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Wearing white in the fall and winter is the hottest fashion trend. Initiated by stars like LisaRaye, the simple, refreshing look of rocking pure white clothing is a style statement that can make any woman feel precious. But unlike big stars who have the money to replace a white garment when it starts to look a little dingy, we regular women need practical solutions that keep our whites super white while keeping money in our pockets. Here are some top tips for staying so fresh and so clean. Shine brightly in your whites with these easy steps.

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

If your washer is not pristine, it will deposit grime onto your white clothing no matter how often you wash them. Tide has a great solution for this common problem: Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. This versatile product also removes odors and other deposits, ensuring that when you wash your whites nothing will stand in the way of their blinding brightness.

Always Wash Whites Separately

This might be a no-brainer, but we all have times when time constraints force us to throw all our laundry items together. Resist this temptation altogether. Even one mixed load can result in the unwanted tinting of your bright white clothes. You worked hard for the money to buy those whites! Do what it takes to keep them that way.

Treat Any Stains Immediately

Tide to Go is a great product to keep handy to treat a white garment as soon as possible, to prevent the stain from setting. This handy little pen stows easily into your purse or glove compartment. If you want to wear white this fall and winter, it might be wise to make Tide to Go a constant companion. You should also never dry a garment that is freshly stained, so get that item soaking as soon as it is treated.

Wash White Clothing After Each Wearing

You might think you made it through the day without a spec of dirt hitting you, but debris from the air and the natural oils of your body can still collect on your whites taking them down a shade. Ultra Tide with Bleach is perfect for every white wash you do, making sure you remove subtle stains that can build up over time before they settle into drabness.

Don’t Overload Your Washer

We usually want laundry day to be over as soon as possible — thus the temptation to stuff the machine and get the chore done. But you have to take special care with whites. Washing machines work with a friction action that requires room in the drum for clothes to agitate freely. This is extra true for white clothing, which will show the residue of water that does not have the room to fluidly move between garments. Keep your white loads a little smaller, and you will keep them brighter in a much bigger way.

Wearing white is a delightful way to express your femininity — that purity and lightness reflects your womanly beauty. Be sure that your white dresses, shirts and even sports clothes maintain that image of loveliness with these simple tips. If you have more in depth stain challenges with your whites, check out Tide’s stain assistance directory. With the right advice and the perfect products, you can sashay in the brightest whites all winter long — and knock ’em dead! The ethereal elegance of super white garments is not just for celebrities any more. Will you keep your whites super white, and make it your own signature style?



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