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By: Victoria Audele

What are some common misconceptions people have about you and the show?

People think that I start all the drama and sit back and watch it unfold. So not true, the ladies on the show would say drama is the one thing I want to stay away from, on the and off the show.  If I can stop some drama or deal with issues by just talking about it, that’s more like me, lets just talk about it like two adults.

People look at you and assume that you’re not discussing your personal life, you want to sabotage theirs, is that true?

I can talk about Shaq all day long, I don’t have a gag order, and he can talk about me. I would never speak bad about him and he would never speak bad about me. But we’re parents first and it’s all about our children.  There’s really nothing to talk about.  You ask about him and I’ll answer it because I can and he can do the same.

So you’re not intentionally setting these women up?

These are intelligent women, they have enough sense to know if someone setting them up or not and those are my friends. For example Evelyn and I have been friends for 7-8 years, I would never set her up.  There are a lot of die hard fans that want the drama and want to believe that there is little ‘ol me in the middle, and I’m somehow making people fight. I don’t have that power. I might have power to do a lot of things but forcing some grown women to fight is not one of them and nor do I want it.  I’d love to see all my seasons without one fight, which would be great.

So we’ll never see you put your hands on anyone?

No, never, that is so not me.  I can’t remember the last time I got in a fight, maybe when I was a teenager.  There’s nothing worth me getting in a physical altercation for, that’s what security is for.  I’ve honestly never been put in that predicament.

What’s your relationship with Kimsha?

We’ve never met, so there is no relationship.  I’ve met Ron [Artest] before a couple times, but never Kimsha, ever.  I can’t say anything about her because I don’t know her.

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