Too Short Gives Disgusting Fatherly Advice About Girls to Middle School Boys

February 10, 2012  |  

Too Short never claimed to be a role model and I’m not sure why XXL is making him out to be one, but for some reason the magazine has given him a platform for “fatherly advice” and in his third lesson on the birds and the bees, he’s giving middle school boys some disturbing tricks on mind manipulation to “turn little girls out” and essentially take advantage of them sexually. Here’s what he said:

“When you get to late middle school, early high school and you start feeling a certain way about the girls… I’m gonna tell you a couple tricks. This is what you do, man. A lot of the boys are going to be running around trying to get kisses from the girls, we’re going way past that. I’m taking you to the hole.

There’s a general area down there, a little spot that girls have that feels really good to them. Don’t kiss them down there yet, that’s later in life. But this is what you do. You push her up against the wall or pull her up against you while you lean on the wall and you take your finger and put a little spit on it and you stick your finger in her underwear and you rub it on there and watch what happens. It’s like magic. You gotta find her spot, they all have a different one, but it’s somewhere in there. Just go for it. When you feel like it becomes a little more moist that’s when you know you’re doing it right.”

I personally think his advice is pretty irresponsible, yet somewhat expected from a raunchy rapper such as himself, but XXL really shouldn’t promote this type of foolishness for young boys, particularly when he’s leaning heavily toward aggressive sexual behavior played out against pre-teen girls.

Check out the clip and see what you think. Should XXL take this down?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Igor

    I don’t understand how is this advice wrong? It’s just in street language version of sex ed
    Are you a upset Christian or something? feminist?

  • shag12

    An ugly little idiot.

  • Too Short Soldier

    Bravo Too Short. Great advice. Teachin these youngins hows to handle them broads is important. When I was in 5th grade we did this. Even the ones who said no at first say yes. Couldnt get enough. No matter the era, they likes to gets handled. Take it. They’ll give it up and ultimately respect you more. Thats how you learn em. Deep down they know a real man is taking charge. They learn how to obey!

  • cjbiv

    At least he is givin’ them some real advice!! Take-it-to-da-hole!!!

  • Defiant Fiandt

    Well, when sex ed information provided by the state teaches kids that they can fit objects up to 11 inches safely in the rear end, I don’t think advising to put a little spit on it is going very far.

  • Jesse Jackson

    black culture has given us so much value. or is it no positive value of any kind?
    one of those

    • CCBanks

      And WHITE CULTURE is the CANCER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET EARTH. Which has RAPED, PILLAGED AND VIOLATED every other race of people it has ever come in CONTACT with! Which race of people escaped your VENOMOUS EMBRACE? Indians? Not so much. The Chinese? Remember those coolies that helped the slaves build the West! The Japanese? INCOMING! The Koreans? No you went to THEIR COUNTRY and started a WAR remember? Gee, I’m running out of races and ethnicities! How about the INDIANS from INDIA? Nope Whites in Britain oppressed them! The BLACKS? HAHAHAHAH. The Latinos? Perhaps a quick read of “Las Venas De Latino America” would be in order IF your toothless butt could read. So when dissing other races or cultures in the future, PERHAPS IT WOULD BE ADVISABLE TO KEEP IN MIND THE FILTHY SATANIC BEAST THAT WHITE CULTURE HAS BEEN FOR THE REST OF THE F-ING WORLD!

      • esolesek

        Say what you want, but I’ve yet to see a black Beethoven, Shakespeare or Picasso. BLacks had a great culture when you were Louis ARmstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, and Jimi Hendrix, but you’ve traded that in for the garbage of Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and a milllion other worthless rappers. You can’t even rise to the level of Chuck D or Ice Cube anymore. You culture is straight up demolished, and you better look in the mirror.

        Sure, whites were invaders and colonizers, no question there, but in the 21st century, what is Africa doing? Bending over to the Arabs and the Chinese. Eventually, the excuses have to stop. As far as blacks in the US, some are doing well, and many are doing not, but Beyonce and Nicki Minaj do not constitute high culture, and noone is to blame but yourselves, and probably some jewish media owners. I’ll give you that. But stop whining about oppression. It’s true, but blacks were more oppressed in the past and generated blues, jazz, rock, funk, reggae, and then cRAP. Please move on to a new culture, PLEASE.

  • Porshia

    Ok, so I am a year late but I simply had to chime in. Yes, I am taken aback at his “tutorial” but I am even more surprised by the “shock” and “awe” that a lot of these comments (from seemingly parents) display concerning sexuality in junior high. If you have sons and daughters in middle school (especially in NYC), I recommend that you have serious conversations with them concerning sex. From attending inner city schools, I can share that if the parents of a lot of my peers had ANY inclination concerning what their “princes” and “princesses” were up to while in middle school, they would riot and protest. “Getting f!ngered” as they would call it was 6-7th grade status, by 8th grade the experimentations (in stairwells, closets, bathrooms etc.) are a bit more “upgraded”. I left junior high donkey years ago, so I could only imagine what these kids today are up to now. So, if your heads are in the clouds, wake up and smell the brewing coffee. A lot of these little boys and girls are not virgins by the time they enter high school and their parents are non-the-wiser because their kids’ little friends help them to concoct lies and alibis to continue their licentiousness covertly. If you do their laundry, pay attention to their underwear, if you’re constantly purchasing “replacements” that is a red flag. #realtalk

  • tony

    great advice! I support Too Short

  • Natasha

    Besides sounding like a rape bound to happen, this just sounds like the words of some sugary old pedo who gives sick advise to unsuspected children who don’t even know the terms for body parts yet. Someone should investigate this sick f***k.

  • But every macogenistic lyric in “rap” today- and for a long time now- has been misogynistic and homophobic, and the black journalistic and so-called civil rights community sems every to

  • TNB

  • Nor Cal Narive

    All you people need to calm down. Yes, Too $hort made some comments that he probably shouldn’t have. But Todd Shaw and his CHARACTER Too $hort are two different people. When XXL interviewed him, he was in character. That’s the kind of answer they where looking for. Calling him a pedophille is like calling Stephen King a murderer. Give the man a break and move on. Life is… Too $hort

  • Keisha Samoht

    I know im a year late but what the f%&#? Is he stupid? This fool had to make a song about… Wow….

  • Lisa

    What gets me are the parents who allow their children to listen to the rap songs that are out there. This is a prime example of the garbage spewed out of the mouths of rappers and then you have gangsters becoming rappers with lyrics on how to take someone down or brag about their past crimes. Rap has no place in the music world and should not be respected.

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  • A567960

    There’s a special place in hell for monsters like this…I’d say throw him in jail but the pervert would probably enjoy getting prison-raped too much.  Pull the trigger on this monster and send him to hell where he belongs.

  • apesgoback

    ahh diss jus bee part of are cultur n sheet nomesayin?

  • What a stupid thing to say.  Coming from someone who looks like a bath, shot of penicillin, and a dentist would do him a world of good, does not surprise me. This is just his totally pathetic way of attempting to stay relevant.  #Kick rocks. 

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  • Stire22b

    He’s just blatantly giving young boys a green light to sexually assault girls their own age.  It’s unbelievably disturbing that a grown man thinks this way and would decide to project his views on to impressionable kids

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  • Oh, and by the way, I would do an investigation into him, since it seems like he may have or potentially will assault women or young girls soon. GOD I hate men like this. Trash.

  • What a disgusting piece of trashy shxt. No wonder this man is no longer relevant in the real world. Because no one really gives a rats behind about him, he has to resort to this attention sloring. I bet the only way that he can get a woman is to “force” her because no one really wants him for him. 

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  • BlueCornMoon

    TOTALLY DISGUSTING, IGNORANT,IRRESPONSIBLE & STUPID !!!Reason # 8 to stay celibate & teach your girls to do so. No wonder there are so many young black men & boys  who feel it’s their right to sexually abuse & take advantage of girls & women. Rotten minded rappers like this fool promote it in their music.Kids hear this crap,know the lyrics & next thing you know they’re trying such behaviors in school .People like him shouldn’t even have kids because he’s setting them up for behaviors that could result in their becoming branded as sex offenders.I’m a teacher & have often had to call the parents of such boys or write them up  & have them suspended. At one school I was at,the principal had to send notes home to the students about impropter touching & inappropriate sexual behavior.Our people have really lost their class & culture ! The boys are killing each other in the streets for stupid reasons & there are more crimes against kids. A couple of years ago an 11 y/o girl was raped & damaged so bad by the rape that she had to have  surgery. Later she turned up pregnant & had to have an abortion. Can you imagine the effect on her young mind & life? These rappers promote a culture of hatred & disrespect of women & girls.With slimeballs like this fool in our neighborhoods & schools, girls are not safe. When I was growing up in the 60’s young men were taught to be respectful to girls & women. Even the playas drew the line at this type of behavior against young girls. There were,however, a few dirtbags. In 6th grade there was a boy who liked to try the Too Short method & touch girls private areas. One day he touched the wrong girl….ME! I beat him good & if he grew up & had no kids it was due to my “footwork”. He never bothered any more girls after that .
    I wonder if “Too Short” has some kind of “anatomical issue” & that’s why he has that  name & attitude toward girls.

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  • Laney

    That has to be the most ignorant thing I have ever read. He’s almost going as far as telling these little boys to sexually assault little girls. He’s going to have some little boy staring down the barrell of some angry mother or father’s gun. I knew he was an a**hole but I didn’t know it was that far reaching

  • Laney

    That has to be the most ignorant thing I have ever read. He’s almost going as far as telling these little boys to sexually assault little girls. He’s going to have some little boy staring down the barrell of some angry mother or father’s gun. I knew he was an a**hole but I didn’t know it was that far reaching

  • Sound like he is trying to teach boys to be rapists. No surprise. This whole warape unculture promotes such abuse. The guy is a creep and i doubt he does much for any of his kids. What a disgusting piece of crap this is. Sickening. No wonder we have no hope for a livable future.

  • Jimmy Swaggerd

    Why no uproar over the 12+ albums he’s made over the last THREE DECADES where, in just about every song, he discusses the challenges involved when attempting to turn your girlfirend into a prostitute… while saying “b!tch” in virtually every song as well.  Oh wait, I know… because the beat to “Blow the Whistle” is bangin’ huh??  No wait, I get it. You’re mad because NOW he’s saying these things to underage kids (psst… who do you think has been buying his albums?)

    …consistency my friends, it’s all about consistency…

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  • Aly

    That is sick.

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  • Thank goodness they took that video down. He is one ignorant you know what. Man the devil is always busy!

  • Msmykimoto2u

    Omg how disgusting. I bet he wont be saying that this is “cool” when some little boy does this to his daughter.

  • Guest

    I’m simply beyond SHOCKED & APPALLED! As we have all seen or heard at this point, young girls in their early and middle teens are being seduced and filmed for the purpose of humilating them online. Young teens are becoming pregnant and suffering from various STDs etc. I am shocked that these fools (Too Short & XXL) would advocate this sort of nonsense!

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  • Too Short doesn’t have any kids, THANK GOD! But I wonder if he would be teaching is sons how to basically sexually assault little girls. He sounds like a dirty old man even talking about this smdh. This is gross and I am thoroughly disgusted to say the least. Not that I supported him in the first place, but I most definitely won’t now. I’ll even tell my friends and fam not to. Ugh!

  • Dawja

    Just so you parents with daughters can see who’s teaching these ‘mannish’ boys how to get in their pants.

    Please teach your daughters to know better.

  • kellz

    Something needs to be done.  SOMEONE has to stand up for our daughters for once.

  • Dawja

    He’s a typical n****a…

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  • bhillboy

    A lot of you BS’ing women are acting like you didn’t get “fingered” in middle and early high school. I know I did it to my girlfriends and they were glad I did. I know you want to sound all mature but stop fronting- MOST OF YOU DID IT WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG.

    • TLC

      you dumb f*** thats not the point – growing up you didnt have celebrities blatantly posting telling kids how to do it. 

    • TLC

      you dumb f*** thats not the point – growing up you didnt have celebrities blatantly posting telling kids how to do it. 

    • It’s really not about that.I will willingly admit that yes, as a teen I was sexually active but you know what? It was something I had to learn from and realize that sex at a young age is NOT a good idea. Also, if we CAN teach young girls to wait for a few more years or until they are ready, then that’d be great. Also, why are we teaching these boys to “force” these girls, then that’s awful. Most young girls would end up traumatized by that. I was a young girl once too.

  • Ailsa

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  • that mess dont even sound right i hope this is tken down go play video games

  • Mushainoshaino

    EEeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Disgusting!!! Even more disgusting is that there will probably be people making excuses.

  • Guest

    Why is it okay for him to say these? Where is child protective services? Where are the outraged parent groups? Why does XXL exist right now?

  • Elegance

    I want to throw up now…

  • Forreals

    And I don’t know which is more disgusting – this ignant monkey Too Short for saying it or XXL for printing it!

    If this had been a thread about Nene or any if tge BB wives or Love n Hip Hop girls the ninjas would have this post flooded with every insult in the book against these women n the poor reflection they are but a thread where a ignant black b@stard promoted underage perversion goes virtually uncommented in.. I guess it’s okay for ninjas to promote such filth cuz when tge shiit hits they fan they can always sit back n blame the black woman n Nene!

  • Forreals

    But everytime u turn around ninjas want everyone to believe Nene Leakes n the girls of BB wives / love & hip hop are what’s bringing the black race down! Say what u want about Nene, Chrissy, Shaunie, etc – I ain’t never heard them encourage young black boys to sexually a s s ault / molest young girls. I guess in a ninjas eyes it’s okay to promote sexual a s s ault among children but racially damaging for a sista to fight in a reality show… SMH!!

  • Starasia00


  • guest

    the f***???? too short, yeah too short on sense! who the f*** gave this a guy a contract? Knock him up the side of his effing head! smh………

  • Bella

    I nearly threw up when I read this article. After watching the video however, the cheesy background music made the advice seem somewhat comical, especially when he was looking around. Maybe the  crew were laughing or something. Either way, Too Short should have a girl spit on a scalpel, shove it down his pants and cut his balls off and XXL need to admit defeat with their magazine – they’re a black man’s GQ who can’t compete. They both need to keep it movin’.

  • Shirl

    This man is a fool and an embarrassment

  • iz_wide

    This ni99a is certifiable. He dun crossed the line-women r bad enuff but now hes teaching tha next generation to molest, abuse, & disrespect female children???? Throw this sik bastard underneath the jail with the dummy that gave him a column to write n the 1st place. That’s that ignorant Oakland bull rite there. they regard that itty bitty insane ninja and the Mack as a god.
    sik sik sik.
    I got sumthn for yo hole, ancient ignorant ni99a

  • Dvs_2200

    Are u f@#$ing serious? How can this even be thought of as advice? I guess he wouldnt mind these young boys getting at his daughter, sister, neice in this manner..

  • LAcitychick

    After reading the article I couldn’t even bring myself to click the video to give that crap any more views. I am sick to my stomach at Too Short. Ew…what a sick man to take little boys “to the hole” OF UNDERAGE GIRLS by giving them sexual “advice.” I want to take him to jail so someone HIS AGE can get to HIS HOLE! F U Too Short.

  • This negro needs to be locked up! I think someone needs to press charges against XXL and 2short for promoting pedophilia and encouraging minors to engage in sexual activity. If this were a teacher or any other professional this case would already be in court. This is why the black community must learn to deal very harshly with pedophiles, because we have truly underestimated how dangerous these animals can be.

  • Are you shitting me right now? What the hell is wrong with this guy? It’s men like him that infect the minds of perfectly innocent black (and may be white or other race) boys. They see some really cool guy with a lot of money, idolize him and want to do whatever he says so they can feel cool too. Things like this…they just have to cease. There’s nothing else to be said…sick bastard. 

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  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    any father who reads XXL needs to write in a complaint because that madness is what keeps the foolishness in the world. . .

    • Idiot

      Anyone who reads XXL in the first place needs to be smacked.

  • DeepThinker

    I think he’s a saddist. I hope he gets supervised visits with his daughter. He needs to be kept away from ALL children. What kind of woman would get with him. He would probably pimp her out literally.

  • Dramysanders

    I am beyond disgusted at this…”push them up against the wall” then assault them….No thanks.

  • this is gross, he has a daughter I wonder how he would feel if some little boy did that to his girl, smh, totally lost respect for this guy

    • DeepThinker

      I was hoping he didn’t have any kids.
      I always knew he was mentally disturbed.

  • Manu

    Those are the kids that get laid, thus those are the moves women like, what’s so wrong about it? 

  • Barbarasmith65

    Is it just me or why does too short know how to have sex with underage girls?  I mean he is giving instructions like he has done this on several occassions with troubling success?  There should be an investgation into why he feels comfortable telling how to molest children? there is no outrage when it comes to the sexual abuse of black children, just really read these responses! they seem to suggest do this to someone else child just not mine!  get it together black people!!! for real!!

  • RedButterfly81

    Who hired this ninja to talk to middle school boys in the first place? This is why most men today is so screwed by thinking with their wee wees.

  • Brandip_77

    This is freakin awful and epitomizes what is wrong in the world.   People, please teach your sons and daughters that their worth is not in their pants.  So many black men with low self esteem, such as Too Short, seem to think their worth is in their penis.  It’s disgusting and reprehensible. 

  • Slcross


  • LS

    To Short said something sexist and disgusting about females? No way.

  • dddooonnnttt

    He’s talking about fingering 12 year olds.

  • TK

    How is it not illegal for him to incite underage sexual misconduct and sex ual aggression?

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  • Beckie

    Shame on Madame Noir for putting this garbage up! He’s endorsing underage molestation! This is disgusting!

    • sunsetssplendor

       Madame Noir is INFORMING us. If it weren’t for MN many of us wouldn’t now be able to call, write or boycott this creep and the magazine that plans on printing this guide to rape.

    •  Oh please shut up! MN is telling us about an article we would not otherwise know of because most of us smart women don’t read that trash. Unlike XXL, MN is not promoting it, but shaming it.

  • He lack intelligence

    People like him, I would not even waste my effort on supporting.  He’s clearly still a teenager, because a man would never give such advise to a minor who would and could go to jail for these type of scenes.  He clearly stated that all a boy has to do is push himself up on a girl and have his way with her.  No person with a sane mindset should be giving these advice to children. 

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  • Dmjalexander

    XXL TAKE THIS DOWN NOW! I could write a Theological Dissertation on the wrongs behind this write up, but clearly religion has no place in the minds of the editors of XXL, so I’ll appeal to your common sense from a secular stand point. You are helping to promote illegal behavior against young women that will be classified as rape in a court of law. TOTALLY DIGUSTED WITH YOUR CHOICE OF STORIES TO PROMOTE. SMH

  • terrible to tell little boys that why these kids is getting hiv

  • Now, if his daughter or granddaughter comes home saying some boy did that, then what? 

    • I bet his sick a___ would laugh at her all the way to the bank because he is evil. He’s probably someone who HAS molested a child. I would not be surprised. If he died, he is one person/celeb that I would NOT feel sorry for.

  • 2 short finger must have smelt like crap at a young age……..He should have spent time paying attention in class and he would have had better sense then to say some stupid s*** like that….the only thing kids need to know about the birds and bees is that birds fly and bees sting……Nuff said……Let their real parents give them the advice

  • Sheryl

    Couldn’t someone in charge stop him immediately and tell him that’s inappropriate advice you are giving innocent young children???????  I am appalled!!!   Disgusting little man!!

    • Denisebland2003

      I am 52 and have never heard of this person or website. What worries me is that this perv has molested or raped little girls in his past or possibly in the present time. Assaulting our babies HAS TO STOP ! I would appeal to all of you to contact this website and ask the public if any child has been hurt by this creep to please contact the authorities! If we don’t protect our babies, no one will!

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  • Thomasls9

    This goes beyond any “bad advice” from a known raunchy rapper…this is a promotion of child on child sodomy at the very least with the way he is irresponsibly putting it out there. I am so sick of those with the attention of media being so wreckless…..What if some already lightweight wreckless child takes his advice and runs with it and hurts somebody’s daughter in the process….or thinks he can just walk up to some girl he likes and put his finger in her pants? just stupid….

  • Janietb94

    XXL Hip Hop on a Higher Level. Really? Cause what you have posted on your website is nothing short of a manual on how to molest and manipulate young girls. Ban the site, Too Short and anything he promotes. He is in line right behind the pimps and pretty close to the pedophiles!

  • kayla

    While Corey Hart and Pink are showing young white kids marriage…this is what we get!! Just stoopidery!

  • WTF!!! middle school??? If anybody touched my child like that in middle school oh hell yes there will be a problem. Hell idc if she’s 14 or 15. She doesn’t need to be getting touched or told that she needs to be getting touched like that. That’s what wrong with the society now. Too much ignorance leading to too much violence.

  • nelle_ROSE

    Im apauled at the “advice” (and I use that word lightly) that Too Short feels is appropriate to share w/ young boys. With the rate of STDS high as the sky in the black community, how is it ok to tell a 12-13 yr old that putting his spit in a girl’s vagina is ok to do?? Excuse me, but you can contract gonnerea(sp?) from saliva alone. Not just that, but even thou we all know children are having sex younger and younger, we shouldn’t exactly be encouraging it by giving boys techniques to use on girls. Sometimes I am apauled at the amount of stupidity and ignorance of my black community, especially the ones who have a voice or some power to make positive change, and they instead resort to this kind of foolishness. I know we as a community are better than this.

    • Anonymous


  • Caymar0415

    This is beyond ridiculous and Im really disgusted xxl would even post that. I guess he physically aged but he still has that childish mentality. As impressionable as children are thats the last advice they need. Literally smh.

  • They need to lock this buzzard up!

  • They need to lock his a** up-disgusting buzzard!

  • In Bay Area its pretty well known that Too$hort actually did pimp girls in the East Bay, etc. I do not expect ANYONE with that unreformed mentality to say ANYTHING role model worthy. But I would expect XXL to recoensider printing/showing anything about that. In fact, his description sounds like sexual assault. It doesn’t sound anything like a middle school girl (MOST of them anyway) would be ready for that kind of physical contact.
    Also I don’t read XXL anymore  but it may be worth people writing in about this and demanding an apology if not form Too$hort , from XXL

    • Kreneeh

      My thoughts exactly. Hes telling middle school boys that are mentally not ready to handle sex to stick their hands down girls pants. This is rape waiting to happen. Im dissapointed that a magazine would publish this garbage.

  • Sooverthebs

    He has no regard for himself; so how could we expect him to have regards for anynoe else? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not touching little girls on the down low! He is definitely a sick person with no morals.

  • Nestafan2

    Getting older has made him more ignorant than ever.  Why would they give him a platform for this nonsense.  Instead of encouraging young boys to stay in school and giving them advice on staying out of the prison system, he’s telling them how to violate young girls.  He disgusts me.

  • Wendy861

    I am disgusted!!! This is borderline promoting rape because 1. You are shoving girls up against a wall 2. Sticking your dirty fingers in them. I didn’t read anywhere that he told these impressionable young boys to get the girls permission to do these things to her. This is irresponsible and down rite pedophilia.

  • guest

    Seems to me that Too Short is a little short on common sense and decency.  That elevator does not go all the way to the top floor.  While you’re at it, give them a few tips on juvie hall or jail because that is where they are headed in some states for following this foolishness on 13, 14 year old girls.

  • Mangoago

    he needs to be shot in the butt… for real

  • SOSO


    • Gdub52o

      this isnt funny..this is a near middle aged man telling you how to fondle an underage girl…

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Absolutely NOTHING funny about this and the fact that you find humor in this says alot. This is completely disgusting and triffling. Any man who says this about underage children should be locked up immediately

  • Cocolicious

    so, he became sexually active in middle school. some people think it’s normal. it’s normal in some families.

    • Gmarie

       okay, but rape isn’t normal, and that’s exactly what this sounds like..

      • Cocolicious

        and in some families, sexual sodomy and violation is ‘normal’. not saying it’s right . he obviously comes from a corrupt sub-culture.

        • lisa

          Where in the hell is sodomy and violation considered “normal”? I don’t believe any family is sitting around the livingroom discussing how to rape young girls. It is this guy, not his family that is promoting sexual assault. Normal? Maybe in your family but not anyone else’s I know of. Disgusting!

    • Hsialin

      Maybe negroes ….not normal folks tho.

      • EazzzyE

        You’re obviously not normal saying negroes when it’s 2015…and I’m not sure what reality you live in where you think black people have the most abnormal sexual practices… do you know what a white person is?

      • EazzzyE

        *21st century in general

  • Gee

    One word: Sickening

  • queenie

    You would think there would be some kind of balance between his public persona as a rapper and man/father. I guess not, he’s an ignorant individual all around. Furthermore I can’t believe this actually a video like this is some kind of PSA! 

  • SickOfRidiculous

    Too Short, please slide your disgusting behind back under the rock from which you came. This is the most irresponsible display I have ever witnessed. I do understand that we are all entitled to freedom of speech, but at what point does personal RESPONSIBILITY our statements come into play? Just my two cents and I am… Sick of Ridiculous. 

    • SickOfRidiculous

       …responsibility *for* our statements…

  • Idiot

    More reasons why parents need to be involved in their kids life.  This stuff is disgusting.  And no, normal men are not telling their sons this crap.  If your boyfriend or husband is telling this to your son, then its obvious that you made a poor choice in a husband or boyfriend.  

  • Rainbow

    I hope no one is shocked.  Men like him (which too often are the men we have around our children – family members, mom’s boyfriends, even some dads) tell their boys this.  Parents better recognize…

    • Msmykimoto2u

      So what, you dont post it in a freaking magazine

  • Virtualvenus

    Ummmm, maybe someone should clue Mr. Short in on how this is sexual assault and a serious felony. End up landing your a** on the sex offenders registry. SMH 

    • Ladynlocks

      Virtualvenus, you hit this right on the head. He is gonna have these young boys finding themselves in a courtroom explaining why they committed a sexual assault on a youn lady!!! Smdh@TooShort

  • datmiamiboi

    Well his name ios too short, so, he must be SHORT in a lot of areas, and saying random ish to lil boys is one of them.

  • Henewaa

    Can’t believe my motherf—– eyes!! Really?! You don’t have to be a father/ to know this is wrong on sooo many levels. What is wrong with this guy?! Being a “raunchy rapper” is NO excuse for this buffoonery. What the hell?! And we wonder why rapists get younger and younger…I just….I can’t…I’m gonna pray.

    • Kirah

      Well Said!!! i couldnt agree with you more. although i dont think i want to waste my prayers on this guy… maybe ill pray for his sons instead !

      • Ailsa

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    • JN31

      I agree- That’s just disgusting of him. That magazine has been dwindling for a while now so hopefully no one is even looking at it, especially children. I can’t believe they’d even publish that garbage!

    • Kimuullllooo8

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  • Michele

    What more do you expect from Too Short? I am not condoning his response, it IS irresponsible and he must not have any daughters since he said this. But at the same token, I would not expect to get sage advice from a man who made a living making dirty music about sex.

    • Guest

      I respect you viewpoint, but I would think any decent adult male, regaredless of their profession, would know when and where to draw the line!

    • I don’t really expect anything less from him although I also am not condoning his words. I just don’t see why or how he is even relevant enough to have XXL want to discuss this topic or any topic for that matter with the likes of him. He needs to be somewhere trying to find Jesus! Old man should be ashamed of himself for being so old and still thinking like he did when he was 15. Absolutely no personal growth has happened on his part. This saddens me.

    • Jadaseraiah

      I hear you, but how about just giving NO ADVICE AT ALL!  Epecially to middle school kids!  This advice is disturbing and disgusting!  My stomach is turning thinking about the young sex craved boys who will attempt this advice and the little girls who will be subjected to it!   SMDH!!!!!!
      Sorry…. I just angry, this is not directed at you personally.


      Oh come on. There’s writing dirty lyrics for adults, and then there’s encouraging children to sexually assault other children. It isn’t exactly a fine line. And the fact that he’s a Black man and a father himself makes it even more shameful. Sorry but he doesn’t get a pass from me for this disgusting advice.

    • bb91103

      There is a white comedian who did the same routine about having a son and a daughter.

  • Tee

    I guess he doesn’t have a daughter because im pretty sure he wouldn’t like it if one of these boys followed his advice and tried this with his daughter. Just saying!

    • Rainbow

      He probably has daughters by multiple women. This is what happens…he tells his daughters to keep her legs closed; he tells his sons to “Be a pimp player”; he has a rotation of women for his children to see.  Straight  up mixed signals.

      • Robbie

        He has said that he has no children…