Nicki Minaj’s Family Says She Exaggerated Her Father’s Abuse

April 16, 2012  |  

Last week, Nicki Minaj appeared on “Nightline” and she got very personal about witnessing her mother suffer in an abusive marriage to her father who was addicted to crack.

Nicki told the reporter growing up in that household was devastating and that she witnessed a lot of violence, saying:

“My father was abusive. It would be a real bad outburst and we were afraid for her [mother’s] life because whenever he would have a real bad outburst, he would threaten to kill her.”

She added that his behavior angered her and said:

“I wanted to kill him, I wished he was dead.”

At the time, Nicki’s father simply told Nightline he’s been clean for several years, but family sources told TMZ her father is crushed that she decided to talk about their family life on TV, but worse than that they say she’s not telling the whole truth. According to the site’s sources,

“Nicki’s anecdotes are grossly exaggerated — Omar admits he had anger issues when she was a child … but insists it never reached the point Nicki described in her interview.”

Considering her father, Omar, was addicted to drugs, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to downplay the effect his actions had on his family. On the other hand, it’s interesting that Nicki says that environment likely gave way to the crazy alter egos we see her morph into on stage.

Regardless of any damage this interview may have done, Nicki says she has since forgiven her father for his abuse and her father insists he loves her and always has.

Check out her segment here when she also gets pretty upset at suggestions that she and Lady Gaga are similar. What do you think about her interview?

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  • It so sad that even in todays world when someone talks about their hardships as a child because of their parents, that the parent still even after cleaning up want to shut their adult child up!

  • Jo Hicks1111

    He f*****g abused her. It’s not lie. Just stop the bull s***.

  • Caroneisha

    Okay first and foremost ALL families have secrets that they keep hidden. Second, I’m having a hard time believeing her for some odd reason. Not saying what she said wasn’t true, but I think she might have exaggerated a bit. Don’t know but something seems off about her, and I really don’t put it past her. IDK, just my 2 cents.

  • Analyst

    Who knows what the truth is but what I CAN say as a former #TeamMinaj member is that she’s become a plastic fame whole who’s not even being creative anymore. BORED.

  • Gmarie

    of course they’re saying she exaggerated..they’re embarrassed

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  • SHE DIDN’T EXAGGERATE ANYTHING. It just hurts to hear the truth. Her father needs to get over it, because she knows what she saw, and how it made her feel. 

  • Ihave more respect for nicki now

  • Lalatarea

    hmmm hard to decide who to believe. on one hand didn’t he set their house on fire with her mom still in there? but on the other it seems like she’s trying to exaggerate the abuse to justify her made up egos (a huge part of her appeal to mainstream) so she doesn’t look like a sell out. hmmm

  • Yeah, doubt it’s a lie. 

  • ashkat

    I don’t believe her


  • sholla21

    I’m inclined to believe her. It is my experience that many abusive parents like to play the amnesia card when confronted with the things they’ve done to damage their children in the past. Plus he was an addict and probably not of sound mind at the time. 

    He might not remember it all that clearly but if he does, it’s a classic technique used by parents like him to invalidate the feelings of the children they’ve wronged. Some of them are cowards who refuse to face the truth. Oldest trick in the book.

    • emily

      I’d like to second that.  case in point: my own.  i had an abusive and tumultuous childhood along with my sister to the point when i was fifteen i took my 13 year old sister across two state lines to get away from my ‘lobotomized mom’ and her friends.  Now my life did not fare much better after that, but that is another story.  Years later,  I am an adult with MANY emotional disturbances (that i am working out with therapy of course:), but you can not tell my mom it was not me and my sis’s fault.  That’s right, years later, she blames us and refuses to talk about it.  Don’t worry, I still love her.  I’m just saying parents kill me with that holier than thou crap.  They think because they straighten out there lives much later and usually after the kid is grown, this ‘monster’ they create is automatically suppose to diasappear.  Go figure!

      • sholla21

          They think because they straighten out there lives much later and
        usually after the kid is grown, this ‘monster’ they create is
        automatically suppose to diasappear.
        I’m sorry you have to go through that Sis. You and your sister. And I’m sure it’s still a struggle. Therapy does help. I wish you the very best. *hug*

      • Happyfeet Ib

        @ emily im sorry what you been threw, ive been there, but like it said earlier, my family issuses made me stronger, it was my father who was the abuser, my mom didnt drink, i used to hate my father i loved him to, but hated him more, i used to see my mother crying saying shes staying with him because of us meaning my other brothers and sisters, i hated to see my mother upset it used to make us cry, nobody wants to see there mother like that, me and my brothers and sisters used to plan to runaway, but of course we wasnt living our mother it wasnt all bad i think my mother did the best she could, but i could never be with with a man like that im sorry, my brothers would want to kill of father to, but god bless the dead my father is no longer with us, i miss him but a part of me was happy sorry but its true i was happy a little when he passed, i guess from the past, today me my mother,sisters,brothers,neices,nephews, other family members, we talk about it, some family member dont want to hear it and others do, my mother never blaimed us never, she knows it was fathers fault, there was alot of things going on but thats another story, but what makes me mad is when people dont believe her, and they wasnt there her house so they dont know what went on, shes telling the truth, nickis daddy thought she wasnt gonna remember that but guess what WRONG, some kids remember everything like the rest of us do, to all parents dont do stupid crazy stuff around your children, because they will remember everything, and when they get grown they tell and theres nothing you can do, keep that in mind, god bless everybody

    • Happyfeet Ib

      @ sholla i agree, with 100%, nicki is not lying, but she said this sad story before in afew interviews, even her mama said it to in a nicki minaj documentary about her life, nicki is not the only whos been in this, even in my own family theres been abuse, not sexually abuse (thank god) but the drinking,yelling,throwing things,puching holes in the wall, but threw out of that it made me a strong person, so yes i believe her what do she got to gain from lying, nothing, f
      Her father is clean now (who knows) he doesnt remember or he dont want, im sure when was on crack or smoked it up im sure he had fits and flew off the handle, i love you nicki pray and keep your head up i support you fvck the haters if they dont believe, they wasnt at your home when these events was happening, so dam them, anyway god bless

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  • Charla

    The important question is did her mom come out and say it was a lie? Or is it just her dad and his family saying its a lie?? Other blogs are saying the dad is saying the comments are not true, but he obviously has a reason to say that…

  • Helado31

    They wanted her to keep it a family secret. I know from experience. Caribbean families don’t put their business out their. Rape, incest, murder, abuse: these are things that you’re supposed to keep a secret. Smh. That’s the same reason why I won’t raise my kids around my family.

    • Helado31

      *there….Excuse me for that typo.

    • Thats is so true  I too grow up in the caribbean household my families dont want to put their business out there.

    • KM320

      I definitely agree, but I think that’s with all Black families.  My family’s not caribbean, but when I went to therapy to deal with some of the things from my childhood, my father was furious and disappointed.