

  • BAP

    i LIVE for dineva & fury!!! but got2beReal is on it’s last season yall!!! 🙁

  • Juju Bean

    I LIVE for Kid Fury, Funky Dineva, Himay10nence and Issa Rae!!! My absolute favs!!!

  • YesGawdHoney

    Funky Dineva!!!!

  • Cleo

    Kid fury
    Skorpion show
    Kingsley use to be good, but not anymore 🙁

  • ieshapatterson

    Issa rae for sure i hope she gets her show.

  • Meyaka

    Issa rae

  • Chassie

    skorpion show, kaincarter, jerry lavigne jr., Youtube is my vice

  • Kitsy

    Funky Dineva is da best! Her reviews of RHOA, LHHA & ‘Scandal’ will leave you in stitches.

  • You need to add csandreas his channel is really great. He makes a lot of videos about being a nerd and not just any nerd a black nerd. We are always pointed out as being different or we act “white”, but in the end we are being ourselves. I was really able to relate to his videos.

    • ieshapatterson

      Lol black nerd rants are really good.

  • Anonymous

    Love Phill anf Kid Fury!!! Check out Phill and Bill’s pranks too, so hilarious. I also adore Romany Malco’s Tijuana Jackson. I’m not sure if he counts as a vlogger but he’s great.

  • shantelle

    Great List. I really enjoy The Skorpion Show though. 🙂
    Instagram: shutemdownshan

  • Kid Fury is my fav, period DOT!!!! “Laid for the GODS!!!” Phill Wade is hilarious too!!