Ish is Getting Real: Gonorrhea’s Becoming Untreatable

February 9, 2012  |  

No one wants to contract an STD but if you had to catch one, gonorrhea, chlamydia, or syphilis would be it because they’re at least treatable. Well, they were.

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the number of drug-resistant cases of gonorrhea is on the rise in the US to the point that the sexually transmitted disease may become untreatable. According to the authors, “It is time to sound the alarm.” They wrote:

“During the past 3 years, the wily gonococcus has become less susceptible to our last line of antimicrobial defense, threatening our ability to cure gonorrhea and prevent severe sequelae.”

The threat is nothing to laugh at. Gonorrhea is the second most commonly reported communicable disease in the United States, affecting an estimated 600,000 people annually. Complications from the disease include scaring of the uterus, pelvic inflammatory disease, and infertility, plus the disease can be spread to a child during delivery so it’s not something you want to play with. Here’s one more reason to wrap it up.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Peach

    Please talk about HSV and HPV stats, get rid of the stigma!

  • New untreatable SUPER #STD’s. In these days and times it really does not make a lot of sense to be involved in ANY form of risky sexual behavior. Find your partner and stick with her (or him, or it) and keep your freaky disease between just the two of you. Discover a sense of loyalty and commitment and reduce the chance of catching or spreading some of these new incurable disorders to someone else.

  • Ari


  • Appassionata456

    Better celibate than sorry.


  • Reutlo

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  • Itzrica

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  • Caymar0415

    If your gonna have sex-STRAP UP. Point blank. ALLLLLL the time. Doesnt matter how cute he/she is, their not worth a STD. Monogamy helps alot too!

  • Gjodyjoe

    women give more STDS then they get and the awalys lie about how many ppl they sleep with.

  • Haliylee

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  • Ggibson247

    Happily married!

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  • Izzy

    Condoms DON’T PROTECT YOU FULLY from this STD.  Please Madam Noire, address the fact that most STDs are easily passed from skin to skin contact and a condom does NOT cover all of the affected skin area.

  • IllyPhilly

    This was an issue like 4 years ago! They had at least 12 articles, The alarm shoulda been ringing with Beyonce’s cheesy song as the soundtrack!! I worked at a high school in 2002 where 95% of the STUDENTS had a STD. We had to hold an emergency sexual ed class after that revelation.

  • Dcarter910

    Spread the word, @ish is getting real out here and cures are ceasing to cure. Health care cost are rising and so the few curable diseases out there are becoming to expensive for the poor to afford. I hope y’all are getting serious about your sexual activities…I do love sex, but itching, bleeding and puss spewing genitals help keep my priorities in check.  

  • tiffanysince1987

    Another blogger put me on to a new STD called Blue Waffle so I read up on it and googled a few pix and LADIES thst ish deforms your vaginal area and turns ir BLUE like the lil greedy girl from Willy Wonka! It’s a scary world and with younger black women and men being the demographic with higher rates of STD’s this is a true reflection of our community.. The blue waffle articles really opened my eyes.. It’s a blessing to be healthy because the diseases are killing our own in serious numbers..

    • Blue Waffle is a Photoshopped myth of an injured vagina.

      • Glorified

        Regardless if it’s a myth or not, that alone would make me throw my hands up and say bump sex. There’s other alternatives to gettin yourself off without the risk of getting a disease that’s not curable.

  • Dancer

    There’s a reason why God told us to not fornicate.  We will never learn

    • Rachael

      You better preach!

      • wanda

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  • greygoose125

    With all of the varying strains of STD’s, it sounds like everyone will need an entire body condom before getting busy – SMDH.

    • 4CloverLeaf

      Lol, they got them yet?

    • REDVELVET321

      Pretty soon, you can just look at somebody and get a stye on your eye and  warts will break out on your hand just for dialing someone’s number!

    • Balance

      And even then, people wont use them

  • Okay, I’ve never had G, but I’ve known people who did. Of course, they were treated. I wholeheartedly  believe that the US government either 1. Created a new strain of G that was deemed untreatable and resistant or 2. Refuses to use or find stronger Anti Bi’s available. One might ask why a government would do that? With less people having sx, the population goes down.

    • Liish

      The thing about bacteria (that’s what Gonorrhea is) is that when you use anti-biotics you kill off a strain, however some stands may lag behind (or just not die off completely) and mutate. They are non susceptible to the same anti-biotics because they are immune. The strands get stronger and stronger until you have a bacteria that we don’t yet have the medicine developed to kill.

  • Redwine

    With the commentors on this site praising single parenthood and their right to no get married…I wonder if this will make a difference.  Hmmmm

    •  Marriage doesn’t protect you from Gonorrhea hun. Men cheat every single day and hour. So do women.

      • Pivyque

        REDWINE may just be referring to the article about 55% of singles having sex on the 1st date. They are putting themselves in high risk situations. A faithful married partner is not.

        • wanda

          My friend just met a good man on βlαckwhitеPlanet.©○m, it’s where for men and women looking for
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          fine – fine – fine. Thanks Halle
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    • MsDivine1

      Umm newsflash ..being married does not protect u from getting a disease it does not make a difference.

    • NSimonefan

      There are a lot of faithful married women who contracted STD’s from their cheating husbands.

      • jm73

        so true, unfortunately i was one of them…. 🙁

      • thirtyonetwentyfive

        I worked for an HIV agency (now a board member) & as an intern at the public health dept.(in STD Testing/Lab) . MOST WOMEN WHO I’ve SCREENED in private reported only one partner, the men a few. I’ve also found cases where people knew their positive status & gave it to their partner purposely. This is no matter to take lightly we need to start practicing   abstinence, courting ( having our partner tested for STDs/HIV(& the sickle cell trait NO SICKLE CELL IS NOT A STD BUT IT IS GENETICALLY SSED BY BOTH PARENTS TO THEIR CHILD) before we have sex with them. 
        P.S married men & women break their vows & cheat they-don’t tell their hubby/wife they got a STD/HIV from someone else…( I watched a client[client for 2yrs) lie to his wife who was diagnosed with HIV.  

        • Rachael

          That’s terribly sad. SMH

      • Kingre2727

        Very true….but there are faithful men out here too who catch stds from their wives..This ish crazy..Almost makes one never wanna be married at all..Bad enough people have reg probs but stds shouldnt be one in a marriage.

    • Redwine

      Point is we promote not getting married in our community.  What’s the favorite phases, “Most marriages end in divorce anyway.” Instead of saying’ How can my life and marriage be different.  What did so and so do wrong, how can I avoid the 50% divorce rate?”  We continue to live our lives in a way that allows these diseases to carry on.  And in many cases, having sex outside of marriage goes against many of our religion(s), but that doesnt stop us.  We all know someone who has contracted HIV or a STD, but that doesnt stop us.  We are doing this to ourselves.  No government conspiracy like another commentor said.  Then we do all of this in front of our children and wonder why each generation goes deeper and deeper down the immoral tube.

      Funny, how people look at the marriage rates and use that as an excuse to not marry, but dont look at the out of wedlock rates and use that to not end a single mother.

      • your spot on correct

      • Fannietmk

        I like how you think. ppl with that thought process are a dying breed. If we would use the basic common sense this won’t even be an issue.