Blogging Into a Career

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Name: Jozen Cummings

Blog: Until I Get Married

Plans for the Future: “I want to see the blog turn into a book and I’m excited about the first dollar I’ll make from the blog itself.  I think the next thing for me is yet to be determined, but it will probably never be determined by me alone.  I just have to be ready for it. I try to always stay ready for the next opportunity.”

Jozen Cummings just might be the hardest working writer in the blogosphere.  Any given day, you might see his byline on his own blog Until I Get Married, on the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog, on New York Magazine’s Vulture blog or Vibe’s Eldrick Woods Relationship Blog.  Before he became a prolific blogger, Cummings was the web editor at King Magazine and then the online editor and articles editor for Vibe Magazine before it (temporarily) folded in  the summer of 2009.  In the months following Vibe’s closure, Cummings started his blog and that blog helped  him land a spot back at the resurrected Vibe. “I already knew Jermaine Hall, the new editor-in-chief at Vibe, from our time at King. He reached out to me and he brought me on board as a special projects editor. As far as the relationships blog I have there, they noticed the following I get on my own blog and wanted to find a way to replicate that on their site.”

Until I Get Married details Cummings’ dating life as well as his big picture thoughts on women and romance. Though not even a year old, the blog has already attracted dedicated readers who comment frequently. Unlike some other bloggers, Cummings does not interact with his readers in the comments section—unless he posts under a pseudonym as one commenter has suggested. He says he likes for the readers to get the last word, but Cummings does interact with readers in other ways.  Besides being an active Twitter user, he was also a member of a relationships panel for the National Urban League’s New York chapter and he has just begun to get recognized on the street by blog readers.

Cummings estimates that he spends one and half to two hours crafting each blog post and about 15 minutes marketing the blog on various social networking sites. “Since writing is my day job too, it’s kinda hard to break down the amount of time spent on each project,” he said. “I spend about 10 to 12 hours a day in front of my computer, which makes it seem like I have no life, but it’s really no different than the amount of time people spend at their office jobs.”

With the help of his friend and business partner Jermaine Roseman, Cummings switched over to in mid-March so he could begin hosting ad space. They expect to start seeing revenue from those Google AdSense ads by the fall. The team says that February brought in views in the upper five figures.  “Writing is not a hobby for me. It is the only way that I pay my bills.  Until I Get Married is my baby. It’s my passion project. It shows what I’m able to do beyond just writing,” he said. “It shows my work ethic, the kind of person I am and that I’m capable of engaging an audience.”

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