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I learned of the Kevin Hart video like I learn about most breaking news events, through my sister. She gasped, shook her head and then told me to head over to his Instagram page. There, the comedian sat somberly as he explained to the public that while he had done something to dishonor his wife (he wasn’t exactly clear on what that was), what he wasn’t going to do was allow the person he did it with to exploit his mistakes for financial gain. We wrote about it earlier, so you can read and see the full confession over there.

But his decision not to pay the woman off is an interesting one. Morally, it makes sense. The principle of the thing is generally not cool. Still, now that she doesn’t have what she wants, the video will come out. And before the weekend was even over, it did.

The video of the two…together was obtained by Fameolous.  

You can watch it HERE.

We can’t include it in the post, but do watch. It starts off innocently enough, there’s the two are at a party together, in the same vicinity. Then things get a bit more inappropriate with Kevin Hart laughing in this woman’s bosom, gripping her thigh. Later, there’s a video of the two laying in bed together (sleeping?), their lower halves covered by sheets. There’s a video of the bed shaking with sex sounds. (There are a couple of people who seem to suggest that there were two women in that bed.) Arguably, it could have been anyone in that bed. But just as you’re about to call b.s. and give the comedian the benefit of the doubt, Kevin Hart emerges from the bed, naked and there’s a moment where we hear that distinctive voice of his.

Shame, really.

If you had a chance to watch the video, you’ll notice that Fameolous soundtracked it with an interview Hart did with “The Breakfast Club,” a year or so before he married his current wife Eniko Parrish. In it, he explains why Eniko is the one, why he calls her “his rib,” and why he doesn’t need anything or anyone else. We paid attention to this new relationship for several reasons. Mostly because we got to follow it from its early stages. Both Kevin and Eniko did a good job of promoting it on social media. It was juxtaposed with Torrei’s own resentment and Hart’s own candor about the fact he cheated on Torrei during their marriage.

During the years since he and Torrei split, Kevin has been on this campaign to convince the people that he’s grown and evolved and matured. So, in addition to this being immoral and quite embarrassing for his currently pregnant wife, of a little over a year; it also means that Kevin hasn’t really grown and matured as much as he would like us to believe. Which is fine. None of us are where we should be.

What irritates me about this whole thing though, aside from the foulness and dimness of it, is the fact that when video of Kevin in the car with that woman at 5 a.m. surfaced, he was quick to hop on the internet and laugh. He laughed at the media and the sad people who were trying to kick up mess. He and his wife laughed at the “lunacy” of the allegations. He laughed at the fact that people were attempting to tear something beautiful down. The laughter was followed by several images and videos of he and his wife together, trying to convince us and maybe even themselves that they were good.

Kevin Hart cheating is really not all that surprising. It’s certainly not smart. But it’s far from surprising. A lot of famous and powerful men have found themselves caught up and even exposed for being caught up. The hypocrisy though, the attempt to make other people feel as if they’ve done something wrong when he knew he was living foul is what makes it all so pathetic.

If ever you needed an example of what’s done in the dark, comes to the light. This is it.

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