Shows That Exploit Naive and Borderline Ignorant Folks

December 21, 2011 ‐ By jaebi

We are all bound to be naive about one thing or another, many times over. After all, naivete is the natural companion to “no one knows everything.” For instance, I have no idea how many licks it really takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. And quite frankly, I don’t give a damn.

Ignorance, furthermore, is more debilitating. What’s fascinating is that you don’t have to do anything to be ignorant. In fact, the less you do, the better you get at it. It’s a popular choice for many. Which is why ignorance is one of the most debilitating human qualities plaguing life on the planet.

But if you’re a television executive, there’s money to be made in showcasing the depths of character that exists in all the blissfully ignorant people out there. Who else would sell their privacy and their good name for a ticket to New York to appear on Maury Povich.

"Trash TV"

Here’s a roundup of TVs guiltiest pleasures:

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  • Caribbean in the house

    you beeaches negros can’t banned me

  • Caribbean in the house


  • MatureVegasWoman

    I find these shows sad and distasteful.  They seem to exploit those least capable of exercising good judgment.  Granted, the show guests are presumably adults and able to make their own decisions, but to exploit their shortcomings in life borders on cruelty.

  • Well it’s hard to feel sorry for the people who go on the shows willingly.  There are too many naive and ignorant folks out there, with no shame. At least these shows gives people the platform to make fun of these bafoons

    • sofie212

      True, but unfortunately this show is viewed around the world, therefore fueling the misconceptions and stereotypes of blacks. We’re looked down upon by so many nations. As insignificant and lowly as spaniards, italians, brits etc., take us for…God forbid an episode of maury were to be played in their homes.

  • You must be one sad and miserable person to even posted something so disrespectful.  Would you want someone to post that about someone in your family.  Your father, grandfather,uncle,brother no you wouldn’t.  You need help and i’m not going to go back and forth with you.  I just want you to know your very disrespectful and karma will get you. 

    • And by you being hateful and disrespectful it does what for your people.  And by the way im not a negro im a human being.


    90% of the guests on Maury are Black 90% of the audience on Maury are White, I guess we’re just there to put on a show.

    • nah i think from my watching there were an equal amount of black and white guest on Maury

    • Good Lovin’

      In the beginning, The Maury P. Show was literally the Quietest talk show on TV.
      (It was actually Boring!)
      Then it suddenly took on the Raunchy Noisy Raucousness of the now-gone Sally Jessy Raphael show.
      The Maury P Show ratings went through the roof due it’s changed tone!

      I liked it better when the show was Dignified.

      Another Thang: No matter what happens on these YOU-ARE(or NOT)-THE-FATHER on Maury’s shows the women invariably COME OUT looking All Stupid; Silly and Desperate . . . PULEESSEE . . . Ask Somebody!!!

    • sofie212

      I agree, the maury show has always been a source black exploitation.

  • Love_Sexy

    In today’s society if there is any way for corporate America to make money they don’t care who they exploit……On the flip side of this people are desparate for money, fame etc….So they don’t care who they sell their souls too….JMO!

  • Vic

    This article is quite ironic coming from a site that brainwashes and further confuses naive and easily manipulated black women. 

    • myzmagikka

      So why r u on it??

  • Fed-Up

    Dear Madame Noire moderator, i think you should ban anyone who is offensive from the site…specially that Carribbean in the House…We shouldn’t be subjected to insults on a site we enjoy reading. If she keeps it up you may just lose out on many readers. Do something about it please.

    • Love_Sexy

      Thank you very much Fed-Up for bringing that subject up because the individual is very rude, offensive and degrading…….This is suppose to be a website for people to express their opinions and you are not always going to agree with each other (thats part of life). However, people’s opinions are suppose to be respected, not constantly attacked and disrepected…..MN I hope you are listening.

  • Mrsindependent

    Ignorant folks allowing themselves to be exploited unfortunately it affects the perception of groups of people. Black Americans are now perceived as ghetto world wide, jersey shore show enhancing negative stereotypes about Italians the list goes on and on. But it seems like its so easy to target black Americans for most of these shows and exploit them. So much for having pride in your culture and acting in a manner that is not disrespectful to your people.

  • 1234

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  • M Alexisinc

    Where is Love & HipHop and Basketball wives? They are just as ignorant…

    • tregabnet

      and jersey shore, bad girls club, real housewives of atlanta, etc. There is also the whole BET channel

      • Freebee33

        I’m tired of people always saying that BET is so ignorant…but what CURRENT shows on BET really are?

        Reed between the lines, The Game, Let’s stay together? Aside from 106 and Park, Old Movies, and early millennium sitcom reruns…I mean they’re line up is not that bad. Last time I checked VH1 and Bravo were the ones putting out The Real Baby Mamas of Such & Such reality shows…