Hair Do’s and Don’ts According to the Fellas

April 13, 2012 ‐ By Mel T.

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  • SugarForTea

    I’ve rocked the bald look before and I’ve gotten PLENTY of action.So, IDK. It just depends on features, and how well you look with a certain hairstyle.

  • Aqueelah

    Such a beautiful pic of Esperanza Spalding! Love her hair!

  • Marina Calis

    This is a very sad article that doesn’t help with a woman’s self esteem.What does it matter what a man think your hair should look like? it’ shouldn’t it only should matter to you…because your the one who is wearing it. Articles like these manipulate black women into thinking they need to look a certain way in order to be accepted by a man.A man isn’t worth looking your identify over.A woman should wear a hairstyle that she likes and what makes her feel comfortable in a sense this is discrimination against women.

  • Kit23

    I am a big fan of “it’s your body, do what you want as long as you don’t hurt anybody”. If you want to wear your hair natural, weaved, straightened, curly, wear a wig… whatever. It’s up to YOU because at the end of the day, it’s your face you have to look at in the mirror and be happy with what you see reflecting back, both inside and out.

  • Mrs_B

    “The Whoopi Goldberg Variety”?!?!?! Girl bye…. Seriously, what does that even mean??? I have beautiful locs and so does Whoopi! Ya’ll are crazy, I mean the bad variety! smh

  • Alisha Dixon

    My sistahs…Please…PLEASE…stop putting that tired, plastic, electric blue and kool-aid red ish in your head. PLEASE!!!! You look AWFUL! You look BUSTED! You look like a broken down B*TCH!

    Wear is long, short, natural, weaved out…I don’t care…but please stop looking like you trying out for Sesame Street. Like you about to be Elmo baby-mama. I can’t.

  • vibrant77

    I’m 2 months late in reading and posting. I am of mixed race caribbean descent and have italian euro curly hair which I prefer to straighten or wear in very loose big waves. I definitely see a difference of attention when I wear the latter as compared to my tighter curls.

    In NY NJ area, white men and professional men aren’t into curly hair, black and latinos are vs. ALL types ofmen are into me with straight or wavy hair. I like wearing clip in extensions for additional length, do not wear weaves or other contraptions. I can’t justify paying $500+ a month for hair, when I already have! I spend $135 every 6 months on extensions.

    Black women need to prioritize and also quit trying to keep a man from straying by focusing solely on their hair. If anything, they need an attitude makeover and to tone the aggression down. Keep in mind a lot of men cheat on the most beautiful smartest talented women simply because they crave variety.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I love my natural hair and I wouldn’t touch another relaxer kit again. 

    However, different men have different tastes in hairstyles. I know some men who love women with natural hair, while other men don’t care for it. 

  • Thanx for sharing all these wonderful Posts and Blog.I really like them and looking forward for the newposts.nice and good post.

  • DO wear your hair however you damn well please.

    DON’T date a guy who is more concerned with your hair than you are.

    • DH

       EVERYTHING about this comment right here…. YES GIRL.

      • Realtalk

        Totally agree – And I am HERE for your comment as well!

  • When I have my hair natural white men stare at me constantly but for black men I become invisible. My boyfriend however does not seem to care how i do my hair. He told me that he fell for me because of my personality not what was on my head or on my body since these things can be changed easily but a great personality  is hard to find.

    • Same here! White men never discriminate against me for my hair. Black men do it all the time. And my hair is pretty long for natural hair – I’ll probably loc it up. So let’s not pretend that length is the issue here.

  • ThyAlexander

    Yay, Another magazine telling me what I should and should not do to get a keep a “man”.

  • Free

    r u serious, you have all these comments on how women (mostly black) should wear their hair and they you end it with the white woman that looks like a man with breasts telling black woman forget your hair if your body is baggin, with this altered fake having jack horse face clown….r u serious…so racist and stereotypical..ridiculous

    • Chanda

      Amber is half black/(Afican roots at least). I don’t know why people still assume she’s just white.

      • stevievi

        i’m tired of mentioning this. People who look white, will get all the privileges of being white. Amber might be from some obscure cape verdes island where there are some black people, but if you don’t look black and get the “black” treatment in this country. YOU ARE NOT BLACK.=side eye

  • guest

    Correction: black women spend billions, approximately $9 billion annually.

  • kimbrbelle87

    Naomi’s hairline is so unfortunate… poor girl :/

  • RenJennM

    When I rock my natural kinky curls, some (but not all) men like it a lot. When I flat iron my hair straight, even more men find me attractive. It may be because a lot of men like long, straight hair or it could be the way long hair looks on me. But I’ve definitely noticed that I get more compliments or attention when my hair is straight. And that’s sad because I like both looks!

  • Mrs J

    I love my hair long but my hair was swexy short as well. I can rock it either way.

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  • CassieB2

    I think being a confident women is all you need to wear any style of hair, I myself will rock natural, weaves, and wigs of all various lengths and my husband loves them on me. Bottom line be yourself and be confident.

  • Ms_Mara

    Yall are wrong for that jab at Whoopi. lol I love Esperanza’s hair. Her fro never looks dull or dry.

  • Chanda

    Shoot, as long as it’s done and smells nice a guy can only be but so picky. I see guys in the store with chicks wearing a scarf on her head quite often.

  • Tiffanymillerearley

    I will wear my hair however I please… Interesting p.o.v. Madame noire

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  • LuvlyChoc

    I must have one of those indifferent men. He doesn’t seem to notice ANYTHING about my hair! I cut it a few weeks ago and although it’s still long he didn’t notice that I got rid of several inches. The Amber Rose picture has me thrown off. I think that she herself is the fantasy. Men are attracted to her body, her face has no exceptional beauty. She’s an average looking woman in my opinion. I occasionally see women wearing that close to bald style but they are always dark complected women and the ones I see are ALWAYS wearing it very well. They always have great skin and the perfect face for a cut like that. Women Amber Rose’ color are not chopping off all their hair. Men I know don’t dig weaves but yet all the women they involve themselves with seem to wear them. They are never checking for the pretty dark girl with the fly short cut or the long locks.

    • Free

      so true BOO!!!! so unbelieveable but true….

  • christielove

    Gabrielle Union is very beautiful.

  • cublktigress

    Epic fail! How do you have Amber Rose at the end?

    • Mel T.

      Lol! She ‘s at the end because she has no hair and has what guys (and some women ) deem to be a nice body….she’s there to illustrate that point.

      • Free

        we have to many BLACK Women in our race that could have been used than to portray how we should look like a white woman, and if you ever say a picture of the first white model “Twiggy” the social media wasn’t into baggin bodies until the rappers started paying $$$$ for them now ask Amber Rose….

  • LiiSH

    :::side eye::: I got the greatest play from men when my hair was colorful 🙂 Even before Nicki was known i was all about my pink or green or blue or purple. Alas i had to grow up, leave college and join a regular workforce lol. I miss it tho…

  • wondertwin

    Another thing, I have never met a man who likes hair like Amber Rose. They’re out there I suppose.  Personally I kind of like the look if the girl can pull it off. But most guys I talk to are turned off by girls with that little hair, no matter how hot she is.

    • Honey

      Obviously, you were not around when the top fantasy girl on EVERY Black man’s list was that bald sister that graced the Ohio Players album covers…that chick shaved her head and got paid!!! 

      • wondertwin

        I know who you are refering too. beautiful girl all right. Not sure if men actually *prefer* her bald. Do you seriously believe they do? I’m not saying a man won’t overlook no hair if the girl is physically flawless in every other way. Or if he just loves her regarldess.  But most men…MOST …want a woman whith more hair than themselves.  or maybe it’s just the men I know.

  • wondertwin

    Most men will like the hair if it compliments the woman’s features, regardless of the style.  But i have to agree with NIKKI on the weaves. My husband is not black and he can’t fathom the very idea of hair that can’t be touched, grabbed during sex, gotten wet, etc. I don’t even try to explain it because I myself find it assinine. I do get that black women are more into trying to “preserve” a style more than other races, which leads to some crazy habits.  Men need to understand that to a point.  But yeah, weaves pulled so tight that it rips hair from the follicles? I don’t blame them for passing on that.

    • FromUR2UB

      That’s the one thing I find odd is that in their quest to have more hair, women do things that permanently damage their own so that they lose what they have.  More women would have more of their own hair if they stopped abusing it and took better care of it.  Long hair doesn’t look good on everyone, anyway.  Even Halle Berry is much better looking with a short do.  During the time she allowed it to grow out, I thought it made her look very ordinary.

      • wondertwin

        I agree about Halle Berry. Short hair is her best look. I think the myth is going away that black women’s hair can handle the abuse we give it. In fact it is the most fragile of all hair types. Yet we do anything and everything to make it something it’s not.  It can only take so much.

        and admit it or not, alot of it has to do with what we think men will find attractive. but you can’t win trying to please a guy. they want long hair but don’t like weaves…blah blah. half these guys can hardly afford to be choosey anyway.

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  • FK

    Number 6 I love. She’s my idol. 

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  • Rmdavis45

    Ms.Madame Noire can you please print articles without we the readers having to flip thru countless pages to read a story we love your articles don’t like the idea of going from one screen to another we appreciate it.Thanks

    • Jo Somebody

      But then there’d be fewer adverts per ‘article’…

    • KamJos

      Yeah they addressed this. They do it for ad revenue. 

  • MoreMoney

    well before amber rose- i knew girls who wore the super short look that were not light mixed – whatever- tried telling this to a friend of mine
    if a guy likes you- and thinks you look cute he dont care if its long or short- and i know girls who wear obvious tacky weaves and there are men behind them – bottom, line no two men are the same

  • I think the bottom line is how you carry yourself. If you are confident in yourself and I mean truly confident, not on some bad attitude, arrogant type of confidence then you will definitely attract. And yeah Amber Rose changed the game.

  • Lightbrownis

    Men don’t even care this much, this is BS . . . . .  experiment with natural hair and long hair is a avg girl’s best friend . . . .  c’mon now, at least make it believable.

    • Nikki

      you will be surprised how many men there are out there who actually DO care about women’s hair.  they are indifferent about long vs short hair, but they absolutely loathe weaves. these answers aren’t as far fetched as you may think.

      • I am the oldest of four. I have three, younger brother’s and two of prefer women with long hair, while the other really doesn’t care, as long as she takes care of it. Our mother always took care of her hair and our’s to for that matter, but I myself have been going to the salon since I was twelve. My husband hates when I wear my hair in a ponytail, but he loves when my hair is fixed and he loves to come home and see rollers in my head. Men do care and they pay attention.

      • KL

        “They absolutely loathe weaves,” not true if you are of european descent.

    • Mel T

       @ LightBrownis: That comment was actually verbatim from a man.

    • FromUR2UB

      Black men have always had a thing for naturally long hair, so I think if it didn’t matter at all to them, there wouldn’t be so many black women today who spend tons of money putting hair on their heads.  But, this doesn’t mean that they dislike short hair.

      My mother’s hair used to hang down her back and my dad used to tell her to never cut it.  Of course, she believed that if he liked her hair long, she shouldn’t cut it.  It was one of her points of vanity, so she kept it looking nice.  But, then, he cheated on her with bald-headed women.   So, a woman should wear her hair in the way that’s pleasing to her, because trying to keep up with the whims of men is like trying to hit a moving target.

  • i’m so happy they represented us “natural girls.”  i’ve had relaxers, wigs, weaves, and braids.  but, i have been most happy showing my “natural self.”  it has been liberating, and i can go in the rain without worrying about my hair. 🙂

  • love

    regardless, natural, permed, weaved, whatever your personal preference… HEALTHY, CLEAN hair is always hot!

    wash it, condition it, moisturize it and for heaven’s sake DON’T singe it until that burned curling iron/flat iron smell becomes your new scent.

    when you lean over your man the last thing you want to smell like is burnt hair, or worse, burnt, greasy, unclean hair. 

    trust me. men notice the smell of your hair and other people can smell it too if they get close enough. 

    • That is so true. I know this female and me and other people was starting to think that she was having really bad BO, but a close friend was like I don’t understand how that can because she stay’s in the bath tub and one day when I gave her ride that’s when I found out what the smell was, it was her hair. Well she has a five month baby that is so beautiful, and I was holding him one day and he smell’s just like her hair. I finally said something to her about, but her husband whom is now cheating on her and has moved out told her that she couldn’t do anything to her hair not even cut it. He is no longer with her, but he still controls her and I just wish that she would do her since he’s doing him. The female that he is with takes care of her hair and get’s it done. I just think that he doesn’t want any other men to want her. 

      • sweettea

        What’s she scared he’s gonna do? Tge worst has already happened so there’s no excuse to not wash her hair now

    • emily

      lmbo amen!!

  • mochaaa

    my cousin had kinky hair and it was so easy to comb through..then she permed it smh. there should be more natural hair products that help you maintain your hair rather than alter the curl pattern or whatever. anyway cool article

    • Chanda

      In beauty supply stores there’s more natural hair products out than ever even at Sally’s. They are trying to make money, they know what’s up.

    • Honey

      There are more natural hair care products and recipes out there now than there are products for relaxed hair. Check Facebook, YouTube, etc…..thousands of different products are now available in stores and on line.