Symptoms Of An Ovarian Cyst Or Rupture

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Most women will develop an ovarian cyst at some point in their life. In most cases, these cysts are not dangerous for women under 55, but that doesn’t mean that ovarian cysts cannot be a major threat to a woman’s health, or can’t cause severe complications.

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Ovarian cysts that become extremely large can actually push an ovary out of its normal location, and those that rupture are not only very painful but can also lead to internal bleeding. Being aware of the symptoms of ovarian cysts, as well as symptoms of their rupturing, is very important. If you believe you have an ovarian cyst, you should visit your physician immediately. If you believe a cyst has ruptured, you need to go to the emergency room right away. Here are the signs of ovarian cysts, or their rupturing.

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Unexplained bloat

If you’ve recently experience an increase in bloat but cannot attribute it to diet or other factors, this could be a sign of a large ovarian cyst.

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Sharp pelvic pain

If you experience severe pain in your pelvic region, particularly after having sex or exercising, you may have ruptured a cyst. The pain is comparable to that of appendicitis.


Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

If you feel a constant urge to have a bowel movement but do not produce one, or you experience onset constipation, these could be signs that your cyst is interfering with your intestine’s regular functions.


Pain during sex

If intercourse has begun to hurt, especially during positions that cause deeper penetration, this could be a result of a cyst creating too much pressure in your body. A penis can also bump into a cyst during intercourse.


Irregular periods

This could manifest itself as missed periods, bleeding in between periods, or especially heavy periods.




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If a cyst pushes on your stomach, this can result in you feel nauseous and even lead to vomiting.





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Bleeding unrelated to a period

If you experience sudden bleeding, accompanied by bloating and/or sharp pelvic pain, a cyst may have ruptured, and you should go to the hospital immediately.



Tenesmus is a sharp cramping sensation in your rectum. It can come even after you’ve already had a bowel movement and don’t have any more feces to move for the time being. This can be a symptom of a cyst.



Low blood pressure

A sudden drop in blood pressure, especially if it is accompanied by bloat, nausea, bleeding or some of the other aforementioned symptoms, could be a sign your cyst has ruptured.

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A fever

If your cyst twists, this can cause a fever. If you notice an increase in temperature, along with the other symptoms on this list, you may have a cyst. Twisting is not the same as rupturing, but it can alert you to the fact that you have a cyst. From there, a doctor can determine whether or not it should be removed.


Feeling full after little food

Because cysts are sacs filled with fluid, they can create the illusion of fullness. If you find yourself going from hungry to full after only having eaten a small amount of food, you may have a cyst.



Bladder control issues

Pressure from your cyst may cause urine to spurt out of you. If you are experiencing a sudden loss of bladder control, this could be a symptom of a cyst.




Lower back or thigh pain

A ruptured cyst or an intact one will typically cause pain in your pelvic region, but this pain can extend to your lower back and thighs.



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Breast tenderness

Breast tenderness, similar to that a woman feels when she is pregnant, can be a symptom of an ovarian cyst.



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Weight loss

If you are feeling full after eating only a little food due to a cyst, then you will likely lose weight also.

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