Is A Hair Steamer Really Worth The Extra Cash?

June 28, 2012  |  

Back in the day, everyone used to have those compact hair dryers with the plastic bonnets. You know what I’m talking about. Those hard machines that you held like a briefcase and stretched to maximum capacity so that you could attempt to watch television over the janky clunking noises coming from it. Then everyone moved onto the much better, hard, portable hooded dryers. These worked well for deep conditioning until…

Yes, ladies – the hair steamer. It’s always been around in salons, but as the natural hair movement progresses, so have the number of steamers in homes. Although smaller and more portable than the salon version, these steamers are supposed to pack quite the punch.

The steamer works by opening up your follicles so that the conditioner can really seep into your strands, resulting in a head full of soft, shiny and fully moisturized hair. They typically range from $90-$120 depending on the brand whereas a hooded dryer can be as little as $25. I wondered if a steamer was really worth the extra cash.

After years of hooded dryer use, I received the Vega Steamer as a gift and decided to see for myself. Excited to try it out, I immediately put it to use. After shampooing my hair, I put on my fave moisturizing conditioner – Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose. The steamer was easy to set up and since you don’t need to wear a plastic cap, I quickly settled underneath the hood. About five minutes after pressing start, the steam began to filter out. Unfortunately, the conditioner also started to run down my face and I had to put a headband on to keep my hair out of the way. 15 minutes later, I was done. I noticed that my hair was softer than after using a hooded dryer. My curls were more defined and the conditioner had literally melted into my hair. I definitely think a steamer is worth the extra expense. Maybe next time I’ll try the award-winning Huetiful Steamer to compare.

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Have you tried using a hair steamer? What is your personal verdict?

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  • Madeline

    Sam’s Club has a free-standing seamer that covers the entire head and is height adjustable. Costly but salon quality and WORTH IT

  • Mia

    I just had to say this even though this is months late. Don’t buy the Huetiful. It is the exact same steamer as the Vega and the Secura steamers. The only difference is that the hood is clear instead of blue…that and the fact that Huetiful charges you a lot more. Seriously, look at the pictures of the steamers. They are the exact same down to the buttons. You are essentially paying more for the name Huetiful than you are for the quality of the product.

  • AnoNymouS

    Low key I knew she’d like it once I read that it was a gift. I wonder if the opinion would change had she paid nearly $100 for one. No shade just curious.

  • Slim Goody

    I know a Black salon that has one of these dryers and they sure do charge a lot of money for it too! I guess thats why no one is ever seen under one of those. ha ha. If salon’s wouldn’t charge and arm and a leg to use those kinds of systems, then maybe more people would apt to go for that instead of the typical standard hair dryer. Being natural or not.

  • mdeborah827

    Huetiful is Black OWNED ya’ll! Buy Black!!!!

  • FromUR2UB

    OK, now I understand…you use it with a conditioner. I thought it was the steam alone, that was supposed to do it. But, I kept thinking that might ultimately dry out and damage the hair. But, I’m going to stick with my old faithful electric conditioning cap for now.

    • Madeline

      You can use it as a stand alone and trust me there is a MAJOR difference either way.

      • FromUR2UB

        I did get the steamer treatment in December when I visited my daughter, and my hair did feel really good afterward. I think her stylist used a conditioner on it…not sure, but I liked the results.

  • wveronica7

    wouldn’t using a plastic cap under a hooded dryer have the same affect?

    • xyzebra

      From what I’ve heard, deep steaming is more than just the warm moisture that gathers under a cap/hooded dryer, it is a whole experience in itself. Haven’t tried it yet though.

    • Kenj

      there is a very significant difference (at least for me & my natural hair) I think my reaction was like (wow!); I’ve had a few steam treatments in the salon and now want my own. I’d recommend trying one out before purchasing though just so you have that comparison-enjoy!

  • minder