Why Do People Think Tyler Perry is Gay?

December 21, 2011  |  


by Charing Ball

“So, did you hear that Tyler Perry is rumored to be engaged,” I said as I sipped my tea. From across the table, a group of friends pause from picking through the plate of hummus and pita bread and almost like a Baptist church choir, sang out,  “To what?” I started to giggle,  “An Ethiopian model.” My one friend, completely confused and somewhat slow on the draw, scratched the side of her temple and says, “but I thought gay marriage was illegal in most states?” I sucked my teeth, rolled my eyes and said, “No, he is marrying a woman. Why does everyone think he is gay?”

That basically sums up the reaction I hear over and over again after discussing this rumor about Tyler Perry’s alleged nuptials. No one knows for sure where the rumor came from, although we can guess which usually-wrong gossip rag started it, but allegedly larger than life filmmaker has been shopping for rings for his long-term girlfriend Model Gelila Bekele.  Of course, nothing has been confirmed, or even denied, however that hasn’t stopped folks from already dismissing the rumor simply because they believe that Tyler Perry is gay.

Before folks get all self-righteous with the “why are we talking about this?” troupe, consider that I constantly hear from both gay and straight folks, who believe in their magical powers of gaydar and “just know” he is gay. And I think that a discussion about why folks think he is gay is a worthy one to have.

Perry’s been dealing with the question marks about his sexuality since he and Madea sashayed from the “chittlin circuit” some time ago.  Although he has not shied away from the rumors, publicly stating several times that he is in fact straight, the rumor has persisted.   From the Boondocks “Paused” episode, to the infamous Michael Musto, a gossip columnist in The Village Voice, blog post in which he outed Perry, suggesting that, “His mannerisms and aura are such that everyone within a mile of his finery seems to say, “He’s a gay!” So, assuming the gaydar of millions is on target as usual, why won’t the guy come out already?”

Generally speaking, only hardcore evidence, such as a photo of Perry tonguing down a male companion or even an outright admittance, can really prove anything.  Yet that hasn’t stopped folks from not only determining his sexuality for him but also coming up with theoretical assumptions as to why he is supposedly been playing straight. Assumptions that his history of hiring muscular guys for his plays and films are a sure sign of his sexuality. Or the fact that he is a very success ful, single man in his forties, with no children.  I mean can’t a man dress up in woman’s clothing, for entertainment value, without being gay or does the drag queen doth protest too much?

If Perry is a gay man, he sure sucks at being one.  For one, Perry likes to play up homophobic and gay stereotypes in his work.  If you recall, in Why Did I get Married 2, Dr. Patricia Agnew (played by Janet Jackson) and her husband Gavin (Malik Yoba) were engaged in a bitter divorce that gets increasingly ugly due to his petition for half of the royalties from her book sales. In retaliation, she humiliates him in front of his coworkers, with a giant birthday cake with an effeminate gay Black man dancing to the Weathergirl’s It’s Raining Men. Of course, all of this is done to not only embarrass him but to use the presence of a gay man to contest his masculinity.

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  • Motor Club of America

    I’ve never thought he was gay. It never crossed my mind. Meanwhile there are probably many people dating someone right now, who they assume is straight but could be on the DL. I heard people say he was because he was comfortable playing a woman, but people didn’t bat an eye when Martin Lawrence, Robin Williams, Miguel Nunez, or many other males played a role of a woman. If he is so, what? But unless he announces it, then don’t assume it based on hear say.

  • The Rainbow 2098

    He said he was gay in an interview with Oprah many years ago.

  • I think the rumor keeps coming up, not because he’s so out and gay, but because he seems CLOSETED and gay and self-loathing, for all the reasons this article describes. It would explain, for example, why he’s MORE homophobic than other directors (most fundy Christian directors prefer to pretend gays don’t exist), and why he’s stayed single for so long, and a bunch of other things. Of course, no one can be certain. But if you like Tyler Perry, you’d want him to be gay and admit it because he seems to be rather tortured about it (and in danger of marrying a lady who might also suffer). If you hate Tyler Perry, you’d want to out him already because his homophobia (and his retrograde moralism) is a terrible influence on the culture. THAT’S why it keeps coming up. The rigid moralism that may have helped him survive his childhood isn’t necessarily helping him live freely as an adult.

    • I should add that, whenever I speculate about anyone’s sexuality, I try to remember that the one dancer on Madonna’s Truth or Dare tour who seemed the gayest turned out to be the straight guy she had an affair with. So while I have a guess about Tyler Perry, I hold it lightly.

  • Dershon

    N1, Very nice comments and all true but it speaks nothing of his sexuality. As far as what he does, he works in theater some non fiction and some are fictionous but it’s all just entertainment. If anyone is looking for role models go to the bible not the world.

  • Matt

    His eyebrows and beard have a very “gay” look to them. Not to mention the fact that he makes his living pretending to be a woman.

  • Anon

    Rumour has it that Tyler and Stadman(Oprah’s bf) are screwing each other. And that’s why Oprah is still eating Gayle King’s puss pie. Oh well C’est la vie!

  • Anon

    Because he is a gay man and yes he sucks at being one. The model’s former manager told me its just a beard relationship. She sees other people. I don’t care to out people but a man who hides so far deep in the closet with homophobic undertones in his works doesn’t deserve it.

  • hollywood

    gay or not i love every film and play he has done. his personl life really isnt the publics bussiness anyway. ppl love to be in everyone elses life instead of dealing with there own skeletons.

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  • Let’s ask Oprah. She knows everything.

  • Ms_A31

    Why cant the fact that he’s 40ish with no kids mean he knows how to pick up a pack of condoms? That doesn’t mean he’s gay. Just because the majority of men (not just black men) got a bunch of outside kids running around doesn’t mean everyone has that issue.

  • Sd 12s80

     If  me questioning your maturity level on why you think someone personal life and identity is worthy  for a provoking dialogue is self righteous, then excuse the hell out of me for being mature, or just not giving a flip.  Silly me, what was I thinking to assume or give the
    benefit of the doubt to this website, or blog  in hopes that it would provoke  an intelligent civilized conversation that  challenge reason & thought, to inform, or enlighten? The only thing that seems to be amusing, is your high school logic. LOL!  The older & wise elders use to
    say, Gossip, is the devil’s radio, and those who do are his DJ’s, no matter how they dress it up!  I swear
    there is a V.I.P section in hell for people who spread, add to opinionated lies,  pimp smut, & innuendo for capital
    gain. I grow concern about the reader, or blogger ( like this website) who
    criticizes, speculates, mocks, or sensationalizes without substantiation.  Although no blog or comments are taken
    personally, I am uneasy when blogs or comments from someone who purports to be
    a mature civilized human being expresses contempt for everyone who may have
    other important things they would like to be informed/ educated on.  It’s funny how 1% out of a million people– magnifies something  so frivolous to be ground breaking news. 
    How strange  for the blog writer to bring  up Tyler Perry’s personal life as the
    topic of discussion at lunch or dinner, on an outing with friends?  Really?  Damn.. Mamma was right, small minds talk about people, flock
    together,  and go nowhere together. 
    Silly me again to think, this dude has a right to have a personal life withOUT the
    invasion of  assumptions trying
    tear down his door, or him being “engaged” as the topic of discussion at
    lunch. You mean to tell me if a person does not  share his
    personal life with the masses, He’s gay? Or the fact he plays a
    woman ( which Robin Williams, Martin Lawrence, Cedric Entertainer, Will
    John Travolta, Steve Harvey and countless of other STRAIGHT men have,
    which no
    one questions,  mocks, assumes, disrespects, or lie on their identity or
    manhood) He’s Gay? Or because he confesses to be a Christian, or talks
    about his faith, or religious beliefs, now He’s  homophobic, or hiding behind his faith to prevent whatever
    truth He’s running from to come forth? 
    BA HA HA LOL. Stupidity & contradiction must be on sale again. You all
    buying  B.S. in large quantities!  Get a real job, and stop pimping people’s personal lives for your gain.

  • Lower9ward

    Again, who cares!

  • Tcarter1492

    The photo of him and the “model ” is just that a staged modeling session. Tons of money one pose with a ” model”. We have no proof of him interacting with women……… 

  • Spiritof67

    I don’t understand the need to discuss this person’s sexuality, frankly, even though that is as obviously gay as RuPaul in its own way. He would be far, far from the first or last leading black performer to be so – there’s a line stretching from Bobby Marchan through Rev. James Cleveland out to the horizon. But maybe the REAL discussion that needs to be had is “Why do you believe that your man, having been in prison X number of years, isn’t gay – when he’s been having man-on-man sex all that time?” I have asked more than a few sistetr this and gotten back all the usual excuses “Well, that was just while he was in jail”, etc. Not so. Think it over: where is the one place where a black man can have all the gay sex he wants and never have his “manhood” challeged” BONG! Right! Jail. So when your man can’t stay out of jail or away from those who put him there, think over the reasons why this might be so. And make the decision to stop hooking up losers, a/k/a criminals. Find a man who stays AWAY from jail. That”ll lower the rate at wich you find a man who’ll cheat on you – with another man. Just sayin’.

  • Reezy

    Nigga you stupid.

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  • Candyman00

    Because he likes BOOTY… a man’s butt. He’s a closet booty warrior!!!

  • I’d have to say my reason is because I have eyes and ears.

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  • guest

    People are ignorant they think money makes you righteous show me in history were only righteous people were rich and i will show you  some of the most evil people who had millions even billions of dollars Satan told Christ I will give you all the kingdoms of the world if you praise me so if Satan tempted Christ then what makes you think he won’t fatten our pockets Jerry Sandusky is rich and he was breaking kids off so don’t think success means you are a righteous good God Loving person you could be evil as hell Only the simpletons will be influenced by riches is because their poor in spirit. Like the scriptures say the love of money not money itself but the love is the root of all evil and how many people love money fame and fortune even if it belongs to somebody else people will flock to you and love you and ignore every common sense thought in their head because they have been overcome with idolizing a mere mortal man or woman This is why God punished Adam and Eve with death is because people will hold on to ignorance and stupidity forever and teach other people to be just as dumb, blind and greedy as they were so God puts us to rest so our thoughts and ideas can rest with us no matter how dumb or smart they were and the next generation can correct the misfortunes we will leave behind and either change them for the better or worse

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  • yankee1

    wow, and if you profile a person as a criminal because he is black or hispanic, wearing baggy pants and has tats’ and piercings, we are called out on it. Yet, a ‘journalist’ can out the guy without proof, other than a standard profiling.

  • Veteranliveworklofts

    Everytime we get a really good black artist, people try to do everything in their power to bring them down.

    • BD

      No. People are curious about the real person, outside of the public persona regardless of race or preferences.

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  • Gay may be a stretch..bisexual is better said…and that goes for a lot of men. From either rape or molestation or sexual and non emotional attachment to men via downlow tranny etc for some guys its just sex. They are emotionally straight they’ll.never date a man love a man etc but will.sleep with them. MANY guys are living like this its been this way for years

  • guest

    The only rumor people can spread inorder  to tanish a person’s image and reputation  is to come up with the same sex rumors.

    • BD

      Hmmm.  So, to paraphrase what you said, being gay is a terrible thing for one’s image!  OK.

  • Starri98

    tyler, like me simply chooses not to discuss his bedroom activities because it’s immature to do so. what i do in my life is my business and i’m entitled to and do maintain a personal life. i have nothing to hide, i just know that things i’m not interested in knowing about other people, i insist it applies to them as well. so i don’t divulge my business especially because whatever is known is just like the unknown of a person’s life when it concerns gossip and rumor—the type of people who engage in these particular activities DON’T have know for sure to flap their jaws constantly. denying anything is equivalent to admitting anything because they’re addicted and like to hear themselves talk. 

  • FromUR2UB

    When people don’t have information, they fill in the blanks.  People think he’s gay because they don’t know anything about his dating life, and he’s not obligated to disclose that to the world. 

    Additionally, people may believe he’s gay because adults who were molested as children often suffer confusion about their sexuality.  Sexual abuse carries psychological ramifications…a fact the gay community seemingly hasn’t wanted to acknowledge, because it suggests that some gay people were created by their circumstances rather than born into their destinies.  Plus, I think it works to their advantage to convince everyone that more people than we think, are gay.

    People used to speculate about Luther Vandross, but he went to his grave without ever confirming nor denying his preference, and that’s fine with me.  Whether he was or wasn’t didn’t affect the quality of his music.

  • Although I suspect Perry is gay, his sexuality has no importance to me.

  • Chocholategril251


  • I found out that the Ones that are Talking and Spreading Lies are the Sames Ones that Have issues and Skeletons in their closet and want to put the blame on others to hide from Themselves.   Check the Messager Carrier .  They always got lies to spread .     Check out your own Agendas before you can see others .


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  • Guest

    That Tyler Perry plays many a “homophobic and gay stereotypes” doesn’t mean that he’s not gay.  Lots of gays point and  mock at such behaviors and attitudes.  Besides, he is ACTING, afterall.  

    I don’t know if he’s gay…I can’t say that I’d base his sexuality on him dressing in drag b/c there are many an actor who have donned drag for the sake of the role.  This list would include:

    1. Wesley Snipes 
    2. Flip Wilson
    3. Gene Hackman
    4. Nathan Lane
    5. Patrick Swayze
    6. John Liguizamo
    7. Chinese Peking Opera performers in Pre-Communist China
    8. Shakespearean actors during the Elizabethan Era
    9. John Ritter
    10.Robin Williams

    I could go on, but my point is that his character isn’t necessarily an indicator.  I think that he created this “Medea” person and refined it to the point that he felt that only he could play it to his standards.  Nothing wrong with that, even though I’m not a fan of his work.

    • georgemasondrive

      And you’ve not proven anything with that list except sarcasm…I think? 

      • Guest

        No, I’m citing examples of actors who have donned on drag and who are hetero.  My point was in the last paragraph…I guess you didn’t read it.

        • Cocolicious42

          I agree with you.  Many men have done drag over the years, but that doesn’t mean they’re gay.  Nathan Lane probably shouldn’t be on the list.  I think he is an openly gay man, so he does not support the purpose of the list.

          • Guest

            Actually, I forgot that he may be gay, so how about if we replace him with Flip Wilson? 😉

            • Jimmy Swaggerd

              Add Bugs Bunny to the list. 

              He’ll occasionally dress in drag to fool Elmer Fudd, but I doubt he’s gay in real life.

    • LaLa

      I believe I read somewhere where Madea was originally supposed to be played by another actor who didn’t show up for a gig and Tyler had to step in and the audience loved his portrayal. Several times he’s stated that he didn’t plan on continuing her role, but she ended up being such a hit with the audience that he kept her around..

      • Guest

        Ok. Thanks for that information!

    • Toussaint Ellington Cooke

      Tyler is a native of New Orleans and my
      younger brother who is his age, knew him as they attended the same high school.
      According to my brother, it was well known then that Tyler was gay. That said,
      his sexuality is less important to me than what kind of person he is, and what
      he contributes to our people and the world in general. Although I find his
      films and art rather offensive (to say the least), I admire his gifts and
      accomplishments as a businessman and entrepreneur. Malcolm X once said,
      “Of all our studies, history is best qualified to reward our
      research”. Tyler Perry is in a long line of Black artists/leaders who were
      either gay, or bi-sexual, the list includes, such luminaries as poet-Langston Hughes, writer-Countee Cullen, educator-Alain Locke, writer-Zora Neale-Hurston, singer-Billie Holiday, composer Billy Strayhorn, singer-Johnny Mathis, rock & roll legend- Little Richard, civil rights
      activist-Bayard Rustin, writer/activist-James
      Baldwin, singer-Luther Vandross and
      many, many more. So, we should not trip over his sexuality. However, I’d
      respect him more if he just came out, dealt with it, and let the chips fall. As
      for his abusive past, we should look to the genius of comedy, Richard Pryor for
      an example of how to handle that. In his searing autobiography, the legendary
      comedic great recounts in graphic detail, how he was brutally (sexually)
      molested as a youngster, and how he fought to overcome it. In closing, I’d say
      that his sexuality again has little to do with his success as an entrepreneur,
      yet, we know that many Christians (who need to stop faking) will castigate him,
      while at the same time, many will embrace him. If his new relationship is
      genuine, I wish him nothing but happiness; if it is an act, he needs to stop
      playing, get on with life and listen to Sly Stone’s classic, “Thank You for
      Letting Me Be Myself, Again”.
      Toussaint Ellington Cooke

  • Anita Gousman


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  • Jessica Williams

    I don’t care how he chooses to life his personal life, it’s not my business. We all have to stand before God and give an account of how we lived OUR own lives, and not what we thought of how someone else lived theirs, black or not. I just hope he never gets rid of the Madea character!!

  • JN31

    Why is the assumption that he’s gay seemed to be so negative? Someone mentioned he could be a closeted bisexual & brings her  home a disease. Another negative assumption that gay men, whether out or not are having wild unprotected sex and engaging in wreckless behavior.

    I get a gay vibe from him- “Gaydar” is no different from “Woman’s Intuition” or when people say “Oh, a mother just knows what their kids are doing” or “twins have a connection with one another” and all of the other ways we have an intuition that tells us something with or without having any solid proof. His personal life is just that- his own life. Whatever he does in the confines of his home, I hope he’s happy.

    • KNB1

      I made that comment and let me clarify why I did. I’m sick of seeing “At least he’s with a black woman/I’m glad he married that non-black woman and she divorced him and took his money.” It wasn’t to stereotype gay sexual behavior. I have no qualms with gay individuals and agree with your first sentence. Anytime someone has extracurricular sex there is a chance they will catch something and pass it on to their significant other regardless of if the person is heterosexual or homosexual. I made an HIV/AIDS reference in the Kobe Bryant thread. All I’m saying is if he’s truly gay or bisexual and is intimate with her as well as other men (without her knowledge) then gave her a disease he would go from hero to villain.

  • Jeanenebrooks41


  • Squeezablechic

    Remember Ricky Martin who denied he was gay for years before coming out? Nuff said!

    • Yes, so that means every single person who has ever denied being gay really is gay, just like Ricky Martin. That’s a totally logical assumption.

  • Jeanenebrooks41


  • IJS

    He’s gay as the day is long. He looks gay, acts gay and for heavens sake, he’s famous for acting in drag. No worries, in 10yrs he will come out of the closet, for now let him make his $$.

  • Photosbyshareef

    Over 75% of cross dressers are heterosexual , over 99% of men with a pulpit, microphone, visibility, that preach, portray, make a point to show that homosexuality is negative, less than human and inasculating, and can only be cured in church are gay. I think it’s more important for Tyler to go to school for Directing and writting than to worry about who he wants u to know he’s sleeping with.

  • NeNe

     I know he’s not gay he loves the lord and hewould’nt do that to his family he loves women to much to be gay  Ne Ne

    • Jota

      Ignorant statements like that are exactly the reason that he’s afraid to come out.

    • LaLa

      Not only do gay people love the Lord, but the Lord loves them, too.

  • N1

    So lets break down the mans credentials.

    Talented – Made tons of money off of stage plays.
    Smart – Began own production company.
    Driven – Continues to make films and diversify them with intentionally good endings.
    Rich – His bank account has zeros after the beginning number.
    Marriage – Now Marrying a MODEL.

    Yet this WAS a little boy who was molested, beaten, bruised, and I’m sure that pain subdues any negative light you dare portray on him today.

    How do you know who and what this man desires? Whether Tyler Perry is gay or not, I could care less. He does not seem to be hurting a soul and he’s accomplished so much while being….

                —————————————– B     L     A    C     K-————————————-

    • dot

      and with that being said,,,,,,let the church say amen

  • Shay

    I do not believe that Tyler Perry is gay, but what do I know.  Would we prefer if he married a white woman who would divorce him and take half and then some of his money?  I believe that he’s being a little cautious of who he dates.  Also, he’s a private person and doesn’t put his business out in the street, which causes many of us to speculate.  I respect a man who is comfortable enough with himself to dress in drag and make money doing it.  No one called Martin Lawrence gay when he dressed up as Big Momma – three times.

  • Love_Sexy

    Who am I to judge and its strictly his business with how he choose to live his life……If he is engaged I wish him the best…..The only issue I have with him is that lately his movies and TV shows have been a disappointment………I wish he would re-examine the products he is putting out.

    • Girliusmaximus

      Best comment on the board in my opinion…

  • Garycoach

    Maybe it’s his feminine mannerisms or that he’s so pro female in his work that his dressing in drag goes far beyond just getting a laugh. He says it’s because he was raised by women. Many brothers were but that does’nt mean we all choose to be solely the champion of women. I think he do because he identifies himself as one.

    • LaLa

      Sooo, a man being “pro female” or a “champion of women”, is a strike against his manhood? Um, ok.

      • guest

        i think you know what he means your just not being serious right now and your  looking for fault I can be pro female without wearing high heels a skirt and lip stick  Tyler Perry goes to far and he also constantly speaking about the scriptures but blasphemes every chance he gets Just Imagine every pro female male using Tyler Perry as an example would you truly deep  down in your heart consider being with a man like that if you are a women honestly? And would you not suspect his level of pro female to be a cover to push another agenda come on  Some dudes are wearing lip stick now do you think they are pro female or pro alternate agenda

  • no matter where mr. perry falls on the kinsey scale, it’s clear that he’s not near “totally straight” side of the spectrum.  and as more and more gay men and women come out of the closet, it’s putting the rest the notion that people just don’t get married and don’t have kids without reason.  yes, we will always have bonafide “loners” but we should all find ourselves educated and mature enough to ask honest questions that present themselves to our face.  if you compared don lemon to tyler perry, which would you assume to be gay first?

    let’s use common sense here.

  • Bhfkjhfjhwjhsa

    Why Do People Think Tyler Perry is Gay?

    Me? Gaydar. It’s like asking why people think Anderson Cooper is gay. Cause he is!

    On that note, I want to say I LOVE Tyler. I don’t care if he’s gay because I’m not a bigot like SOME folks. But let’s be honest here, the majority of the black community hates gays more than rednecks hate Muslims. If we could be more TOLERANT as a COMMUNITY, like we CONSTANTLY DEMAND others do for us, maybe he could come on out. There will always be naysayers but this man has done a lot for us off- and on-screen, support him already!

    Keep doin what you’re doin Tyler! I want to see another “Family that preys”-type of film, it is one of my favorite movies of all time!

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  • “To what?”  I can’t!!  SMDH!!

  • April

    I’m sorry how can YOU decide what and who another person wants to be, sleep with, marry…MY GOD?!  It is THEIR LIVES. If they want to get married so be it.

    NEWSFLASH: When you start a gay rumor it never goes away, for men anyway. It’s your brain matched with the cognition that someone has put into it.  When Tyler first came on the scene he was just a funny guy in a dress, just like Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, Miguel A. Núñez, etc If you are not with Tyler Perry WHY DO YOU (gay or not) CARE?

    • ls23

      Jamie Foxx is gay too, just fyi.

    • ls23

      Jamie Foxx is gay too, just fyi.

  • Natasha T

    Who cares if he’s gay or not, I’m not a fan of his movies.

    • reese

      Atleast you don’t like or like based on his sexual preference.

      • Teammm


  • I’m glad he is dating a black woman.  Period.

    • KNB1

      I could care less about her race, but what if he’s a closeted bisexual and brings her a disease? In this case it would just bring another sterotype to black women…

      • straight people can bring diseases too… 

        • KNB1

          I clarified my response a couple posts down to JN31, but I’ll copy and paste it. Hopefully it’ll clear up everything. 🙂 I made that comment and let me clarify why I did. I’m sick of seeing “At least he’s with a black woman/I’m glad he married that non-black woman and she divorced him and took his money.” It wasn’t to stereotype gay sexual behavior. I have no qualms with gay individuals and agree with your first sentence. Anytime someone has extracurricular sex there is a chance they will catch something and pass it on to their significant other regardless of if the person is heterosexual or homosexual. I made an HIV/AIDS reference in the Kobe Bryant thread. All I’m saying is if he’s truly gay or bisexual and is intimate with her as well as other men (without her knowledge) then gave her a disease he would go from hero to villain.

        • Teammm

          That doesn’t clear anything up.

          • KNB1

            I tried further explaining and replied to your direct post to me below. It should show up whenever a moderator approves due to the length.

      • Akapam

        When its all said and done. Is it really any of your dam busy. But I forgot this Bossip.

      • Teammm

        The fact that he would be bisexual has nothing to do with bringing disease. Disease is brought by having unprotected sex with an infected person and that happens to people of ALL sexual orientations.

        • KNB1

          Let me start off by saying I hold no judgment for anyone’s sexual preference. No one knows my preference; for all anyone knows I could be bisexual myself. All I did was comment to say people
          are more excited about him being with a black woman that they don’t take into
          account that he could be a closeted bisexual since the theme is sexuality.
          Maybe a better comparison would be a serial cheater or a woman beater. For ex.:
          You’re happier with the fact that he’s with a Black woman than a
          German/Asian/India/Non-black woman that you don’t take into account he could be
          busting her a** behind closed doors. Which let me say further that no one
          deserves that regardless of “race.” Just like when a Black man does
          something dirty to a Non-Black woman people will say, “I’m glad he wasn’t with
          a sister.” It’s a double standard. The article is about people thinking he’s
          gay. Hypothetically speaking what if he is a bisexual man who keeps his desire
          for men hidden from her and steps out cheating on her with men leaving her
          susceptible to disease? Yes; you can catch something from any sexual contact be
          it with a male or female that is gay, straight, or other. Hence why I brought up
          a heterosexual known cheater in Kobe Bryant and saying I had commented on the
          breaking divorce story since it was current and relevant when I made it and
          this one 6 months ago. When someone puts you and especially your health at
          stake then they will be viewed as a villain. We can pretend like there isn’t
          much talk about downlow men; especially in recent years. If he truly was a
          closeted bisexual and she caught a disease from him then everyone would be
          dogging him out for not being honest and giving her something. Other than that
          I wish this world was a lot less judgmental so that more people would be free,
          honest, and open to express themselves in whatever capacity. It’s the fear of
          someone leaving or outing them that prevents this from occurring. So disclaimer
          for anyone not reading between the lines; all I was doing was replying to a
          comment acting like the grass is greener with black women and not taking into
          account anything negative or detrimental to her health he could be doing to her
          vs. a Non-Black woman. For the record I don’t care if he’s gay or not. I just
          hope he’s happy and healthy.

  • @Profjalewis

    To argue that he’s not gay because he stereotypes gays is asinine. He obviously has an issue with stereotypes, look at the way he stereotypes Black women. If your theory is to be believed, then he’s not Black either. And for the record, his sexuality should be the least of our concerns. We really need to analyze the negative images he puts out and how many people take it as truth and build a single story of blackness.

    • i’m the magnificent

      i agree. look at how many of these hypocritical [married] politicians have spoken out again gay rights and denounced homosexuality, yet they’re the same ones who are later busted for ‘inappropriate relationships’ with other men. i believe perry’s work is a reflection of his many personal demons, not to mention highlights his ineptitude as a decent screenwriter and director.

  • Freebee33

    I don’t think he’s gay, but it’s really not that important, that’s his business. But if he is gay and were to come out…I think he could possibly lose a lot of support from his targeted audience, (African American Christian women) because a lot (definitely not all) of them do not approve of that lifestyle…

    • Rastaman

      So he is not gay for pay?

      • Freebee33

        People have been known to remain closeted because of the fear of backlash, and in his line of business how people perceive him could affect is money..

        I’m not saying it’s right and I’m not saying that’s what he’s doing…I’m just saying..

        • Mtykwan

          It kept Luther Vandross in the closet all those years. I’d say the impact would be similar. But there are a lot more people assuming Tyler is gay than those who thought Luther was. (To my knowledge.) Granted, I don’t think Tyler is but so many folks think different(as shown by this article.)

        • Wowmind

          I like Tyler Perry and respect his work and Journey. I also have many friends in entertainment who are well knowned. There are very few things that a person can do in life– especially within someone else (sexually) and it not be known or shared with others. With this said, let me say, if he aint gay (since that can be open to interpretation), he is bi sexual or better yet HAS SLEPT WITH MEN BEFORE. There are two guys I know, one of which is a personal friend that slept with him before he became famous and another …. well he revealed alot. I say all this because there should be no SHAME, and it concerns me because ultimately this is doing more hard to TP by denying , and seeking this false validation. Ultimately, its nobody’s bizness. Yet what is kept in the dark will come to light and when it does, I hope is strong enug to handle why he has been so dishonest.

          • Wowmind

            REPOST: I like Tyler Perry and respect his work and Journey. I also have many friends in entertainment who are well knowned. There are very few things that a person can do in life– especially within someone else (sexually) and it not be known or shared with others. With this said, let me say, if he aint gay (since that can be open to interpretation), he is bi sexual or better yet HAS SLEPT WITH MEN BEFORE. There are two guys I know, one of which is a personal friend that slept with him before he became famous and another …. well he revealed alot. I say all this because there should be no SHAME, and it concerns me because ultimately this is doing more harm to TP by denying , and seeking this false validation. Ultimately, its nobody’s bizness. Yet what is kept in the dark will come to light and when it does, I hope is strong enuf to deal with the possible back lash for being initially dishonest and inauthentic– even when hollywood’s motto is “TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR, DENY EVERYTHING and DO THE OPPOSITE”. lol

            • Sd 12s80

               Like Mamma said, SMALL MINDS blog, gossip, talk about people. I find it even more strange that one person’s personal life would be the talk of you and friends discussion at dinner or. lunch or even this blog. Please, Get you some Business, and stay out of, or stop invading or trying capitalize off  everyone else’s. Messy Bandits, SMH

          • YvettteRich

            First of all, you have not gone through what he has. Everyone deals with things that happened to them differently. Even if he has slept with these men, it probably was during a time when he was dealing with questioning his own sexuality. He is entitled to his own resolution. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s trying to keep it in the dark, it just means that maybe he is trying to overcome whatever past demons, he has had to face. He’s entitled to that as well. Furthermore, how do you know if he’s bi or not. He may have left that life alone completely. The men that you know personally, probably won’t tell you every detail of their life, nor their intentions, so you don’t know everything. Trust & believe, I know personally that, just as heterosexuals get mad when one of theirs crosses over to the other side & doesn’t come back, homosexuals feel the same way. Maybe he didn’t plan on ever staying in that life. Who’s to say that he is hiding anything. You are not in the bedroom or personal space with them. You don’t know what he has revealed to her. Just because he has not revealed it to you & every other nosy person out there,does not mean that he hasn’t told his mate. If she’s fine with it, who are you to question what they have. How can you say that it is doing him more harm than good. Why, because you say so. He doesn’t have to tell you & nobody else, who’s just trying to be nosy,any freakin’ thing. As long as he’s not hurting anyone, it’s his business what he does. You don’t know what he’s giving to anybody. You just think that he should make his bedroom an open book. Not so. Do  you reveal your bedroom to everybody?! If you do, you are stupid, & you can be stupid alone. He doesn’t have to join you. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian, & I don’t condone homosexual behavior, but I also know, that my Bible also speaks of, Judge not, Lest Ye be judged. Let Ye without Sin Cast the first stone. People in glass houses, should not throw stones. Because I’m willing to bet, that we can find quite a few bones in your closet. I also know, that he is not the only one in this world, that is sinning. People get it twisted, nor matter how small or big the sin is, its all the same in God’s eyes, so you are no better than he is sweetie!!! Leave Tyler Perry alone, because he is in the public eye, does not make him non human. He is not a Super human, he is just human. Go sit yo’ messy tail down & get your own life together!!!! 

          • YvetteRich

            Oops! Typo..No Matter…

          • YvetteRich

            Why is everybody talking about how gay he is or not?! Why don’t you all learn to talk about something else?! He has done some good things with his money, to help people, though nobody talks about that. You can do all the good in the world, but as soon as you do something wrong, that’s the only thing, that small minds remember, its just sad. BTW, he does not stereotype women or blacks, but once again, small minds cannot think outside the box. It hurts their big heads too much. I guess big heads with big skulls, and that little rock banging around inside, is causing too much pain!!

            • ls23

              Because it annoys you. It’s fun cause it annoys you.

            • ls23

              Because it annoys you. It’s fun cause it annoys you.

          • ls23

            ditto. Got friends that work with him in the entertainment biz. TP is G A Y. (not that there’s anything wrong with it).

  • People think he’s gay ever since that episode about him aired on the “Boondocks” he threw a temper tantrum because he didn’t want his secret to come out

    • Just Sayin’

      People were thinking he was gay long before that “Boondocks” episode came about.


    Whatever people think of his sexuality is’nt helped by the fact that this site & Bossip.
    Do everything to raise the issue.