Study Says Black Women With Natural Hair Increased Big Time in 2011

December 22, 2011  |  

The title of an article published on USA Today today says, “‘Natural hair’ is making waves among black women.” Well, of course. If you look around you these days, so many more women are coming out of their homes with large eclectic afros, locks of all colors, TWAs that they proudly boast, braids, twists and pressed hair that have reached new and exciting links. The proof is in the pudding, and now it seems to be in statistical form.

The hair-care company, Design Essentials, started a study in 2010 to measure the popularity of natural hair. While the number of women who ditched relaxed hair was 26 percent in 2010, it has jumped up big time with a 10 percent increase hitting 36 percent for 2011. According to USA Today and Mintel, a consumer spending and market research firm, relaxer kit sales have also dropped by nearly 17 percent since 2006.  “Natural hair has been a movement for several years. What we’re seeing now is a confirmation that this is a lifestyle that is very important to a lot of women,” says Cyntelia Abrams, a marketing coordinator for Design Essentials.

There definitely seems to be an appeal in going natural these days. This might have to do with the money and time some women are saving by decreasing their salon visits, and from the comfort of knowing that whatever amazing or crazy things their hair may be doing everyday, there’s something fab about knowing that it’s all from their own scalp. And let’s not even get started on the rain benefits…I think all hair is beautiful (no pressure, do your thing), and I realize that natural hair isn’t the way most women are necessarily trying to go (yet), but it’s nice to hear that women are embracing their own strands one day at a time. I can only imagine that numbers are going to continue to increase as the years go by. I see 50 percent for 2012 easily!

Do you feel like you’re seeing a huge increase in natural-haired women as you move around? 

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  • Greetings, how’s it going? I hope you are doing well. I wanted to say that I like Study Says Black Women With Natural Hair Increased Big Time in 2011 | Madame Noire | Black Women's Lifestyle Guide | Black Hair | Black Love.

  • Love this! We’re having a natural hair professional wear expo this nov. info is great!

  • lms_helena_m

    I would really love it if this ‘natural movement’ spread fast to london and all over the world especially in countries where black women are known for relaxing or putting weave in their hair. I have always been natural except when my grandmother relaxed my hair at age 7, which i’m still mad about, and i have never had the urge to relax my hair or put a weave in. I find so strange yet funny when people ask me what am i mixed with just because i’m natural even though i look unmistakably black. 

  • TC

    I made the decision to stop using a relaxer in February 2011. I did the BC that following June and I haven’t looked back since. It takes a lot of courage for a woman to embrace herself and allow people to see her as she is. We’ve spent years trying to hide our natural hair. Going natural may not be for everyone,  but when you do make that decision and stick with it you will start to realize that it is not just a fad or a trend…it’s a way of living and a whole new outlook on yourself and your beauty. I’m very glad to see so many women taking that step. Think of all the years of damage and toxicity done to our scalps? It’s a very healthy choice that many of us are finally realizing.

  • i have worn my hair natural short and low cut for the past 3 years i decided to grow out my roots this past may! i love my curls alot and i love trying new products on my mane not to mention letting my scalp enjoy a daily shower!!! i recommend this for everyone its truly empowering!

  • Msmykimoto2u

    I B.C. on Halloween 2011 and I feel SO much freedom!  No more relaxing and sitting under hot dryers…dont get me wrong, i will rock a wig every now and then just to change it up til my hair gets longer but I love being able to just wash, moisturize (shea and coconut) and go.

  • PamitaAnderson

    I’m half black half asian and had my hair natural for 13 years, had a perm for 3 years my hair started getting damaged so I decided to cut my hair short re-grew my hair, and voila its curly and all natural had it natural now for 2 years now. I’m loving my natural hair and it gets a lot of compliments! (:

  • Naturalbeauty

    I’ll be one year natural tomorrow! Whoo hoo! 😉

  • MsRoyal

    Recently did my big chop on 12-23-11, I much rather invest in making my natural curls more defined that paying hundreds of dollars for someone else’s hair….and then not liking the results afterwards!! Much happier with my own natural hair and so glad that I took the steps towards change! My scalp is much happier as well!

  • katrina jackson

    I went natural because i was tired of my hair shedding. I was taking care of my hair, no pulling, got it trimmed once a month, kept it moisturizer and conditioned, and didn’t put much heat in my hair at all, and my hair just keep shedding ( i know it;s natural to shed but not like how i was shedding.) I had about 2 inches of new growth and 1 inch of permed hair, and the 2 different textures was fighting (perm hair was breaking off) So i deiced to just chop off the permed hair. I didn’t like it but my husband loved it. Once i got use to it i learn how to embrace my new found hair. But i have noticed the shedding has STOP!!!!! And i have saved ALOT of money. 

  • Like a lot of women in Atlanta, sew-in weaves with Remy hair was my ‘do of choice. However, by constantly getting my hair braided and sewed, I “went natural” by default. One day I was shampooing my “new growth” and it felt CURLY!!! I couldn’t believe how nice the texture of my natural hair was! So, I decided to cut the remaining straight, relaxed hair off and embrace my natural hair this summer. One of the best decisions I ever made! Now, I’m experimenting with different natural products, making my own leave in conditioners, moisturizers, etc. and I’m having a good time with what God gave me! @QuanLanaeGreen:twitter 

  • Griotweaver

    People do things for reasons now that seem to be separate and apart from the way the generations before them did things.  During the ’60s it became an imperative to state that we as Black people were just as worthy and beautiful as anyone born of any genetic strain on this planet.  But because some of us subscribed to the “white is right black stay back train of thought”, we lost ourselves and continue the charade of “good haired” nonsense. We believed that to equal the caucasian, we had to emulate their hair types and silhouettes.  And even if they don’t want to think so, Black many men have been brain-washed into thinking that nappy, natural headed women are inferior.  I’m so sorry for us.  We of the Remy Rules generation.  Afraid to make choices; having to justify the choices we do make.  Having to follow the rest of the timid sheep and brainwash ourselves into thinking that it’s a good thing to be like everyone else though everyone knows you’ll never be anyone other than who you were at birth.  I praise and admire the Sisters and Brothers of Courage, who still stand for themselves.  It is burdensome trying to be yourself in this environment of self-hatred.  And yes, we all have choices but, problem is, people are so involved in putting other people down for their choices that arguing the matter seems almost futile. But I guess dark souls will always be there to keep the pot stirred up, no pun intended.

    • straightandnarrow04

      couldn’t of said it better myself!!!….

  • Caribbean in the house

    i don’t like bald headed afro-american females man, its disgusting to see them look like a man or wendy williams.

    • Sir have several seats

      Sir, if you only have negative things to say, then why are you here? 

      I’m pretty sure the “bald headed” females don’t like you either. By the way it sounds, you’re having issues finding someone period. If you’re anything in real life like you are online, I can understand why. 

    • Guest

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      • Caribbean in the house

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    • Msmykimoto2u

      Im dying to see what you look like so we can judge

      • Caribbean in the house

        i’m a very handsome man if you must know

    • reese

      So you abuse women we sure aren’t trying to get a man like you.  I don’t think you like females at all you sound like you are jealous of us.  It is ok come out of the closest.

      • Caribbean in the house

        only afro-american negro’s females & not my beautiful caribbean/westindies women. i don’t care if the nappyheaded ho’s don’t like me & why would i want to be jealous of some ho’s. yes, i will come out of the closet & put my d*ck in their mouth & bust off.

  • TheWife

    I’ve been married for many years without any problems, but the day I came home and surprised my husband with the big “chop” he hated it and I hated it too. And we had major problems until I put that creamy crack back on my nappy hair. I also paid to have a my hair weaved to look like what use to be shoulder length hair. We’re happy with my hair relaxed and his hair low neat cut no fro , no dreads!!!!!!!

    To each her own.

    • Prssykitty

      Wow thats really sad. I’m not sure if you were truly unhappy or unhappy because your husband was. Some relationship. Good luck!

      • TheWife

        I’m unhappy that my gay brother can wear his hair weaved,wigged, relaxed, or natural with less judgement than a Black woman.

        • Msmykimoto2u

          Sad to say but that is so true

    • Msmykimoto2u

      He hated the way your “natural” hair grew out of your scalp? thats basically saying he hates God’s design for you

  • Whitegirl

    if all black women stick to their nappy hair the black men would walk away to girls like the kardashians!!!

    • Djka

      And good for them, if they dont have the guts to be with a woman who has embrassed what she trully is, they can go for any wiman with long hair, they are still men in this world who likes nappys

    • reese

      You would be surprised some bm complain about the weaves and relaxers.  But we are not letting them determine how we wear our hair.  I think we differ from yall that way.  I mean is your hair blond because white men prefer it?

    • Chances are, you’re just some low life on here trying to get some sh*t started, but even if what you are spewing were true, then good riddance to any black man that would prefer that trashy, class-less family or anyone who considers them something to aspire to. Any black man, who disrespects a black woman that is proud of who she is, obviously has no respect for himself. I love me, from my nappy hair, to my wide nose. Hell, I even wished I was darker growing up as a kid, because where I’m from, it’s an insult to be a “whitegirl.”

    • straightandnarrow04

      so sorry , hate to tell ya, that I’m a black woman who wears my hair in its natural state and I get men from all over the globe!!…black, white, asian, hispanic, you name it, chances are they’ve hit on me…I know it’s hard for you white women to understand the power of the “booty”…why you think Kim K is on the bandwagon?…she knows where it’s at…(but for real, ignorant people like you make me laugh so)…lmbo

    • reese

      First you say keep our hair kinky and now you say we will lose are men if we do.  Get a life. 
      Why aren’t you on yahoo with the other racists.  You are outside looking in without a clue.  You have a black friend and think you know all the answers. smh

  • I have to really give props to black women who helped me transition to natural. I’ve always wanted to do it, but never knew how. But thanks to blogs, youtube, and just talking to sisters everywhere who gave me tips and advice on natural styles and hair care, I gained more confidence in transitioning. Black women we really do rock.

    • Whitegirl

      big like!!!

      • Msmykimoto2u

        Oh shut up…

  • X0xqueendivax0x

    Its not a trend… its a life change!!!

  • Cchigbu23

    I cut off all of my hair four years ago after a particularly brutal breakup(I pulled a Britney). It was seriously the best thing I have ever done. I feel as if I became a new woman the day I cut off my old hair relaxed hair, that just never looked right. I’m a happier and more confident than ever. It was mentioned in an article that I read that men first notice a woman’s hair and that it is a biological sign of health. I can totally confirm it. The attention I have recieved from black and white men because of my hair has been astounding. 🙂

  • Cami

    Aww! I went natural to stand out and now I just look like a clone. *sigh

    • Cchigbu23

      Get over yourself, honey.

    • straightandnarrow04

      you’re never gonna be able to stand out when most blacks are born this way…much like most whites have straight hair with a few degrees of variations, we have the curly with a few degrees of variations…so sorry boo!!!…lol

    • PamitaAnderson

      Not everyone has the same type of curls, and besides if you do, you’re still different. Maybe a different cut? Or dye your hair a different color? Your hair is better off natural just saying (:

  • Klynnfun

    I love my natural hair!  My spirit is free, my hair is beautiful.  It leaves me more time to spend on other interest.  There are also many natural hair care shops around, so you don’t have to do your own natural hair unless you just want too.  I like to pamper myself, so I still go to the shop as part of my hair care maintance.

  • angie

    I’ve been natural for a few months now because the last perm I did cost me a lot of my hair. Now, I really like having my natural hair! I love playing with my coils. I’m still learning how to take care of it and how to style it, but I’m on the right track

  • JuzJaye

    Did the big chop in November ’11! Loving my TWA! Plus Natural hair is bringing sisterz 2gether! Everywhere I go I end up having a natural hair convo with complete strangers! Loving it!

    • Hey!

      I agree, JuzJaye! I get lotsa compliments from other ‘natty sistas’ and I sincerely and wholeheartedly give compliments in return, because it just feels good to do so.

      Black women rock… 

  • Jessica Williams

    i see more than 50% by 2012!! my last relaxer was August 4, 2010. I transitioned until April 2, 2011 when I chopped off all the relaxer and have been totally natural and HAPPY since!  Not to hate on women who choose to relax their hair, but I wish i would have realized sooner that my naturally curly hair was beautiful and not “nappy” as some refer to it.  My hair has not been this healthy since I was 12 and I am 41 yrs old.

  • Natasha T

    I went natural after I gave birth to my daughter in June 2008, haven’t touched the relaxer ever since. It feels good going natural and now I can style my daughter’s and my hair in natural styles.

  • mynameisvictory

    As a born again natural-haired woman for almost 2 years, I am so proud of this movement. However going natural has not done much for me saving money or time…just saying!!

    • Soldieress

      I save money by going to my local hair school and letting the students wash, condition, and style my hair for $5.00. I usually get a blow-out. I go every week, and tip the student/stylist $5.00. So, paying $40 a month vs. $250 a month helps me a lot since going natural 3 yrs ago. So ladies, please utilize your local hair schools, it helps them and ‘your wallet’….just sayin:)

    • Msddre

      I saved big money by making my own hair product. Just got to Youtube.

    • PamitaAnderson

      All I need for my hair is normal conditioner and shampoo, and olive lotion. It works for my hair (: & hasn’t been expensive!

  • Jacluvschd

    Yeah I noticed it a LOT more this past year than ever before. I’ve been natural my whole life, & girls on campus who never used to have anything to say to me were suddenly approaching me with questions about what products i use, length, styles, everything! It was cute.

  • Caribbean in the house

    you afro-american negros females need to stop cutting your hair, looking bald like a man. & stop shaving your eyebrows & putting on magic marker instead. you look ridiculous without your real eyebrows & look stupid with a magic marker for an eyebrow. stop wearing too many man pants & revert back to wearing dresses & skirts. you look stupid with man pants anyway. show some legs man.

    • Natasha T

      WTF is you talking about?! First of all, Hispanic women draw on their eyebrows with markers looking funny as hell and second, stop worrying about what women do to themselves and worry about your own damn self!

      • Cchigbu23

        Just ignore him. He only ever has negative things to say. Trust me.

      • Caribbean in the house

        because i have to deal with that sh!t when i talk to them so thats why its all about the puzzy & not them.

    • Msddre

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      • Caribbean in the house

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        • Msddre

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        • ya mova

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      • reese

        Ignore him.  Let him get over himself and his own issues.

  • NewNaturalSista

    HEY!!!!!!! I LIKE

    02/24/11-THE DAY BIG CHOPPED

  • Semy

    recession = no money for wigs…relaxer…etc.

    • Tiredofthebs

      don’t want a perm=natural

    • Guest

      Lol so true. Who wants to pay someone sixty dollars to get their hair done. And then for it still sometimes not even look good after they have done it. Its free to grow your own hair and be done with it. To top that off people loss their hair putting relaxers and weaves in all the time. Its sad to see women bald and shiny on the sides of their heads when they could have just grown out their own hair.

    • JN31

      I don’t think the recession has much to do with it. I actually spend more money now that I stopped straightening my hair but it’s worth it! I’m glad that more women are embracing their ‘natural’ (I’m so not a fan of that phrase; I prefer non-straightened) hair. There’s quite a bit of versatility but to each is own. I think as long as everyone knows how to take care of themselves both inside and out, their hair will thank them.

      • Nubia Menet

        So very very true. I 100% agree with JN31