A Man’s Perspective: Does Vanessa Bryant Deserve Half?

December 21, 2011  |  
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Are we surprised that another high profile couple bit the dust? No, not at all! However men and women alike  were caught off guard when we found out that Kobe Bryant didn’t have Vanessa sign a prenuptial agreement some 10 years ago. Love is blind and all that but Kobe was worth a pretty penny before he got married to the 17yr old he met at a YoungBloodz video shoot back in 1999. Much to the displeasure of his parents, Kobe married Vanessa and was so smitten that he didn’t have his well paid lawyers prepare a prenup for the pretty lady to sign. #wheredeydodatat

Kobe’s not the first idiot to let love blind him into entering a lopsided marriage where his fortune is at stake and the partner has everything to gain. Paul McCartney comes to mind for some strange reason. Unfortunately for Kobe, the good state of California cuts the small talk and asks for half up front plus child support. I’m reminded of that prolific line from the great wordsmith Kanye West “cause when she leave yo a$$ she gon leave with half!” I’m inclined to believe that Vanessa deserves a quality payday but half is a number I can’t fathom sharing with my ex wife. Now what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine until you want to leave, then I have to get Oran “Juice” Jones on you and tell you to leave with what you came with. Let me break down why Vanessa shouldn’t be getting half:

Till death do us part
What  happened to the sanctity of marriage?  What happened to couples taking their vows before God and being accountable to the word they whispered from their hearts to God’s ears. Oh those were just words, ok then!


When did y’all stop calling her a gold digger?
Women of all ethnicities have been calling Vanessa Bryant a gold digger since day one. Now all of the sudden women are singing the Whitney Houston “I’m every woman” theme song and raising their fists in solidarity with their downtrodden sister. Spare me the melodramatics. Some, please note the emphasis on the word “some” black women in particular were too through with Kobe for marrying the young Latino girl in the first place but now when his money is a question you’re ready to burn him at the stake. #Suspect

That $4 million dollar ring

When Vanessa accepted Kobe’s apology from his sexual assault case in the form of a ring worth $4 million dollars, she sold her soul to the divorce devil. She took the money and good life that he provided her and said to the world “I stand by my cheating a$$ man.” Now she wants half and gets to keep the ring, I smell a hypocrite.

She can’t shoot

The main reason Kobe Bryant is a rich man is not because of his good looks or anything that remotely  has to do with Vanessa. Kobe’s rich because he can play basketball, end of story. She can’t play ball and showing up to games dressed in Lakers gear doesn’t count! So the fortune he’s amassed comes from his skill as a ball player which has nothing to do with Vanessa. Waiting to Exhale this is not. Vanessa was no Angela Bassett who put her dreams on hold while serving as a  secretary for some fledling business of Kobe’s. No, she was a 17yr old high school video vixen, she was headed for the life of any other video vixen we’ve watched become washed up over the years. Kobe, unlike most rappers and ball players, chose to marry her rather than take her on a shopping spree and find someone else the next week. Must be the lower Merion in him.

Did she meet his needs?
Kobe Bryant is a very relaxed young man with impeccable ball skills. The Black Mamba is the calm before the storm but how does he get so calm. Was he getting that “calm” at home? I’m of the belief that he was not which might account for his alleged cheating ways. I’m not saying the brother was right for creeping – not at all! However, having seen these two out and about and their awkwardness I’m just saying, if she wasn’t helping to create the calm I can’t see giving her half of what the calm helped to earn plus child support.

If I was inclined to say that Kobe should lose the money he’s worked long and hard for it would be this:

Get a Prenup stupid
How does someone who is so smart on the basketball court wind up being so stupid when it comes to their finances. Listen love is great and all but with 1 in 2 marriages ending in divorce the odds were that Kobe and homegirl were not going to make it. Now, someone like me can afford to not sign a prenup because I’m not worth millions of dollars. So if Kobe loses it all, it’s because he’s dumb and we don’t respect hustling backwards over here.

He was cheating “allegedly”
My man after you got cleared of rape charges for getting it with the hotel maid and she stuck with you you’re still out here doing dirt. You can’t expect to receive any sympathy in the courts or in the court of public opinion. Your ship has sunk my brother. And you’re dumb again — with all that money be more like D. Wade (allegedly) and have assistants who handle your women so that the Mrs. never finds out. Why is it that men with way less means can have whole families that no one ever finds out about and everyone is cool but millionaires can’t keep their biz out the streets. Cut the check homie!

Do you think Vanessa Bryant deserves half? Why or why not?

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  • Alfreda Calbert

    Who cares?

  • Think About IT

    Well if the question is “Does she “deserve” half, regardless of what the law says?”..then the answer would be no. She really didn’t earn it-she can’t shoot.  However, by law..she does. He could have protected himself, and signed a prenup. He made a bad decision in his 20s-and after that(all that cheating over the years)….I mean, its like he never expected it to happen. He never thought that…maybe she might leave me-and take half. I am sure he is aware of California law-as well as she is. He must have never cared about that 50% or wanted it lol. It all boils down to arrogance and stupidity…and maybe for that…he deserves to loose half. Many people make bad decisions…and are still paying for it…years later. He is no exception. 

  • SWils

    I absolutely DO NOT think that any woman that has not collectively contributed to making the marital fortune grow deserves “half.”  Of course, as a wife and mother, Vanessa definitely deserves a reasonable sum that will allow her to maintain both her and the kids current lifestyle, and I’m sure that Kobe would be more than willing to provide that to her.  The money is not to take care of her family and other hangers-on that I’m sure are looking to benefit from what she will receive.  I read somewhere that she was asking for spousal support, and I cannot fathom for the life of me why she would be inclined to want spousal support if she’s getting half of his fortune anyway! That just stirs the pot on the fact that maybe she does have ulterior motives in sticking it out to the 10 1/2 year mark on their marriage.  It’s definitely suspect that she’d want more money, but that’s just my opinion.  Take that spousal support and donate it to charity instead of Christian Louboutin and Hermes. 

  • reese

    It doesn’t matter if you think she deserves half or not.  Kobe could of avoided all of this with a prenup.  He and his money would be protected, but if he didn’t care enough to do that…………..

  • Me

    Chris Rock said it best:If she deserves half his paper,he deserves half her couchie. Over the years he got used to some action(from her),so he shouldn’t lose that standard of living.

  • FromUR2UB

    Well, first of all, let’s not forget that God allows a way out of the “sanctity of marriage” when adultery is involved. 

    I really don’t care what happens to Kobe Bryant’s fortune.  But, I’ve always thought Vanessa – or at least her mother – was a golddigger, because when I first heard of her, I wondered what kind of mother would allow her teenaged daughter to accept expensive gifts from a man.   Maybe Vanessa was naive, but her mom knew what that meant and what she was doing by letting her daughter take the gifts.  Then Kobe became estranged from his parents when all they were trying to do was protect his interests. 

    For him, it will be a costly lesson.  For Vanessa and her mother, they’re set for life as long as they don’t run through it like water through a sieve.

  • Truthhurts_9

    No wonder men are scared to get married..

  • JQP1172

    She should get half of his earnings and wealth accumulated over the last 10 years. An impartial accountant could calculate the amount. I say this because his divorce settlement will pale in comparison to Mel Gibson’s ex settlement where she got 1/2 of his >$800 million dollar fortune. And she should. They met and got married long before Mel became as rich and famous as he has become. So she was with him every step of the way and based on the # of children he has with her, he probably could not have pursued acting and the accompanying fame and fortune if it had not been her supporting him behind the scenes.

    And this goes for men as well since this focuses on women. If a man had married Oprah long, long ago when she worked as a reported in Baltimore, MD and they divorced now, he should be entitled to 1/2 of her billion dollar empire.

    • Richard

      Like what you are saying, but do not agree with the Oprah scenario.  That is, if he sat on his rear throughout the whole thing.  Say as an example he helped her hone her craft, they were business partners in Harpo productions or whatever it is called.  Then I would agree because they would have worked together to build the fortune and he would have been with her from jump street.  Similar to what you indicated in your Mel Gibson scenario 

      The law is the law though, I just do not understand why people feel they should be entitled to half or more.  I get the feeling though that because the papers have been signed and this pretty much stayed out of the media until recently that she is getting a really good settlement and is well taken care of.  No issue with that.  She not be left out in the cold by any means.

  • Ocean636

    I wouldn’t even want half thats just pure greed.
    She never had to lift a finger through the marriage
    and she knew what was up with Kobe, c’mon folks!
    Get your nice mansion and a little vaca home, child support
    and them alimony settlements, plus a hell of a 401K plan and keep moving,

  • Tappitawade


  • Ksmithcsh

    All b.s. if he’s so rich he can make the money back after she gets half. Men ate usually dumb when it comes to cheating and having money seems to make them even “dumber”. Whether she was a so called video vixen at 17 or not, oh well

  • NonameNoblame

    I read this ‘article’ the other day. As a woman and a journalist, your reasons for this wife not to receive half of his fortune are baseless and seemed to come off the top of your head. The ‘article’ has no weight and is laughable at best. Had I been your editor this ‘article’ would never have made it onto this website without major tweaking. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion but please allow your opinion to be able to lean on intelligent, correct facts. I noticed a huge lie in this piece which, if anyone was interested in playing private detective, could google and get the right info. Study and hone your craft more. This is kindergarten style writing and lazy journalism.

  • Vivian White25

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  • Matter of Thought

    She deserves a job!

  • Nicenasty

    Who gives a flip. Don’t care that he humiliated her and cheated with numerous women. She deserves it because she came in between him and his hs sweetheart AND tried to drive a wedge btwn him & his family. Especially don’t care if she takes / gets 1/2 for similar reasons: he end his previous relationship salty & sour, plus wasn’t smart enough to get a prenup and went against his families advisions. Hope she leaves his pockets with holes in them. Both got what they deserve! Life is a circle and karma is a bad b!t ch.

  • SelinaaWozz

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  • Missmae007

    She should get half cause she was a good faithful wife, can Kobe say the same? I think not!!! And if he didn’t wanna part with half of his fortune then he should of had her sign a prenup bottom line she did her part and put up with all the abuse she could stand and when she couldn’t take anymore she said duces. She did it right! Maybe if he did it right they wouldn’t b getting a divorce!!!

  • If Kobe be hadn’t been a baller she wouldn’t have looked twice at him.  If I do recall it was her mother who was really pushing them to get married.  Can you say they were looking for a serious paycheck.  She cemented the deal by staying with him more than 10 years.  He tossed plenty of sistah’s aside for her:(

  • You know when he said that he didn’t have her sign a pre-nup because he loved her I believe him. You have to think about it, they were high school sweethearts; she was there right before he became what he is today. I don’t think he expected to be as big as he is presently. Now if he would have met her in the height of his career and decided to marry he would have the common sense to make her sign a pre-nup. But everybody remembers that first love and you thinking it is going to last forever blah, blah, blah.

    • they weren’t high school sweethearts, she was in high school and he was already in the NBA.


  • t_99

    Oh yeah, and she can try to get cash that amounts to a portion of his NBA pension since I seriously doubt that she has a 401(k).  Again, with his income, it will be a lot of money, but not half.  

  • t_99

    As someone who is going through a divorce right now, Vanessa is going to get a lot of money, but she is not going to get half.  She is going spousal support, child support and a negotiated share of the marital assets.  Marital assets are assets acquired during the marriage; anything that he had before they got married is all his.  Also, spousal and child support have expiration dates.  Gone are the days of paying alimony for an eternity.  Further, there is no physical or mental ailment preventing Vanessa from getting a j-o-b.

    • reese

      Each state is different.  California has a weird 10 year marriage rule.  And even if she gets a job it won’t give her the same type of life she was use too.  And that is something that they say spouses have to provide.

  • kbizzle

    she deserves alimony and child support but not half, he was doing his thang before she ever came along, he was young and fell in love with a groupie, video chic. it was his fault he didn’t get a prenup but she chose to stay with him after the first incident, so she should have expected he would do it again but just be slicker. if she wants some millions tell her to pawn that apology on her finger

  • Jmc

    why exactly is she labeled a golddigger? he came to her wanting her and she accepted and they got married…if she was such a golddigger she would have cleaned him out years ago. How do we know she didnt have dreams that were put on hold to bear and raise the kids while he was out freaking god knows who? She has never been in the public eye without her husband so why speculate when know one really knows much about this woman except she is a wife? yes she is entitled to what the law of california grants her which is half she was there all the way. Regardless of what she earned she spends more time at home raising her children then he does….sounds like a job to me. Why should she have to go without anything because he chose not to honor those vows he said before God?

  • Tval

    There should be a law against any athlete, rapper, or etc. getting married. Because most of them do not act like they are married. They want the best of both worlds, and sorry life does not happen that way.

  • Sportsdoc23

    I don’t think man or woman should get half unless the two were in business together. However, he chose to get married without the prenup, he chose to cheat (apparently more than once… i would have been done after the unprotected sex incident, nothing is more disrespectful and thoughtless than that…HIV could have been passed to his wife and unborn baby!), and he chose to marry a “golddigger” Men that get into these situations shouldn’t be surprised. It’s not like these women don’t walk around carrying “i’m a golddigger red flags” They like the trophy so that’s the price they pay… half!

  • This has got to be one of the dumbest articles I have ever read! She deserves half because she gave up her youth, her body, her life, her dreams, to that man! She gave birth to his children, and is raising them. All this article did was politely call this woman worthless. This is a total DISRESPECT for women, and any woman who agrees with the writer are co-conspirators to their own demise. Lemme ask you all something. When did the role as WIFE become something we have no respect for? Alot of video vixens are doing something with the money they are making like going to school. Not all of them want to be ballers unlike popular belief! No one told Kobe to marry her. He is not a VICTIM by any means so spare me the dumb jock excuses! It is time for men to take responsibility for their actions. She stood by him even though he humiliated her in front of everyone. Vanessa is a person not some pop culture caricature called a “gold-digger” you all like to make her out to be. Kobe is completely at fault here, and all Vanessa had to do was sit & wait for the right time. After all why didn’t Kobe file for divorce after all of his shenanigans before their marriage reached 10 years? Hmm? Anyone?

    • Richard

      He probably didn’t because he was naive enough to think that she would stay.  I see where you are going.  However I think your question probably should be; why didn’t she file for divorce after all of his shenanigans before the marriage reached anyone…and then you come to the real answer as some have pointed out..10 years was the magic number.  See, the marriage is not just about one partner whether it be a husband or a wife.  The two twain shall become one.  Feminist and chauvinist, spouse abusers, spouses that do not love one another and respect the sanctity of marriage all have contributed to the destruction of the family unit.

      I am not claiming Kobe to be the victim.  I believe that this is obvious since he was the one stepping outside of the marriage.  What I am saying simply is that she should not get half of something she did not earn.  Giving birth alone does not make one entitled to half or more of my earnings. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership where to persons work together to keep the marriage strong and fruitful.

      To your point about the wife, let’s take it one step further, when did people lose respect for MARRIAGE and FAMILY? and I think you will get to the root of the problem.  While I applaud those “video vixens” for doing something with the money they “earn”, I cannot respect any person, man or woman, who is in the relationship only for the physical possessions.  Especially those who get in their just to “take them for everything after a specific period of time as allowed by law.  As you point out above. It is also difficult for me as a traditionalist to respect the way they
      use their bodies to get ahead.  We should not be so shallow.

      In this case, Kobe got the trophy wife and she is getting the money.  He allowed her to stay at home and do whatever she does in addition to providing for her mom.  With that said, I ask you this: How much mothering, providing, and raising do you think she was doing?  They had maids and nannies, landscapers, shoppers, etc.  to help with all of that. 

      In closing, she deserves a nice settlement, which she will get, but she should not be provided for by him for life.  She needs to figure out how to earn a living or figure out how to find another Kobe in her life so that she can do whatever it is that she does.  Her looks will only last so long and she will not be able to use them forever.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    She was 17 when she met him.  How do you know she didn’t have other hopes and dreams before marrying this dude?  She obviously wanted to pursue something in modeling and entertainment otherwise she wouldn’t have been in a video.  His parents told them both they didn’t need to get married at 21 and 17.  He insisted he was grown and was dumb enough to marry this chick without a prenup.  That action meant regardless of the situation he wanted her to have half.  But after 10 years and 2 kids that half is going to look more like 75%. 

    You need to take a look at who most of these dudes marry.  Tiger married a nanny, Kobe married a high school student, etc.  These dudes are looking for arm candy who don’t have a lot going on so that they can spend their time running behind their man.  If you require that type of attention you need to pay for it.

    • Deedee_404

      at 17 she had NO REASON to give those up. They were married 4 years before their first child. that was enough time to get a degree. She didn’t have any other aspirations. She listened to the advance of her many times over married mother and decided to cash in on the gravy train that is her husband’s career

      • NikkitaMichelle

        You don’t need a degree to model.  No one can honestly say she didn’t have any other aspirations unless their a mind reader.  I’m sure she didn’t aspire to get cheated on repeatedly and publicly. 

        Kobe knew that groupies were something he was going to have to deal with as a professional athlete.  He should have got all that creeping and whoring out of his system prior to getting married.  He had know business getting married at 21.  He’s now going to have to pay for his naive decision he made when he was 21.  It happens.

  • Grace

    A fool and his money are soon to part.  He thought his relationship with a video hoe would endure?!  Nonetheless, men of wealth and power are often under the impression that they can treat women with disrespect with no consequences.  Think again my good friend…

  • Sisredredbone

    LOL good points made…but really its Kobe fault. I don’t know why he didn’t have a prenup in the first place or establish one some time during the ten years of marriage. No one is entitled to half of someone else earning period but judgement in these cases are usually emotionally driven so again protect yourself and get a prenup!!!!

    • Deedee_404

      because he too was a kid (19) not listening


    humiliation world wide.  GLOBALLY SHE WAS HUMILIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     he raped a woman and she still stayed there longer than ellen did.

     If he had bought homes AIDS would she deserve half them.

     black men are the easiest pray.  They hate their race because yt media tells them too and give their money away to non black gold diggers.

     Stupid is as stupid does and lets be real they are just rappers and atheletes….smh

    fool and his money will always part.

     no black pride no common sense.

     kobe is not looked at as a rapist because she stayed with him tohelphis image!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     she stayed married to a rapist then he had the nerve to rape an ugly toad… eww

     give her half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     I luv these stories.. black emn always dogging black women but these chiks and ugly bbwv show me gold diggers come in all shapes sizes and RACES>>>>>LOL

     be real she can’t get chump chaneg and take Kobe kids to live inthe hood.  CELEBS cannot live in regular population.  It will be a creazy fan stalking the kids 24/7 or if Kobe has a bad game. 

     Gie her the money to take kids somewhere safe.  broke people think poorly.  she canot live all scraps and you have a MAHOR CELEB ex-hubby kids!!!!!!!!

    • Richard

      Ok.  Was he ever charged or convicted with rape?  No.  Better yet, at the time of the alleged incident, he only had one good leg to stand on (post surgery I believe), how difficult is it for a healthy two legged woman to run away from a one legged man without good balance IF he were chasing after her?  (Just Saying). 

      Next with all of this in mind, could he really have forced himself on her and for lack of a better term..take it without her resisting?  Before you go there, I am not belittling the seriousness of rape when committed.  It is a downright shame of the amount of women that call it that knowing it was consensual because it hurts the cases of the women that it actually happens to.  It is a shameful outlandish crime and extremely demeaning to women and anyone who does it should be locked up.  Here is what I am saying;  The lawsuit was dropped for a reason and it would not hold up in court.  I could be wrong, but I find it hard to believe that he would not have been convicted and in jail had it gone down as rape. 

      I am not saying that they did not have sex but in no way do I believe that person of his wealth and fame could not have any female opportunist that he wanted or would have to forcibly take it.  She like most others probably would have in that situation saw an opportunity and took advantage of it.  She got paid and moved on.

      Secondly, he did not bring home AIDS so no argument there. He is not looked at as a rapist because he didn’t rape the young woman. Not because of his wife standing by him.  I give her credit for sticking with him though.  Most sensible women probably would have left if they were looking at the commitment or sanctity of the marriage instead of the amount of money.

      I do agree that she should get a nice settlement but half? Also to your point of them being just rappers and athletes.  While many take him to be a pompous, arrogant, selfish, knucklehead; he is not what is considered to be an “average” athlete by any means.  As an example, how many persons, let alone athletes, speak multiple languages fluently and have traveled the world as extensively?  Doesn’t make up for the lack of common sense for the lack of the prenup and choosing a trophy wife instead of a woman with substance, but just saying. 

      To your other point of  black men being the easiest prey.  “They hate their race because yt media
      tells them too and give their money away to non black gold diggers.” and black men dissing black women;  does that include Derek Fisher, Shaq, Patrick Ewing, Ron Artest,and others?  True there are many out there but be real.  The list could go on but I will stop there.  Again, I do not disagree with a nice settlement but half of the empire…..

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  • Sweetgrannie6

    The bastard cheated and she was dumb enough to put up with it5 for years but hell she finally woke up. Hell yea get all she can. He was too stupid to get a pre nupb as his parents and others told him that is his fault.

  • Jaymee_T

    Comment #5 is bs. How do you know Kobe was not getting the “calm” at home? Maybe Kobe wasn’t meeting Vanessa’s needs. Maybe the awkwardness was the result of cameras being in their faces 24/7 and scrutinizing their relationship from day one. It is convenient to use the needs excuse as justification for cheating. Obviously Vanessa met his needs enough for him to marry her and be his wife of ten years. If the tables were turned and she stepped out for lack of calm at home you would not use ‘needs’ as a justification for her cheating. That is because there is no excuse for stepping out on your marriage…doing so creates havoc, not calm, at home.

    I hope you don’t give relationship advice.

  • wcole83

    She deserves all that she gets…..don’t get married if you don’t want to be married for LIFE…cheating is not something that a person should be excused for!!

  • Hair By Jyll

    She deserves child support but outside of that….naah

  • Gwj2000

    Vanessa accepted the $4 million dollar ring and shut her mouth, knowing all she had to do was cross the 10 year line for marriage in California, and she could get spousal support for life. She had already dropped babies, so she was solid, regardless of how she treated him afterwards.

    I can’t say, but who knows if she shut her legs, played him cheap at home, all the time hanging his infidelities over his head? What kind of spouse would that be, and would she deserve half?

    • Guest

      Nice try.
      What if she is indeed a good woman who is committed to the sanctity of marriage? You should explore that possibility also.

  • She does because he was stupid enough to marry her at the beginning of his pro career knowing his earning potential!

  • Romance1001

    This is our law and our country if you don’t like it then change it.  He was young and made a very quick decision in marrying her, not unlike any other young man new to the world of adulthood so we truly cannot ostracize him for the bad choice.  She spent 10 years of her life with him not to mention she is the mother of his children.  He was wrong for cheating and nobody, I mean nobody but the two of them and their kids knows what happened behind their closed doors.  Our opinion for that matter holds no weight!  

    He has millions while there are those starving and suffering through our country’s financial crisis, yet we really give a damn that he is losing half of an already massive fortune of which after Vanessa’s left he will continue to make more! 

    • Claps! Ask me if I care if Kobe is losing half of his money.

  • Whitfield18

    Yeah, I think she deserves half because she done dropped 2 of the fools babies……….. Normally I would be against it but these athletes are stupid……………anyway…… and a fool and his money are easily parted…………

  • Yes, Vanessa Bryant does deserve half of Kobe Bryant’s fortune.  I say that because Kobe was a fool for not asking Vanessa Bryant to sign a prenuptial agreement before they got married.  It has been common knowledge since the 80s that if you live in California, then you need to have your potential spouse to sign an iron clad prenuptial agreement.  Plain and simple stupid.  Everybody knows that a spouse (whether female or male) is more than likely entitled to half your assets in the state of California.  I know Kobe’s parents probably told him to have that girl to sign a prenup before they head down the aisle.  Yes, it was wrong for Kobe to cheat on Vanessa which is why he is going to be “paying for playing”.  Kobe should have known being as famous as he is that his “side peace” or “jump offs” would be found out.  Again, regardless of Kobe’s infidelities, he should have had Vanessa to sign a prenup.  I am not going to cry for him because he will still be a millionaire.  A little less zeroes in his bank account, but a millionaire nonetheless.

  • NiceGirl

    Crazy how so many men are commenting on this topic.  I dont think the average man now and days has to worry about parting with half their money.  Most wives work and share in all household matters and do not have to rely solely on the husband’s income.  In too many cases, women are the higher, if not sole provider.

    • You are right NICEGIRL.  I am a dude, but I am not one of those type of guys who have been responding negatively to Vanessa Bryant possibly getting half of Kobe Bryant’s fortune.  If you get married without an iron clad prenuptial agreement in California, then you leave yourself open to possibly losing half of your assets.

      Some of these guys (and ladies as well) are not thinking clearly about the situation.  It is shocking how a lot of these individuals (men & women) are coming down on Vanessa Bryant.  I feel if you are a man or woman who cheats, then you pay the price for your indiscretions.  

      Nowadays, women have become the breadwinners of the families.  Women now outpace men in education, making strides in high ranking positions, and making bank.  Times are changing.

    • Guest

      Another nonsensical post.
      Most women marry up, and therefore stand to gain from the man in case of divorce.

  • Pooh

    She deserves more than half for putting up with his trifling behind all of these years….Get your “Money Girl”!!!

  • I agree with half, but not that lifetime alimony.

  • KNB1

    Your first reason pertained to the sanctity of marriage. While I don’t know about Vanessa’s infidelity the whole world knows about Kobe’s (at least one) transgression of adultery. I’m sure they vowed to be faithful to one another. We can only speculate as to why they are now divorcing, but say it’s because Vanessa is sick of him repeatedly cheating. Is it then supposed to be death do us part possibly because he passed on HIV or AIDS?! At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you think she “deserves” half. That’s what the law mandates and he did not make other arrangements via a pre-nup. I didn’t bother to click through the other pages; it would be nice if all information for an article/post was listed together.

  • Lord Have Mercy

    This is why Derek Jeter is the MAN! Why get married if your not ready?
    Why put your earnings at risk if you don’t have to? He is with a
    different hot model every night and in the morning he puts them in a car
    and sends them home with autograph baseballs! no drama, no legal
    battles, no ESPN stories! I love MJ but he gave Juanita like 200
    million. Be like Derek, not like mike!

  • Divinediva23

    Most of these men believe they are untouchable and that their bad behavior should be excused due to their star power. I believe CA got it right. I’m sorry. He had no pre-nup and made a mockery of his vows. He’s given her a lifestyle over a span of years that she’s grown accustomed to and because he was the one in the wrong, he needs to continue to support it. She has no real skills or means to support a home she could potentially be awarded. If Kobe wanted to keep his stacks he should have kept it in his slacks.

  • Jacksmack

    They both knew what California law was and decided to enter into the marriage without a prenup. Therefore, she deserves whatever she ends up getting, which will be somewhere around half. This has nothing to do with who earned the money or anything like that. The law is the law. It’s pretty straightforward in this case: joint marital property is split equally. This includes all earnings during the time they were married.

    Leave the emotion, racism and personal feelings out of it.!

    • Deedee_404

      but EMOTION is why they married without one. Despite the misgivings of his family, he married her because he said at the time they’d be married forever. A jaded view, but one that could be expected of a 19 year old.  This law has allowed a lot of conniving people to take advantage of one another. She hasn’t done anything to receive that type of money. 20-25 million, fine. 128 million dollars is insanity. Especially when you take into account that in 10 years she has contributed NOTHING financially to the relationship–even if she didn’t work, she could have gone to college and made an attempt to use that education to further her husband’s businesses and brand

      • Jacksmack

        He entered into the relationship freely and knowingly. They may have entered into it with emotion, but the law takes over with the divorce. Whether she earned the money or contributed anything financially to the relationship is irrelevant. When people can’t agree upon things amongst themselves that is when the laws that we live under step in.

  • renni

    This article was kinda..well… anyways, I remember Kobe saying that it didn’t matter whether his wife gets half because he can easily make that money back. Of course, this was some yrs ago so I don’t know his feelings about that now. If he doesn’t care about it, I don’t know why everybody else is so up in arms about it. Same thing with Paul McCartney, he married his current wife without a prenup as well( i think she’s wealthy as well) and I guess that when you have assets like the two of them have, half doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.
    If Kobe was so concerned about his fortune, he wouldn’t be out with different women. But don’t worry about Kobe, he’s not gonna be eating Top Ramen anytime soon…..he’s gonna be alright.

  • Mtgmker

    i respect the males point of view.  BUT, Kobe’s momma and his daddy told him get a prenup fool.  daddy knows that good gyna is attached to a stank a** woman and her attitudes, Kobe thought his young a** knew it all and daddy didnt know nothing about real love cause daddy was cheating on mommie.  LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS MORONS!!!  He was in his teens, Nessa was in her teens what moron thinks something like that is going to last forever.  Nessa didnt care if it didnt last forever cause she was living the high life.  I was one of those women that was a bit bitter that he married outside of his race but when the word came down that they dont have a prenup all i could say was good.  she gonna get half.  and if he aint smart enough to do something so simple as protect his own a** than he needs to cough up half and call it a day.  THATS WHAT HE GETS…….HAHAHAHAHA…..  Kobe serves as an example for any other man that is in the higher tax bracket to protect his back cause that sweet little philly that they wanna wife up will clean um out.  he provided nessa with a type of living that requires him to write that check,  im sure after a few years kobe has socked some of those monies else where and nessa would never really get an accurate account of his true earnings.  he probably realized this when he couldnt keep the peen between husband and wife.  kobe knew years ago that this marriage was going to end and was just waiting for nessa to sign them papers.  Conviently enough the good state of california requires spousal support after 10 years of marriage and she threw in the towel 10.5 years after the nuptials.  take a lesson from Tom cruise, he divorced nichole kidman just short of that magic number 10 to avoid spousal support.  when kobe decided to be deceitful in the marriage nessa said “hump,  i got something for your a**” and she stuck it to him without even having to go to court.  there aint a big enough check or costly enough ring that can repair trust and fool on kobe and any other man that thinks so.

  • Not half ! I have never seen this woman make 3 pointer, get elbowed or receive a technical foul for some sh!t she did but pretend that she didn’t do!!! Look, being a house wife is not easy you sleep where you work and your all-ways on call, but half… no way no how.

  • Heartcali

    kobe cheated didnt he?  looks like he’s the one who forgot his vows, not her. you can only fed up a woman so much.  Dont you think she asked him if he did cheating? what you think she’s going to just the word of those basketball wives??! be real she confronted him.  if the cali law says she gets half, then that’s what she gets. . and if he doesnt complain about giving half, good for him. i know most of you guys making $30K would complain but c’mon Kobe has the money. lol.

  • IJS

    She deserves half because he was too stupid to listen to his parents. And no, never jumped on her bandwagon and stopped calling her a groupie, we just don’t like his stupid arse! Get a prenup dummy!

  • Wow

    It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about this situation. In California, and in the absence of a prenuptial agreement, all monies, properties, assets earned during the course of a marriage are community property. Vanessa is eligible for a portion of Kobe’s NBA retirement fund. Marriage is a as much of a business contract as it is a partnership between two people. Kobe should have listened to his parents and shouldn’t have gotten married so early or at the very least made Vanessa sign a prenup. However, I hear Vanessa will not get half of the couple’s assets.

  • Guest

    I think Gold digger status changes after you stick by him on rape charges. Even if you came in for the money, when ish like that goes down and you don’t walk and let the world call you stupid over a man, you are now WIFE.

    • THANK YOU. at that point she HAD to have feelings invested in this man. because she could have left then and STILL got half. but she stayed. 

    • Guess


  • I think Vanessa is a GENIUS … She doesn’t deserve half but she didn’t deserve to be repeated cheated on and publicly humiliated…. One of the most efficient ways to hurt a woman is to cheat on her and One of the efficient ways to hurt a Man is to take HALF of his money and live great … So the way I see it … Vanessa and Kobe are pretty even …

  • Kim34432

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    It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

  • briana

    She deserves half just because they were married and shared everything. When your married whats yours is mine and whats mine is yours. Why shouldn’t she get half. She had his babies and she is taking care of home regardless how many nannies or home keepers she haves. Any regular old couple would have to split everything, so why it it any exceptions for him. I reallly think she deserves half and that embarrassing fiasco he put on in 2003 with the whole rape charge and now this. Just because she didn’t have a job don’t mean she didn’t do sh!t.

    • Richard

      Uh….isn’t the purpose of a nanny and a “home keeper” to take care of the “home” and children?  Wouldn’t this mean that she had free time as an unemployed adult to do other things such as a job, building up his brand (would be theirs but she didn’t do anything in regard to this that I am aware of).  So let’s be real. You don’t deserve something for being a trophy or for having my babies.  You deserve something if you help build, strengthen, and maintain something together. Also, not every old couple splits down the middle. Not any more.

      To your point, in a “normal” household it usually takes two incomes to keep it together.  Meaning both parties are contributing to the economic responsibilities and needs of the home. In this case the point would be valid.  In his case, it would be wrong to leave her with absolutely nothing because he allowed her to live this way but half of his brand and empire? 

      I will give you this..your first line is the way it was back in the day and probably should be today, but it is no longer reality.  This is California though so she will get hers.  I would fight to give her a nice settlement, ask the court for custody of the children, and be done.

  • Sparklecupcake

    Deserve has nothing to do with it..It is the LAW in CALI that the assets acquired during the marriage be split equitably and that doesn’t always equal an exact half.


  • Fed-Up

    No one deserves half, unless they put in as much work to achieve that half…people need to stop being so greedy and hurtful. She should take what she deserves and keep it moving, not break him out of spite…

    • Mary

      Kobe wont be broke by this divorce. He will earn millions more.
      California sees married people as ” a community” so the earnings of one partner are joint and upon divorce divided as such.
      Other states are equitable and upon divorce assets are divided “fairly”

  • Lesialeesh

    I can’t say what the woman deserves as I cannot determine the financial worth of marriage for the Bryants or any married couple. In any case, “deserves” is a moot point: the law determines who gets what, and all parties are aware of that prior to entering a marriage contract. As a result, I am not feeling pressed for Kobe. He chose to marry without a prenup, and I’d be a fool to care about the fate of his millions more than he does. All I know is I wish men would stop CRYING everytime a rich fool and his money got posted by divorce.

    Kobe and men like him pay for a trophy, an arm piece, a pretty face and a small waist, hell a big butt and a smile. That aspect of a high profile relationship is rarely pointed out, particularly by men. If the hot chicks are golddiggers then the men who marry them are dymediggers. When you marry someone based on the exterior it’s bound to go south, and those hard earned dollars will go with it. #ihatedummies

  • No one deserves half unless they earned it.  However, she’s within her legal right to get half in this divorce. 

  • Kisses1283


    Kobe didn’t handle his business properly. Period point blank. He entered into the institution of marriage without reading the fine print, and they were too young at that.

    Maybe she didn’t satisfy him sexually, mentally, whatever…but she put in HALF on those kids. Naw she can’t shoot, but Kobe can’t give birth.

    • Richard

      Interesting argument, but you and I both know that this is not about the children.  Hardly ever is and the fact that she is able to give birth still does not make a good argument.  Again, with the kind of money that he is bringing in from salary and endorsements, how much cooking, cleaning, and managing the household do you really think she was involved in?  She did not contribute to bringing in half of the money that was coming in did she? Yet she brought in her mom to live in one of the homes that he was paying for because he was the only one who brought in the income.

      It would be different if it were truly about the children, but do you really think it is?  I would not leave her high and dry without anything, but she hardly DESERVES half.   I give them both credit though for getting this completed and signed without the public drama.  The fact that the media did not find out about this until after the fact says something.

    • Deedee_404

      so she deserves child support. Not 50 % of his earnings and assets



  • jeff okeke

    more like 25%…she didnt score a basket, win championships,or get the endorsement deals

    • Deedee_404

      But if she had been worth even two nickels, she could have gone to college, gotten an advertising or business degree and helped her husband MANAGE his empire. Instead she sat on her arse doing nothing, moved her mom into one of the houses her husband owns and waited to cash in on divorce rather than be a real wife and be a help mate

  • Daddy’s Girl

    I really do not think that she deserves half of an empire that this man built on sheer athletic prowess, guts, and determination.  She may have held down taking care of the home and kids but damn that is her job as a wife and mother.  You owe that to your family so don’t get it twisted, you married dude and had his kids.  Like a previous post mentioned, she has not done anything to advance herself as an individual in terms of building a business or even acquiring higher education (not that we know of that is), but now that she decides to file for divorce she wants half of everything.  That in my humble opinion is very unfair, that is nothing more than greed son.  It would be a different story if she worked to help this man build his empire, then by all means battle it out in court for your half if you believe you deserve that.  Some women nowadays give the rest of us honest ones a really bad reputation.  As far as I’m concerned, its a matter of moral uprightness.  If you know in your heart you didn’t work for it and you do not deserve it, don’t sell what little self-respect you have left in the name of living high on the hog.  I’m sure he will do right by her and the kids.  BTW, this is coming from someone who does not particularly like Kobe’s overall offensive attitude.  

    Thats my two cents.

    • Mary

      She may or may not “deserve” 1/2 but unfortunately that is the law in LA LA Land and Kobe knew it.
      Even if she signed a pre-nup they get challenged all the time.
      He would still have to pay child support and their lifestyle during the marriage still would come into play when dividing up assets and paying spousal support.
      Unfortunately marriage & divorce all boils down to a legal contract.
      Should Vanessa go back to living however she was living before she married one of the biggest ball players in the world?
      She was 17 when she married and has never worked.
      Should she be rewarded for staying in a marriage for 10+ years?
      There is so much we don’t know about what went on in their household but staying in any marriage takes WORK! I can only imagine being married to someone like Kobe Bryant is challenging to say the least.
      If he worked in corporate America and divorced after 10 years with 2 kids the same laws would apply. It’s just the large amount of Kobe’s earnings that  have everyone talking about this.

  • tiki

    Rich athletes should never marry, period.  If they do so without a pre-nup good for her.  

    • Misskaywill

      Rich celebrities should marry however I agree they should not without a pre-nup. He has this cocky invincible attitude throught out his career. Now that he’s getting older,his body is deteriorating and his wife is leaving him; he is slowly becoming more humble and team player…

    • Mary

      Rich athletes should never marry unless they are truly ready for the commitment. I think Vanessa really loved Kobe. She could have stayed married to him and still have $$$$ & the lifestyle

  • diva

    No vanessa does not deserve half because when your own step dad can call you a gold digging h** she has some skeletons in her closet. What kobe needs to do is find out who she mess with over the years
    because she cheated to. She is just greedy and kobe dad toldd him along time ago make her sign a pre-nup. I’m quite sure her mama was down with this using,greedy i want to get paid laying on my back mess. She knew kobe was cheating in the beginning she just looking for a payday. He should give her $20million dollars and send her money greedy but on her way.

  • femmefatale

    The law is the law. And…considering that he is a known alduterer, the phrase, “till death do us part,” is certainly null

    • Deedee_404

      He is the one in the limelight. For all we know she is pulling a Shaunie O’Neal and getting it in with the trainer

      • reese

        But Shaq didn’t lose all of his money or even close to half.  If she was doing that there would be evidence.

  • guest

    ABSOLUTELY!!! What if she has to pay for HIV/AIDS medication for all the cheating he has done?  He should have known BEFORE the 10 year mark that she was in it for the money and he STILL stayed…HIS FAULT!!

    • You are not lying!

    • Richard

      Not buying the HIV/AIDS argument.  He would have the same stresses in that situation.  If the virus has not reared its ugly head by now, it probably will not. We know more about the disease now and can detect it earlier than we could in the 80’s.  She deserves something for being a stay at home mom with a particular lifestyle that she is used to I agree.  Also with the settlement she could do what she should have been doing while she was at home, getting an education or obtaining an attorney/accountant to help start or operate a business. Seriously with all of the money and assets at her disposal, do you really believe that she was cooking, cleaning, managing finances (not spending, managing), etc?  Probably not.

      I am with you on your last point though, he could have easily known before the 10 year point. but she does not DESERVE half because of it.

    • Deedee_404

      But she isn’t and since that is not the case, she is not entitled to that kind of money. First off, did the people who made these laws ever consider that you are handicapping the person who has the money. They are then put into a precarious situation should they decide to marry and be happy again, while the other person gets a come up and can still marry. That isnt fair

      • Mary

        The law was made to protect stay at home moms/wives that have never worked and  who have no job skills and no way of supporting themselves when their husbands decide to up & leave them for another woman. It protects the wife and children so that they may maintain the standard of living and prevents the husband from living large while his ex-wife is in a shack.

        California is a No Fault Divorce state so cheating does not matter. She would get the same amount of money (1/2 of any income earned during the marriage)  even if he was 100% faithful.
        The 10 year mark means that she is entitled to spousal support indefinitely.
        Less than 10 years he would only pay spousal support for 1/2 the length of the marriage.

      • reese

        no, he is not handicaped, he still has more money than 90%  of the people in the world.  He could of A not cheated and they might be still married, B had her sign a prenup.  And all of this would be avoided.

    • BE REAL

      staying with him after he raped and ugly yt chick is enough

       she helped his image seriously.. If she could forgive him then the media could and  they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      no telling how many dieases he has had…….


       pay her

  • I can’t feel sorry for her in the sense that she specifically waited 10 years just to cash in. She’s been dogged out for how long now she wants to divorce him? I know the law in cali. 

    • IJS

      Smart girl. Dont hate the player, hate the game. 🙂

  • Sorry

    Yes, Vanessa deserves half, but not because of any of the reasons listed above. I don’t know WHY women act like they can’t remember the man who they were “head of heels” for when they were 17!!! My God…I was running behind my baby daddy at that time! YES, I WAS! Vanessa, was young, and so was Kobe. They were young, in love, with money! They didn’t know! She stayed with him, she put up with his alleged affairs, had his kids and stood by him through the “LIFESTYLE.” At the end of the day, the reason for the divorce is obvious. She’s not 17 anymore. People grow up and that’s what happend to the both of them. They both understand this, the problem is that everyone else acts like they don’t get this. That’s why his parents didn’t want him to get married. The same reason why my parents didn’t want me to marry my baby daddy. Hell, at 35yrs, with an 18 year in college. I’m glad I didn’t.

  • Ti

    I’ll stay single,thank you!…I’ll keep my cash AND my sanity!

  • Only

    My question is why do men marry women like this with no prenumpt and then cheat as if she not eventually gonna bring them papers?

  • Herman Cain

    B**ch will catch a bullet before I get my pockets raped like that and half these black chicks cheering are single can’t even get a man let alone a husband or a Rich husband they’ve been cheated on and feel it’s a moral victory and he’s a sucker for marrying a b**ch he met on a video set

    • Jg5501

      Did you read the comments? There are not a lot of black single women on here commenting that she should receive half.

    • BE REAL

      he is a dumb athelete what do you expect.  I have a hubby and I say.. HOW do you know he ain’t come home with any dieases.  he reaped and ugly yt chicks and she stayed to clean his image up… she deserves half.

       he is an ugly yt girl rapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       damn money make folsk forget everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       stop talking about he ugly black women in your family!!!!!!!!!!!  i know a lot of black married couples… where are you from?

    • reese

      No, we are not cheering just don’t feel sorry for him when he brought it on himself.  Do you really see no part Kobe played in this situation?  He wouldn’t worry if he was faithful or had a prenup.  And then a bullet really kill the mother of your children and go to jail the rest of your life.  It isn’t about a man cheating on me or getting someone back.  I am married and never been cheated on, but right is right.

  • Deedee_404

    She deserves 15% at max. She has not in any way contributed to his fame or fortune, nor has she made any effort to do anything that would contribute wealth to the household. In 10 years, she could have gone to college and acquired a  masters and doctorate degree. She could have started a profitable business which she would have to stand on and support herself just in case of an unfortunate change such as divorce, or serious injury. I do not  pity this women. She clearly lacks ambition of any sort

    • Yep

      Oh she had the ambition. When Kobe gave her that ring after he got into that situation, she saw what she could do to get more. And that is exactly what she did. She had another baby and waited until the 10 year mark. She had simple ambition, she waited and hit the jackpot.

    • In legal terms in regards to California law, if you have been with a significant other (married or long termed) for ten years, then you potential have the right to seek have of your significant other’s assets regardless of gender.  DEEDEE_404, I really do see your point about Vanessa gaining a college education and trying to better herself.  Unfortunately, you have to remember this is how a lot of these girls are growing up.  No ambition, low self esteem, and no self worth.  You could really see it really happening in the 90’s when women would seek out ballers as a sport and a means-to-an-end.  Seeking out sugar daddies is no longer taboo and nowadays is a norm.  Heck mothers (of all races) encourage their daughters to find a rich man.  Rich white socialites have been doing this forever.  Getting pregnant by a baller, actor, rapper, musician, etc is considered a goldmine.  Stripping use to be a negative thing, but it is now glamorized by Hollywood and the music industry to the point that it has become sort of a  suitable profession.  It is not only the women’s fault, but the men share the blame.  Guys get mad when a girl gets pregnant or wants to be more than a “jump off” by wanting you to “put a ring on it”.  Hopefully, Kobe and Vanessa’s two little girls will grow up to be educated and self sufficient women.  Only time will tell. 

      • Deedee_404

        I understand the legal parameters, but I would advocate the change of these laws in a  heartbeat. The ability to “cash in” has created new type of woman– one that no longer wants to be an asset to her spouse but rather has prostituted herself for the opportunity to live rich in a few years off the earnings of another person’s sweat. Its disgusting. And now you even see some of these women on reality television. Where does it stop?

        • reese

          There are also women who put off their degrees and work so their husband can go to school and work.  So if I had an agreement with my husband to work while he goes to medical school and then once he gets a degree it will be my turn and he leaves me for a nurse I shouldn’t get half.  Their is no law that is right for everyone. 

  • shame

    She deserve half, why? Because if he cheated, and had unprotected sex, she deserve half just for the stress of having to be worry whether or not he has given her HIV or AIDS. He should have never gotten married, if he wanted to sleep with different women. She deserves half because he allowed her to stay home, and he gave her that lifestyle, so if he cheated she deserve to continue having that lifestyle for her and the children. If he cheated she deserve half just for him doing his high school sweet heart terribly wrong, and she deserve to be cheated on because she knew he had a high school sweet heart (what goes around comes back around my baby…in Beyonce’s singing voice).

    She deserves half because he was being an idiot when he married her, distancing himself from his parents and siblings and not having a pre-nup.

    She deserves half just because he didn’t use common sense! Now he has no college education nor common sense, that’s scarey, normally you are blessed with one or the other..lol

    • SHAME

      sorry for the typos. rushing have somewhere to go 🙂

    • Hey SHAME.  Great minds think a like.  I said the same thing about Kobe before he got married to Vanessa.  Kobe was making bank way before he met Vanessa and was around other ballers who were having marital problems.  He should have listened to his family and other athletes about prenups.  Yes, Vanessa does deserve half of Kobe’s fortune simply for the fact that he was so dumb not to have a prenup.  Now, I do not condone Kobe’s cheating because like you said he put Vanessa’s life at risk due to a number of sexually transmitted diseases.  A lot of the people on this site who are commenting about Vanessa getting Kobe’s money are not even thinking about the physical consequences of Kobe’s cheating.  Regardless if you are a guy or a girl cheating, the fact that you could potentially put your significant other’s life at risk due to sexually transmitted diseases is deal breaker in my book.  

      • BE REAL

        tiga never used protection.. if that ain’t the pay me half

         you trifling


    “If I come into the realtionship with $100 Million, and you My dear come in with just a BAG, no college degree”. You don’t deserve shyt! Give her $10million and take care of your Kids Kobe…….Marriage does not have a Price Tag……………regardless of infidelity. That method was created for more Rich & wealthy white folks before Blacks even had Money!

    Which world are you trying to be apart of?

    • Deedee_404

      California allows you to contest the settlement. Most celebrities don’t do it to avoid being made villians in public opinion. But since most people already think he’s a jerk, I’d fight this out in court for the next 10 years if necessary. By then, at least one of the kids will be 18, and even if you lose 20 mill in the process, you still come out better than giving up half

    • Mary

      YES Gat Turner Blam Blaaam. In a community property state like California, if you come into the marriage with $100M & your spouse comes into it with a bag when you two divorce your spouse is only entitled to HALF OF INCOME EARNED DURING THE MARRIAGE. Any money earned before marriage and after date of separation is SEPARATE PROPERTY. Income earned during the marriage is COMMUNITY PROPERTY and will be divided 50/50.

  • Dread

    And if she happens to start cohabitating with another baller or gets married she gets no spousal support anyway..So if i was Kobe i’d hope to god she finds another baller to live with or get married to asap..

    • you know she won’t. 

    • IJS

      She would be a damn fool to do it now…she can cohabitate after the check clears. lol

  • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

    Obviously Kobe thinks so or else he wouldnt have cheated on her repeatedly….Only speculation.Broke guys have to do that same thing when they get divorced so why is it always a question when rich dudes get divorced.

  • Dread

    I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot and she was the one with the major bank would women be saying Kobe should get half?? I think he should give her enough for a couple yrs until she proves she can handle herself on her own and if she cant oh well..I’m sure there’s enough room in the lip-gloss,shoe-line, clothing-line industry where she can make her own coin..

    • IJS

      Yes, if the shoe was on the other foot and he cheated…give’em half. I don’t know how JLo has been getting away with her dough for so long but she should have BEEN breakin break with all of them men she keep marrying. 

      • Thedream189

        cause she a women and dont have to give up half…it aint rite

      • Hereandnow

        Because j.Lo got a prenup!!!! That chick was smart!

      • BE REAL

        j-lo stupid and low self esteem

         no wman should spend he rmoney ona man../.

         Women should NEVER date down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         but then jenny is from the block

        • Guest

          Typical nonsense. So men should spend on a woman, but no woman should spend on a man. So much for “equality”.

    • Hey DREAD.  The answer to your questions about if the shoe was on the other foot in regards to getting half of your spouses assets is YES.  In California, a spouse (regardless of gender) can potentially seek half of another spouse’s assets if they do not have an iron clad prenuptial agreement.  There are other states in America that have that same legal stance.  Kobe Bryant “DOES” deserve to lose half of his fortune because he was foolish enough “not” to have a prenuptial agreement.  I remember before he married Vanessa that famous people and even lawyers did advise him to have her to sign a prenup.  There are plenty of famous female stars who lost have their fortune to their former spouses due to not having a prenuptial agreement.  Unfortunately in Kobe and Vanessa’s case, love is fleeting.  Hopefully Kobe will learn from this.

    • BE REAL

      yep… a h0e is a h0e

    • reese

      I ain’t even arguing she should get half, but what the law is how he could of protected himself from this.  It happened to Whoopi too and I said the same thing she should of gotten a prenup.

  • Richard

    I like Eddie Murphy’s point with the Johnny Carson situation.  In summation, if you build something of an empire together then you deserve half.  She should get support if she is keeping the children, I would agree to give her a settlement to help her maintain her lifestyle…However she should be able to get work and not live freely off of him for the rest of her life. 

    California is a bad place to divorce.  Indiana has a good law and it prevented my ex from trying to completely live off of me.  There is child support and no alimony, maintenance and all of that other nonsense. My ex played the sympathy and poor me card during hearings and the judged asked her a simple question..”Can you work and are you legally handicapped?” She asked her this because my ex tried to use her back as an excuse as to why she could not find “reasonable employment” (but her so called back issues did not stop her from dropping it like it is hot at the clubs). She also reduced the amount that I was giving her prior to the dissolution and advised my ex to stop mooching and find employment because she was giving women who were truly struggling a bad name.

    What is really sad is that in a lot of cases, most of these women (gold diggers) do not use the money for whom it is supposed to be used for; the children.  Hopefully the courts will catch up on this as well.  There are many men such as myself who want the children to live with them, but most courts still go with the children should be with the mother school of thought when this is not always the best situation for the children. 

    Ok, I’ll get off of my soapbox now….

    • I agree with you to a point Richard.  The courts are still biased when it comes to the custody of children going to females more so than the suitable former spouse regardless of their gender.  With women now outpacing men in graduating from educational institutions and gaining higher ranking positions, then I really think the tides will change.  In regards to your situation I am glad that things worked out for you in court.  However, I would advise you not to put your business out there on the net because your former spouse might see it.  I do not know about the courts in Indiana, but some courts can overturn a previous divorce decree ruling by allowing your former spouse to seek more money due to you posting your business online.  I am pretty sure you both signed an legal agreement in court in regards to your divorce.  I do not know about the legal separation document that you signed, but I am aware that some divorce documents have a clause where you are not allowed to defame another spouse after the divorce is final.  You should probably seek legal advise about posting your private domestic issues online and how it might potentially backfire.  Please do not fool yourself in thinking that whatever you post online is anonymous.  Think again.  You former spouse can have a lawyer to subpoena this website (Madame Noire) and get everything that you have written about her online.  You can delete this post, but Madame Noire will still have it in their server.  You may not like what I have written, but you do need to take my words seriously.

      • Richard

        Your point is well taken.  Thanks for the advice.

      • Guest

        What exactly is your point? Richard was not being disrespectful by stating the facts of his divorce. And you cannot win a defamation case against anyone as long as what they wrote/say about you is factually correct. 
        All that Richard did here was state the facts of his divorce experience, and there is no law against that. 

    • Mahoganyslade

      Nah, stay on there Richard cause this is the best response to this whole Kobe/Vanessa mess i’ve heard all Day. And I am a black woman. thanks for this 😉

  • MsFitt

    I guess it’s easy to comment and say no because none of us are in that situation. 

    • Agreed MSFITT.  Kobe did not have a prenup with Vanessa.  What is the old saying, “You pay the Piper”.  Regardless if any of us thinks she deserves half of Kobe’s fortune, it is the law of the land in California. Plain and simple. Besides, we do not know what really went down between Kobe and Vanessa.  It might not have even been due to Kobe stepping out on Vanessa.  There are a number of reasons why Vanessa filed for divorce.  Sometimes, couples just grow apart.  I really hate to see the dissolution of a marriage, but it is up to the individuals to decide if they need to move on.

      • Deedee_404

        Again, it is not cut and dry. You can contest the divorce settlement. Heck you can drag it out for months even years like any other civil case. If I were him, I would stalemate her at every turn, and make her work for the first time in her life to see if she really wants that half badly enough. With a great lawyer, he might have to cough up between 30-50 million. since he is worth almost 300, that isn’t bad. I’d also force a financial stay that requires that child custody be reassessed at the time of  my retirement. For what it will cost, the kids might as well live with him after he leaves the game

  • Iehdkjs

    She deserves half just for teaching dumbass Kobe a lesson.

    • Semy


    • MsIndependent

      co-sign! Men like him will never learn, and women like her will continue to do what they do best. She should get half, hell even more.  In my Judge Judy voice ” You choose her, I didn’t pick her for you” 

  • Semy

    A marriage is a contract…if the contract is broken = half of the money which was made during the marriage goes to the partner…

    • Deedee_404

      Marriage is a contract, but it is also a partnership. In a business if you break ties, you leave with your shares. you don’t get more of the other person’s shares based on any circumstance outside of them. Even in a settlement to buy out business shares, it is not doled in half unless both people had equal stake.

      • IJS

        Kobe shook on giving her half when he didn’t have her sign a prenup, sorry.

        • Deedee_404

          No, he made an ignorant decision as a 20 year old. I agree that poor choices have consequences, but not to the tune of 128 million

          • Zoe White26

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            to interact with each other…no games or extremes in front of true love. .  I think we need to get over the race of Vanessa, because it is so not
            the point.  Honestly, I wish they could get counseling and get their
            acts together.

      • Guest

        Very good point.

      • reese

        Kobe has already agreed because he knows he cannot win.  If he loses he will have to pay more because they will make him pay for her attorneys too.

  • Sugar_Spice

    I agree with this article,  I don’t think she deserves half. Linda Hogan didn’t, Elin didn’t, nor did Juanita.  Yes they did have these men’s children & yes they held down households while these men were away, but HALF is excessive & greedy.

    • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

      Kind of like Paul McCartney’s ex who wanted half of his Billion.Greedy women attack anyone.She got $50 million but wanted half,thats just terms for murder on my half.

    • Deedee_404

      Juanita Jordan acted as legal council for her spouse on more than one occasion and has been on the board of MJ inc since its inception as a major decision maker. She contributed to not only her household but Michael Jordan as a brand. Because she had shares in not only his brand but other and has proven that she in some way was connected to business decisions that produced wealth, I can at least understand her getting 30%. These other women got half and didnt even bat a eyelash to help their husbands get money

      • Alright DEEDEE_404, you did your research.  You bring up a good point.  We are not aware if any of these spouses have contributed to they significant other’s career when it comes to the financial side.  Hey, for all we know Vanessa Bryant might have been part of Kobe Bryant’s organization.  We have heard of stories when one spouse sacrifices their own freedom and career in order for the other spouse to excel. Michael Jordan step out on Juanita several times like Kobe has done to Vanessa.  Michael and Juanita did not have a prenup like Kobe and Vanessa.  I do not think Tiger Woods had a prenup with Elin Woods.  Other than the affairs, a lot of you who oppose give half to the other spouse need to think about other cost to the marriage.  A lot of these famous stars (athletes, musicians, actors, directors, etc.) tend to have unprotected sex with their “jump offs” putting their spouses at risk to any number of sexually transmitted diseases.  Hey, I am a dude and if my spouse was stepping out on me and having unprotected sex while putting my life in danger, then I will go for half of their fortune as well.  What if you caught HIV or AIDS due to your spouses indiscretions, then you will need all the money to maintain your health.  From all the information out there about HIV / AIDS is scary and a major financial burden.  None of us do not know what really went down between Kobe and Vanessa.  I am sure Kobe and Vanessa will settle the financial side of their divorce behind closed doors.  I would hate for their divorce to drag out and get messy.  Ladies and gentlemen, remember, if you are rolling in the money, then have your significant other to sign a prenuptial agreement. But also, be faithful to your spouse which is the whole point of marriage. If you know in your heart that you are not an monogamous person, then don’t put each other through heartache when you are caught cheating. Marriage is not for everyone.

        • @HESJR1972 You didn’t read the article, Kobe doesn’t have a pre-nup, hence her legal enti@twitter-370489849:disqus tlement.

          Waunita Jordon is an attorney with business savvy that was with MJ at the beginning, she deserved what she got, end of story, there is no comparison between WJ and Vanessa Bryant, absolutely not!

          • Sorry to disagree with you MIA MOSS.  There is a comparison between Michael Jordan, Juanita Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant, Tiger Woods, and Elin Woods.  There was infidelity which caused the dissolution of their marriage.  Vanessa Bryant does deserve half only due to Kobe Bryant not listening to his family and other advisers when they advised him to get Vanessa to sign a prenup.  I remember this at the time they when Kobe and Vanessa were engaged.  We talked about this in the barbershop in regards to Kobe needs to get a prenup.  I did not make the rules, it is the law in California.  

            It does not matter if Juanita is an attorney and business savvy because unfortunately she is part of the Famous Athletes Cheat On Wives Club.  Cheating hurts and especially when all the world knows about your marital problems.  

            • joanne

              I totally agree with the comments made by HESJR1972. People are missing the facts here. Kobe Bryant was unfaithful to his wife, almost went to jail for this indiscretion. We don’t know what input Vanessa had in his career but he put her health on the line and could have brought home any number of dieases. It’s anybody’s guess how she stuck around so long !

              Kobe did not protect his millions. That is his fault. She is the mother of his children and he should have been wiser from the get-go. Men need to hold up on the cheating on their spouses.

              You cannot compare this case with any other, each marriage will have different circumstances and for that reason alone, I cannot fault her.

        • NewlyWed

          Tiger did have a pre-nup with Elin.  However, he gave her $700mil to keep quiet.  Why?  Who knows…

          And Deedee is right- we have no idea as to how much Vanessa contributed to Kobe’s brand.  The fact that she was there when he admitted to sleeping with that maid helped his image… a lot. 

          Maybe she attended many charity events on his behalf.  Just because it’s not published in the paper doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          Folks seem to forget how much support a significant other can provide in a relationship.  Guys- think about the times that your girlfriend (current or ex) helped you study when you were in college.  Guys- think about the times that your wife (current or ex) calmed you down after a hard day at work.  Or helped you prep for a job interview.

          The above examples apply to us women as well.

          And at least a wife is entitled to some money in the event of a divorce.  I feel bad for the folks who were dumped shortly after their significant other became famous.  Like Kanye’s ex fiance. 

          • Deedee_404

            Elin Wood received 110 million dollars, which was  10 million more than she was legally promised. Juanity Jordan was an integral and visible business asset for Michael Jordan Inc. which led to her 279M settlement. Standing by Kobe’s side didn’t do anything to help his “image”. Lets be real, fans have a short term memory with athletes, Winning 2 more rings for LA was WAY more of an image boost than his wife sitting next to him at a press conference. I have been informed that Mrs.. Bryant actually plays no part in his foundation ( his mother sits on the board with one of his sisters). She definitely isn’t doing anything on the business side without a degree–so will someone please again explain what entitles her to half? And before someone spouts off about the kids, every female animal that copulates with the opposite gender of her species can bring forth a life so its no great feat

        • Guest

          And, how many of these men who have unprotected sex ever caught an infection which affected their spouses? Not that cheating is ever condoned.

    • The Realist KC

      Agreed…hell she could cash that $4 million ring in and be comfortable…that on top of half of his empire…O_O We can all see it coming now, she’s about to get a new boyfriend (if she doesnt have one already) and Kobe is about to paying for both of their comfortable lifestyles…if the new man is  not already playing (insert sport here).

  • Bhfkjhfjhwjhsa


    • Guestwhat

      These women are all in agreement with this broad getting half of something which she made no contributions in creating because they all see their potential reflection  one day in a similiar situation. Marriage is now, a profit driven industry that enriches women, the attorneys and the system at the expense of the men. Their hypocrisy is shameless, for when eric benet even made his lips form to mention money from halle, women began howling like scolded dawgs. They all understand why Oprah won’t get married, but will berate a wealthy man incessantly; labeling him as committment phobic should he choose not to… “why don’t he put a ring on it?” So, this hold 50% is fair thing, is a one way street. What a men has to surrender to woman in this situations is relative to the men’s net worth. I know several brothers having to surrender a sizeable chunk of their hard earned pensions to a woman after only 3 or 4 years of marriage, even when she had a comprable earning to his; so, one doesn’t have to be rich to feel the sting.  Well, at least some of these brothers are wise enough to not put half of their net worth at risk after seeing this bullysht with Michael Jordan, Kobe, and what Deon will end up giving up, and stay away from this corrupt, profit driven industry! At least, Lebron is smart enough not to go for this nonsense!

      • Tamstreasurz

        Eric didn’t deserve anything from Halle – he was the one who cheated!

        • Guest

          So your point is, if a woman cheats, she does not deserve anything in her divorce?

      • shinkado

        Women had a problem with Eric Benet getting half of Halle’s money because he was the one cheating.  If he wouldn’t have been cheating, they might still be marriaged.  Cheaters don’t deserve anything…male or female.  You brought it on yourself so you deserve to get what you get “Anything”


    She deserves something, but not half

    • agreed

      • sofie212

        Oh she deserves half alright. These women often put their lives and dreams on hold to stand by these men, travel with them, and raise their children. If Kobe didnt want her to walk away with half, he shouldve purchased a chastity belt.  
        And in my opinon, these famous brothers somehow feel the need to justify themselves with a white or hispanic woman by their side. They better prepare for mayhem. Where as BW endure through that humiliating mess, please dont think a white woman is gonna have your babies, nanny it up, aaannnd stand by you – a black male, while you lay pipes throughout the town.

        Money can get you a woman of another race, but unfortunately it wont make them stay 😉

        • YaleAstro

          So Vanessa Laine put her life and dreams (of being in the next Eastsidaz video) on hold though…Oh aiight

        • I am not sure what her being white has to do with anything.  If she were black would she deserve less than half?  In essence what you are saying is that black women have less self-respect, so they stand by their men no matter what.  What lazy thinking!

          • reese

            No, I think her point is alot of these women wouldn’t be with them without money.  But that is true for some of the black ones too.

    • Minakarue

      Obviously she does. If that dumb bastard didn’t want to give this woman half his fortune he would have had a pre-nup agreement in place.

      • caribgirl

        Half, my girl can’t shoot a lic but it’s the law.

        Here’s my POV as a female, I feel these cheating men should be taught a lesson.  I’m not sure why they get married and they haven’t finished playing the field—to me this is just disrespectful.  
        I hardly believe that marrying him, thwarted her life goals 17 yrs old, I was trying to get my diploma and figure out myself.  Nevertheless, she bore two beautiful girls and appeared to have supported him at his games.  Can we put a price to the joys/comfort family brings, I guess so.  Studies have shown that men who marry tend to live a bit longer than their single counter-parts.
        At any rate, he has been in this game too long and has way too much money to be this reckless, suffice to say I think he loved her, but was not ready to be a one woman guy.Think about all he could be exposing this woman to, we have yet to find a cure for HIV and yet some folks have not concern about throwing their bodies around=A HOT MESS! We can all agree that being a basketball wife along with its perks has some disadvantages.
        It’s quite sad, we’re here arguing over the money when two little girls are about to have their lives disrupted and another marriage bites the dust.  I think we need to get over the race of Vanessa, because it is so not the point.  Honestly, I wish they could get counseling and get their acts together.

        Chica should have got packing from that incident with the hotel worker, Kobe still wants to be a single dude.

        • Guest

          Actually, being married does NOT prolong a man’s life because of any major advantage in marriage per se. Married men tend to live longer because they have a sense of more responsibilities, and therefore have less time to get exposed to the usual dangers that the male species expose themselves to. One might say that a married man lives longer in the same way a caged bird lives longer than a free-roaming one. 
          A married man tend to work much harder and enjoy less compared to his single counterparts. Let’s not muddle the water of logic now. Aiight?

          • Dianewoodard

            One reason “some” married men longer is because they have a loving and supportive wife usually at home making sure they have balanced means and taking better care of themselves. My husband wouldn’t work out, drink water, eat vegatables, fruit, regularly, breakfast or anything if it were not for me. He really would not take nearly as good care of himself if I did not insist and persist. He would even eat bacon and sausage every single morning if I didn’t force oatmeal, fruit, yogurt etc. on him. I’ve seen my husband in action without me and these are facts lol.  I would never sign a prenupt because a man’s money is part of who he is, and part of the reason I’m marrying him. If you’ve wined and dined me with your money and married me with your money then I expect to see your money at the end. Now, don’t get it twisted because I would never marry a man I did not love completely, but I’m just keeping it real, the money comes with the man; however much he has. He can also share everything I have. That’s what marriage is all about. Last point, if we have reached divorce, it is because HE has screwed  up, and for that, he should pay:-) ONE LOVE!

            • FromUR2UB

              Nothing wrong with that.  A woman is supposed to look out for her best interests, because men usually look out for their own.  Part of a man’s attraction is his ability to take care of business, and the financial thing is part of that.  If men are allowed to be “visual” and turn on or off because of what a woman looks like, then who should complain if a woman is turned off by his financial burdens?