Overnight Celebrity: 8 Personalities Who Blew Up on YouTube

June 1, 2012  |  
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YouTube is like the Hollywood of the internet. It’s where every person with a camera uploads videos in the hopes of it going viral. Some get their fleeting fame before the next person becomes the meme of the moment. It’s a vicious cycle of over the top videos competing for views but some larger than life personalities have kept a loyal audience. They’ve created their own HOV lane. Here are 10 breakout YouTube stars who keep the videos and laughs coming.


B. Scott

B. doesn’t make as many videos as he used to for the YouTube crowd, but that’s only because he’s broken into the mainstream. He’s been on Dr. Drew, partied with Mariah Carey and has interviewed Jennifer Lopez. He really has gone Hollywood but doesn’t forget where he got his start. B is now for his brand.

Patti LaHelle

Shade, thy name is Patti LaBelle. Or is Aretha Franklin? Beyoncé, Mariah and Rihanna all think it’s them. Dionne Warwick and her three balls deep voice thinks that it is she who owns the title on Got2BReal. It’s really the talented voice behind all these diva impersonations who runs this world. She isn’t afraid to go there and drag. No tea, no shade of course.

Kid Fury

Beyoncé has got a lot of fans across the net but Kid Fury is on the frontlines when it comes to defending her honor and shading the rest all in one breath. He keeps it a 100, cute and moving. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of his fury but it makes for great entertainment.

The Skorpion Show (Kevin and Makael)

Kevin and Makael are more than just veterans at getting page views but they’ve helped create  the blueprint that others are following with their banter and business sense. Yes, there were YouTube stars before them. But these Philly natives have hustled to help lead the pack. Janet Jackson called Kevin. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are friends. Whitney watched their videos. Lady Gaga appeared on their show. Makael is practically on a first name basis with Beyoncé. It doesn’t get any better. Except when they’re disagreeing which is always fun to watch.

Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson

These brothers were making a name for themselves but the ratchet girl anthem skyrocketed their views and subscribers. The anthem against all things ratchet became an online phenomenon. The song got name dropped on OhnoTheydidnt and is now being sold on iTunes. Being ratchet has its advantages.

Funky Dineva

Funky’s hair is always layed. It has to be in case there’s any late breaking news for him to report on for ‘Yes Gawd Atlanta News’. Funky was one of the first on the scene after Tyler Perry’s studio burned down. CNN has been slippin’ in the ratings lately. This ATLien just may be what the Georgia based network needs to get out of their funk.


AfricanoBoi does the absolute most but the camera was made for his antics. The hits to his two year old page are proof that he’s doing something right. He’s spontaneous, over the top and just a little bit crazy. We wouldn’t want him any other way.


It’s Kingsley, Beyotch and he’s straight to the point. He doesn’t suffer fools even if it is everyone’s fav. If you’re overexposed and a Slore, beware. And he’s not afraid to get into character and mimic some of these stars.  They just make it so easy for him and Kingsley just helps us navigate through all the shade with ease.

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  • rebelremnant

    I think Luan should be on here, idc if he’s Vietnamese, if I had my eyes closed I never would’ve guessed he wasn’t black XD

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  • imnothatingimjussayin


  • jackie

    muchlovefromky, uclosetfreak should be here

  • Billy Bob

    & is hilarious

  • Billy Bob

    Sweet Addictions TV interviews a lot of celebrities and has been in movies.

  • Proud Supporter

    In my opinion whether these people are gay or not… they all have great talent and I am proud of them!!! To them… Congrats on the success and continue to entertain!!

  • Nunya

    Man y’all forgot spokenreasons, awkward black girl, the hodge twins

  • Djones157

    Yay Kid Fury! I love Kevin and Makael show also but Kevin talks to his supporters in a very rude manner I noticed.

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  • KittenHeelsKeyna

    Where is My Boo @BimboWinehouse?He should be on this list

  • KaylaaaBaylaaa

    I love Kingsley! But what about Spoken Reasons, Kain Carter, Glozell, Jerry LaVigne, Tpindell, and Jenna Marbles?!? This list was wack!

  • amasa

    OMG!!! I just watched HotDamnRock for the first time, I AM ROLLING LAUGHING!!!!! CANNOT STOP. HE IS TALENT. HE’s too good for this gay list. he’s not gay though…i think. lol

  • amasa

    Craftnation ad HodgeTwins are HILARIOUS!! They are stoo manly, too good for this list. check them out.

  • Kiann

    KINGSLEY is the BEST!!! NOt sure of all those other chraracters..

  • Yonana

    No Jerry LaVigne Jr. (RIP)??

  • Shannon

    OMG They forgot Spoken Reasons, Darmirra and Jenna Marbles!

  • StopIt

    I find nothing funny about a generation of Black men lost to homosexuality. This is sad. And all you single Black women who find humor in it, should think twice and definitely worry for your daughters. SMH

  • hellogoodbye

    Trey Moe and Messy Mya

    • Laycee

      Messy May was killed a year and a half ago. He was really funny. I miss his videos.

      • Laycee


      • Laycee


  • Why was this particular video chosen for B. Scott!?… There are hundreds more entertaining, and becoming of “His” eccentric personality….

  • JustWillie@twitter

    everyone is asking why is everyone on ethe list gay or impersonating a woman. My take on that is this: A character is someone who is not “you”. What I do like is the top 8 are all men at the end of the day. Their all able to create characters that take on a life of their on. So to all the haters I say “find some character”. Shout out to “coochiness” he more than deserving of a slote, let’s just rate him #9.

  • Yall should check out this is a commentary,by tre melvin- hillarious!
    Does parodies and what not, he is deffinatly on his way to the top!

    • SupportTreMelvin

      I’m glad you said something!I was going through the comments looking for something about him.I love him,I found out about him in college and I remember the day I found out about him I stayed up the whole night watching him.He is just that funny!

    • SupportTreMelvin

      I’m glad you said something!I was going through the comments looking for something about him.I love him,I found out about him in college and I remember the day I found out about him I stayed up the whole night watching him.He is just that funny!

  • Camcgee30

    Why isn’t Dondria on this list?

  • IllyPhilly

    Damn, I should starts surfing net more. I have no clue who these folks are.

  • atlcutie86

    YESSSS GAWWWD! love this layed hair having a** bish!

  • pashunfruit

    so happy for Emmanuel & Phillip !!!

  • goddess8281

    I cant even lie, Patti LaHelle was funny.


    Qaadir aka Timaya is one of my favorites! Also Brian Bee aka Coochiness. They are both so dam funny!!!

  • kid fury is my favorite!!!

  • wth?

    I love dontjealousme he is soooo hilarious from and he’s from naija but even if you’re not his comedy is universal 😉

  • @msredbonebrite


  • Prettyprpro

    Well…I like The Skorpion Show! I am going to subscribe as soon as I am done with this video. 

  • Me and my BFF’s youtube channel, “GirlDidYouSee”, is fresh. IMO. 

  • Sabrina

    Also, R.I.P. Jerry Lavigne Jr.!!

    • Anonymous

      He’s good too. He’s a straight guy, one of my favorite.

  • you need to add coochieness aka “there goes my bangs” funny…

    • Mmmmmgood

      Tessa exactly! I was so mad another beyonce Stan made the list and he didnt !!!! Wtfff

  • Mrsadkiah

    I feel as though the boys of Dormtainment and Kain Carter should both be on here.

  • D. Rose in the paint

    1.B. Scot=Trannie…..
    2.Patti Lahelle=Man impersonating woman…..
    3.Kid Fury=gay…..
    4.The Skorpion SHow=gay…..
    5.Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson=men impersonating women…..
    6.Funky Dineva=Cross dressing gay…..
    7.AfricanBOi=impersonating a woman….
    8.Kingsley=Man impersonating a woman….
    Interesting choices here….so I guess black men being men is not
    interesting enough! There is an assault on our manhood in this society! I
    guess Dave Chapelle was right about black men having to cross dress to
    make it in entertainment….it has has even trinkled down to youtube!

    • msnaimah1985

      Definitely! China inacted a 1 Child law to control their population, America promotes homosexuality to control theirs. A quicker way to eliminate a race is to stop their ability to produce, yes we are definitely under attack and most have no clue and will call you all types of names if you show them the reality of what’s in fromt of them. Glad my Noirettes peep game!

    • tonie.

      Patti LaHelle is a girl.

  • IMO

    Why does it matter if they are gay? They put out hilarious videos consistently. You can make a blog with your fav vloggers, or even be on youtube yourself.

  • KJ23

    I was hoping Natesvlogs would have been on here.  His Employee Evaluations are hilarious!! So is Alphacat, His Drake impression was on point!!!

    • goddess8281

      Alphacat is hilarious. To anyone that’s new on him, check out his Obama video about killing Osama Bin Laden. You’re welcome.

  • D. Rose in the paint

    The whole list comprises of black men being feminine!

  • D. Rose in the paint

    So Madame Noire only recognizes black men who are either gay or impersonate women! Interesting! And the anti-black male masculinity war continues! And black women are completely on board!

    • not a fan

      very interesting imma need to explore this. it does seem like we as a community do get a kick out of black men impersonating women despite the rampant homophobia among us. 

  • D. Rose in the paint


  • Crossfire757

    hodge twins……check em out

    • mickel

      they are hilarious! yes, this list def left out some real characters.

  • I need Kain Carter, AKA HotDamnIRock, on this list. Dude is awesome!

    • kerri

      I just checked him out for the first time. HE IS ILARIOUS…THANKS!!!

  • Shutitup

    Ummm, is there a reason there are no straight men on this list? Hotdamnirock gets about 30 or 50 thousand views at the least. is there any entertaining non LGBT vloggers?

    • Guest

      I was thinking the same damn thing…

    • Stacy L

      I don’t think the ‘she ratchet’ guys are gay

      • StopIt

        Spare me. Only a flamin’ gag can turn up his face and imitate a woman the way these men do. Because they say they’re straight doesn’t make it fact. Those two are extremely suspect. Have you seen the music video? Chile please!

  • Kaay

    Looooovvvve KidFury. He is not only funny as hale, but very intelligent. He makes a lot of great points (when he’s serious) about social issues. I can’t wait until he blows up.
    I must say though, this list points out a trend that I’ve wondered about in the past. Must our most popular urban vloggers be so “androgynous/stereotypical?” No shade… really. I’m just wondering if the popularity of certain vloggers isn’t a reflection of our current generations exposure to one too many Madea type comedies. Where are all the comedians and commentators in our community who can give good talk, minus the wigs and neck-rolling?

    • lifeGOLD

      All these guys are gay or impersonating a women. There are more to black men than that smh. SpokenReasons and Jerry Lavigne Jr are straight black men who act like MEN and have more views than anybody on this list!

  • Dancerzrule14

    YESSS @ u including the skorpion show!!!!